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Just waiting for the order to pull the trigger
Posted: Sunday, October 25, 2009
- written by jerry golden


Just waiting for the order to pull the trigger.

The one thing world leaders now know without a doubt is that the time for talking with Iran in an effort to persuade them to halt their nuclear weapons program, has long passed. The only way they will be deterred or stopped will be through military action. It isn't easy to read between the lines with all the misinformation and outright lies coming from the mainstream media. At times it looks like the world leaders are trying to force either Iran or Israel into a pre-emptive strike in self defense.

The one thing that is coming across loud and clear is Obama's disdain for Israel and Christians in general. In fact the last I heard, his approval rating here in Israel was 4%. I remember that when he was first elected, Israelis in general felt they had a friend in the White House - that sure has changed since then?

Over the past few days and weeks we have discovered that Israel has held several high ranking and secret meetings with European Leaders and some US Generals. Now we hear that Iran has rejected the IAEA Atomic-Deal yesterday. Many journalists around the world think that rejection will cause all-out war within the next few days, but we in Israel hear that kind of thing at least once a month. The real danger is that we are becoming desensitized to these reports and will consequently be caught unaware when the real wolf comes.

Connie and I just flew over the Mediterranean Sea returning from our trip to Turkey. The wake left by the battleships below appeared as a giant jig-saw puzzle from 35,000 feet. We couldn't tell how many were down there but I've read that the US alone has 17 warships equipped with a variety of "anti-missile" missiles. Over the next two weeks they will simulate live firing of missiles against Israel and the "anti-missile" missiles on an Israeli vessel will also be tested. In the Negev Desert the new US manned "Forward Based X-Brand Tactical Radar" will be put into action as well.

We read daily that Iran has used the time allowed them by Obama [as he uses his persuasive charms to dissuade them from enriching Uranium] to further their nuclear plans. However, many, including me, believe that they have already purchased nuclear warheads from the former USSR. Now they are working their hardest on developing long-range missiles upon which to deliver these devices to their enemies - or ways in which to place them within their enemies borders ready to detonate at will.

In the meantime here in Israel, our Defense Minister recently made a startling statement whilst on Israel TV. He stated that because it is now common knowledge that Hezbollah has stockpiled thousands of medium-to-long range missiles on our northern border, the coming war will cause far more civilian casualties than amongst military personnel. For that very reason it will be necessary for Israel to be far heavier-handed in its defense than in the last war. It is also worth noting that Hezbollah now makes up part of the Lebanese Government. Therefore, Israel will not be required to "hold back" in a future conflict. She will be free to make an all-out attack.

It is the opinion of most military analysts that when the next war begins (any day now) Hamas and Hezbollah will have to be dealt with rapidly in order to give the IDF and IAF the ability to fend off all the incoming missiles. This war should not last long - for if it does it will go very badly for Israel. This means that Israel has little to no choice but to be very aggressive and totally decimate the enemy - because if they hesitate, they will be destroyed themselves..

Connie and I have just returned from Turkey. I wish I could tell you more, but now isn't a safe time to do that. I can though, tell you that it is now so very important for us to acquire the larger boat. Because the economy is so bad in Turkey at present, prices are as low as they have ever been.

It is also necessary for us to make further journeys to other locations along the Mediterranean coast and elsewhere. I am sorry if I sound so non-committal, but I can only hope you understand. The one thing I can say very loudly and clearly is this; we need your help now. None of us know if we have enough time - but all we can do is keep making progress with preparations to save as many lives as possible.

I know many are upset with me for not sending out more reports lately. I will endeavour to write more as time allows - I ask that you understand the current situation here, and the time restraints that we are working under.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden
The Golden Reort


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