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So many war fronts to look at.
Posted: Friday, July 03, 2009
- written by jerry golden


It’s not easy keeping up with all the war fronts Israelis are faced with, or to even identify them, and after you are successful in identifying them it is then necessary to put them in prospective to the most importance to the survival of Israel.

We are lead to believe that it is Iran that is our greatest threat, that may well be so with nuclear capability but I can’t make myself believe that Iran is ready to commit national suicide and that is what would happen if they attack Israel and they know it. In fact it is the USA (called the big Satan) that they hate the most and want its destruction or at least see it weaken to the point they are unable to help Israel. That is not to say Israel has let its guard down, and daily we hear of events that seem to indicate that Israel is preparing for war or at least a second strike capability should Iran make that mistake. For example Israel just sent one of its submarines through the Suez Canal. That puts that sub somewhere in the Indian Ocean in range of Iran that the EU reports has nuclear cruise missiles on board. Or is it possible that it is not a second strike force but a first? We will all see soon enough if things keep escalating and threatening the survival of Israel.

Possibly the real war going on today is not with Iran at all, but in the News Media. If you listen to the major TV news you’d think that Israel has committed terrible war crimes by attacking Hamas in Gaza after having the civilian populations shelled for eight straight years. When the truth is the IDF tried everything possible to hold down the collateral damage, but that isn’t easy when your enemy hides behind its women and children, shooting missile from day-care centers, hospitals, UN buildings and public schools. Now with many of the UN sponsored human rights committees we hear daily how terrible the Israelis are and never a mention of the eight years of terror rained down on the citizens of Israel by Hamas rockets. During those eight years there was hardly a word from the UN or the international community, never any charges of war crimes.

Now we have Obama saying that Jews are no longer permitted to have any natural growth in their communities in Judea and Samaria in fact must leave and give up their God given right to be there. That regardless of what the law says and past agreements that clearly say Israel has the right to build and expand in Judea and Samaria. God forbid that he is saying Jews no longer can have children and if they do the children must move when they are grown.

It’s as if the “Palestinians” have come to the conclusion that the best way to destroy Israel is not by military might, they have tried that several times and lost more land every time, but by lies and deceit in the New World Order (CFR) controlled News Media. Instead they have turned there attention to destroying the USA and it would seem they are on track with their time schedule.

In the mean time Obama is holding up the sale of the F-22 sales along with other important military aid needed in Israel. The US has dealt with Netanyahu before and learnt that they can put enough pressure on him to make him accept their point of view which is the destruction of Israel. We here in Israel are praying and hoping that they have misjudged him this time and that like he has said in the past, he has learnt his lesson, we will soon see.

One thing that is easy for anyone that wants to see is Obama always opens his hand of friendship to Islamic enemies of the free world but closes his fist to Israel the greatest friend the United States has in the Middle East. What we are seeing and have been witnessing is God’s judgment on the US for turning its back on Israel Gen. 12:3. Bush was in many ways a far more dangerous enemy to Israel for he spoke out of both sides of him mouth and sold Israel out to the Saudis and the Arab world. Obama is more out front, he is simply no friend to Israel, but has to play it close to the vest as so many Congressmen have supporters that do support Israel.

What I am saying is the real war Israel has to be concerned with today is the popular and even legal war as so many in the UN, EU and US are trying to make Israel illegal. And the people who call themselves “Palestinians” and have no state and offer noting to the civilized world, controlled and supported by Iran as if they have the right to remove Israel from the world’s maps.

The good news is, Israel is not going anywhere and when it is all said and done Israel will still be here, in the mean time we have to be about bringing Jews home to Israel, and the time is coming when that will be a lot easier to say than do. But we will be about preparing for that day for it is soon coming.

I am asking you again to pray about your part in this ministry

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

The Golden Reort


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