Sunday, August 08, 2010

Is God Trying To Send Us All A Message? - WW
I think so. All of the flooding, fires and other disasters are all growing in intensity. I would also venture an educated guess based on events I have been talking about since April, that there is a lot more to these two stories than meets the headlines.

Bretheren, I am not going to give any sermons today. The headlines are screaming at us; the open sin and rebellion, wars and rumors of wars, disasters in diverse places. What is it going to take sinful man to see what his real problem is?

Are you ready for a world war? I think that if certain nations do not 'call off their dogs' so to speak, we could be in one sometime next year. A hot war, none of this low intensity stuff. Keep you eyes on yet more oil and energy sabotage, billed as 'accidents' and 'mishaps' in the months to come, in both the US and BRIC nations (switch Iran for India here). Sooner or later, this war will come out of the shadows and into the daylight. Some of the reasons are talked about in the last PESR, others are longstanding ones everyone is aware of. Few are talking about it now because there is so much that is being withheld by our leaders and the blogopshere, with one or two unheard of exceptions, is totally in the dark. Insiders here have already had their eyes opened with a jolt and some have had their 'jaw drop to the floor' when the truth was revealed to them, so pay attention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The United States in and of itself was conceived by Sir Francis Bacon to become the “New Atlantis” which is to usher the world into the New World Order led by The Antichrist.

From a Christian perspective:

Watch for free on Google Video: – Volume 1 – 2:45 – Volume 2 – 2:55 – Volume 3 – 2:51

Monday, September 6, 2010 at 1:48:00 PM GMT-4  

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