Saturday, July 10, 2010

NATO Orders 7,000 US Marines warships to Costa Rica
Curiouser and curiouser . . . .
My friend J believes something very bad will occur tomorrow, Sunday July 11th.
Blow up in the gulf? Attack on Iran? GET SET! GET SET:

July 10 NEW speculation WHY U.S. ships are there - they would SINK if they remain in the Gulf.
Whats wrong with that news? There are hundreds of ships in the gulf NOW, are they riding lower in the water? Dunno.
If you live in ANY of the gulf states including Florida YOU NEED to be daily following my evacuation blog,
and SERIOUSLY praying about picking up and leaving - ASAP! This means without delay.

July 8 NATO has ordered 7,000 US Marines to Costa Rica, Central America over fears the
Gulf of Mexico disaster is about to rupture the fracture zone lying between the North American and Caribbean Plates, unleashing a
catastrophic earthquake. NATO has taken defacto control over the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster from B Hussein Obama - GOOD!
The United States may be preparing for an invasion from Russia. EXCELLENT new posts on forum link!
Costa Rica, follow in my forum:
Evacuating gulf, forum:

Gulf of Mexico Disaster was INTENTIONAL
This is FAR worse than what the news is telling everyone. Think Mount St. Helens underwater.
Even CNN's Anderson Cooper has asked if this Gulf disaster was "STAGED."

- The COREXIT chemical sprayed over the Gulf of Mexico is destroying the ships in that sea.
- July 7 - 4 known dead in last 10 days after swimming at Gulf beaches
- HOSPITAL - the toxic chemicals in gulf can cause pneumonia and respiratory failure

'E,' a Christian friend of mine with a steady head on his shoulders and a close friendship with the Lord believes a methane bubble will indeed blow up, fire, tsunami.

E wrote
I think the methane explosion, tsunami disater in the Gulf WILL occur to bring down the USA as a superpower and set up the
next sequence of events including martial law and persection of Christians. There is a plan to destroy the USA economically,
politically and spiritually, and to bring in the New World Order. With the USA reduced to a third world cripple, the plan will continue in force.

God has plans of His own, and this disaster may fit into those plans. The USA may say, "What the heck?" and loose war in various spots.
They may think, "What is the sense in holding back now?" Also, we can look for collateral damage from the methnae explosion,
in that in will shut down ALL or most Gulf oil pumping and delivery from that region, and the USA will be shut down due to lack of gasoline.

Florida will be decimated with millions dead or missing, as will all the gulf states, and even parts of South (and Central) America
and maybe even Cuba and Mexico. All the rigs will be affected in one way or the other, and I suspect that pumping will cease,
which is what they want, and they will be forced to go the Middle East to get the oil.
Game on! Watch out for Russia and China at this point to attack with their nuclear weapons and invade to stabilize America.

The ramifications we can not begin to imagine, but looting, murder, martial law, killing of "undesirables" will be in full force.
Americans will not rally and USA may split as a result along the New Madrid fault.
Basically, the worst case scenario. A nation of refugees is possible. Famine, above mentioned tragedies, and dollar collapse are in this mix.

Richard C. Hoagland video reports on BP oil spill gas bubble. 2 Parts
The CATASTROPHE in the gulf has not even BEGUN. What we know is NOTHING compared to what Richard is saying.
CLAIM - No bouyancy, cant swim, ships sink. What he says I dont comprehend, but I do understand 'ships sink.'
NEW speculation WHY U.S. ships are in Costa Rica - they would SINK if they remain in the Gulf.

Depth recorders have detected a gas bubble growing under the ocean floor around the well head.
GPS measurements found that it is over 15 miles wide.
If this explodes, impending disaster could be awaiting millions of residents in the gulf states. An eruption will create a tsunami.

Obama is destroying America INTENTIONALLY to bring in the NWO (new world order, world government),
the 666 beast system of Revelation chapter 13 - Agenda 21 eugenics.

We are entering into a period of time the bible describes as the beginning of sorrows and the time of Jacobs (Israel) troubles,
the TRIBULATION PERIOD. Are you ready? Pray up and repent of your sins. REPENT means to TURN AWAY FROM your sins.

BLOG post July 9 2010 update from a CIA in the Gulf
He said plans to evacuate the Gulf area are still in place. They will use an upcoming hurricane as justification.
Although BP says they will cap the well in a couple weeks, that is false. The methane gas bubble is getting bigger,
and if it explodes, over a million people could die. Those are his exact words, he is a man of his word.
When I asked him if we were about to go to war with Iran, he just said, "next question".
But if I ask him something that is already leaked to the public, he can confirm or debunk it.

CATASTROPHE! link proves this was planned, intentional on Page 9 and page 18 shows you WHY.
CATASTASTROPHE! * Oil Gusher in the Gulf:
Richard C. Hoagland part 1:
Richard C. Hoagland part 2:
Evacuating gulf, forum:

WHO will die first
1 - Infirm, those whose survival DEPENDS on meds such as diabetics

2 - Welfare recipients, govt housing - they will be herded on busses
Looters and druggies will become killers and be shot

3 - Yuppies, hippies, environmental wackos, peaceniks
People in debt who have not put away foods and supplies

She did not mention the elderly, but others have.
Others have said all the thousands in Gulf states will be killed.


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