Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are you obsessed with the coming war/s?

There hasn’t been a day in the past couple of years that someone hasn’t asked me when the war between Iran and Israel will begin. If I think that Syria and Lebanon (Hezbollah) will attack Israel this summer? Or do I believe that Israel will strike Iran in a pre-emptive strike of self defense?

With all these, and many other questions coming at me all the time, I thought I’d give you my answers for what they are worth. It might be wise for you to keep in mind that my opinions and thoughts on any of the above are not prefaced by a "thus saith the Lord".

Today two Israeli warships passed through the Egyptian Suez Canal into the Red Sea, it was just last week that another Israeli vessel, a submarine, did the same. So, there is no doubt that Israeli naval power is building up either in the Gulf of Elat, or possibly even in the Indian Ocean. Either of the two scenarios should make Iran nervous because it is now believed that all these ships are armed with cruise missiles and are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead giving Israel a first or second strike capability, if they should decide to attack.

At the same time Iran is moving away from their Shehab-3 missiles arsenal in favor of the Sejil II with a range of over 2,000 Kilometers. We are not sure how many they have now produced, but one thing is known; they are going full speed ahead with the production of these solid fuel missiles. These newer Sejil II missiles are not liquid fuelled as are the Shehab-3, and can be fueled up and fired without Israel knowing anything until after this has been achieved. The older Shehab-3 being liquid fuelled, takes a couple of hours to set up and fire, thereby giving the Israeli satellites more than enough time to detect what has occurred - allowing for a rapid response. The Sejil II Ballistic missile is powered by solid fuel bringing it into an almost 'stealth' capability - add to this the fact that the Chinese are supplying Iran with mobile launching platforms on which to mount these missiles, and you have an Iran with the advantage of attacking in complete surprise.

At the beginning of the civil unrest in Iran it was thought that it would work in Israel’s favor, but to me it seems to be working in the other direction and causing Iran to think that Israel could consider this an opportunity to strike them while they are preoccupied quelling the rebellion on their streets.

Now for what I think about the above. The New World Order would love to make Iran so afraid of Israel’s paranoid nervousness that they will be forced to react before they really want to, in what they believe would be a self defensive move. On the other hand, Israel, in considering this same possible scenario, might very easily become trigger happy, and initiate a pre-emptive strike. Either way, all hell would then break loose here in Israel. Many will subsequently die and the real provocateurs will be a combination of the insane Islamic terrorists and the New World Order boys - for their own reasons bearing in mind the motto of the Illuminati is, "order out of chaos". In determining their motive we must consider the current rush toward a One World Government and either a cashless society or a global monetary system, perhaps even both? Either of these will bring a very heavy and terrible war that will affect the whole world. It would also set the world up to embrace the anti-Christ, and, in the process, we will see Damascus totally destroyed.

There will be those who will email me now and tell me, once again, that I am an "alarmist". Before you do, I want you to know that I agree with you! And that is just what I am trying to do, ALARM YOU ALSO INTO DOING WHAT YOU CAN TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND FAMILY. If you don’t have a clue how to do this - try going to my website or at the base of the first page you will see that I have written several articles on this subject which might be of help to you?

As grim as the foregoing seems, let me be the first to tell you it could well be even worse. If you live in the US your life is about to change in a major way. If you’re Jewish and live in Europe, get ready for a total Islamic take-over that will make your life a living hell. Today you have the opportunity to get on a plane and come home to Israel, if you wait one minute too long, you will find that flights will not be allowed in or out of Israel and your only way in will be by sea. The Mediterranean will be full of naval vessels from several different nations, and any passenger ship could be easily mistaken for an enemy vessel. There will be tens of thousands of private yachts moving in the Med. heading for safe havens and they will have a chance to break through into Israeli waters...

To conclude this report I want to say the following; Iran does not want to commit suicide, and that is what will happen if they send missiles upon Israel. Israel knows that, even if they were to win this war, the price would be the greatest ever paid because nuclear weapons will be used and hundreds of thousands will perish - not only here in Israel but in Iran, Lebanon, Syria and God only knows where else.

This whole insane debate over the so-called "illegal settlements" in Judea and Samaria and the "Two State Solution" is merely a smoke screen. No one believes that any agreement between Israel and these Iranian backed Arabs [who now call themselves “Palestinians”] will solve anything, or could ever be reached anyway.

So yes, there will be a war. How soon? Nobody knows. In my opinion it won't be right away, unless of course the 'powers to be' instigate a "false flag" operation and then blame either Israel or Iran for starting this war - and consequently events get out of hand so fast it cannot be stopped.

You know, as I do, that this world is in terrible trouble and the end times we read of in God’s Word are at hand. The one thing I do know is that Israel will still be here. The God of Israel wants His Jewish people to come home, and we will be doing what we can to bring this about with the help of God’s people. I will, of course, close with the usual heartfelt plea; we need the larger boat and we need it now. Please pray about what you can do while your dollars still have some value. To support this Ministry click on this link. For a better understanding of why we need the larger boat there are many articles on the website. For but one example you should click on this link.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden
The Golden Reort


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