Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Massive Explosions, Oil Spill Hit Chinese Port - LAT
For those of you who I have been talking to me over the last couple of months about the BP oil spill and whom I gave some background info to, this story is most relevant. Why? Who was it who said, 'Revenge is dish best served cold'? I don't know, but I first heard it on Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan.

For obvious reasons I will not belabor this except to say this. Somebody owes BP one massive, humoungous apology. Because like I told my readers from the beginning, they were not the cause of this attack (not 'accident', not 'spill' but ATTACK) in the Gulf and there is no reason to see a company go under for someone else's malfeasanse, though I suspect some other major US oil companies are circling like sharks for the kill to get all of those drilling rights BP now has around the world. Indeed, some of the (so-called) leaked documents we have seen out there in the blogosphere were not BP documents. The US Justice Department is currently investigating who is trying to smear BP with these clear, incontravertible forgeries. I think the list is pretty short.

Have you filled your tank today? Which Major oil company did you use?

PESR insiders can go back and read the 'Target America' section and get an idea of what is really happening. But like I told my readers some time ago, President Obama gave us a pretty big hint in his speech when he said that the Gulf incident had echoes of 911.

Perhaps now you can understand how and why so much of the blogosphere (left, right and alternative) are too easily manipulated with 'hot button' news designed to get you emotional, angry and take you down red-herring road.


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