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Ex-SNL star: 'Most of America is apathetic'
'State can't have people worshiping God because there's competition'


Posted: April 15, 2010
8:12 pm Eastern


Victoria Jackson (Photo by Michael Carl)

BOSTON – Tea-party activist and former "Saturday Night Live" comedienne Victoria Jackson says she's been a Christian for many years, but the 2008 presidential election was a major wake-up call.

"Well," Jackson said. "In 2008 I found out there was someone running who was to the left of Hillary. Hillary, she's way too left. She's like, a socialist."

Jackson paused.

"What would be left of Hillary? I was racking my mind thinking what political [belief] would be left of socialism. It must be like, communism," Jackson said.

"I learned a little bit about communism in high school living in Miami, watching the Cubans come over. My mom went back to work as a nurse so we could afford to go to a private Christian school," Jackson related.

"We were a Christian family and all, and my school did a good job teaching us about civics and the three branches of government. We had to read '1984' by George Orwell and I was like, this is a horrible book. In my mind I thought it could happen here," Jackson continued.

The former television comedienne said that she was also taught that communism wouldn't take over the United States by violent revolution. Her school background taught that communism would eventually prevail through the ballot box.

"Communism is the opposite of Christianity," Jackson explained. "In communism you worship the state, and the state can't have people worshiping God because there's competition there."

"I was very aware of that," she added.

Jackson said that she forgot about the reality of a communist takeover and went on about her life. However, there was the wake-up call.

"Obama started running and I did research on him and found out about his Marxist background. I thought, 'Oh no, here it comes,'" she observed.

Listen to Victoria Jackson:

"I started paying attention, and I noticed that the mainstream media doesn't tell the truth; they're a propaganda machine. So, I watch Fox News," she said.

Jackson voiced concern about Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's 7 percent ownership of News Corp., Fox News' parent company. She believes the prince will use his ownership to influence reporting on issues such as Islamic terrorism.

Jackson also expressed concern about Congress' effort to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, which effectively squelched political talk radio before it was revoked in the 1980s under President Reagan..

"The Congress is pushing the Fairness Doctrine, and they're trying to take conservative and Christian programming off the air. I wanted to make people aware of that," Jackson said.

"Most of America is apathetic; they're asleep," Jackson stated.

However, she believes the tea party is changing the attitude of Americans.

"It's fantastic! It's so grassroots, and it's so unorganized, and that proves it's grassroots. One city I flew into, there was no one to pick me up at the airport. It was 11 p.m. in Huntsville, and there were no taxis," Jackson observed.

"I rode with a stranger to my hotel to meet up with the tea party. I said this was really a grassroots movement," Jackson said.

Jackson believes that the tea party has touched a vital nerve in the conscience of the American people and believes that the movement will have an impact on the November general election.

The former "Saturday Night Live" star also believes that God led her back to California to try to influence Hollywood for Christianity and for conservatism.

"My husband and I prayed about it, and I just felt I was supposed to go back to L.A. I know that I'm 50, and there aren't too many parts for television. I know I'm also 20 pounds overweight, and that's bad for TV," Jackson observed.

"Los Angeles is very liberal," Jackson said. "So, it's a mission field."

Jackson's recent activism has inspired a couple of songs, including "There's a Communist in the White House" and her newest, "I Hope I Don't Get Sick."


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