Sunday, August 02, 2009

They have strange names, but the same goal. To Kill you.
Posted: Sunday, August 02, 2009
- written by jerry golden


They have strange names, but the same goal.

To kill you.


There is a new reality on the ground in Gaza; al-Qaeda has become so strong that they are now threatening Hamas for leadership of the Gaza Strip. In the past few days al-Qaeda assailants calling themselves “Jaljalat” attacked a wedding celebration in Gaza in the area of Khan Younes one of the last strong holds in Gaza for Fatah, in fact, the wedding was in the family of the Fatah strong man Mohammad Dahlan. Al-Qaeda (Jaljalat) came to the wedding shooting and throwing grenades wounding or killing over 70 in that family.

What makes this so notable is this is the largest operation al-Qaeda has done against the “Palestinian” people in Gaza. Keeping in mind that in this Islamic environment the people are ruled by fear and the terrorist group that can instill the most fear is the one who takes control.

In order to tighten their grip the Hamas leaders in Gaza have now started what is known as “Modesty Patrols” passing a new law that all women in Gaza must keep their head covered with the “hijab”. No women can be in public with a man who is not of her family. These Islamic modesty patrols are even stopping cars to check if a woman is with a man other than the above.

What we are witnessing is the takeover by Hamas and al-Qaeda of the minds and souls of the Arabs in Gaza forcing them to accept Sharia law while establishing another Taliban society. And in all areas of public education the indoctrination of the minds of the young to aspire to be suicide bombers is being taught, that to kill a Jew is the highest form of love to show Allah. Yet one US President after the other continues to say that Israel must surrender land over to these evil people who hate and want to control the world.

I have found it most interesting to note that these same US Presidents all find it convenient to fall in line with the Saudi Peace Plan. These are the same Saudis who are promoting and financing the teaching their brand of Wahhabi Islam in new Mosques across the US, with the plan of sitting in place what they believe is the needed establishment of terrorists for when the time comes to move to the next step in their plan.

When we listen to the smooth talking Obama who is constantly on TV and the darling of all the main line News with the exception of Fox it is easy to become confused, knowing who the author of confusion is. When you do look at the facts on the ground and the wonderful words that flow from this unknown smooth talking Devil just doesn’t add up.

We here in Israel have come to the conclusion long ago that he is no friend and that what he really wants is to finish what Bush started and that is to hand Israel over to the Islamic World. Gen. 12:3 is already being realized on the ground in the US and much worse is about to come. There is no doubt in my mind that the only way Obama could have been elected is for God to have taken His hand off America and given it over to a reprobate mind allowing the Devil to work his evil magic in the minds of so many.

Many may remember a couple of years ago God showed me that in the days before us the USA would become so involved in its own survival that there would once again be no attention paid to what is happening to the Jews. That it will be yet another trail for those who claimed to be born again into a Jewish Root that as things begin to fall around you only those who have become overcomers through the Jewish Blood of Yeshua will be saved. For God is not finished with the Jews for He has chosen them to not only bring His Living Word to the world but through them to prove His Word. There is much false teaching in the so-called Church, today and much of it has been designed by the Devil himself to take the attention of the “Believers” away from the need to understand that God works through the Jews, that was His choice not the choice of the Jews, for if the Jews had their choice they would not want to be the ones chosen. What I have just said can only be understood by those who truly has the Spirit of God.

Many question the goals of this Ministry to save Jewish lives in the coming mass exodus of Jews who will be running for their lives. The one thing I can tell you is this, when God spoke these things into my spirit years ago I knew I had no choice but to follow His Spirit and today some 6 or more years later many are beginning to see that it was God who spoke to this Jewish man who believes in Yeshua as Messiah.

What I must report now is very sad, for what we have accomplished thus far seems so little in comparison to what could have been had others been able to let go of there security and believed God. My prayer is still that if we have the time and I believe we do, the larger boat could be purchased and many more can be saved but it depends on several things, the obedience of those who God touches to reach deep into their pockets and it depends on the obedience of those of us who will be wiling to put our lives on the line for a higher cause than ourselves.

As the world spins into total insanity the only sane place to be is in God’s Kingdom, for your witness in the days ahead will depend on the peace of God in your life that others will be searching for. Today is the day for each of us to draw very close to God and make Yeshua the Messiah of our lives.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden
The Golden Reort


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