Saturday, June 19, 2010

shummer60 - Interesting, the current administration of Obama considers Israel and enemy and now we are hearing of the true efffects of the disaster.

Oil is Blasting into the Gulf at an Unspeakable Rate

June 18, 2010

I am a longtime resident of the West Coast of Florida. While there is a major media blackout of any real information or warnings, we are feeling effects of this oil and the associated chemicals even here, where one has yet to see any oil upon our shores. My closest friend is a Nurse Practitioner at a local clinic here. She and her associates throughout the area have seen countless and increasing incidences over the past few weeks of sometimes severe throat, eye, and skin irritation as well as other symptoms. This is being reported to the CDC so may escalate the rumored mass evacuations. I am experiencing some of those same symptoms, especially as of late. Today,, a Military Pilot who is flying reconnaissance missions in the Gulf came for an office visit and they began to chat about the Gulf of Mexico oil crisis. It turns out that they are both like-minded patriots and the conversation continued about the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Feeling comfortable in speaking, he finally intimated to her that 40% of the Gulf of Mexico sea bed is now covered with oil. This has been escalated by the fact that the Deepwater Horizon rig well-head has now completely blown off. This is why the flow is appearing to come out in rather a "V"-shape. Oil is now blasting into the Gulf at an unspeakable rate and this insurmountable flow is acting as a laser, further cutting open the seabed from forces from the abiotic oil violently erupting from earth's core like her very blood. It is forecast that oil could make it around the world within 18 months. In other words, we now have the nightmare scenario some of us have feared. It is with an absolutely broken heart that I report all of this to you and fervently pray for God's divine hand of mercy. Yet I fear we may only be able to thank our Lord for the blessings and memory of the once-pristine and breathtaking treasure that was the Gulf of Mexico.

Thank you for your time in allowing me to share this information.

With blessings, JB


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