Thursday, April 09, 2009

shummer60 - God help America when Obama Abandons Isreal. Judgement Will Be SERVERE!!!

Upheaval in Mideast Alliances
Israel’s Plans for Iran War on Hold
US May Abandon Israel & Form New Partnership With Iran?
Israel Realigns Itself With Russia?

Our big story in this week's A-O Insider Report is a SPECIAL REPORT that revolves around reports from Washington that President Obama is working secretly on a deal to make Iran a strategic military and economic ally. The deal will involve distancing America from its special relationship to Israel. Meanwhile, reports from Israel last indicated that Israel's new Prime Minister may attempt to forge a new economic and military alliance with Russia.

This Special Report was originally going to cover Israeli plans for military action against Iran under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamine Netanyahu, but before we could get the article published, new revelations leaked that such plans had been cancelled as Israel learned of President Obama's intent to make Iran an ally of the United States.

Our report features extended details and the logical reasoning for this dramatic shift in American foreign policy. We must stress that the information we're passing along is not yet a done deal but rather the intention of the White House. Iran has yet to respond.


If President Obama's proposal to Iran becomes a reality, and if Israel realigns with Russia - the Biblical Prophecy implications would be profound and could or would likely impact on the Magog prophecies and the Babylon prophecies if not other related prophetic issues.

This special report is in addition to the regular, weekly A-O Intelligence Digest, which we've delayed by a day or so, in order to get this special report published.

The upcoming Intelligence Digest edition will provide background coverage for the upcoming G-20 Summit and a possible move to begin developing a new 1-world currency to replace the US Dollar. Other stories will deal with Obama's secret meeting with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and the admission by an Obama aid admitting that alleged Illuminist leader, Henry Kissinger provides daily instructions to the Obama White House. We'll also be providing insight into how Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu managed to convine the liberal Labor Party to join his coalition government.

Also later this week, we hope to feature a special report on Iran's clandestine attempts to overthrow the governmet of Saudi Arabia and other Arab states. It's actually an Islamic civil war that is developing between the Shi'te sect and the Sunni sect within the world of Islam. As part of our coverage on this clandestine war that has begun to emerge, we're also providing an additional backgrounder article on the two Islamic sects and show the geo-political and strategic impact of these two divisions within Islam and it's relationship within Bible Prophecy perspective. We'd intended to have these articles ready and published last week but we were sidetracked by the stunning news about Obama's intent to radically transform US policy towards Iran.

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