Monday, July 26, 2010

Christian Politics, A Distraction
By Andrew Strom | Re-posted July 25, 2010

I made a number of people mad with my piece a few days ago, “Can Patriotism Be Idolatry?” I have always found that this is by far the “riskiest” topic that I can ever bring up. One guy even asked if I “hate America”. I replied that I truly love America and love it’s people. In fact, it is one of my topmost favorite nations in the world. My brother lives there. My nephews live there. I love America! But that was certainly not the issue in my article.

Another man hinted that I must be a “left-winger”. Actually, I am truly and deeply Conservative – and have been for years.

The major point we were really raising in that article has to do with “Distractions”. I can’t bear to see my fellow brothers and sisters literally exhausting themselves with campaign after campaign of political activism – when the real problems in America are “SPIRITUAL”. And only ’spiritual’ solutions can solve them.

JESUS is the answer to what ails America. Politics will never do it. I am not against “voting” at all. By all mean vote! But what I am talking about here is the “distraction” of spending so much time on Politics when that can never truly solve the problems we face.

Just think of the enormous time and energy and devotion that so many people put into “electing the right guy”. Do we put that much passion into the Gospel and Prayer? I think not. A lot of us have deluded ourselves that Politics can solve these “spiritual” issues. They can’t. Only Jesus can.

A lot of the time, Fox News and Talk Radio simply exist to “rile up” the Conservative people with “trash talk”, etc. The whole point is to get the Christians and conservatives so riled that they will “do something”. What will they do? Will they start Prayer movements and True Gospel movements? No – they will start “political” movements. They will march down to the Town Hall and shout and scream at people. Their opponents will start calling them “hateful” because of the way they look and act. Is this what Jesus wants? Does he want the Christians all caught up in political movements that use the “arm of the flesh” to solve their problems? The Bible says we “wrestle not against flesh and blood”. Why then are we trying to do just that? Because we are being “distracted” – that’s why.

Distracted from our true mission on this earth. Distracted and sidetracked into thinking Politics is the answer. Distracted into spending hours watching Fox and the Internet for new things to get mad at the Liberals about. We don’t pray like we should. We don’t preach the glorious gospel like we should. We simply rant and rave and get mad at all those Liberals – and waste hours and hours trying to work out how we can “beat” them. Its all flesh, flesh – all the time.

Don’t tell me this is not happening on a large scale with a lot of Christian people. We all know it is. That’s where Fox News and Talk Radio get all their “ratings” from. They know if they can get you “mad” enough, you will keep coming back for more.

We need to repent. We need to repent of our nasty, ugly, trash-talking behavior – which is so unchristlike. We need to repent of partaking in this stuff at all. We need to repent of relying on the
“arm of the flesh” instead of Jesus. We need to repent that we will raise up Political movements first before even trying “spiritual” remedies to save the nation.

The Christians are too busy fighting in the flesh to PRAY as they ought. Too busy fighting with bitter and angry words to preach the true gospel. This is a huge part of why these problems are not being solved. We are not going to GOD at all. We are relying on “ourselves” – and what we can do. And until we repent and start looking to Jesus – to solve the things that only He can solve – I believe things will continue to get worse and worse.

The Christians are “distracted” – trusting entirely the wrong things.

Brothers, sisters, we need to PRAY.

Andrew Strom.


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