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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
May 7, 2009

In February I wrote, “Change the Words, Change the World.” If you haven’t read it, you should.

The progressives/liberals/socialists are hell-bent on destroying all things normal. They are thieves. The steal words, they steal their meaning, they steal the minds of our children. They are cultural kleptomaniacs. That’s what happens when you become vain in your imagination, reprobate, and possess a darkened heart. Thinking they are wise, they have become fools.

Worst of all, we are letting them steal our culture.

Although homosexuals may be nice people their lifestyle is deviant and perverted. Calling it normal does not make it so. Indoctrinating our children that sodomy is fine is the theft of truth. (Look at this disgusting educational handout on anal sex.) Their goal is to change the meaning of “normal.” A court ruling that homosexual behavior is “normal” does not change an anus into a vagina. At least not yet, but give them time.

Classifying an abortionist as a doctor does not vindicate him. Prescribing baby killing as health care does not make the baby any less dead. Scott Peterson would be called “Dr. Peterson” not “Death Row Peterson” if killing a baby was “medical treatment.”

Here is your Scripture reading for the day. It speaks of the “Laws of Nature’s God.”

The “Laws of Nature’s God” are not the same as the “Laws of Nature.” God’s laws CAN be violated because they are subject to individual obedience. Disobedience to God’s laws does not always bring immediate consequences.

Gravity, thermodynamics, and Newton’s laws of motion are examples of the “Laws of Nature.” Gravity can be temporarily conquered by the force of Aeronautics, but eventually the plane must return to earth. The Laws of Nature cannot be broken without consequences.

Declaring a Negro-American a non-human, (Dred Scott) did not make it so because it violated both the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. It took the death of 620,000 Americans to destroy that lie.

Leviticus spells out the “Laws of Nature’s God” as it applies to conduct of the people. Leviticus 18 focuses on the sexual morals of the followers of Yahweh. Leviticus 20 delineates the punishments for violations of that moral code. Thomas Jefferson thought castration was appropriate for “buggery.” (Click here and scroll down 1/3 of the page.)

But the religious law is not the civil law. Leviticus applied to Jews, it was not binding on the citizens of Rome. Why? Because secular societies write their own moral code (civil law) which is a set of behaviors deemed acceptable by public standards of decency. (Still following me?)

For instance, Leviticus 18:14 criminalizes sex between a man and his aunt. As repulsive as that might seem to us today, sex with Auntie Maude is not a civil crime, merely a taboo, because it violates accepted norms. Eating shellfish was illegal for a Jew, but not for a Greek. Why? Religious law applies to religious adherents. Civil law applies to everyone.

Thou shall not murder is both a religious law and a civil law. All civil law has its roots in the Ten Commandments. “Do not steal” is not a civil law that religion agrees with, but a religious law that society has adopted. (Stay with me, hopefully this will soon make sense.)

Reproduction is a Natural Law. In fact, Natural Law requires that living things reproduce “after their kind.” Dogs give birth to dogs, cats to cats, humans to humans…a man and a wolf will never give birth to a “Wolfman” (Sorry, Jack). It is a Law of Nature.

(Oops, there goes macro-evolution out the window…a clear violation of the “Laws of Nature.”)

Civil law draws from religious law to control society. Religious law was established to control individuals. Remember, natural laws are immutable, religious laws are not, but both have consequences.

Within natural law lies its own enforcement. Jumping off of a building and breaking your leg is nature’s way of enforcing the penalty for violating the law of gravity. Natural Law cannot be altered; no matter how often “judges” opine that they can.

Adultery in the animal world is “normal” and not a violation of Natural Law. Let your two-year old male puppy loose in your neighborhood and watch how natural promiscuity is to him -- he will find multiple partners in an afternoon. Animals are natural adulterers; they mate, they don’t marry. They don’t care if they have sex with aunts, nieces, or daughters…but they won’t do it with their son…it ain’t natural. Having sex with Auntie Maude is more “natural” than homosexuality, no matter how thick her moustache is.

But humans are not animals. Humans have a soul. The “Laws of Nature’s God” were put into place by God to control natural lustful urges. The ability to do so is what elevates man above dogs. A dog returns to his vomit. Hopefully, men don’t. For over two-hundred years America lived with the blending of religious law into civil law.

We taught it to our children in government schools and it helped control aberrant, or anti-social behavior. Auntie Maude and Uncle Henry were both off limits to their perverted nephew.

That is, until the cultural kleptomaniacs showed up on the scene and started to steal the culture. Society is a reflection of its laws. Change the laws and you change society. Judges can’t change laws, or make laws. (Lying is the Klepto’s weapon of choice.) But they know that whatever behavior you legalize you get more of.

Legalizing first trimester abortion naturally led to partial-birth abortion, which leads to infanticide, which leads to euthanasia….

Legalizing sodomy leads to changes in marriage, to polygamy, to bigamy, to pedophilia… like dogs returning to their vomit.

Is sex with animals the next Law of Nature to be violated? Don’t laugh. Changing civil law gives approval to behavior. Change the law, “normalize” the behavior. The popular phrase “the law was made to be broken” has led to the acceptance of law-breaking as normal in our society. “But my dog loves me. God is love. How does me marrying my dog affect your marriage?”

Abortion is a violation of the Law’s of Nature. Even the Jesus-mockers refer to “Mother Nature,” an admission of the natural side of the mother to nurture and reproduce. When the Supreme Court opined that a woman had a right to kill her offspring, thereby rejecting her natural proclivity to nurture, an unnatural behavior was approved. Thirty-six years later America is hurtling towards death. Bloodshed follows bloodshed is a law of Nature’s God. Terror in the womb produces terror in the world

Homosexuality is unnatural. It goes against the Laws of Nature. No matter how many excuses they try and give us for why the behavior is innate, it is by definition perverted, deviant, and un-natural. Repulsive as it may be, marrying Auntie Maude is more natural than Timmy mating with his neighbor, Joe. Incest is natural in the animal world. (Mark my words; the Kleptos will soon declare it normal in the human world.) Remember, legal approval of a behavior “normalizes” it.

The greatness of America’s civil government is that it has created a system where the individual is responsible for his own behavior. Although those of us who call ourselves Christian, believe that God is in ultimate control, the fact remains that in America a citizen can follow his own moral code without the intrusion of “religion” in his personal life. He is captain of his own ship and as long as he doesn’t sail into another’s private waters (civil law) he is free to navigate where he will. But one of the dictates of civil government is to build a dike protecting society from perversion. The levy was breached when the courts began to normalize behaviors that violated the “Laws of Nature.” The sewer-gates are now open.

The Cultural Kleptomaniacs spew lies. They teach lies, promote lies, and market lies. Theft, death and destruction are their fruits. Defiance of Natural Laws has major consequences.

Calling unnatural things “normal” does not make it so. Homosexuals can never be “married” no matter how many courts say they can. Changing the name does not change the truth. A husband and husband is not equal to husband and wife, no matter how much the Kleptos tell you they are equal.

I’m not sure who’s more perverted; the ones who tell the lies or the ones who support the liars.

Michael Savage is right. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder characterized by kleptomania. The virus is spread through lying and appeals to man’s animal instincts. It is the original Swine Flu.

(How’s that for hate speech? Thought I better say it before the Kleptos make it illegal.)

Do you think like a Christian or a humanist? Did the Founders really separate Church and State? Is Judicial tyranny ruining America? Check out these great teachings by the Coach

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