Monday, November 30, 2009

As it all comes together.
Posted: Monday, November 30, 2009
- written by jerry golden


If you saw a sign stating that Jews were not allowed to live in your town, or even in your country, would you find that offensive? Of course you would, and surely you can see how we feel when Obama and the UN both tell the Jews they cannot build in the city of Jerusalem or live in Judea or Samaria. To take it a step further, they cannot continue to have babies, for there can be no 'natural growth' in their present neighbourhood. I know that is putting things in very simple terms, but in fact that is exactly what is happening here in Israel. The Arabs. who call themselves "Palestinians", shelled our civilian population with missiles and rockets for 8 long years - terrorizing the entire population. Yet our weak leaders were so afraid of upsetting the USA by fighting back that they waited until there was sufficient pressure from the Israeli population to force them to retaliate. [And, even then, taking every possible precaution not to kill civilians - whilst having to fight an enemy that chooses to hide behind their women and children, hoping that some will be killed thus allowing the media to bring down the wrath of the world upon the IDF. They do this knowing that they have the full force of the UN behind them, and the endorsement of the European leaders now terrified of offending their Islamic constituents.

Consider the mental pressure we suffer here in Israel knowing that Hezbollah and Hamas are being supplied with weapons by Iran for the next war, and hearing Syria saying daily that they will take back the Golan by military force - that they have missiles capable of reaching Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem attached with Chemical and Biological warheads. Add to that the knowledge that Syria is, and has been, building secret nuclear plants with the help of Russia and North Korea.

For the past two years Russia has been moving warships to a Syrian Port just north of Israel, putting them in easy striking range of Tel-Aviv. At the same time Egypt has been completely re-armed thanks to the USA. They have F-16, F-15's and long range artillery and are daily trying to figure out ways to move them closer into the Sinai Desert nearer Israel. As you know, Israel has a peace treaty with both Jordan and Egypt. It would, however, be very foolish to think they will not join in with the rest of the Arab world when the war begins. They would be afraid not to simply because if the Arabs were victorious, they would be the next target because the whole Arab world would turn on them. Egypt has long memories of the 1967 and 1973 wars - and they seek revenge.

It's not easy to figure Turkey out. The Turkish people don't want any war, they don't want any of the Arab style of Islam, and from the many contacts I have there it is easy to determine that they are not in favour of their Government kissing up to Iran and Syria. The Turkish Military has always been secular, and has in the past held the religious politicians back from forcing fanatical Islam on the people. There are however, many indications that the Turkish military is now leaning more towards the Islamic point of view, and that is very dangerous for the Turkish people - and the world. The most troubling development lately has been the chilling of relations between Israel and Turkey. Keep in mind Ezekiel 38:5-6 where you read of Togarmah being one of the five countries that will join in the fatal fight against Israel in the 'latter days'. Togarmah was a grandson of Noah who settled in what is today called Turkey.

You must know as I do, that end time events seem to be rushing in upon us. When you consider what is happening in the US, there is only one way Obama could have been elected, and we both know that reason is to bring judgement upon the US - and it is coming quickly. Be prepared. [Gen 12:3].

There is more than enough reason for us to be concerned about our loved ones and their salvation, as well as their welfare. But the first thing you have to consider is your own relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because no one can make that decision for you. It is between you and God.

You might ask the question - as I have many times - how will this Ministry rescue Jews when along with the global insanity and wars the world will once again be blaming the Jews and another Holocaust is all but certain? The answer I always give is that my only concern is to be about the Father's business and to be obedient and to keep my eyes on the things God has appointed unto me. So my answer to you is the same; if God has called you to this Ministry that will also be your answer. God willing, we will succeed in our efforts to save Jewish lives. It is now up to us to be diligent and prepare as best we can and it will take obedience from each of us, for much is needed.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden


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