Saturday, April 17, 2010

In this week's 'Koenig's Eye View
from the White House' - April 16 -
April determines the year ahead, major US wars have begun in mid-April, Mohammed and Hitler born on April 20, Iran's ominous April statements

Executive Summary

Inside the White House -- April 19/20th many times serves as a deadline for determining what to expect in the coming year....Many American wars have begun on April 19 or right around that date....The April 19/20 date has had numerous events of domestic terrorism in the U.S....A historical date of infamy for Israel has been on April 20/21....Mohammed and Hitler were born on April 20....Iran’s has had ominous actions and announcements in the month of April 2006-2010 with potential risks to Israel and the United States....Passover begins on April 19 in 2011....

World Jewish Congress writes Obama regarding uneven pressure on Israel....Obama phrase highlights shift on Middle East for Israel....Israel says Syria gave missiles to Hezbollah....Medvedev: ‘Strike on Iran would be disaster’....U.S. refuses Visas to all Israeli nuclear scientists

News Briefs -- Military aid to Israel beneficial to US....Obama Administration body guards give image of Soviet era....German trainers of police in Afghanistan say rule of law an illusion....Obama Administration criticism endangers Afghani president....Christians urging parents to pull kids from gay’s day of silence....Obama appointment says sex orientation trumps religious freedom....


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