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The way it looks in Israel.
Posted: Sunday, December 21, 2008
- written by jerry golden


News came out of the Knesset today that we should expect an invasion by the IDF into Gaza some time soon. For the past seven years missiles have been flying out of Gaza into Jewish towns and Kibbutz traumatizing our children, one would think it was about time even for this weak failed Israeli Kadima Government to do something.

The question seems to be what the IDF will be allowed to accomplish before Israel buckles under the pressure of the US and UN. Some say it will be an all out invasion to destroy Hamas and retake the Gaza Strip, while others say it will be an IAF pinpoint precession attacks with limited ground forces. What the air attacks means to us here in Israel is a lot of empty buildings will be bombed “again” and the Prime Minister will get back on TV and tell everyone what a great thing he has done. Then the next day our kids will be running for bomb shelters as Hamas and other Islamic Terrorists groups continue sending missiles and rockets at us. If I hear Ehud Barack our Defense Minister say again that he knows when and how to respond I will become sick.

But there are some really important things to be considered, if the IDF masses a large amount of forces in the south, it will weaken our front in the north for Lebanon, Hezbollah and Syria to attack and we are told that they are ready and waiting. This gives Israel two fronts to fight on at the same time. Many are concerned that Iran will join in with their missiles and possibly with nukes, but I can’t see that happening, it would be complete suicide for Iran to launch an attack. But on the other hand we are not talking about responsible sane people, these are Islamist nuts who think to commit suicide serving Allah or by killing Jews is a sure way to get their 72 virgins.

While all this is happening there is a real possibility that Iran is positioning itself with boats and dirty bombs near US Harbors. Some have even told me that they can now launch missiles from a commercial container ship or super tanker once in range of the US coast line. One thing is certain, the world is about to change in a big way. Don’t allow yourself to fall asleep instead you must be diligent and try your very best to prepare for your family. As for investments God’s Kingdom is your best investment, you would of course expect me to say that, but it is the greatest truth you can hear at this time.

With the economy being destroyed by the Illuminate (New World Order Bankers) many have already begun blaming the Jews for all their misfortune. I read the Nazi skin heads in Russia are becoming a real threat to the Jews. We know that the Nazi skin heads in Germany and throughout all of Europe are growing by large numbers daily as the anti-Jewish propaganda continues to mount and the ugly evil of anti-Semitism spreads.

All this means to this Ministry is we must be ready and we know there is still much to be done. Many more safe houses will be needed and preparations along the coast lines must be established with good communications. It is necessary for me to make many more trips and contacts, in Turkey, Cyprus, Rhodes and other locations. The Jews of Europe must be in full knowledge of whom and where we are located and at this time only a few trusted individuals can be trusted with that information. In short your help is needed desperately and now.

We are not only faced with the need for a larger boat but we find ourselves faced with the financial strain of maintaining the two 60-footers we now have

Folks in case you are not aware, it don’t look very good for the US either, the dollar is about to take its final fall. The average person in the US doesn’t have a clue what he or she is about to be faced with. Even many who think they know how to make it will be surprised for things will get much worse than anyone expects. Emphasis will be placed mostly on survival. As Believers who are being warned you will have the opportunity to be a great witness for Yeshua instead of digging in the garbage for food with the rest. Possibly your biggest threat will be the criminal element who will come to rob and steal what you have. Even with a Russian nuclear attack or a few dirty bombs the masses who will survive will be faced with finding water and food for their families. I know the average American cannot accept this as a possibility but let me be the first to tell them “wake up”. There is a purpose far higher than your survival and that is your witness as a Believer. For this Ministry it is to save Jewish lives for God has called and ordained this Ministry to touch the Apple of His Eye. As we move closer into the end times and many things begin to happen none of which will we like, more and more “Christian Eyes” will be focused on Jerusalem. The more they understand what it truly means to be drafted into a Jewish root the more they will understand the purposes of God and His Prophetic Word.

Once again I am asking you to pray about this Ministry and be obedient when you hear God speak to you.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden


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