Thursday, December 07, 2006

US May Abandon Israel?

US May Abandon Israel?
Official: US talks with Syria, Iran could isolate Israel

(AO-Newswire) -- Yesterday, we reported on a story indicating that US supplied weapons to the Palestinians might be used against Israel by the Palestinians in a future war against Israel. We noted that the Biblical Prophecies indicated that the future Babylon (America) would deal treacherously with Israel in a backstabbing sort of way which would include perhaps Israel losing part of her land but most certainly resulting in the bloodshed of many Israeli Jews.
Today, comes another story our cross our news desk from the Jerusalem Post indicating that the US talks with Syria and perhaps later with Iran might well isolate Israel and perhaps abandon Israel to face all alone the nuclear threat from Iran.
The Post is reporting that asenior defense official indicated that "US talks with Iran would lead to a slippery slope that would eventually leave Israel alone facing the Iranian nuclear threat." The Post went on to note that other US government officials are indicating that "US-Iranian talks were needed to stabilize the region since Iran was "calling the shots" everywhere from Lebanon to Gaza."
Is this dejavu? It seems we've been reporting for several weeks now that the Bush administration was moving behind the scenes away from confrontation with Iran and into the diplomatic arena for "Peace Talks" and a regional Peace Conference that would include many nations from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and America to hammer out a lasting peace for not only Iraq but also for Israel and the Palestinians. This Jerusalem Post article is now one of the first mainstream media outlets confirming more of what we've been recently reporting in our A-O Weekly newsletter.
We've been reporting that in the A-O Weekly, that despite President Bush's denials, (see our related story today about Bush denying his father's influence) Bush Senior and his "old guard" advisors (James Baker, Henry Kissinger, et al) have been quietly sweeping out the neocon advisors from positions of power and have begun advising the President to move in the diplomatic arena in dramatic ways to build a lasting and positive presidential legacy of peacemaker. Does this mean its going to happen? Is that what we're reporting? No. We're only reporting trends and directions. We've mentioned for sometime now that a shift in direction appeared to be developing. We noticed some of that shifting in August after the Lebanon war ended. Again, just before the midterm elections we began reporting a major shift was apparently in the works. Now we're seeing more indications in the mainstream media that, yet again our sources have been correct in predicting these developing trends.
We're not predicting success. We know that Biblical Prophecy indicates that there will only be a false peace for a short period of time. It appears that perhaps now we're seeing moves to establish that false peace, predicted in the Bible. As a Watchman, we're watching from the wall and noting the movements of the Satanic forces hard at work way out in the bushes trying to discern their latest movements and what those movements may or may not mean.
We highly suggest reading this Jerusalem Post article for yourself. It is a two-page article and deals with more than what we've mentioned here. Our point is that, yet again, we're getting indications that the US is moving into a role for fulfillment of one of the many reasons for Babylon-America's coming Divine Judgment from God, by treacherously dealing with Israel and backstabbing her, leaving her to be devastated by her enemies. Here's the link for the Post article.


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