Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Slowly... Surely, The US Begins Its Break Up - Various
Frustrated by recent political setbacks, tea party leaders and some conservative members of the Oklahoma Legislature say they would like to create a new volunteer militia to help defend against what they believe are improper federal infringements on state sovereignty. - Raw Story

State Sovereignty and Gun Control Cases Rise - Infowars

Keep your eyes on this issue. It is not one people write much about and some of these groups are getting funding from dubious sources. But one thing is certain - Millions of Americans are in sympathy, at least in part with some of the aims of these groups and many realize that eventually this is going to come down to an armed conflict... here in the US. Folks no one believed the USSR would break up until it was right upon us. All of the numbers were showing that the economy there was collapsing and the people were tired of the old system its corruption. The same thing is happening here but there are still millions of Americans who are not clued in because they have eight-to-fives, the house and a car. That is not going to last long... Washington is spending us into a civil revolt. When Sally Suburbs wakes up one day from her all night sex party and realizes that she just lost her job and there is no unemployment anymore.. its bankrupt, there are no jobs and the county sheriff just put a foreclosure notice on her front door, its tax time and she no longer has health care so guess what... she has to pay a fine, then (and only then) will they realize what is really happening and people will get very, very angry. Right now it is just the ones who have already been hit by this crisis, but wait another year or two... it will be your turn.

So yes, the possibility of America's breakup, however much it is laughed at and derided by mainstream media sources is no 'Russian Wet Dream'. There are alot of really pissed off people out there.

Here is what one person wrote about this back in 2008.

The likelihood that this break up of the union will happen before 2025 A.D. The likelihood of some kind of breakup of the union is about an eight on a scale of one to ten. The likelihood that the U.S. will fragment into many new nation states, in my opinion, is about fifty-fifty.

The counter-revolution from the heartland may start as a rebirth of the anti federal Government American Patriot Movement and the Libertarians that all but died out after 9/11. The leaders of the movement will address government circumvention of U.S. constitutional rights and it will gain an increasingly large following when muzzled Christian conservatives also identify with their message and some support the movement.

The federal government will obviously oppose these constitutional militias or whatever they decide to call themselves and overreact against them with Homeland Security directed raids that will dwarf Waco. This will only help enlighten more people in the Heartland to the creeping government fascism that is taking control of government and it will spark secession movements in conservative states.

As with prior federal agendas, they will threaten to withhold federal funds and use other coercion techniques against states that will not fully comply with locally unpopular federal laws. That will only alienate state representatives and legislators who will be under much pressure by the local people and cause them to threaten to cut off sending federal taxes to Washington. At some point one northern mountain state will put secession from the union to a emergency state referendum and it will pass. They will declare themselves a free state (like Kosovo) and invite international recognition. Other northern mountain states and some mid-western farming states might soon join with them and create a new union of states.

The federal government will use every means possible to outlaw all this but any federal police-state like actions will only bring violence from both sides and bring international scrutiny. The U.S. government will not be able to use the military to resolve the split because the military will also be totally split on these issues. - The Prophetic Years
Once again do not think for one instant that I advocate any kind of violence I categorically have not, do not and will not. I merely call the trend as I see it.




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