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It doesn't look good, but God is in control

It doesn't look good, but God is in control
Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 - written by jerry golden

They say it was a slip of the tongue but I don’t think so. In a press conference Condoleezza Rice referred to Hamas as a “resistance movement” and not as a terrorist organization. This so called slip of the tongue came after Rice and Olmert had their private meetings not allowing anyone in the room for 45 minutes. It would seem that with the credibility problem that Olmert now has here at home he would not do such a thing, but he is under a great amount of pressure from Bush to give the Palestinians what they want, “God’s Land to the enemies of Israel and the enemies of God”. The fact that a terrorist group is in charge of the PA has no effect on Bush’s deal with the Islamic Arab World and that was to deliver Israel into their hands after they sat still and allowed the US to attack Iraq and the only way he has to do that is with his Road Map to Hell.

What is even more disturbing is that the Israeli Government headed by the Sharon appointee Ehud Olmert is doing everything in his power to bring about the destruction of Israel and those who are in a position to stop him are far to concerned about their position in the Knesset and would not even consider voting for a no confidence against the Kadima led government. Now we are hearing that Rice and Olmert are trying to promote a plan that would bring Israel into the NATO making it possible for NATO troops to enter Gaza much like the UN has in Lebanon and offering a covering for Hezbollah to re-arm for the next war accompanied by Syria and God only knows what other Arab Countries. NATO would be more than willing to help Hamas prepare for the next war holding Israel back for however long it may take for them to prepare.

Yesterday we had our first Suicide Bomber in Eilat, killing three, this murderer came in from Egypt wrapped with bombs and found no resistance from the Egyptian border guards. In today’s Jerusalem Post we see his mother telling everyone how proud she is of her son and that she knew he was preparing be a suicide bomber. Moslems are bringing her flowers and other presents and thanking their god Allah for her son for killing Jews. In Gaza today they are once again dancing in the streets and passing out candy while waving a picture of this Islamic murderer. With such a people there can never be peace, it is either victory or defeat, and losing for us is not an option.

Then we read in the Israeli newspapers that it’s not so bad they only killed Jews, that the tourist industry was not damaged. That the Islamic Arab murderer didn’t go into the tourist section that he “only” went into a Jewish neighborhood and killed only Jews. The words of our Tourism Minister was “Don’t worry; bombing was far from the hotels”. How very sick our leadership has become that they don’t even hear their own words, God help us. While all this is happening we find one of our Vice Prime Ministers, Peres in Qatar, one of the main financiers of Hamas and other Islamic Terrorist groups.

While the Israeli Government keeps saying we must exercise a policy of restraint while the Islamic Terrorists in Gaza continue to shell our cities, we hear our Minister of Defense Peretz say that he wants the IDF to crack down on the Jewish Settlers in Judea and Samaria and stop them from harassing the so-called “Palestinians”. So have restraint for the IDF and at the same time we see the IDF restraining the Jews in Judea and Samaria who are fighting for their lives and for the future of Israel.

I am asked all the time why would I want to bring Jews to Israel at a time like this, the answer is simple, God said to, and they will have no other place to defend themselves against the rise of anti-Semitism that is griping the world. You can be sure the Hunters are coming after them and they will be running for their lives, the question may well be, will they have places to hide and then a way to get to Israel. This Ministry and others are doing all that we can in preparations, of course much of what we do can never be posted in one of these reports or put on the Internet. Daily we ask God to touch you and others to understand the importance of their involvement in this and other Ministries.

I want to say something that will mean nothing to most reading but for those who need to read this it will most likely be misunderstood. Seldom does a day go by that there isn’t someone that has read my reports and web site, they contact me by email and ask me to meet with them. I seldom if ever do, if I did it would take a very large portions of my days and weeks up and little would get done in this Ministry.

There has been over the years a few (very few) that we have met with. Right now there are 7 people in Jerusalem who have asked me to meet with them for dinner, coffee or for a few minutes and we simply have to say no, sometimes we are not able to respond. Connie and I just returned from Cyprus, when I got home there were 973 emails waiting for me. (Many were junk mail). In that list of emails there were several asking me if I could meet with them when they come in March or some other month in the future, it is impossible for me to know if that would be possible at this time. Connie and I do like to meet with those who are regular supporters of this Ministry when possible, but most of time it is just not possible. I know of dozens of “missionaries” here in Israel who would love to have the opportunity to meet with tourist every day, for that is what they do but it is just not what God has called us to do.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry golden


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