Sunday, February 01, 2009

Putting a few things together
Posted: Sunday, February 01, 2009
- written by jerry golden


Around the world real estate is falling, home owners are suffering and need to reduce their prices before trying to sell in a market that is in serious trouble, but not so in Jerusalem. Prices here are going through the ceiling with Jews in France and England buying apartments and homes as fast as they can be built. Their reason are the same as the European Jews of the 30’s and 40’s who couldn’t bring themselves to let go of what they considered their financial security. And like the Jews who ended up in the German concentration camps there will be many who will wait to long.

In the meantime young Israelis getting married and wanting to live in Jerusalem are finding it impossible to find something they can afford to rent or buy while thousands of apartments and homes sit empty bought by wealthy Jews in Europe and they have seen the writing on the wall and still refuse to make Aliyah. There are however many factors they might want to consider, one being the only International Airport will be under attack and there will be no commercial flights in or out of Israel. When I first started saying this several years ago, they considered me a little if not a lot crazy. But now it’s easy to see that God has been speaking to those who will listen and prepare away to rescue Jews who soon will be running for their lives. As for Christians around the world this time they will not be able to say they didn’t know it was happening.

Israel has been tracking an Iranian cargo ship full of arms headed to Hamas and Hezbollah. The original plans was for this ship to unload in Egypt and the weapons would be brought to Hamas through the tunnels, but because of Operation Cast Lead they were forced to change plans and ended up in Cyprus. The Cyprus Government now has it in Limmasol Cyprus for inspection mostly because of the watchful eye of the US and Israel. The boat is from Iran but flies a Cyprus Flag.

Now the Cypriot Government has the dilemma of what to do with the ship knowing that Israel is watching very closely. If it continues from that point towards Syria or Lebanon the Israeli Navy will either take control of it or sink it.

Election in Israel

In ten days we have the general elections in Israel, it looks like the Likud Party will win but ten days is an eternity in Israel and so many things can happen. For most of us the Likud is the only real option, and Netanyahu is the less of all the evils we are faced with. I know that most Christians around the world have a very high opinion of this man, but the truth is his past has proven him to be incompetent, He gave away Hebron, and Bethlehem and was about to give Jericho away just to mention a couple of his blunders as Prime Minister when he was kicked out of office. During the Gaza Disengagement he had several opportunities to stop Sharon but voted for the Disengagement twice and later when it was a done deal voted against it. But now he claims he has changed and has learnt his lesson. The ugly truth is we have no choice but to vote for Likud (Netanyahu) simply because Labor and Kadima Parties would be a vote for the destruction of Israel, piece by piece. There is an upside in voting for Netanyahu, it is the best chance Messianic Jews have of changing the Laws and opening the door for them to make Aliyah.

If this article sounds pessimistic it is because it is, and if you want to find any optimism in it you will have to go to God’s Word for His Prophetic Word is right on time. As for the USA it would be my opinion (not Prophecy) that this year will reveal the real truth of the control of the New World Order over the leaders of the US. In fact, I think if you look at some of the laws recently passed you will come to the conclusion it is underway now. For example you might want to read National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645. But I think I will keep with the subject I am most familiar with Israel.

The one thing I am certain of, this Ministry has precious little time to get ready for what we will be called to do, and the larger boat would make it possible for us to save many more than we can with what we now have. Connie and I just returned from another trip to Turkey were we traveled and met many and felt the Spirit of God move before us opening doors that man could never open in a Moslem country. Many reading this have been generous in the past but I am going to ask you to spend some time in prayer today for much more may be required of all of us in the way of sacrifice. There is a need for many more trips and we ask for your prayers over us as we move by God’s Holy Spirit (Rauch Ha Koddesh). There is still much to be done in Europe in getting the word to the right people in the right places.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry golden


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