Tuesday, June 15, 2010

They Believe Their Own Lies
Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2010
- written by jerry golden

They (The Islamic Arab World) believe their own lies and incitement, and they keep making the same mistake, so here we go again. By all reports this time around it could get really nasty and many will die. Of course I am talking about the coming war here in Israel, but there is also the very distinct possibility that this same scenario could be a warning to the USA as well. For it is also known that Russia has been preparing for such an event for a long time and many reports now tell us their preparations have escalated over the past few months. Russian Subs and War-Ships are docked at Syrian Ports just north of Israel. Not to mention the help in Iran nuclear plants, and supplying weapons to destroy Israel.

Many don't understand why Turkey has moved away from the West and into the arms of Islamic Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. The answer is two-fold first they really had no choice for it is prophesized in Ezk 38.5 and they have also been convinced that Israel will be defeated this time and they want to be on the side they think will win. In fact the Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan is now willing to lead the charge. We are hearing that Iran and Turkey will together send more ships to break the Gaza blockade and this time with naval escort, that is an act of all-out war. And you can believe Israel will react accordingly to protect itself. It would also be good to keep in mind that all this talk about the Gaza blockade could be a smokescreen to draw attention away from the soon coming attack.

We all know that Syria will be a major player in the attack on Israel and once again that too is prophesized in Isa. 17:1. As we look at these events taking place before our eyes it becomes very obvious that the very near future is not to promising for the human-race, but added assurance that God's Word is perfect and for those who have come to the full knowledge of Yeshua (Jesus) the Holy One of Israel it is in fact good news. That is not to say it will be easy for the Believer for it will rain on the Just and the Unjust alike. But it will be much easier for the one founded in the truth of God's Word.

When all hell breaks loose in the Middle East it will most likely spread throughout the world, once again with the Jews being blamed and another Holocaust will take place, this time world wide. Once again the Devil has poisoned the minds of those he controls to believe they can kill all the Jews and destroy Israel.

The one major difference this time around is we will see the Mighty Hand of God protecting His People the Jews and those who come against His Holy City Jerusalem will feel that Mighty Hand as it destroys them.

The question for this Ministry is also obvious, how will we be able to bring European Jews home to Israel with all this part of the world in open war. The answer to that has become more clear to me as we move forward in faith. Ships moving around in the Mediterranean Sea will be easy targets. But in God's wisdom we see more clearly now why He has directed us to buy Turkish Gullets, they are not a military threat and they are Turkish, enough said.

Connie and I have to make a trip in the next few days and it may take two weeks or more to do all the things that we have to do. Not knowing how safe it may be to email you from some of the places we will be traveling through I might have to wait a while before contacting you. We are asking for your prayers for safety and success in making the arrangements that must be made.

We are believing God for the larger boat and somehow I know that those who God has touched to make it a reality are still holding back, I ask you to get on your face before God and listen to His Voice so much depends on all of our obedience. One thing we all know in the spirit there is precious little time to make the necessary preparations.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden
The Golden Reort


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