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A Closer Look

A Closer Look
Posted: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 - written by jerry golden

Would it be possible for Mexico to negotiate with Al Gore over open borders between the US and Mexico? If I am not mistaken Al Gore lost the election to George W. Bush, and even I was happy about that. Then why is it that Bush and Rice continue to say that they will only negotiate with Abbas? It may come as a surprise to them but Abbas lost the election to a terrorist group called Hamas. Bush did the same thing with Arafat as if he wasn’t a terrorist, knowing full well that he was the father of modern terrorism, air-plane hijacking and suicide bombers yet Bush took the Saudi Peace Plan and renamed it the Road Map and has since been shoving it down our throats. I remember in 1982 when (I was an IDF soldier at that time) we had the PLO backed up in Beirut and the US sent the 6th fleet to rescue Arafat before we could kill him and took them all to Tunis to fight us another day. Today the head of the PLO is Abbas something no one talks about.

It is so important to Bush to establish a Palestinian State that the fact that Hamas is now in control of the so-called “Palestinians” means nothing to him, that it has become obvious to all accept the die hard Bush supporters that he has made a deal with the Islamic Arabs to deliver Israel into their hands, period. So once again I will say without stuttering, George W. Bush is the most dangerous and worse enemy Israel has ever had. What makes him so dangerous is his ability to make so many believe he is something he is not. He and his father are both Skull and Bones out of Yale. I’ve been called a Bush basher, but I’ve still not had anyone disprove anything I said for what I’ve been reporting for the past few years is facts, pure and simple facts. These facts can be researched by the doubters but they wish to believe what they want to believe, that all is well, they are deceived and soon will be jolted into reality.

What Bush has managed to accomplish is bring the judgment of God down on the US, there are so many parallels in the past few years in relationship to Gen.12:3, a few examples are when Bush forced Sharon to evacuate over 9,000 Jews from their home in Gaza (many are still homeless and without jobs today) within days the US lost New Orleans and tens of thousands were made homeless and still many are scattered throughout the US. There is a long list of these parallels and this past week, Rice came to the Middle East to force the Bush Road Map on Israel, and the US has seen some of the worse storms and high winds in over a hundred years. She left the Middle East and went to Europe to gain assistance to force Israel to accept the Bush Road Map to Hell and right away nearly all of Europe suffered the highest winds in memory killing many, with floods and freezing temperatures in nearly every European country. There are those who keep up with these parallels and they have dozens of them, yet Bush just doesn’t get it, in the meantime Islam is making political and religious gains all over the US.

Now we see Olmert trying to position himself and Israel closer to China knowing that the relationship with the US is disastrous possibly he has come to some resemblance of sanity but that would be expecting far too much considering his record of corruption.

In Europe we are seeing England, France, Germany and the Netherlands quickly being over run by Moslems bringing anti-Semitism to a fever pitch with Jewish men now intimidated to even ware their Kippah (Skull caps) in public.
We saw the brain washing of millions to believe it was ok to kill the Jews, and no one did much to prevent it. Of course there was a hand full of righteous gentiles who saved hundreds and may God have a special eternal blessing for each of them. But today we hear a crazy man with the same Nazi spirit that drove Hitler to kill 6 million of us say that there was no Holocaust, and that Israel should be wiped off the map. Inciting Jew haters around to the world to kill Jews, and saying that he has been appointed by Allah to usher in the Mahdi (12th Imam) that is believed by many to be the one and the same anti-Christ. He incites the death and destruction of all Jews and the Nation of Israel, yet the UN does nothing to him or to bring him up on charges on incitement to genocide. What makes the whole thing even more disturbing is it is well known that Iran will have the nuclear bomb before long, if they don’t already have it.

Russia has just sent up an Iranian satellite that enables Iran to spot low flying aircraft approaching Iran, making it much harder for Israel to preempt an air strike on their nuclear instillations like we did Iraq’s. Now we have Jordan and Egypt both saying they want a nuclear program and like Iran, Russia is more than willing to make sure they get one.

I hear people say that there has always been gloom and doom preachers, and the conspiracy folks, but I can tell you that in my 67 years I’ve never seen anything that even comes close to comparing to what we are up against today. For anyone who reads the Word of God knows the days we now live in are clearly spoke of in His Word, the problem comes in the interpretation of those prophecies. It’s hard to find two Bible Teachers who can agree on things like the rapture, the battle of Armageddon, time of sorrow, Jacob’s Trouble and the list goes on and on.

The one thing I do know is God spoke to me and I will continue to prepare to rescue Jews and know He has spoken to many others to assist, so we will continue keeping ours eyes on God and His commands, for He is God and His ways are not our ways. If criticism affected me I’d never accomplish what God has called me to do. Some say that what we are planning will be far too dangerous; I know a God that has a love to impart that will cast out fear. When God first gave me this vision I knew little of how it would all come together, and it was necessary to do things that seems far to risky, but risk takers figure it out as they go forward, and God reveals truths to us as we move forward in obedience. God moves us from a known that may not have even been a known to us a short time ago, He keeps our feet on solid ground and never moves us from an unknown. We always know Who we serve and where we are going.

Some ask me if we struggle at times to get things done, sure we struggle, I am struggling right now, it looks like we may have to move to Cyprus or Turkey to go to the next phase in this vision to save lives. We don’t want to leave Israel but we want to be obedient, I feel that if we are able to acquire the larger boat mentioned in this article
/anmviewer.asp?a=1089&z=2 it will then be necessary to move to Cyprus or to a Greek Island, and make frequent trips in and out of Israel. In my spirit I feel God is prepare us for such a move and that the needed finance will soon come for such a boat and expanded ministry that will take many of those reading this to assist. I can also tell you that we will never stop our ministry here in Israel but it may not be necessary for us to be here all the time, but then time will tell as we move forward and God either opens or closes doors.

I can only continue to ask you and others to pray about your part in this ministry, and I believe there are some reading this that God is speaking to in a very serious manner.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

NOTE: I want you to pray about another burden on Connie and my heart, should we expand our assistance to other needy families with money for monthly food? Or should we leave it like it is today, we know of others who needs help, and if we are not careful it could be a distraction from what God has called us to do. Yet to know to do good and not do it is a sin. My heart really hurts because we cannot do as much as we’d like. We are forced to draw a line somewhere, but where is the question? I would be interested in what some of you have to say.

Shalom, jerry


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