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A Geo-Political Analysis Of Current Events In Light Of Biblical Prophecy

A Geo-Political Analysis Of Current Events In Light Of Biblical Prophecy

by R.A. Coombes


"America, The Babylon: Volumes 1 & 2"

Various, new, yet sometimes contradictory intelligence reports continue to pour across the A-O news desk offering a murky view of what may or may not develop in the next few weeks in the geo-political arena. These reports really began surfacing last week as we began to near the important Jewish Feast Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Some these intelligence reports suggest turbulent times perhaps beginning as early as Saturday, the last day of Rosh Hashanah.

Some of the more ominous reports deal with stories about Mega-terror strikes by Al Qaeda in both the Middle East and inside the continental United States. Some other reports indicate terror events engineered by Iranian terror cells located within the United States.

Other intelligence reports deal with alleged Iranian plans for a new form of asymmetrical warfare against the U.S., Israel, and Western Europe. Those reports are also indicating a new alliance has formed with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas at the direction of Iran for the purpose of defeating Israel and Western society.

War and Terror

What especially caught our attention are reports of a Mega-terror campaign of events to unfold during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan which begins on the last day of Rosh Hashanah, September 24th. This campaign would be spearheaded by Al Qaeda with Mega-attacks inside the continental United States and at various points around the Middle East. Some of the intelligence reports we’ve seen are somewhat detailed in that they name names and describe conversations. Yet some of the reports are contradictory and we’ve just not been able to sort out which reports may be valid or invalid.

There are conflicting reports as to Iran’s intentions and role in such terror reports. Some indicate Iran quietly has joined forces with Al Qaeda but to what extent and for how long this relationship has been operative is subject to debate. Some analysts believe it has been ongoing for some time. Other analysts believe the relationship is just beginning. This is critical though to the validity of some reports because they report ongoing efforts for months or years between the two entities while other reports would deny such efforts have yet formed.

War Signals From Washington?

On the reverse side, we’re getting indications and signals suggesting that the Bush administration is preparing for war against Iran by launching air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities as early as this October through December or as late as sometime next year. We noted in our (9-18-6) “Breaking News” page that Time Magazine is running a cover story on U.S. plans for air strikes against Iran perhaps as early as October. This seems highly improbable to us.

Our own A-O sources are indicating that the various leaked information from Pentagon sources to the mainstream news media includes orders for U.S. naval warships, notably slow-moving minesweepers to be ready for deployment as early as October 1. If orders were given to sail on that date, it would still take a month for those slow-moving ships to arrive on station in the Persian Gulf for mine-sweeping duties in the oil shipping lanes of the Gulf.

The only reason such ships would be on-station in the Gulf is to clear the oil shipping lanes of any mines laid by the Iranian navy. Iran would only perform such measures if it was being attacked by the U.S. therefore the conclusion to be drawn is that there is at least some discussion within the White House for such attacks in the near future.

Indeed, late reports from knowledgeable sources, are concluding that the Bush administration has most likely already decided to attack Iran, probably for some time frame as early as November or December but perhaps more likely for next year sometime. There are indications that the Bush administration is prepared to carry out such attacks without any allied assistance from NATO, the EU or even Israel.

Indeed, there are indications amid various reports that the White House does not feel that the current Israeli leadership is competent for any supporting combat roles. The consensus seems to be that the Israeli political structure is decaying from within and simply can not be counted upon as a stable allied resource

You may recall that A-O articles from earlier this year reflected insider reports that the Bush administration was planning to launch air strikes on Iran this spring or summer. Those plans were reportedly delayed by necessary preparations and the decision to play for more diplomacy to rally more world-wide support for a military response. Then came the Israeli-Hezbollah war on the Lebanese border. That event threw a complete monkey-wrench into the administration plans when Israel couldn’t get its act together to effectively open the door properly for an attack against Iran.

It has been our conclusion since the Lebanon war ended that the U.S. would hold off against any air strikes over Iranian air space this year. While we still suspect this to be the case, we are not so certain, based upon the new mainstream media attention to such possibilities. While we suspect that the major media is simply pounding war drums to wake up the public to potential events for next year, it is not out of the realm of thinking for the Bush team to be seriously thinking and planning military action before the mid-term elections in November. We note this because Time’s story includes reports of Pentagon orders for U.S. naval ships to be ready to put to sea by the first of October, which suggests something is planned for after that date.

A big reason why we think Bush will delay any air strikes until next year is because the Lebanon war revealed that Iran’s electronic air-defense technology was able to thwart U.S. electronic counter-measures and thus could inhibit U.S. aerial bombardment effectiveness. This development further created a temporary setback but for how long has been the subject of debate.

We have conflicting analysis from our own various experts on how long it would take to overcome the new Iranian ECM capabilities. Some say weeks, others say months to as much as a year. We’re not sure what the real answer is, but late reports suggest that either the the U.S. planners have already developed new counter-measures or determined the Iranian technology advances are not a problem or that regardless of the problems, the U.S. must act anyway. Sources we’ve spoken with guesstimate the likely time frame for completing ECM upgrades would be early in 2007, but wouldn’t rule out late this year either.

Regardless of the Time Magazine article, one thing we note is that the war clouds are indeed building around the world. Quiet conversations between informed geo-politics watchers for the past year and more have gravitated towards a coming clash of civilizations, particularly Islam and Western Society. Paramount in this clash at the microcosm level is the ongoing geo-political clash between the United States and Iran, a clash whose history dates back to 1979 when radical Islamic fundamentalists overthrew the Shah of Iran and then later seized the U.S. embassy and held its occupants hostage for months.

One can easily point to the civilization clash so apparent in the Israeli-Arab dilemma, but the reality is that Islamic radical fundamentalism has not solely focused upon Israel or America. Indeed, Europe has also been a focal point for Muslim extremism, particularly France. Last year’s violent riots in France by Muslims were only the tip of the iceberg. Much of that activity was fomented by an Iranian-led consortium of radicals which prompted the government of France to alter its nuclear targeting policy. French nuclear battle plans and targets now include locations in Iran as Iran continues to thumb its nose at the UN and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The Iran Factor

Have you noticed that in all of the wrangling between the West and Iran, Iran’s attitude has remained remarkably belligerent? Iran comes across as fearless and totally unafraid of any retribution. Why? Is it because Iran believes no one will stop them, so why show fear? Could there be another underlying reason for such confidence? If so, could it just be mere faith in their god, Allah?

Could Iran’s fearless attitude be stoked by something other than confidence or faith that no one will interfere with their program? It is as if Iran believes it is playing a game of geo-political, nuclear poker and thinks it has all the winning cards in its hand.

Indeed, Iran’s confidence and the cards in its poker hand may be that it already has nuclear weapons, purchased on the black market in the form of nuclear suitcase weapons from the Russian mob and former KGB agents. It may also be from other bombs purchased from the black market of Russia, Pakistan, and perhaps even North Korea.

Such Iranian confidence may also stem from other cards such as chemical and biological weapons as well as the small nuclear bombs, all of which have been smuggled into the United States by Iranian and Al Qaeda operatives working together as allies in a united cause to destroy the Great Satan – The United States of America.

Several analysts with expertise on the Islamic threat to America have noted that ever since 9-11, Iran and Al Qaeda seem to have quietly joined forces despite some public instances where both sides seem to reject the other. What if, Al Qaeda and Iran were secretly working hand-in-hand towards the ultimate liquidation of America yet publicly remaining at odds so as to cast off any suspicion and possible pre-emptive strikes by America?

What if both sides worked in stealth together to infiltrate America with thousands of agents who, at the right moment, launch a massive terror war from coast-to-coast across America using nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in a widespread, surprise attack? Is it possible? Could it be that such a possibility is near to being a reality?

Iran’s supreme confidence seems to be a dead give-away that something is amiss. There seems to be something which Iran knows, that we in the West don’t know. What Iran’s leadership knows or believes is fueling their confidence to the point of near arrogance. Yet in the past few days, Iran is sending out mixed signals as if it has suddenly become frightened, yet at the same time, Iran’s President appeared more confident than ever as he spoke at the UN to the General Assembly and later in a news conference.

Terrorism and the NWO Plans

We strongly suspect that Iran has been working all along with Osama bin Laden on a terror plan to destroy the United States before the United States can destroy Iran. We furthermore see signals that such a plan is about to be implemented in the very near future.

According to Hamid Mir, a Pakistani journalist, who has just returned from interviewing Al Qaeda leaders, final preparations have been completed for “Operation: American Hiroshima,” which is Al Qaeda’s follow-up response plan to its 9-11 attack. All is apparently in readiness for a “Mega-Attack” of nuclear proportions against the United States and within the United States.

It is our understanding (we could be wrong) based on intelligence sources and various published data that Al Qaeda has begun to secretly work, hand-in-hand, with Iranian operatives in the United States to jointly unleash a nuclear Mega-Attack on the United States in the near future. We base this upon private reports from American law enforcement sources who report capturing some of the operatives who were sneaking into the United States across both the southern and northern borders during the past several months.

Now, we should note that some intelligence sources disagree with this assessment noting that it is only been a matter of days or weeks that Al Qaeda has begun to form a closer, working relationship with Iran. These skeptics point out that Iran fears Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda fears Iran and both absolutely detest the Islamic theology of the other.

Yet in response to the skeptics who doubt there is much of a working relationship between the two, it should be noted that this whole episodic adventure is being underwritten in the supernatural realm and directed via the Illuminati whom we believe ultimately controls both groups. This means that the perceived “sectarian” difference may merely be a smoke screen. We suspect this to be the case. We suspect both Iran’s fanatics and Al Qaeda are under Illuminati control and doing the bidding for the Illuminist agenda, which is World War. Their role is to provoke such a war.

Even if there are enormous sectarian differences between the two sides, consider the age-old Middle Eastern saying: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Thus, we’re inclined to believe both sides have had a working but extremely secretive relationship for sometime now. Thus, we’re inclined to think this relationship has had substantial time to work together towards a united goal of creating WW3 and taking out America and the West. They probably have been misled by their Illuminati handlers, who’ve told them that Islam will rule.

A number of Middle Eastern terrorist operatives have been apprehended this year inside America. What is noteworthy is that most if not all possessed “potassium iodide” tablets – used to prevent thyroid exposure to nuclear radiation. It is our understanding that the majority of these operatives who’ve been captured are Iranian agents of either Iranian origin or Shiite Arabs working for the Iranian government and not, repeat, NOT Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is using their own operatives who are likewise crossing the border in alarming numbers, particularly through Mexico.

This combined effort by Iran and Al Qaeda puts aside the theological differences between Al Qaeda (primarily of the Sunni sectarian views) and Iran (primarily of Shia sectarian views) in order to form a powerful, silent infiltrating force, numbering in the thousands and uniting in a common goal to utterly destroy the United States of America from within by means of nuclear, chemical and biological terrorism.

The Iranian agents, as well as some agents of oriental background seem to be primarily crossing America’s northern borders although some reportedly are coming through the Mexican border as well. These discoveries by U.S. law enforcement are accelerating, which suggests that the infiltration across U.S. borders has been quietly accelerating while the Bush administration continues to adamantly refuse to seal the borders. It is, as if, the Bush administration wants the U.S. to be devastated from within by nuclear terror attacks.

Perhaps this is because the N.W.O. crowd has created the scenario as a means to trigger Albert Pike’s plan for the third world war, a war between the West and Islam. It is a war that will destroy both sides, allowing the Illuminati to come in and institute a global, New World Order and the arrival of a “messiah” i.e. The Antichrist.

The Illuminati War Plan

As we understand it, here is a rough sketch of the Illuminists war plan.

A war will erupt between the United States and the Islamic radicals. It will not be a traditional war in the sense of World Wars One or Two. This war will be asymmetrical and utilize non-uniformed fighters operating much like guerilla soldiers, only at first, they will confine their activities to those of terrorists. This war began back in the early 1990’s with the first clash being the 1993 bombing of the WTC. Next came the OKC bombing followed by the attack on the USS Cole and then came 9-11.

Each action was increasingly sophisticated and complex. So too will be the next action. However, if we understand the plan correctly, the next action will be a “Mega-attack” not only on the continental United States but also against U.S. military assets in the Persian Gulf and European military assets in the Mediterranean. In addition to this, terror operations will commence in full force against Arab oil facilities in the Persian Gulf to destabilize current regimes and either overthrow them or force them to submit to cooperation with a United Islamic front, in which the entire Islamic world then wages war on Europe first, then switching to Asia and finally to South America and Australia. The plan calls for total, global conquest of Islam planet-wide in phases.

Of course, little-known to the Islamic radicals, is that, in reality, they’re battling the Illuminists who’ve set them up for a suicide war with nuclear annihilation.

It appears that the Illuminists plan to sacrifice Babylon-America because the Illuminists within America were unable to achieve their objectives in a timely manner, namely the subordination of the nation to the United Nations. Indeed, the plan now seems to call also for the elimination of the United Nations in favor of a new world order form of global government that will likely be based in Jerusalem. The N.W.O. plans do not call for the annihilation of America, but rather an humbled America, subservient to the New World Order and the arrival of the Antichrist.

Illuminated Terror?

Here is how the planned steps will apparently unfold.

Intelligence sources are indicating that Al Qaeda (and Iran) wish to unleash their terror campaign beginning either on or sometime after September 24th during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

The ideal plan would commence with the Mega-Attacks on the continental United States with simultaneous nuclear, chemical biological events unfolding across America in major cities and perhaps some smaller cities in more rural areas. The indications are that perhaps this is the year for unleashing this attack. However, keep in mind that God has His own plans for Babylon-America and He will enact His plans in His own good time. If the time is not right, none of what we’ve outlined will happen.

According to Hamid Amir, the Pakistani journalist, Osama bin Laden has assigned a man named Adnan Al-Shukri Juma to carry out this Mega-attack within the US. According to Mir, Adnan Jumaa has smuggled explosives and nuclear materials into the US through the Mexican border over the last two years and is hiding somewhere in America where the FBI has not been able to locate him.

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, when interviewed over al-Arabiya televison, has stated that during his recent trip to Afghanistan he met with Taliban fighters and al-Qaeda (Tehran) members who spoke of a nuclear terror attack inside the United States during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan which begins on September 24. That the attack is being planned by Adnan Al-Shukri Juma, an al-Qaeda agent who had been trained in nuclear technology along with other al-Qaeda members. The nuclear weapons are but part of the WMD triad of that also includes, chemical and biological agents.

It is thought that Washington and New York will be among the primary targets again. But there are indications depending on which intelligence analyst you consult that perhaps many cities could be struck either simultaneously or in rapid succession.

According to the Pakistani journalist, explosives and nuclear material have been smuggled into the U. S. through the Mexican border. There are reports floating around in law enforcement circles that some middle eastern men have been captured with a supply of iodide pills to protect against radiation damage to the thyroid glands.

If you will recall, former Soviet officials including Russian General Alexander Lebed have stated that when the Soviet Union broke up a lot of suitcase size nuclear bombs left and were unaccounted for, nearly 200 of them. It is thought by many that at least 75 of those suitcases fell into the hands of the Russian black market. No one wants to say for certain what happened to the bombs but various rumors have circulated for years that Al Qaeda and Iran made such purchases.
The bombs are fairly small by nuclear standards but were initially designed to destroy a large enemy military base. If placed in the heart of a major city, many civilian casualties would result. Multiply that times a dozen or 50 or 75 cities and you can imagine the potential results.

Combine this with other terror experts reporting on Al Qaeda plans for follow up attacks by perhaps tens of thousands of operatives functioning as guerilla fighters and you can envision the collapse of America from a complex terrorist-based war from within.

[ Editor’s Note: We do not believe these predicted events will transpire. Why? These events do not seem to fit the Biblical prophecies for Babylon-America. It is our interpretation of the writings that the continental United States will receive her judgment at the hands of angelic forces loyal to God.]

After America Is Attacked

If we understand the various intelligence reports and the analysts correctly, shortly after the American “Mega-Attacks, massive terror attacks will commence against Israel and UN forces in Lebanon as well as attacks against European naval assets off the coast of Lebanon.

Tehran is said to having asked al-Qaeda to expand its network in Lebanon in preparation for attacks against the European forces arriving in Lebanon. Recently Tehran had al-Qaeda designate them an “enemy of Islam” in order to seemingly distance themselves to prevent a retaliatory attack against Iran by European nations.

One Islamic news source quoted Lebanese journalist Hazem al-Amin, who works for the Saudi paper al-Hayat, as saying: “There are many groups in Lebanon that can be said linked to al-Qaeda, and even the Lebanese government has never denied this.”

Lebanon’s Interior Minister, Ahmad Fatfat. has repeatedly issued warnings about Al-Qaeda’s growing presence in Lebanon. According the Arabic TV network Al-Arabiya, the al-Qaeda agent preparing the operations against the UNIFIL force is 56 year old Abu Rushd al-Miqati, who is described as a “Middle East terrorism expert.” He is reportedly supervising 13 terror cells in Lebanon, mostly in the northern city of Tripoli as well as in Beirut and other parts of the country.
As Al Qaeda launches its strikes, Hezbollah and Hamas become active again against Israel. One analyst believes that Syrian troops will actively join the fight against Israel. We strongly suspect that if this is the case, Israel will “nuke” Damascus, thus fulfilling Isaiah 17:1.

As this is happening, Al Qaeda will apparently then launch strikes in the Sinai to destabilize the Egyptian government of President Mubarak before he can install his son as the next leader of Egypt which many believe is scheduled to occur next year.

At the same time, a massive offensive would begin against U.S. and Allied forces in Afghanistan by the Taliban and perhaps volunteers from Pakistan, perhaps even Pakistani military units. The Pakistani journalist noted that on his last trip to Afghanistan he met with a leader of Taliban named "Khaibar" in Zabul who claimed that 300 Taliban suicide bombers had managed to sneak into Kabul and Jalalabad to carry out attacks against coalition troops during Ramadan.

Mir alleges that there was a meeting between Bin Laden and Mullah Omar several few weeks ago in the mountain area of Zabul where they planned more attacks, "I received this piece of information from one of the Taliban leaders who attended the meeting himself and I met him recently in Afghanistan" Mir said. "He told me that this was the second meeting between the two men since last year and that Bin Laden's health seemed good while he was eating with Mullah Mohammad Omar.

The Pakistani journalist expressed his surprise of the changing situation in Afghanistan; saying that the Taliban had come back to rule some areas and spread their special courts, their special administrations, nothing that even some police officials follow their orders.

American Military Overseas Targeted

At the same time, U.S. and Allied forces would come under attack from Iraqi sectarian forces of both the Shiites and the Sunnis. There would then be a call by the Iraqi government for assistance from Iran to complete the annihilation of U.S. and Allied forces in Iraq.

Also during this time frame, Al Qaeda operatives would begin terror attacks against key oil installations in the Persian Gulf, with the purpose of destabilizing regimes on those areas. Al Qaeda’s #2 leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri recently released a video in which a declaration that “new events are on the way” and indicated Western bases in the Persian Gulf will be attacked causing “economic doom” in the West. Israel is also mentioned as being attacked again.

This would complete the first war, perhaps best defined as the Babylon War. The result would be the total devastation of America by terrorist nuclear weapons and the use of chemical and biological agents.

The next phase would be a war between the Islamic world and Europe, but its not clear what the time frame would be. There might be a short interval of time or it might be an interval of 2 to 4 years.

With America, out of the way, Russia’s President Putin anticipates a renewed domination of all of Europe by being Europe’s protector and engaging in war against Iran and the Muslim world. There are indications and indeed at least one report that Russia’s President Putin is very much aware of Evangelical Christian prophecy expert theories that tag Russia as the Magog of Ezekiel 38 and 39 and there are also reports that he’s determined to avoid any such activity by instead joining as a defender of Israel when the time is right. Apparently, Putin also prefers Turkey to be the Magog nation that joins Iran in the invasion of Israel.

Now let’s look at this from the more prophetic angle.

Biblical Prophecy Analysis

As an author and researcher on the Babylon prophecies for nearly 20 years now, I’ve studied every element of these prophecies inside and out. My published views on this subject appear in “America, The Babylon” Volumes One and Two, with a specific reference to the verses of Isaiah 13:17, Jeremiah 51:1-2, 11, and 27-28. In Appendix X “The Debate: Who Destroys Mystery Babylon?” (pages 356-363) and again in Appendix XI “The War on Terror and the Mystery Babylon Prophecies” pages 364-368 deal with the issues of who destroys Babylon and the role of terrorism.

As a researcher, dedicated to the issues of prophetic Babylon, I periodically review my research data, for fresh updates and to re-analyze various aspects for any significant clues that might affect how to understand what is now happening. This ongoing review has been extensive and covered a period of several months, beginning early this year. I have just concluded my review and while its possible that God might use Middle Eastern terrorists to inflict His judgment upon the continental United States we do not believe the written texts indicates this.

It is my conclusion after this extensive review that while one can make a case for terrorists assisting in the destruction of mainland America, that case is fairly weak. The only possible reference for such a notion comes from the word “Fanners” (or “winnowers) in Jeremiah 51:2. While the Hebrew is not explicit, the overall context continues to strongly suggest to myself that the infliction of judgment upon mainland Babylon-America will be carried out by God’s angelic forces, not by terrorists.

In addition, the prophecies indicate no major “nuclear terror events” would unfold before God’s judgment because Babylon-America is described as not having suffered any such previous devastation i.e. has seen no sorrow. (Isa. 47:8 & Rev 18:7).

Some would ask us about 9-11 and shouldn’t it have been a “sorrowful” event? Our response is that while 9-11 was a powerful event for us, we’ve seen far greater loss of life from natural disasters like hurricanes and the Great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. The texts of Isaiah 47:8 and Revelation 18:7 suggest no devastating military defeats upon her homeland by foreign powers, which is the context of those verses. Therefore, we conclude that these verses then would also apply against terror attacks carried out by Al Qaeda or Iranian agents, prior to God’s own supernatural judgments inflicted upon the mainland of America.


So in conclusion to all of these reports we simply respond to these reports and note that this is what the New World Order is planning, but its not necessarily what is going to happen. The timing is also up for debate. Unless God is now prepared to act within the next few weeks against America, such plans will be merely “rumors of wars” to come.

It is incumbent however, that we maintain vigilance, particularly in light of certain prophetic elements such as the “generation” not passing away until all these things are fulfilled, mentioned by Jesus Christ as indicating a generational time frame of 40 years. Deborah Fenech, in her article on this very subject posted recently on A-O suggests that the generational clock began ticking on June 7, 1967 and ticks for 40 years – the time frame for a generation as shown in the Genesis account of the Jews wandering in the Wilderness of Sinai for 40 years before moving to conquer Canaan.

This timing theory then puts the end of that period as next June 7, 2007. Those who hold to a pre-tribulational rapture event then would be looking carefully for His Return for the rescue of the Church sometime between now and then.

Some even hold to the theory that the Lord’s “rapturing” of the Church will come on one of the two festival days of Rosh Hashanah, which begins today on 9-22-6 at sundown, Jerusalem time and ends with sundown Sunday on 9-24-6. We find this theory to be a very intriguing one, but this researcher personally doesn’t restrict the event to any particular festival but instead leaves the window open for 365 days a year. We could be wrong but so also could the Rosh Hashanah theory, as also other festival theories. Regardless, I personally will keep an especially sharp eye out for the next 60+ hours and recommend all readers do the same with eager anticipation, yet not to the point of being disillusioned should He choose this to not be the moment. He will come in the time of His choosing and it is not for us to know with absolute certainty the day or the hour nor the year of His rescue of the Church from the wrath of God that is to come.

Remember this: “For God hath not appointed us unto wrath but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.” .. First Thessalonians 5:9 Please note that the Rapture of the Church, that “catching away” of the remnant is the final act of Salvation for all those believing in His substitutionary atonement given us as an unearned gift and appropriated on the basis of Faith/belief in His actions at the cross, the Resurrection and at our transfiguration in the “catching away.”


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