Thursday, December 04, 2008


By Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 4, 2008

On the boats and on the planes
They're coming to America
Never looking back again
They're coming to America. -Neil Diamond “America”

That used to be a happy thought. We are all here in America because someone got on a boat or a plane and sought out a new life in a new world.

But sadly, the world has changed today. Instead of the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” that our fore-fathers fought to preserve we are rapidly becoming “the land of the fleeced and with one foot in the grave.”

America has been taken over by robbers. After surviving another phony election where one side didn’t even try to win, we are now faced with some of the direst circumstances any American could have ever imagined.

Sometimes I don’t even feel like taking the time to share my thoughts. If it were not for the encouraging emails I receive from some of the readers, and some of the phone calls I receive on my radio show it sure would be easy to just walk away from my computer and just blend in with the rest of the “Christians.” You know the kind. The “blab it, grab it” everything-is-rosy crowd.

I can’t believe how clear it all is to me and yet how blind others seem to be. Life sure was a lot easier when I just coached football and raised our babies. Ignorance is bliss I heard a wise man say, and there sure do seem to be a lot of blissful people around me. As Glenn Beck is apt to say it makes me want to wrap duct tape around my head.

America has changed her stripes. In one generation we have gone from a nation of eagles to a gaggle of geese. The Bible calls it “lambs to the slaughter.” We have no idea what is about to befall us. It is as if we were disconnected from reality…nothing more than the latest episode of “24”…oblivious to the tsunami building on the horizon.

Do you remember watching the videos of the tsunami that struck Thailand a few years ago? Vacationers stood on the beach as a massive wave swallowed them up.

And how about Katrina? By the thousands the geese stayed despite the clear warnings of impending danger confident to the end that they were immune to the wrath of nature and of Nature’s God. “It can’t happen here.”

Well, there is another storm rolling in over the horizon and this time we are not lambs and we are not geese. Although we are just as blissful in our ignorance we are a bird of a different feather.

We are sitting ducks.

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

I look at what is going on in America and I feel like a seismologist in Thailand. “What is wrong with those people? Don’t they have any common sense? Can’t they see what is coming down the pike?”

America is bankrupt. I can’t believe people can’t see it. The “government” is bailing out banks. Is it just me, or shouldn’t it be the other way around? Take time to ask your friends where the government gets the money to bailout the banks. You will be shocked at how ignorant they are. But what the hey…I’m sure they spend money they don’t have as well. It’s the American way. Storm Wal-Mart as the storm clouds build.

But as it was in the days of Noah…..

I am the eternal optimist by nature. I always see the glass half-full. As a coach I always told our guys that we didn’t lose…we just ran out of time. I think that statement is appropriate here. We’re about to strike midnight. The two-minute warning has sounded.

Please understand, I am not predicting the return of Jesus, although that could certainly be near. No my friends, I’m talking about the end of America as we know it. For some, the end of the world might be less painful.

The Bible is replete with examples where God judged nations. We are not safe from His wrath, no matter how special we think we are in the eyes of God. God is not mocked. We have not defended unborn babies, we have not protected the sanctity of marriage, we have given His children over to Caesar, and we have allowed his Name to be removed from this nation. “God shed His grace on” us and to whom much is given, much is required. We will pay a harsh price for squandering what He endowed to us.

Like it or not folks our American economic system is on the verge of collapse. Our dollar is worthless, our factories have moved oversees, our banks are out of money, and our enemies hold our debt. We can’t “produce” our way out of this one.

We’re sitting ducks.

Cities are broke, schools are broke, states are broke, churches are broke, and banks are broke. Only shoppers seem to have any money, borrowed from banks who have empty vaults. As it was in the days of Noah….

I see a perfect storm coming to America. Oh Lord help me be wrong.

The world was shaken last week when a terrorist attack was launched in Mumbai. The news reports speak of an attack by “terrorists” who are referred to as “insurgents” or “extremists” without once mentioning their religion. These were not Methodists, or Baptists, or Pentecostals. They were radical Islamic revolutionaries, and their attack was coordinated to hit at multiple locations making defense and security so much more difficult.

On the boats and on the planes, They're coming to America.

They are already here…and they are waiting for the right moment.

While most of America is shopping and going to ball games, spending money that they don’t even have, our enemies are biding their time and waiting.

Joe Biden warned us that it was coming. Fox News warned us today. Newsmax reports a WMD attack is inevitable. Terrorist cells are everywhere in America.

President Bush is bringing home combat troops to defend America. Evidently Iraq is safer than our homeland. Although it has been seven years since 911 the fact that another attack has not hit on our shores does not mean we are safe. It is a ticking time bomb, with the fuse already set. The next attack will come when we are most vulnerable.

We have been lulled into a false sense of security. Can you imagine what could happen with a coordinated attack by as little as one hundred men committed to death? Recent reports state that as few as 10 men were involved in the attacks in Mumbai. They killed over 200 people. They had hoped to kill 5000.

Read this report on dirty bombs. As this report shows they are a real concern. We have received several warnings about the devices already being stationed in multiple American cities. We are helpless to do anything about it; regardless of how many metal detectors they have in our schools.

Imagine as few as 10 terrorists in 10 different American cities, armed with dirty bombs, an arsenal of weapons, and a desire to kill. From school houses to shopping malls, churches to basketball arenas, movie theatres to mass transit, the targets are unlimited. The carnage would make Katrina look like a Spring shower.

Do you find the scenario hard to believe? Are you counting on Jesus to save you from the horror? I wonder if any of the victims of Mumbai expected to die so soon.

Hug your kids. Love on your wife. Prepare your heart. I pray I am wrong. The feathers are about to fly.

I think we are sitting ducks.


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