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Note For June 2010 - WW

Thank you for being patient. I will remain on sabatical for a while longer. But I need to tell my readers this. America's days are numbered. God has really been speaking and one thing he told me was to wait. Bretheren, Rarely has God spoken so clearly to me and what he said was this. "It is time for mankind to suffer under his evil systems." The voice was clear and unmistakeable. He did not say evil governments but evil systems and that I take to mean economic systems, spiritual systems and political systems. Brethren, I know the voice of my God. Within just a few hours of that word the Stock market crashed 1000 points and then we had the accident in the Gulf. What is so strange is that while I was speaking with the Lord he told me that he would give me a sure sign in the news the following day and then he said, 'watch for it'. At first he said, it will not seem like much but then it will be a very big event. Indeed looking back, this was how 911 was to me. I saw the original story hours before the towers came down and did not think much of it, just a dumb pilot who did not know what he was doing. Later, it was the event the defined America and her policies for the 21st century.

Now many of my readers are still unconvicned that the event in the Gulf was in reality an attack by a foreign nation (I have called it terrorism because I broaden the definition of terrorism to include acts conducted by state actors, while generally speaking most only call acts 'terrorism' if it is conducted by a non-state actor). I can only tell you brethren that as God is my witness I have been appraised of what happened down there for some time by some very important people who are very much in a position to know. They were key in telling our leaders what happened because military chain of command and the intelligence notification system was in full 'cover-up' mode. The information and critical forensic and electronic evidence was not going to get to the President without someone with some influence 'knocking some heads around', so to speak. Why is this relevant? Let yourself look around the news today. Everyone is being feed a steady stream of 'leaks' from the Obama administration that sheds the worst possible light on BP and thus carefully stifles any inquiry into the real cause. Everyone is so anti-big oil that this propaganda line is extremely effective. People love to have their pet beliefs 'confirmed' and want to believe the worst about oil companies, this is one important method of disinformation, playing on people's prejudices to misdirect them. Yet Everyone in the know, knows what really happened and now all of your alternative sites (with one or two un-heard of exceptions) are being played for being witting or unwitting disinformants. In short, not to put too fine a point on it, liars. Some do not know better and do not want to sound too 'conspiratorial'. Others are getting orders from their FBI or DHS handlers not to press the real cause of the massive environmental disaster.

What this means is that we as a nation are under attack. Thankfully, some people in our national security establishment have finally figured out that something highly coordinated is happening to America and they are playing for keeps. The catch phrase being used in some circles is 'Intelligence Preparation of The Battlefield'. We will be talking about that in the next PESR (which is already getting rather large) and what it means. Suffice it to say that America is under attack and our President's ability to lead, yes even his grasp on reality (from a medical perspective) is being questioned by some inside the beltway. Why? Because he has no intention of responding to the recent spate of attacks on America. I mean, here is a guy who has six personal attendants and takes an hour and a half every single day just getting dressed!! All the while, the Gulf of Mexico is about to turn into the 'Black Sea II'. This is the first wave of attacks being waged against our nation by nations (plural) who have embarked on a mission to at the very least take America down a notch or two on the global stage or at worst wish to destroy her and his only response is a disinformation campaign against his own nation! This campaign is being waged on many different levels.

This is the time where spiritual babes and the blind are being separated from those who know God and see things as the Holy Spirit guides. Look at America's and Obama's 'spiritual response' to this massive disaster in the Gulf. Obama has now extended much prized and sought after Federal benefits to gay's while Millions of Americans with families are being thrown out of work and losing all of their benefits. He is trying to repeal the 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' with an openly sodomistic military that is already showing real signs of internal stresses from long deployments, crappy leadership and poor morale due to the way those who are discharged with injuries are being thrown aside like so much refuse after they serve and sacrifice. I cannot stress this enough, though this man may not seem evil, has a nice smile and does not go around with severed shrunkend heads as a necklace and a swasticka engraved in his forehead, his actions are as deceptive as they come and are just as antichrist. I warned my readers as much as I could that this man was not what he appeared and today, he has yet to keep faith with those who elected him. From Health Care (which most now want repealed it is so bad because it is anti-working American and pro-Corporate) to his policies on war, torture and concentration camps, he has been a George Bush on steroids. Nothing this man said was true and almost every promised he made has turned out to be a lie. Brothers, this is the mark, not of a Christian, but of a deceiver... a child and servant of darkness. Brothers, if you cannot see this now, you had better get saved because if this guy fooled you, your mind and soul are still under the influence and control of the evil one. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth, not into the hands of deceivers. So whatever spirit or thinking told you to support this man or this system is one that will claim your soul if you cannot come from under it. But let me say this now, Obama is not the primary problem in America. It is the lack of spiritual discernment that had so many deceived and falling for liar after liar and deceiver after deceiver. That is the perennial problem here. It is not that we have deceivers in America, but that people fall for them time and time again. I cannot say this enough, if you were fooled by him, you are ready to be fooled by the man of sin when he arrives and that brethren, is not far off. It is kind of like this: if you got drunk off of two shots of whiskey, how are you going to be able to stand up straight when they pour a whole bottle down your throat? Simply put, you won't. You will fall down at the feet of the man of sin, not knowing that is what you have done. Brothers, I know that is kind of 'raw' description, but that is the best graphic analogy I can think of of where so many are at spiritually.

Why has the Lord put me on this hiatus? Because Judgment is just now starting to fall on America. Warning days are for the most part, over. This is not chastisement coming to America, this is judgment. But even in Judgment, God remembers mercy. This will be a process, God will wait for signs of repentnence before he allows the next wave of evil to hit us. But this President has just told the Almighty where he can go with God's divine views on sexual morality, so get ready for more trouble.... lots more, real trouble. Look to other parts of America's critical infrastructure, look at the 'Terrorist Enabling Line', also known as the US Mexico Border. This is a 'go down' issue and should demonstrate to any thinking American that this President is not really interested in American security. He has some other goal in mind that requires terrorists and highly organized and heavily armed drug cartels to have access to parts of the American southwest. What that plan is, one can only speculate (because Mexico, according to US intelligence reports, is no longer a state, but has become something else. They have even coined a phrase for it, 'Narco Economic State'). Why is Obama so adamant in allowing this well planned and coordinated invasion? Perhaps it is a secret treaty with Mexico or a secret Memorandum of Understanding with the NAFTA signatories? I do not know. But the staring in your face reality is clear, this President is going to facilitate, not curb massive foreign infiltration onto American soil. Forget all of the spin and all of the hot air coming from the MSM and 95% of the blogosphere and just let his actions and calculated inaction speak for itself. Now ask yourself this question. If foreign governments could put a man in the office of the Presidency with the help of large parts of America's establishment who see enormous profits ahead for themselves personally by allowing America to fall under the control of foreign powers, what would that Presidentt do? Would he allow those nations to attack us and not respond to those attacks? Would he use the full power of the Presidency to hide those attacks from the American people? Would his response be to further degrade America's ability to acquire more essential energy in a very precarious energy future for the world? All of this happening while other nations continue to buy up and otherwise secure oil for their future, and in the process leaving less for America? Would he open up the borders for terrorist cells to operate on American soil? Do you think these are the kinds of things a 'mole' who had been trained for years would do if he were President? I am not accusing, but given what has been happening and what has been hidden from Americans, I am asking the question. Something stinks and million of Americans are waking up to the stench coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I think this nation and this President has flipped God off for just about the last time with his mass murder, his crooked deals, his love of sodomy and his concentration camps and his incredibly deceitful ways. What is happening to America cannot and could not transpire without people at the highest level of our government working actively with our enemies to bring her down.

Bretheren, millions upon millions of gallons of oil are flowing into the Gulf and will do so for many more weeks and months. What is going to happen in hurricane season when we have a much larger portion of the Gulf saturated with oil? Where is that oil going to go when Hurricanes strike the US? I am no climitologist but my guess is that millions of gallons could fall on American cites and on her farmlands. Not in large gobs of black tar, but a thin film mixed in with water. What is that going to do to the farmland located where the storms that follow hurricanes go? Will it be enough oil to start fires in some regions, leaving them to burn for months? Ever tried to put out an oil fire? Look, I am just speculating, but all that water that comes from Hurricanes comes from the Ocean and that Ocean is being inundated with hundreds of millions of gallons of Petroleum. Somebody somewhere needs to do some climate modeling for a 'worst case scenario' because more and more that looks like what we will be facing. Could we see this?

Behold, I am against thee, O thou most proud, saith the Lord GOD of hosts: for thy day is come, the time that I will visit thee. And the most proud shall stumble and fall, and none shall raise him up: and I will kindle a fire in his cities, and it shall devour all round about him. (Jer 50:31-32)

I have no real words for what I see ahead for our world and this nation. I see lots of tribulation and woe ahead. I say this to all of those individuals who love our Lord, stay close to Jesus, do not fear and listen very carefully to the direction and still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Do not let yourself be deceived. The only way to do that is to put your full trust in God. The devil is going to be given enormous power to deceive the whole world and will use everything from drugs (unknowingly ingested), high tech hypnosis, miracles and lying signs and wonders to do it with. There will be no way a natural mind will be able to withstand what is coming. All of mankind's significant scientific knowledge of the human brain will be put to work against the truth, the sons of men, against God and towards and in support of the kingdom of antichrist. Let the reader beware.

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2Th 2:11-12)

Finally my brethren in Christ, keep your eyes on what is happening in Israel. The entire world is turing into an anti-semtic, anti-Jewish ball of hate. Every seeming misdeed by the Jewish state is blown up out of all proportion and spread far and wide on every news media outlet in the world. While far worse and real misdeeds of others, including and especially done by the US barely gets covered... and you can start with Obama's devilish policy of mass murder in Pakistan. Whether it is how we deliberately target women and children and call it 'collateral damage', or America's ever growing system of concentration camps for those with dark skin and do not speak english. The world hardly has any real moral high ground. Israel at least is truly fighting for its very survival in a world who let the Holocaust happen and much of it would love to see it happen again. What you are witnessing is the the world morphing into the final phase of the antichrist system. The world will one day (all nations) turn on Israel and attack her. They will ultimately fail, but not without severe damage to Israel. For these are the times when Jerusalam has become a budensome stone (Zech 12:3) and an insoluble conundrum to the antichrist nations of the world and their leaders, many of whom keep a copy of Mein Kampf right on their bookshelves in their offices. Nothing has really changed. Satan has always hated the Jews and uses his servants to persecute and slaughter them.

Folks, I have told my readers that Nazi-sim is still with us. There are very, very powerful forces in our world who wish to learn from the mistakes of Hitler and bring in their 'Fourth Reich'. They have very deep pockets sit in positions of power in corporate board rooms, run or have influence in the worlds best intelligence agencies, run banks, pharmecuetical companies and even whole nations. If there is one geopolitical lesson we can learn from the book of Revelation it is this: One day the world will unite. What will unite it? Rabid antisemtism and a overwhealming desire to kill Jews (and Christians) and decimate the state of Israel. That is going to be the uniting factor in the coming 'New World Order'. I can tell you now there are a lot of what can only be called 'anti-christ' Christians who will join in the fray with the devils hordes on that day and become eternal enemies of God... and I do mean a lot. Why? The same reason that the Jews of Christ's day missed the Messiah. They did not believe God. They did not trust God and they refused to heed the warnings of this prophets. Nothing has really changed, the Church has messed things up so badly, that much of the world hates Christianity, not because of its teachings, but because of the behavior of so many nominal Christians!

What is happening in the holy land is most confusing, I know it can be and I strongly suspect that there are forces within Israel who are committing some of these highly publicized seemingly inexplicable acts for the express purpose of undermining the legitimacy of Israel (I am not referring to the Flotilla incident here). In short, I think there may be more than a few traitors in their midst in the upper eschelons of her security services. I also know that for every crime, real and imagined of Israel, there are a thousand being committed by her enemies that are never talked about and never get any press.

So be careful of this manufactured furor over Jews protecting their homeland and 'Love Boat's that carry terrorists and arms for Hamas from Iran (with Turkey as a Conduit).
Yet, the phenomenon of charitable front groups that provide support to Al-Qaida is by no means exclusively limited to the Arabian Peninsula. Indeed, elsewhere in the Muslim world, other such entities have been established with near equal success – as in Turkey, with the so- called Foundation for Human Rights, Liberties, and Humanitarian Relief (IHH). Turkish authorities began their own domestic criminal investigation of IHH as early as December 1997, when sources revealed that leaders of IHH were purchasing automatic weapons from other regional Islamic militant groups. IHH’s bureau in Istanbul was thoroughly searched, and its local officers were arrested. Security forces uncovered an array of disturbing items, including firearms, explosives, bomb-making instructions, and a “jihad flag.” After analyzing seized IHH documents, Turkish authorities concluded that “detained members of IHH were going to fight in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Chechnya.” - Danish Institute For International Studies
Folks, I beg you do not get sucked into the disinformation battle being waged in the net by entities that are often in the pay of Jihadist organizations. These include a GREAT MANY alternative news sites whose constant refrain of anti-Israli sentiment and mysterious funding mechanisms should tip you off as to who pulls the strings. There is big money and big power behind current trends in anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic campaigns, so be aware. You may find this video of interest.

I will remain on hiatus for a while longer. My PESR is getting longer and longer but for now, it will not be released until I get a go ahead from the Lord. This one may shake a few people out of their complacency and let them understand that God's Holy prophets were right when they named who would take down the great whore in the end times. I will explain that in it, God willing. In the meantime, pray for me and this ministry as I rest recuperate and do a little writing.


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