Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Devil is mad and we should be glad.

The Devil is mad and we should be glad.
Posted: Sunday, October 08, 2006
- written by jerry golden

For Israel peace is a word that always brings more death and destruction. We greet each other with shalom “peace” and leave each other with the same shalom our greatest desire is shalom. All we hear about in the news is peace with these Islamic Arab who call themselves Palestinians and peace with our Islamic Arab neighbors. But what peace means to us here in Israel and to them is not the same thing. For them it means the total destruction of Israel, and for us it means we have to give up more of the land bringing them closer to what they really want, our total destruction. In fact the goal of the Islamic Arabs and the goal of the Devil is the same. They pray for the hidden 12th Imam to come as their messiah, who could very well be the anti-Christ for if you will read of the things he will do it certainly lines up with the anti-Christ but this is something we will see in time. There is no greater threat to the kingdom of this world and the throne of the Devil, than Israel, for it is through Israel and the Jews that God chose to bring the Jewish Messiah, and it is through Israel and the Nation of Israel that He has chosen to bring Him back to us again. And to those who are the Wild Olive Branch and have come to realize the importance of loving and supporting Israel they will find great favor in the eyes of God, for God cannot lie, Gen. 12:3.

It was by the hand of God that the nation of Israel was miraculously reborn according to Bible prophecies. From the ashes of the Holocaust God brought forth His people even revising the Hebrew language once again He gave them a reason to believe in Him and to know that His miracle working powers still existed for them today. For with the horrible deaths in the Nazi camps many were asking where is God, does He really exist. His answer came in the budding of the fig tree and Israel became a nation the greatest fulfillment of end time prophecy of this generation and one that has started the movement of the Ruach Ha Koddesh being felt through out the world by Jews every where and Believers in Yeshua.

But while Believers have been rejoicing in the glory and the Holy Ghost goose-bumps the Devil has been planning his attack on the nation of Israel. And while the Church has been holding their meetings he sit in their midst bringing about replacement theology and man made doctrines that has led many away from God. The Devil has entertained many in soulish ways making them believe it was spiritual while he danced in their midst playing games with their souls.

Few in the “Church” today know of the importance of Israel to God in these end days, and when I cry out for others to join this ministry to help me rescue Jews for another Holocaust is on the horizon in the coming days the majority turn a deaf ear. Showing their anti-Semitism by saying things like “the Jew only wants money” “this Jew wants us to buy him a boat”. But thank God many are hearing from the same Ruach Ha Koddesh (Holy Spirit) that has spoken these commandments to me and they are responding and we will rescue some. For one thing is certain I will never stop trying to do what I know to be a God given vision, and for those who have been touched by the Ruach Ha Koddesh will always be there with me and others in this great ministry.

Today we see the US Navy on the move in this region, with others doing all they can to prepare for what seems to be a great war. But we have seen this happen many times in the past and some how things seems to settle down for a while before they start up again. The real problem and the ones who feed the enemies of God are not the Saudis or the Iranians they are of course evil empires but the supplier of all the weapons of mass destruction is mainly Russia, who has and is building the nuclear reactor in Iran, It was the Russian who supplied the anti-tank weapons that killed the majority of our IDF soldiers, and it is Russia who is offering to build nuclear reactor for Egypt and Syria. While Korea builds missiles only to sell the Islamic Terrorist States and if they get to the point to sell to them nukes they most certainly will.

Once again we see Bush pushing the Saudi Road Map to hell knowing that it spells the destruction of Israel, and sending Rice here to twist the arms of a Sharon crony like Olmert who just gave us our first defeat and not even against a nation but an Iranian backed terrorist group Hezbollah. We hear Assad beating his war drums and others being forced to quietly join in the next attempt to destroy Israel by the Islamic Arab World.

So in the natural things don’t look so good here in Israel, but I have some Good News and it tells me we have time, that terrible things may happen for God will and in fact bring Israel back to Him in such a way that Jews will fall to their faces seeking only to know God and His ways. God will not totally destroy Israel and the Devil will fail once again for his fate has been sealed and his destination is a burning fire for eternity, but you see he also knows this and he is willing to put his best fight, in fact, his last fight. So while we are so concerned over the natural it is the spiritual we need to be concerned with and our obedience to God and His calling on each of us is and should be the thing we are most concerned about, we are talking about eternity here.

In this Ministry we are far short of our goal and your assistance is needed for without your help something will not be accomplished that should have. For you see this is a Body Ministry, God has you reading this not Jerry Golden, you now have two choices, walk away or commit yourself giving as unto God knowing you have done your part.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this Ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry golden


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