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2009: A Look Forward At The Trends Ahead for 2009

The following article is NOT, I repeat, NOT prophecy. This article is not an attempt to claim “divine” revelation by dreams, visions or angelic visitation. Instead, it is sourced in human viewpoint looking at simple or complex trends. In this respect, it’s not unlike a Wall Street investment analyst looking at trends for an industry, or a particular company or monetary issues. One could even liken it to that of a weather forecaster or a geologist monitoring various scientific measurements.

Trend analysis simply extends a given trend to get an idea as to where the trend “appears” to be headed and then logically look at the implications of where that trend is headed.

Trends can involve different subjects from various angles. This article then is based on the idea of analyzing such trends and projecting what the ramifications might be.

As we look at the year ahead for 2009 based on trends and analyzing those trends, it would seem that the biggest trend with the most impact for prophetic fulfillment, that I can recognize, involves economic issues for not only the United States but the entire world. I have highlighted some of the key trend projections in the following bullet points.

The Global Economic Meltdown Continues

• 1-World oversight of global economy kicks in. Nations no longer have sole autonomy of their finances and must submit to a global governing economic body.

• New 1-World electronic monetary system begins to take shape

• Beginning implementation of consumer RFID chipped Drivers Licenses in USA

• Stock markets continue to slide

• Civil unrest in many countries over economic issues. Russia hit especially hard by unrest until gov’t cracks down

• Home foreclosures hit new records in USA

• Nations begin national “work camps” for gov’t work programs. Reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s work camps

• United States Government securities default on obligations

• Economic Woes Alter Military/Weapons Development Plans Including: Russia, China, Iran, USA, Israel, Italy, France, Britain, Venezuela, India

• The United States surrenders sovereignty to the UN’s Global Governance Initiative for environmental control of America’s resources.

• Oil prices will most likely hover between $20-$50 per barrel unless or until war erupts in the Mideast disrupting Mideast oil supplies.

Economics, Geo-Politics and Prophecy

The global economy will impact on foreign policies of various nations, which could directly or indirectly impact on Biblical Prophecies. We could see this aspect play out as follows.


Iran will cut back on its military spending and its nuclear weapons program due to a lack of money. Iran may not have enough money to purchase Russia’s S-300 air defense systems or new aircraft as planned. Will have to scale back aid to groups in Africa, Gaza, and Lebanon as Iran’s money dries up due to low oil prices.

Iran’s shaky finances keep Hezbollah and Hamas from stirring up trouble with Israel, after Israel’s Gaza operations are done.


Russia intends to finish its war with Georgia, but Russia’s financial crisis may prevent any second war.

Russia’s 10-year plans for military build up of its Navy, Air Force and Army will be scaled back. Many of the ship-building projects will be shelved also.

China either shelves or cuts back on its naval ship-building expansion program for a lack of money.

Outer Space exploration – manned missions especially are trimmed back or cancelled due to finances for the USA, Russia and China.

The U.S. Militarily …

Iraqi operations to wind down and troop withdrawals begin. Some troops are diverted to Afghanistan as part of a new “surge” for that country. Afghanistan will likely be a quagmire for the US in 2009. Obama will try to figure a way to extricate the US from Afghanistan without it looking like a defeat.

The US will likely begin pulling out of many foreign bases because of money shortages in the budget. Also with the coming budget crunch the Pentagon will likely be forced to cut spending on new weapons development programs.

The War on Terror

“Al Qaeda” will likely “strike” again in 2009 to “test” a new President as it did with both Clinton and Bush Jr. In reality those “tests” serve to open the doors for the NWO goals for a global government. These events enable the NWO to take giant strides forward towards that final goal. I see this next “test” as being rigged in such a way that giant strides will likely takes us right into a wide open door for a New World Order and global government.

If we do get a USA terror attack within the continental United States, I would suspect it to be some sort of “weapons-of-mass-destruction” type of attack.

USA Predictions:

The economic crisis will seriously affect local and state governments in 2009. Expect “tax shortfalls” for local/state governments as property values decline. We’ll also likely see shortfalls in sales taxes, gasoline taxes and income taxes as unemployment is likely to skyrocket. Some forecasters are calling for 10% unemployment before the recession peaks out. Of course, some believe we’re in a Depression and won’t see a peak or shall we say “bottom” in 2009.

There are a few alarmists out there, particularly in the "patriot' movement who expect that the NWO will move in the first or second quarter of the year to declare martial law and start sending people off to concentration camps, amid riots in the streets and a patriot civil war or revolution or whatever. I consider that to be a slim possibility for 2009, based on trends. Unless the trends speed up dramatically, which I don't foresee, the NWO will simply work to consolidate and prepare for more drastic measures probably in 2010 and 2011 unless complications force further delays. Such complications would likely be divinely originate to keep the NWO and Antichrist forces in check and on God's timeline, not theirs.

Remember, God is Sovereign and in control. All things will proceed according to His time-table not Satan's.

If weather has a serious effect on American farm crop harvests in 2009, look for more serious food shortages to emerge by next winter.

We may or may not see high inflation in 2009, due to declining demand, due to lower wages and higher unemployment.

It would seem that the central banks are inflating economies, but most of the money creation is to deal with balancing out fictional losses. If those money bailouts remain as just digital credits against digital debits then there’s no real inflation. Instead, there’s a great risk of deflation with prices declining but – no money to buy things.

On the flip side: If these bailouts actually get out into the real world, we could see a temporary short-term period of hyper-inflation before the entire system collapses and crashes to the ground. This applies world-wide and not merely to America.

Global War Flash Points

Israel & the Palestinians

* Israel will grind down Hamas in Gaza but won’t be able to destroy Hamas. Eventually, the UN and the NWO crowd will intervene and stop Israel before Israel can have a chance to decisively destroy Hamas.

Israel & Hezbollah

• Hezbollah will avoid a fight with Israel due to financial problems. Iran’s pragmatists will succeed in preventing the ultra-radicals from forcing Hezbollah to attack Israel. The pragmatists realize that with oil prices plunging to $40 – Iran can ill afford to rebuild: Hezbollah’s military after another war like in 2006. So caution will prevail.

Israel & Syria

Syria’s President Assad will cool his heels with a “poor” Iran. Without Iran’s oil money Assad will warm up to the idea of a false peace with Israel while it secretly works to develop its own nuclear weapons arsenal.

Israel & Iran

Iran will run out of money, so to speak, in 2009 for its military spending programs, including its nuclear weapons program. To prevent Israel from launching preventative strikes, Iran’s Ayatollah will maintain the uranium enrichment program and build up an inventory of that material instead of immediately making bombs with it. Most likely Iran will not attempt to actually create a final-assembly bomb in 2009, but instead will wait until late 2010 or 2011 or perhaps early 2012, when it can suddenly have 6 to 12 bombs.

As a result of Iran’s delay, Israel will bide its time in deference to President Obama’s attempts to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program. Those talks will only be used to stall the US and Israel.


War fever tensions seem to have spiked in December but as the New Year starts, neither government wants war. Both nations are facing recession and simply cannot afford a war.

India also faces a dilemma. If India attacks Pakistan, the Pakistani government will be in danger of collapse, leaving the nation vulnerable to a take-over by Islamic radicals. Such a development would create a greater chance for a nuclear war. The other side of India’s dilemma is that, if another terror attack like Mumbai happens, the current ruling party in India would likely be deposed, and the new government would likely go to war.

Pakistan’s government knows it must continue to crack down on the radicals who attacked India. In doing so, it runs the risk of losing more ground to the Taliban and Al Qaeda and run the risk of being overthrown.

Both governments find it in their best interests to accommodate each other to avoid a deterioration that could lead to far worse conditions for both nations.


Russia’s President is reportedly seeking to return to Georgia and finish what it started last August, yet financial problems will likely interfere. Look for Russia to threaten to renew the war, but not follow through. This will be a way to test President Obama and many analysts think this will happen within the first 90 days of Obama’s inauguration.

Lesser Flash Points (but still significant)


Look for Islamic radicals to pursue further conquests in East Africa, especially the Horn of Africa. This will be in conjunction with Iranian help. Do not be surprised to find Iran establishing military bases for its Navy and Marines, perhaps even an air base. Iran would be in a position to threaten vital shipping lanes from the Suez Canal to the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

Al Qaeda is also making new gains in a bid to establish a new territory for training. It would become the new “Afghanistan” of Africa and expand its influence to a second continent.

Middle East

Economic woes will likely keep nations from going to war with Israel in 2009 but continued economic woes may trigger a war with Israel in 2010 or 2011. If wars do break out, however, it will only be because the New World Order leaders finance the wars. This is a distinct possibility though it seems unlikely at this time. The NWO crowd seems to focus on economic issues and ride those issues into a global government setup.

Israel at Home

Israel will also face economic problems and these problems will force cutbacks in the Israeli military. These cutbacks will coincide with cuts by Iran and Syria. Politically, the Gaza War will have a huge impact on the February general elections. Up until the war started, Israel’s Likud Party, led by Benjamin Netanyahu held a slight edge in the public opinion polls. The war however has triggered polling fluctuations depending on the latest war news.

IF Israel is perceived as “winning” the war, Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s Labor Party and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni’s Kadima Party stands to gain the most. IF, however, Israel is perceived as either losing the war or there is no perceived winner, or the war is still ongoing, Netanyahu’s Likud Party stands the most to gain and would be poised to win the elections.

Israel will likely find President Obama to be less friendly to Israeli interests than President Bush. Military aid and assistance will be less likely, due in part to economic constraints.


President Mubarak is slated to resign and turn over control of the Egyptian government to his son. IF so, look for Islamic radicals to attempt an overthrow of the government by a popular uprising.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudis will not suffer much financially as oil revenues will still be profitable for the Saudis. The Saudis need less money to meet the nation’s needs as they are few compared to the oil revenues even at $40 a barrel.

Extra money in Saudi savings accounts means that the Saudis will have extra power as nations seek Saudi financial support. This also holds true for smaller Arab oil Sheiks.

Cultural Trends


Global Environmental Policies will try to take center stage in 2009. Environmentalists will attempt to forge a New World Order of the Environment. Their policies will conflict in many ways with a falling economy and their environmental policies will exacerbate any attempt at economic recovery in many respects.

Economic chaos will trigger riots and civil unrest in various locations around the globe. In turn, civil rights will be trimmed or removed. Martial law will take hold in such nations with such chaos, though it seems unlikely that conditions will deteriorate to such an extent in Western nations or America. There is a chance however that America’s immigration and border problems with Mexico could so deteriorate due to economic problems that the flood of immigrants could become a tsunami requiring US troops being stationed across the border with Mexico and a state of martial law in the Southwestern USA. This however seems only to be a remote possibility at this time, but trends can shift quickly and our comments are based on trends.


Look for many “Mega-churches” to be hit hard by financial problems as the economy continues to deteriorate. Despite the financial hardships, “Happy Theology” and the idea of a “Prosperity Gospel” will continue to find willing ears. “Happy Theology” is a term for the concept of giving lip-service to sound doctrine but yet avoids teaching sound doctrine and promotes a ‘feel-good” social-club atmosphere mixed with a healthy dose of “Christian pseudo-psychology.”

I expect that the trend will continue for more churches to become more like social clubs and societies than centers for teaching sound doctrine. Any sort of “teachings” are more of man’s opinions and not of sound exegesis of the original Hebrew/Greek texts of scripture. Look for churches to become more oriented towards “social services” for the poor, providing food and maybe housing, also.

Doctrinally, the trending shift away from sound doctrine will continue as it has for several decades.

A definite “anti-prophecy” trend has emerged within the Church in the last few years and this trend is likely to occur or even accelerate, even as RFID chip implants loom over the horizon. RFID driver’s licenses are slated to begin showing up in many states as part of the Homeland Security mandates for a more comprehensive national ID system. This new system will be short-lived, as the actual “chip implant” ID program is slated for introduction by the year 2012.

You would think that the RFID system would alarm church pastors and the congregations and some will become alarmed and move away from their anti-prophecy stance, but overall, it appears that the churches in America, as elsewhere around the globe, have fallen asleep and will not be awakened even at the rapture, because most were never believers to begin with.

Also look for Congress to pass new laws restricting religious speech to that sound Bible teaching will become a felony crime. Witnessing and proclaiming the gospel may well become a jail-able offense.


Look for a crisis to emerge in financial side of health care. Insurance companies struggle to stay afloat and as more people become unemployed and lose health insurance, the health care system will face a financial crisis of its own. This is likely to show up in 2009.

In America, President Obama will try a new insurance-for-all program but again with a depression-like economy and no money to pay for it, such a program becomes a moot issue.

We could see an epidemic of uninsured patients sweep the system into bankruptcy, starting in 2009, though the effects may not fully manifest until 2010 or so.


Look for solar activity to increase in 2009. The year, 2008 was extremely quiet for solar activity and suggests the solar cycle bottom has peaked. 2009 may only be a slightly more active year than 2008 but 2009 will not likely be a terribly active year for solar storms. Scientists do expect 2010 and 2011 to become much more active with a new solar cycle peak for storms beginning in 2012 and continuing into 2013 and perhaps even 2014 or 2015 should the solar max string out like it did in the last cycle.

Look for startling discoveries in outer space including more evidence of life on Mars as well as a possible new threat to Earth from outer space such as asteroids, comets, meteors.

The financial crisis will force serious cutbacks of funding for many space programs at NASA, Russia and China.


The biggest prophetic developments I foresee from a trending standpoint is the New World Order’s effort to use the global economic situation to take the final steps towards a global government. At some point before the global government is in place and the Antichrist is brought forward, the NWO plans call for another world war, apparently nuclear that starts in the Middle East.

While it is possible for such a war to start this year, the trends suggest the need for substantial economic changes to take hold as there are still a series of steps necessary for implementation of a global government. For that reason, I tend to discount the idea of a world war starting. I also discount the idea of a regional war breaking out in the Middle East.

The Gaza conflict will likely resolve in a stalemate of sorts, along the lines of 2006. I draw this conclusion based upon information that it is not in Iran’s best interests to push for an all-out war with Israel at this time. The same goes for Syria and Hezbollah. All three will likely bide their time in 2009.

Similar conclusions of course apply for the India-Pakistan situation. It is not in the best interests of either country to engage in a war where the outcome is likely to make things worse not better for their respective citizens.

What might change such conclusions would be sudden and unforeseen changes in leadership or unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters. Consequently, it would seem that 2009 is set to likely be a year of transitional changes


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