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The truth about what's hapening in Israel that no one else wants to write.

Posted: Friday, February 27, 2009
- written by jerry golden


To begin with you already know that Netanyahu has been appointed by the President to form the next Government, the Likud lost the election by one seat but the winning party Kadima couldn’t find the needed 61 MK’s to form the Government. None of this pleases the Obama Administration they openly wanted Kadima to be in charge. In fact Obama has sent George Mitchell here this week and his first stop was to talk with Livni in hopes of somehow stopping Likud and the Right Wing here in Israel.

As it looks right now Netanyahu can form a Government with 65 MK’s by bringing into the Government several of the smaller right wing parties. What this also means is Netanyahu will be constantly under pressure to conform to the wishes to these small parties in not giving away any of the land of Israel.

In the meantime the US is still putting tremendous pressure on Israel to accept Hamas in a back handed way by encouraging the PA to make a coalition with Hamas and together form a Government. Many things are quickly changing in the relationship between the US and Israel. One is the US has given Gaza 600 million but say it will not go towards Hamas, of course it is Hamas who is in total control of Gaza so how could the US give Gaza that much money without supporting Hamas.

Hamas has shot and killed, even beheaded many PA members since the end of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. They have gathered up hundreds of PA supporters and shot them in mostly in the knee caps to be sure they will be crippled. I know this sounds so insane to the average world citizen outside the Islamic controlled world, but after seeing many collation soldiers beheaded in Iraq and dragged through the streets being spit on I find it hard to understand what it will take to wake up the average American and European. But I am getting some reports from around the world that the awakening has begun.

We keep hearing about the possibility of an attack on Iran, but now with the Russian support have activated one of there Nuclear Reactor which means that if it is attacked the ball game changes for the people of Iran with the massive spread of radiation.

The world keeps looking for Israel to handle the Iranian problem, and then as usual sit ready to blame Israel for doing it just like they did in 82 when we bombed the Iraqi nuclear plant. But Israel like the rest of the world has its own problems and they are major problems. We too are in a major recession and our unemployment rate for the past few months are all record breakers. The demand for workers has fallen 21.1% making the Israeli population becoming dangerously close to a depression. It is now written in most papers that one in every four kids in Israel are living below the poverty level and not receiving a decent diet.

Crime in this country is completely out of control, with most cities being over ran with criminal gangs many of them from Russia. Many of the small towns and villages are completely controlled by these crime families. This should be a warning to the US as to what happens when the Liberals take control of a Government and when you have a Prime Minister like Sharon who changes colors after gaining the confidence of the people and then followed by Olmert who will go down as Israelis worst Prime Minister.

There is however a dim light coming through the end of the tunnel with Likud back in power. What makes this new Government seem most hopeful is like mentioned before, the smaller right wing parties will have more control of what Netanyahu can and cannot do for they pull out of such a narrow coalition it will fall and we will go right back into elections.

What is happening in the US is very important to all the rest of the world and mostly Israel, the one thing we are seeing from the very beginning is a lean towards the Palestinians, and with this new right wing government it will not go over well and a clash between Israel and the US is on the horizon.

As important as all the above is to this messenger nothing is more important than keeping our eyes on God and His calling. For things change in politics and wars come and go, what seems so obvious today may seem foolish tomorrow. The only sure thing is eternity and where you will spend it and at the present that is your call and your choice, but wait one moment to long and you will lose that choice. If you haven’t given you life body, soul and spirit to Yeshua as you personal Messiah now would be the right time to do that. If you have then pray and listen for that small still voice and be obedient. Begin living and acting like you believe in Yeshua begin to fill your mind with the things of God.

This Ministry has what I believe to be the most important calling I know of, how successful we are will depend on the acts and the obedience of those God has touched to bless the Apple of His Eye.

If you have been holding back and know that God has touched you to become a more active part of this Ministry we are waiting to hear from you.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

The Golden Reort


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