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"Thoughts of an 83-year old man about Islam and the USA"


Some of his thinking mirrors my own, but I had not put together the fact that an
atheist mother and a Muslim father would not be likely to send little Barry to
a Catholic school. Nor had I thought of the fact that he was in a single
parent household when going to exclusive and expensive schools. This sounds
almost like the story line in Lahaye and Jenkins' book The Rising.
Interesting. We certainly are not hearing much about his mother and her
family, are we?

Thoughts of an 83 year old man about the destruction of the United States of


We have been told by the leaders of Islam, (the likes of Louis Farrakhan,)
the United States will collapse from inside itself.

We also know the terrorists plan years and years ahead on what they will do to
complete one of their acts of terror.

The destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers was the culmination of
plans made after the first attempt at destruction failed.

This plan involved the training of pilots to fly the airplanes into the
towers, the Pentagon and possibly the White House.

Coordination between the terrorists had to be planned far in advance and it
appears to me there were probably rehearsals and refining of the overall plan.

The plan took years to bring it to fruition. It didn't happen overnight; it
didn't become the plan over a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

How better to bring about the collapse of the United States from within than
to bring about the destruction from the top down.

Remember the terrorists are patient, methodical and determined to do it right
the first time.
Now let's examine this scenario.

We know about the uproar over Mitt Romney's religious affiliation with the
Mormon church and the opposition to electing a Mormon to the Presidency.

Knowing this, can you even imagine what an uproar would come about if a
candidate was affricated with the Muslim faith?

In the 83 years of my lifetime there has been no President of the United
States, to my knowledge, been elected that didn't claim to be a Christian. If
I am wrong, please correct me.

The question now arises, How does Islam get one of their own elected.
Answer: pass him off as a Christian.

How do they do that?
Answer: plan years ahead and carefully choose the right person for the job.
Choose someone who is born on American soil, because that is a requirement for
qualifying for the office. Send that someone to the best schools available
even though his parents divorce when he is a toddler and neither has the money
to send him to the highly expensive schools he attends beyond the Catholic
school he attends after he has been chosen and the refining begins. (Note it
must be a male because women are not allowed to rule in Islam).

Although his father is a Muslim, his mother an atheist and his step-father
also a Muslim, he is sent to a Catholic school after being removed from a
Muslim school.

Why would either of his parents choose Catholicism over Muslim or Atheism for
his education?

Remember, there has never been a President of the United States of America
that was not at least claiming to be a Christian.

After the candidate for the job of saboteur has been chosen and the refinement
process has begun the polishing must begin also.

He must be sent to an outstanding university and obtain coveted degrees and

As with all politicians he must begin his career in politics at the bottom and
work his way up by using his charisma and good looks that rock stars possess.

He must run his campaign for the nomination of his party for President by
attracting some special interest groups like ethnic, gender and age groups.

This process of selecting someone to fill all these qualifications will take
more than a decade, it will require a generation, but remember, Islam is

Do we know anyone who fits this mold? Yes, I think we do. We know someone
running for the nomination of his party for President of the United States of
America who was born on American soil.

He was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 after the possession became a state on
August 21, 1959.

He attended public schools in Jakarta , Indonesia where his step father
returned after marrying Barack's mother.

At age 10 Barack entered Punahou School , a private school, in Hawaii until
graduation from High School. He then moved to Los Angeles where he attended
Occidental College.
He entered Columbia University in 1983 and Harvard Law School in 1991. Somehow
along the way he joined the Trinity United Church of Christ in 1988 and thus
became a 'Christian.'
(It is interesting to note that he was at either Columbia University or
Harvard Law School, far removed from the Trinity United Church of Christ in
Chicago, when he became a member).

He later moved to Chicago where he ran for, and was elected, to the Illinois
State Senate in 1996.

After serving 8 years in the Illinois Senate he ran for, and won, the seat of
Junior U. S. Senator from Illinois in 2004.

He has spent the better part of the last two years not being present to vote
or just voting 'present' on most legislative issues.

He has associated himself with people of questionable loyalty to the United
States of America for the last 20 years and has refused to disown any of them
although he has tried to disassociate himself from some of the things they have
said and some of the things they have done while maintaining his relationship
with them.

Who is this young man whom I believe has been selected, groomed, polished and
refined by the patient Islamic extremists to accomplish the mission of
destroying the United States of America from within?*

Who is this young man who gained all of this higher education and accomplished
all that he has claimed while the son of a single parent, grandson of a
middle-class couple and step-son of a Muslim in Kenya, Africa?

I believe Barack Hussein Obama, candidate for the Democratic Party nomination
as President of the United States of America , fits the mold exactly.

I ask you to think about this.


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Barack Hussein Obama was educated in a Muslim school by Muslim teachers in his early years of his life. Islamic education and Islamic ethos gave him self-esteem and self confidence as a human being. This is one of the reason why he is differnet from other members of the black community. He does not behave like other members of the Black community. He is a man of principles and fit to lead the United States of America.

Sunday, August 10, 2008 at 4:17:00 PM GMT-4  

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