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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 23, 2009

I predict:

They will come for the guns!

2nd Amendment rights will continue to be attacked and legal contortionists will continue trying to position those rights as collective, militia rights, not individual rights. Beware!

It will be precious! We will see, adjusting, manipulating, regulating, taxing…ok, simply taking the gun rights of gun store owners and gun shows; attacking, then seizing certain types of guns, voting into law certain “safety” features which would have to be put on guns to have them in homes, thus rendering them useless for protection.

Guns will be the sole reason our children are dying and being killed, thus, if we care about our children we have to understand that guns don’t belong in our homes or society.

Prepare for the congressional and legal manipulation against our gun rights to escalate. Read the 2nd Amendment in your constitution and stand your ground. Protect your gun ownership rights by communicating with your Representatives and Senators.

Get connected with the following groups: Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, and the National Rifle Association.

States, business and individual rights are in danger!

Two major battle areas that will suck dry the rights of countless millions, are 1)Abortion rights, FOCA; 2) Gay rights, under the guise of civil rights.

Already posted on the official White House web page under “Civil Rights” are the details of Obama’s plan for homosexuals. Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with Liberty Alliance Action and Liberty Counsel outlines those for us:

1. Defeat all state and federal constitutional efforts to defend the millennia-old definition of natural marriage;
2. Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) signed by Bill Clinton – the only line of defense keeping all 50 states from being forced to recognize so-called “same-sex marriages” from extremely liberal states like Massachusetts and Connecticut;
3. Repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy;
4. Pass constitutionally dubious and discriminatory “hate crimes” legislation, granting homosexuals and cross dressers special rights – denied other Americans – based on changeable sexual behaviors;
5. Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which would force business owners (religious and otherwise) to abandon traditional values relative to sexual morality under penalty of law;
6. Create intentionally motherless and fatherless homes and sexually confusing untold thousands of children by expanding “gay adoption.”

I can see it now. As all the above get pushed, as promised, Pastors will eventually be committing ‘hate speech’ crimes preaching from the Holy Bible if they pick the wrong passages that mention gay behavior. Christian owned and operated day care centers will be forced to hire a gay or cross dresser to take care of the kiddies or be fined, arrested, sued and/or shut down. The freedom of speech and choice rights for countless millions will be eradicated but the very special rights for 1 – 2% of the population will be elevated.

Lets erase States, Hospital and Doctors rights

President Obama has promised some time ago as soon as he got in the White house he would push FOCA, Freedom of Choice Act, which essentially guts the laws in all states that might have been against partial birth abortion or abortion in general. It would not only negate states rights, the vote and will of the people regarding abortion, but force hospitals, whether Catholic/Christian or not to provide abortions. Horrified yet? It would also force Doctors, even if they thought abortion was evil and violated their Hippocratic oath, to give abortions. Now imagine this in place, with numerous hospitals and Doctors peppered all across this country, choosing not to give abortions. The fines, the lawsuits, even taking a Doctor’s license, would be commonplace….perhaps criminal charges flying everywhere.

It would be a literal war zone, once again escalating a small class of people to extreme special rights, such as the woman who wants to slaughter her baby. All this while denying completely the rights of hospitals, states rights and laws against abortion and Doctors who could simply be shut down for taking a stand!

Track this nightmare push at this link.

We have swung very far to the left so we can expect aggressive movement in that direction. You don’t have to go too far back in your heads to recall the radical, liberal shift with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. We can’t just flow and watch this time. We MUST participate in keeping ALL of our rights, Doctors, hospitals, businesses and Pastors. We must fight to keep our constitution in tact. Our 2nd amendment rights are not negotiable.

This President believes in the magic of big Government to solve our economic problems, thus the continuation and expansion of bail out money everywhere. Of course we will pay for all this socialism. I believe as Ronald Reagan believed and stated many times “big Government is not the solution, IT IS THE PROBLEM.”

“Mr. President, I pray you will do the right thing regarding ALL the people and that your decisions will be based on our constitution, bill of rights, Judeo-Christian values and REAL fairness.”

© 2009 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me tell you how the Government is going to kill of the baby boomer generation: Legalized genecide

As a health care practitioner, we use to wonder how the system would manage all the baby boomers as they become elderly when our health care system is already in crisis.

Legislators in States across the Nation have changed laws from 'incompentent' to incompacitated'. Why? Take a look at the Probate Court/Guadianship nightmare: google: Stop Guardianship Abuse and read what is happening to elders with pensions, savings accounts and homes today.

The Elder protective Agencies are telling financial instutitions (banks, accountants etc.)as well as other community orgs to report to them any seniors.

Elders are being reported incompacitated to Probate Courts where these (political appointed people are given Judgeships) they in turn appoint their cronies to become court appointed Guardians filing defaming/false reports about unsuspecting family members who are caring for their elderly loved ones. The elder is made a WARD of the Guardian who has total rights over the ward for health care and over their finances! These guardians are often unscrupulous lawyers will then place the elder in a long term care facilty and sell the home. The lawyer charges exhorbitant fees and the long term facility charges anywhere from $12K to $20K per month! Too soon all the money is gone and the taxpayer picks up the tab. Too soon afterwards the elder victim dies of substandard care, no loving family, no advocates.

Work your entire life, hire an attorney to get your will and POA's all set up and BANG, in Probate Court, the laws are easily violated because there is NO oversight, no checks and balances. Its the perfect SCAM!

Monday, January 26, 2009 at 12:35:00 AM GMT-5  

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