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Yet another war for Israel to exist.
Posted: Sunday, December 28, 2008
- written by jerry golden


After 7 years of bombardment from Gaza into Israeli towns and villages this failed Israeli Government finally took action to stop Hamas who were once a small terrorist group but today a 20,000 strong well trained army supplied by Iran. I woke this morning to see how terrible us Jews are by killing “Palestinian children” in Gaza. For 7 years they have targeted our civilian population with no out-cries from the world’s media. When our children were being blown to pieces and baby body parts were scattered across the streets of our cities there was no out-cry. The question must be asked why is Jewish life so cheap that the world doesn’t care how we are treated or murdered.

Before Israel hit Hamas there was months even years of intelligent gathering in order to not hit civilians or as little civilian collateral damage as possible. But when you have a terrorist group that hides in crowded populations and shoots there missiles from back-yards, school-yards and Mosques it is not so easy to go after them without some collateral damage. The one thing I am certain of is there are no other governments in the world that would try as hard as we do to not kill civilians, even when these civilians when ask will tell you they want to kill Jews. And have been raised from childhood to believe to kill Jews and Infidels pleases Allah.

After the air raids that have killed over 200 Hamas Terrorists we are now faced with the decision of going back into Gaza with ground troops, knowing that many lives will be lost as these blood thirsty terrorists have booby-trapped the side of roads and buildings throughout the Gaza strip. And the same anti-Semitic news-media will not be kind to us for defending ourselves against the same Islamic terrorist that has the rest of the world in their sights as well.

We here in Israel are now faced with the daily threat of being shot or stoned on our roads. Connie and I find it necessary to make trips into Jerusalem or a regular basis driving through some dangerous areas where many have been killed over the years by these Islamic terrorist. Your prayers are being asked for and please remember to pray for our sons and daughters who are faced with the fight against these insane killers. Keeping in mind that this is not just a fight for Israel but for the rest of the civilized world for Islam has declared a Jihad against the non-Islamic world.

No one knows how long this war will go on, my guess is not long but without a ground operation Hamas cannot and will not be up-rooted in Gaza and that ground operations could be very costly to us in young Jewish lives. We are not just fighting against an ideology we are fighting against an evil spirit that is in place for end time prophetic reasons. Some might argue why fight it if it is prophetic the answer is simple, God requires us to fight against evil, and to resist it at all levels. Islam translated is (submission) and to not fight Islamic terror is to submit to it.

This war is not only against Hamas and Hezbollah it started in Iran in 1972 and has spread into a global war; millions have been killed simply because they are not Moslems. And while this is going on Russia is making their plans to dominate the entire world and could surprise the US at any time for it’s the US that must be brought down before they can once again be the world’s super-power.

In the meantime those of us who have been called to go forward with ministries ordained by the Lord must keep our eyes fastened on the things of God that is not to say we should not be aware of what is happening in the world but we should not be deterred by it. For He that is in us, is greater than he that is in the world.

We need your help and I am asking God to touch those who He will to supply the needed finances to make the purchase of a larger boat possible and the finances for all the arrangements and trips that must be made.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden


The Golden Reort


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