Friday, January 23, 2009


By Coach Dave Daubenmire
January 22, 2009

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children in the womb.
Red and yellow, black and white, even though their out of sight,
Jesus loves the little children in the womb.”

That is the jingle I sang as I stood on the street in Washington this week. A group of us made the journey to the Capitol to raise awareness of the black holocaust that is taking place in America. We felt it was especially relevant since America had recently elected her first black President. We were convinced that most black-Christians were unaware of President Obama’s radical position on abortion.

The history of black Americans is one of deep abiding faith and perseverance through generations of oppression. Christianity was the power that sustained them in the midst of persecution.

But the Christianity practiced today by blacks is not the same faith that their predecessors passed on to them. Just as white-evangelicalism has been over-run with money hustlers, black Christianity is the birthing ground of racial prejudice and government dependence, impregnated by those who profit from fermenting racial hatred. The race hustlers’ cry of “racism” will ring hollow when the most powerful position in the world is occupied by a black man. We’ve come a long way baby

I know I run a risk by even touching this subject, but millions of Americans agree with me, they just do not have the courage to say so. Our “culture of offense” has locked us in a politically correct thought-box where only approved “truths” are allowed to be uttered.

Although no personal defense is necessary, allow me to make the cursory “I am not a racist” disclaimer that the PC crowd has bullied all of us into regurgitating as we try to fight off the character assassination that follows all white-male honesty.

Pass The Salt Ministries does a great deal of work with those on the streets. We feed the homeless, work with those who are incarcerated, fight against the low-functioning educational system, and defend the unborn at the abortion clinics.

Each one of those activities caters to a large number of black Americans. I can proudly say that we do more for black folks than most black charities ever do for white folks. We happen to believe that the plight of the black underclass is the responsibility of the Church. Most black churches think it is the responsibility of the government.

Sorry folks. That racist label won’t stick on me. You can throw it around all you want, but as my friend Tom loves to say, “That dog won’t hunt.”

Twelve of my buddies and I went to Washington to preach the Gospel. We weren’t invited to any of the inaugural balls, nor were we there to receive the adulation of the crowds. Our mission was a clear one…to lift up Jesus and the standards for which he died.

Street ministry is always challenging because it is by nature so confrontational. But we were especially grieved by the reaction that we received in DC.

Allow me to interject a second disclaimer here. Although my voter registration is Republican, I am not. I did not vote for McCain and I only voted for Bush the first time. My candidate of choice in the election of 08 had a blacker face than Obama. I vote based on the content of character, not the color of skin or party affiliation.

We did not go to Washington to oppose Obama. We went to support Jesus. Unfortunately, most folks we spoke with on the streets went to oppose Jesus and support Obama.

Here is the sad truth that I feel compelled to share with you today. The self-identified black Christians that we interacted with on the streets of Washington were more black than they were Christian. To put it another way, their loyalty was to Obama rather than to Jesus.

I know some will say that sounds harsh and judgmental, but “it is what it is.”

We spent the entire day standing on a street corner just north of the Capitol building as droves of black Americans walked buy us on the way to the “coronation.” As they crossed the street I enticed them into a trap.

“Yes we can! Yes we can!” I began to chant as the light changed and they moved through the crosswalk. Soon, some of the mob was chanting with me as they walked our way. To their shock and “aah” after the third “Yes We Can!” I pointed to the signs (GRAPHIC IMAGE) that my buddies were holding. “Yes We Can…stop killing unborn children” I bellowed. The mob grew silent as they looked at the face of “choice.”

“Yessirree…stop killing babies. Now that is change you can believe in!” (I borrowed another Obama slogan.) “Yes We Can!” From the looks on the black faces you would have thought I had just called catsup a vegetable.

“Are you a Christian?” Pastor Bill or one of the others would begin to ask the black Christians as the gaped at the pictures.

“Do you think abortion is wrong? Do you know that over 1/3 of all abortions are on black babies?” Most stared defiantly at the white boys who were defending the black babies.

“Did you vote for Obama?” Do you know he wants to sign the Freedom of Choice Act which will greatly increase the number of abortions? Do you know that under President Obama more black babies are going to die? A vote for Obama was a vote to kill black babies.”

All of the sudden they weren’t as “Christian” as they were before they crossed the street. Immediately they became black first and Christian second. They hated us for dampening their celebration of blackness.

“You don’t understand what he means to our people, man.” One “spirit filled” black man said, oblivious to the reality of black abortion. “Why are you out here trying to ruin our day? I love Jesus but this is the day to celebrate Obama!”

“How many babies have you adopted?” A black woman shot back at us as the venom seeped out of her mouth. “The world is full of poor children who need food. Obama will feed them. That’s more than Republicans will do” (I didn’t point out her prejudice…thinking I was a Republican because I was white.)

“Let me ask you something,” I said as the drive-by puking continued. “Would you rather be poor or dead? Why don’t we just kill all the poor children?”

For hours they passed us by, their hearts hardened to the plight of the unborn as, one by one, they justified their Christian-vote for the most radically pro-abortion man to ever be President. Like our new “devout Christian” President, they think Jesus is their Savior but government is their God.

Other than salvation, the greatest gift a person could ever receive is a child. “How could any Christian ever vote for a man who would not defend an innocent baby?”

In America today, almost as many African-American children are aborted as are born.

“We finally have a president that cares about black people! Obama is on our side. We’re in control now!” a black “lover of Jesus” told us.

White Christianity has sold out to comfort. Black Christianity has sold out to race.

“Yes We Did” is the new Obama slogan unveiled on badges and t-shirts at the coronation.
Yes they did, alright. They sold their children for a seat at the table. Yes they did.

Some Christians regularly go to our local abortion clinic in an attempt to save black-babies from destruction. Rarely do you see a black-Christian standing with them. It is usually the same folks…those evil pale-faced racists who try to give the babies a choice.

“You don’t understand what he means to our people, man. Why are you out here trying to ruin our day?”

Lot’s of lousy days ahead for unborn black babies. I wonder if they are celebrating the Obamanation?


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