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Economic Hardships: A Time to Trust and Learn in the Lord NEW
Kato Mivule
December 16, 2008

Is it not quite exasperating to tune on radio, TV, or browse the web and all the news is about a crumbling economy with no end in sight for all the negative news? Well, it is in such times that we tend to cry out most in prayer to The Lord. And yes, though The Lord is not the creator of the current economic mess, He will use such circumstances to draw His people back to Him.

Many Christians have for a long time rejected the warnings of The Lord in His Word concerning the times we live in and it is now that some are waking up and seeking the face of The Lord. The truth of the matter is that the “Almighty Dollar” has been a ‘god’ in the lives of very many Christians in the West. It seems that The Lord is dealing with this very issue and hopefully many Christians will take this time of economic trail and hardships as a ‘visitation’ from The Lord circumstantially so that they will fix their eyes on Jesus Christ the author and finisher of their faith and not silver and gold.

Hopefully this will be a time of soul searching and pulling down all those ‘high places’ on which foreign gods of the “Almighty Dollar” are worshiped. It seems to me that the “Almighty Dollar” is being dethroned and this is being allowed by The Lord so that a “New World Financial Order” will take precedence, giving way to the apocalyptic 666 Economics where no one buys or sells without that number… This does not mean that the collapse of the USA is now as some suggest… However, if you watch carefully, a new Global World Order is rising out of all this mess… It is like this current situation is being used to push a New Global Financial Political Order… It is all happening progressively and catapulted with every global crisis, be it financial, political, social, or cataclysmic convulsions of nature such as earthquakes, hurricanes, Tsunamis etc…

However, my point is that this is time for all who are Christians to totally Trust in The Lord. This is not a time to give into fear and despair… I am in no way trivializing the agony that many families are going through economically.

However, we as Christians are not a people without hope. This is not to brag or boast or even sound aloof and perhaps delusional in an escapism mode. No, in all humility, we place our trust in The Lord and we trust and have faith in The Lord that He will provide and care for His people. This is in no way a free pass for The Lord’s people, that we shall not endure the pain… No, no, no…on the contrary we are called to endure with perseverance all the sufferings, hardships, and tribulations in Christ Jesus…fixing our eyes on Him as set an example for us to follow… This is something that the Church in the West has ignored and held in low esteem for sometime…

However, there is no question that Church in the West must now endure and persevere just like her fellow brethren around the world… However, how many Christians in the West will heed to this call, the call to share in the fellowship of Christ sufferings?

Despite all the sufferings, hardships, tests, and tribulations, The Lord will provide for His people. The Lord cares about our daily needs. He will provide what we need and yes, this is the time that we shall learn that The Lord is more interested in meeting our needs and not wants… Much of what the Western Church has had is ‘wants’… If a Pastor has need for a car, a simple Toyota is not enough; he will ‘want’ to buy a Rolls Royce or a Cadillac… Some Preacher will not even travel First Class but will ‘want’ to own a Gulf Stream Jet… Many Churches ‘want’ Multi Million Dollar Mega Church Buildings… So, the Western Church has been that way…operating in the ‘want’ mentality.

The time for Laodicean Christianity is over; those who refuse to heed The Lord’s call will be spewed out of His mouth…. However, The Lord will provide our Need even in the midst of suffering and tribulations. There is a lot of negativity around many “Christian Prophetic” websites as all they see is doom and gloom and virtually a none existent church during times of global crisis. I will tell you that The Lord is not done yet with His church. He will use the current circumstances to purify His church and then send them out on the mission for souls, warning every man to repent and that the kingdom of God is nigh!

The Church will not be dead despite the Apostasy going on… The Lord has His 7000 hidden away who will not bow down to Baal! Are you one of them? Pray and ask The Lord to grant you grace and mercy to be a part of them…that you will love and serve Jesus Christ regardless of what you will go through… This is not a call for 'elitism' but a call for humility in trusting in The Lord regardless of what we go through... Don’t place your trust in fear and fear mongers, look to Jesus Christ, Trust Him and rest in Him, live a simple life… He will provide your need… Amen

Proverbs 3:5-6
(5) Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
(6) In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Kato Mivule


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