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Days of Elijah
Arthur Owiti | May 25, 2009

Many in Christian circles sing the 'days of Elijah song' very heartily but I wonder whether we grasp the message in it. Through that song one is reminded of Elijah's time which is similar to our present situation. The days of Elijah were days of FAMINE AND DARKNESS AND SWORD, which we are seeing in the physical and spiritual sense.

The days of Elijah were...

Days of serious idolatry or apostasy thus backsliding that led to spiritual darkness and blindness
Days of famine, no food and no rain, money-physical famine ; absence of truth, failure to uphold God’s word in truth-doctrine and deeds
Days of sword—divisions ,wars in the physical ;spiritual sword of God’s word v. falsehood, division between true and false ministers of God
Days of divine providence and faith…..Elijah and the food giving ravens
Days of repentance/returning to true worship for Israel as seen when the people acknowledged at the altar that the LORD IS GOD
Days of usurping authority as seen in Jezebel and her witchcrafts, manipulation
Days of corrupt government…Ahab’s and Jezebel’s greed and materialism against Naboth- Today’s Government/Elite oppressing and stealing from citizens
Days of injustice, oppressing the poor…the stealing of Naboth’s land by false accusations
Days of killing true prophets, the Impact of Truth in the land—Today it is seen in condemning and rejecting those who speak the truth in love about the church’s and the world’s state
Days when the people of God halted in two opinions— sign of dead faith, unstable and compromised, lukewarm --- today’s Laodicean Christianity
Days of God making himself known and sanctifying his name---(Elijah means God is God or God of my Jehovah ) God in these last days through judgments in first in the church and the world will sanctify his name for his glory
As there was no rain in the days of Elijah thus physical famine, today’s economic woes of today are a great famine in the world. Unemployment, loss of jobs and property; Hunger is prevalent in Kenya and other parts of Africa due to lack of money to get highly priced food stuffs.

Spiritual famine is seen in the search for truth and God as others seek solace in their church leaders, events, revivals maybe to brace the physical famine stings. More over this spiritual famine has also hit church leaders who do not have the answers to what is happening or give false answers in the midst of those few saying the truth.

It is time to return to the true bread Jesus Christ, by whom man also has life if he lives on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. The heavenly bread withstands all famines combined if we abide in it daily. We should not however forget to be sharing the little physical bread we have in the midst of suffering as exhortation of the true living bread continues in the word of God.

In Elijah’s day there was spiritual darkness in the sense that the people were totally lost in idolatry from the top, the king, to the common man. The word from Elijah to return to the true worship of God was a light in the midst of darkness that awoke Israel to this reality of a darkened understanding of right, which is ignorance of the Lord hence, unrighteousness.

Today we see darkness and evil reigning every where, worst of all in the church. False teachings that bring bondage instead of liberty, sin running havoc amongst Christians and other spots have risen due to rejecting the headship of Jesus Christ and are word. However we as individuals and as a corporate body of Christendom can return to the word of God which is light, for the Lord is the true light of the world that can make our misdeeds be exposed and we return in repentance to him

This signifies division, between the false and true. Just as the word tells us that we should have the sword of the spirit which is the word of God, truth, we see Elijah had to give the truth to Israel which it had forgotten. When God showed himself at the altar Elijah slew the false prophets of Baal with sword showing the end of falsehood and its futility and vanity.

Today we are not going about as Christians killing flesh and blood or false prophets but armed with the word of God we are dividing the false from the true. This division is the work of God who separates us from the kingdom of darkness and translates us to the kingdom of light and truth.

The false however also have swords which could mean the use of scripture to sanction misdeeds and deception. However the word of God is sharper than a double edged sword, hence those who are standing for the truth and dying for it will prevail for the glory of God.

Through the whole episode at the mountain Elijah restored Israel to worship the true God, the Holy One of Israel. Not even 450 false prophets could overcome him for God was with him. Let us also humbly stand in the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ knowing that the 450 false groups, Christs, denominations and false doctrines will be exposed ,uprooted for the glory of God and that Christians will be purged from all defilements as they keep the testimony of Jesus. Let us continue making ourselves ready in the Lord alone based on the truth of his word.


Arthur Owiti


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