Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For now the ground war is over, but another one in the media begins.
Posted: Wednesday, January 21, 2009
- written by jerry golden


Hamas is saying they won because they survived; of course hiding in holes in houses full of families and children is the only way they know to survive. They came out of their holes when they felt safe and fired rockets at our cities then quickly went back into their holes with no regard for the retaliation of the IDF hitting that spot that they fired from. They knew of course it would cause many civilian causalities but even that was and is their plan in order to get the CFR controlled media to condemn Israel.

But for 8 years the UN and for the most part the world’s Medias didn’t condemn Hamas for shooting rockets on a daily basis into our towns and villages. Where children were being killed and injured, having several times daily to run for bomb shelters in fear of their lives. The UN never called that a war crime or a crime against humanity. You see there are two standards one for the rest of the world and one for the Jews. And as we watch anti-Semitism spiral out of control throughout Europe and around the world we will hear more and more the cry to destroy Israel and kill the Jews. The people of the world are being brainwashed and slowing coming to the wrong conclusion that if somehow Israel would just disappear the threat of Islam would go away and everyone would live happy every after.

God has good news for Israel and that is to say that He chose the Jews as His people, and He will be their God and He will protect them, that He called them back to the Land He promised our forefathers as an ever lasting covenant. The sovereignty of God cannot be questioned, His Word cannot be questioned and it is His Will that will be done. It makes no difference how many self appointed so-called Prophets say Israel will be destroyed; Israel will be here to see the Messiah Yeshua’s return. And God is not finished gathering His people the Jews back to this Land. And somehow, someway the two sticks will come together, there is changes in the air and each of us have one very important obligation and that is to be obedient to God’s calling on our lives.

We are praying here in Israel that the UN, EU and USA will not rebuild Hamas but help us build a peaceful society in Gaza that will realize that Hamas is their enemy as well. It has troubled me to see once again that the US has stopped Israel from finishing off its enemy. I saw it happen in 1982 when the US 6th fleet rescued Arafat and his PLO terrorist in Lebanon and took them to Tunis to regroup and fight another day. Again I watched as the IDF had to be pulled out of Gaza before finishing the task before them in order not to offend the Obama inauguration. It becomes more obvious that the powers to be do not want the enemies of Israel to be destroyed; it is known that these same powers prosper by waging wars around the world, as the motto of the Illuminati is to bring order out of chaos.

But there is a greater Power and He has His plan and Israel plays a big part in that plan. For it’s God who is preparing this ministry to rescue Jews as they begin to flee out of Europe and other parts of the world. As limited as we are we will do all we can to fulfill God commission on us. God has put together this part of the Body of Messiah for the purpose of blessing the Apple of His Eye. I’ve been told by many that I should travel and speak on every program that will invite me in order to raise the needed finances to buy the larger boat or possibly even a ship. But that is not what I hear from God. For it is God who will bring the parts of His Body to this Ministry and the only way I have of reaching that part of the Body is by this means. We are not all called to the same Ministry, there are thousands of needed and wonderful God inspired Ministries around the world, but this one takes a special calling from God for we are talking about the Apple of His Eye, we are talking about Jerusalem.

Connie and I will be traveling to Turkey over the next few days, we are asking for your prayers as this is a very important trip, we will be traveling through the mountains of Turkey and we will also be taking care of the final arrangements of the work on the boat now on dry dock. This is a costly trip and tens of thousands of dollars are now needed to move this ministry forward. We will also be looking at larger boats capable of carrying over a hundred across the Med to Israel. It’s by faith we are shopping, for we do not have the money to make any deals with the sellers.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden


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