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Tea Party Did Not Spit On Democrat - Infowars
Is there a reason for this? Of course. It was a propaganda stunt designed by Democrats. They were well aware of the people gathered outside upset over Obama’s totalitarian care. The imagery was nearly perfect for their purposes — a crowd of howling mostly white people confronting a small number of black people. It would reaffirm what Chris Matthews and other corporate media apologists for state power have said for months — opposition to Obamacare (or anything the government does) is racist. The complaisant corporate media inserted the accusation of racism in the argument at exactly the right time. It was all part of a well orchestrated plan. (end excerpt)

Don't take the bait on all the propaganda on the tea partiers being racist. It just isn't so. There are just as many racists in the Democratic party as there are in the Tea party movement, though some virulent racists may be paid to join so that links can be 'discovered' and the movement discredited and then neutralized. The more and more the Corporate moguls who run these massive Mainstream media organizations use their enormous power to call them racists, the less and less I am inclined to believe that they are. The more of these stage managed PR events to try and make them look like racists and 'crazies' I see, the more I realize that they may represent something more than the two party system has to offer and begin understand why some powerful (and evil) folks have decided to start funding them (unbeknonwst to the ordinary folks who are part of this movement).

In short the more I hear CNN try to make them out to be racists, the more I realize somebody powerful who has been swindling this nation out of trillions does not like these people and is determined to destroy them.

In short, the elite are now playing the 'race card'.

I am not a Tea Party member, nor will likely be one. But I think their activism good and needed, even if I do not agree with some of their stances. They may not be the best informed or even the most intelligent people and probably do have some bad elements in them, but they know something is rotten in American and that sitting around moaning about it isn't going to change things for the better. But if you really want to see some 'bad elements', pull back the curtain on the GOP and Democratic parties. You will find drug dealers, money launderers, old-line Nazi's, neo-Nazi's Klansmen, pedophiles, human traffickers you name the crime and you will find them in these crime controlled parties. Yet the mainstream media will never, ever talk about it. At least the Tea Partiers are protesting what is going on and not sitting on their backsides while our leaders literally bankrupt our nation. What is so ironic about this whole thing is that the people who are going to get hurt the most by this Health Care bill (which was being protested against in the above Video), and I do mean very, very hard are lower class working Americans, who will be forced to buy health care they cannot afford or pay a very large fine. Who makes up a large portion of that population? Blacks and Latino's!! They are the ones who should be out there protesting but instead do nothing. To me, the degree of mind manipulation is amazing. It really, really is. They simply do not know that this is going to send thousands of them, probably millions into poverty and force them to make some very tough financial choices... like do I buy food or heat my home or put gas in the car?

This is not hyperbole, it is not a joke and it is going to hurt just those groups in 2014. What groups? Those who are just barely hanging on, black and white.

Think about how you would live making 37,000 a year (in major city), pay rent, buy food, buy gas, pay utilities, feed a kid after the feds and the state take out their taxes? Think about that hard because many of you are soon going to be in that boat if you are lucky enough to get a job paying 37,000 a year.

It is so sad to see folks get caught up in all the propaganda and Black Americans falling for these Democrats and cannot see these them for what they really are.

The Problem is the Democrats have been bought out by the Corporations, just like the GOP has and party elders who go and have a drink or go to a party with these multi-millionaire/billionaire business leaders arrange these propaganda stunts. Now the corporate billionaires plan on using the same tools they used against the protestors of the WTO, GATT G20 summits, who is that? The anarchists, who are nothing more that a corporate rent a mob designed to provoke violence at peaceful rallies. They are rarely arrested for their acts of violence and when they are, are never charged. Too often we find that the 'anarchists' are really undercover cops!

Follks, I am trying to school you here. I really am... as to what is really happening. Not your usual run of the mill conspiracy junk, but the real deal and how these guys manipulate people using these stunts to EMOTION-alize issues and get people hot and angry so that they turn off their brains and start ranting with their emotions.

It works and is a tried and true method of controlling ignorant (I hate to use that term, but it fits) mobs.

Ignorance knows no political boundaries and the kind of political ignorance I see is a thoroughly American phenomenon. There are not many who are really ready to get rid of their pet political delusions and stop back and look behind the stage managed show that is designed to provoke an emotional, rather than an intelligent response. It takes an emotional and intellectual maturity that I am sorry to say, most of my countrymen do not possess and I am here to tell you it is why our country is going to go down the tubes in very short order.

Yesterday I posed some stuff on Oil. Pay attention and don't be distracted by posts in other forums that are purportedly from some 'insider scoop' that is designed to lead you away from what I told you. These guys don't know didley and are listening to 'sources' who know even less, or worse are part of a government infiltration/disinformation program. I probably said just a little more than I should have yesterday on Oil but you need to be aware of what I was telling you. So if you missed it, Go back and read it because once you understand it, the next two and half years of this administration are going to make a lot more sense. Their goal? Make hundreds of billions of dollars and make absolutely certain a Black man never rises to the Presidency again...ever.

Also, do not let racists in these 'christian' sites and blogs (who never liked Obama for the simple fact he was Black) mislead you. Many of them are hooked in with some very evil people and most do not even know it. Obama is not your problem. He is to be pitied, not hated. He sold his soul for a mess of Presidential pottage, just like Easau.

It is the system and these pseudo christian-stooges, whether they realize it or not, who are part of the systemic problem in America. Why? Because all to often the only thing they really have to offer is hatred and lies and these traits are 100% accurate identifiers of the evil one.

They are blind, leading America into the pit with lies, half truths, more lies wrapped around some misquoted verses of scripture.

Nevertheless I do not want to minimize the threat of violence by real far right extremists as well as far left extremists (like the Anarchists) pose. The threat is real and cannot be ignored. I know where some of these groups are getting their money and it really has me awake some nights and if you knew, you would too. Especially... if you are not blonde hair and blue eyed.

I see a lot of trouble ahead for America. The Tea party is a natural outgrowth and result of the extremist violence (think one million dead Iraqi's, 3 million refugees, countless thousands dead Afghans and Pakistani's... mostly civilians) and crime-of-the-century thefts that our government has been engaging in for decades. Sooner or later, people were going to get mad and that time has arrived. The sad part is, some really evil folks will use some of these groups for their purposes which mostly is to discredit any alternative to the two party money criminal enterprise.


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