Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You're in trouble, big trouble. But there is good news
Posted: Tuesday, February 17, 2009
- written by jerry golden

Looking around the world today and trying to come with some sort of rational conclusion on what is happening with the global economics and politics. It’s easy to blame this one or that one, but the truth is you are being manipulated by the CFR controlled media and the New World Order (Illuminate). Only a couple of years ago if someone said that he or she would be considered a conspiracy theory nut, but today it is being said by some very reputable people who are on top of what is happening.

Some time ago there was a movie called “The tail wagging the dog” or something like that. It has occurred to me that we are witnessing that same event in reality. Every time we hear of the Trillions of dollars being printed by the US mint to bailout those who seemingly got you into the mess, the question should be asked how can they keep printing more and more trillions of dollars, what is backing it up, we know it is not gold and we know it is somehow being printed out of thin air, being done by the largest debtor country in the world, the USA. How long does anyone believe this can continue before it all comes falling down? It is said around the world that when the USA sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold. Well folks the USA is not only sneezing but it’s seriously ill and the rest of the world is crumbling as a result. I know that what I’m saying is in general terms but you see I am not an economist or for that matter anyone that should be paid any attention, but I have eyes to see and ears to hear and daily in my prayers I feel an urgency to be about the Father’s business and not to be overly concerned about the world condition for the fact is there is absolutely nothing I or anyone can do about it. Because the bottom line is God’s Prophetic Word is coming to pass right before eyes, and God can use whoever He chooses and however He chooses. But for those who have been chosen for end time ministries in regards to the Apple of His Eye need to put their hands to the plow and keep their eyes on Yeshua and be led by the Ruach Hakoddesh (Holy Spirit). When we take our eyes off the things of this world and place them squarely on God we find there is no confusion in our minds or spirit, that is not to say we should not be concerned about what is happening or not prepare, for we should but if our motivation is placed in the right place for Believer in Yeshua the storm and problems around us has little to no effect in how we feel inside and the peace of God will prevail.

I am constantly asked how we will be able to sail boats across the Eastern Mediterranean Sea under war conditions with Jewish refugees, the answer is simply, God said we can and we will. It is also interesting to know that God prepares certain Believers for ministries not fully understood by everyone, but then we are all members of the same Body, Jew or Gentile bond or free. If God has called you to a ministry that others don’t understand, it is only for you to please God not men.

You’ve heard that to understand where we are in prophecy we simply need to look at God’s Time piece “Israel”. Well if you look closely today you will see there are also terrible things happening here. It’s not only our hostile Arab neighbors but the corruption and political strife within the country. While the world’s media is reporting all the Arab lies about the recent war in Gaza, for example the exaggerated numbers of causalities caused by the IDF, the real problem here is much like the one in the USA, the liberal “Left Wing” parties want to destroy any resemblance of a Jewish State.

As you have heard or read, the (Liberal) Kadima Party won the election by one seat. A seat represents one Member of the Knesset (MK) of which there are 120. So in order for someone to control the Knesset and form a Government they most have at least 61 seats. What has happened is the Right Wing led by Likud lost by one seat but won in terms of being able to form a coalition of more than 61 seats. The problem is a new mostly Russian Party called “Israel Beiteinu” led by Avigdor Liberman won 15 seats making him the so-called “King-Maker”. Neither Likud nor Kadima can form a stable Government without Liberman joining their coalition that is unless Likud and Kadima bury the hatchet and join together to form the coalition, who knows it could happen. Now we wait for President Peres to decide who he will ask to form the new Government, he should be making that decision with in days. Then the one he chooses will have a month or so to see if they can bring more than the needed 61 MK’s to the table. If not then Peres will have to ask someone else to try to form a Government. So you see this thing is far from being over and in the mean time Iran is preparing nuclear bombs to destroy Israel with, while doing all they can to re-arm Hamas and Hezbollah with the needed weapons to once again fight Israel. Daily we are sitting here watching the mounting instability all around us increase. You see it is very easy to take your eyes off of God’s calling for those who haven’t made a firm decision to be lead by the Ruach Hakoddesh (Holy Spirit).

While so many are overly concerned about their finances and where to invest or what kind of currency to hold, they are being mislead by the prince of this world. When they should be on their faces before a Holy God and asking “What would you have me do”. While denominational Churches are leading their congregation down a road to hell teaching false doctrine that not only does not prepare them but makes the Word of God of little to no importance. It’s time for every Believer to make the firm decision who their God is money, power, influence with others or other idles they have precious little time to get on their face before God and set things right in their soul. Those Pastors who refuse to preach what they know to be Biblical Truth for fear of offending their Denominational Leaders will have a very heavy price to pay.

Once again I am asking everyone reading this to come before God asking what would you have me do. If your finances are hurting, thank God for what you do have and be about blessing others with a smile that only comes from knowing Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus the Messiah). If you have finances and you’re concerned about the fall of the dollar or any another fear, invest while you’re still able in God’s Kingdom, for any other investment will perish in time.

I don’t need to tell those who have been with this ministry for the past few years, that we desperately need to purchase the larger boat, I can only ask you to pray.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry golden

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