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By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
May 26, 2006

Are most the true leaders in the middle east, serial killing Ted Bundies? To listen to most liberal politicians and media outlets here one would think our one job in life is to work harder on understanding their suffering, their religious needs to hate and kill…… their “nazi” needs to destroy every last Jew alive. After all, these are huge and noble goals!!!

Only recently, the HAMAS military leader Abu Abdullah told WorldNetDaily that they are buying up planes and are preparing to take out Israeli skyscrapers with a 9/11 style attack, should the cease fire have a bobble or dent. Gee…..and who might give the cease fire a bobble or dent?

Could it possibly be the terrorist, nazi party Hamas that has only mastered serial killing for decades against the Israelis. Last I heard, the ever so evil Jews haven’t and don’t murder civilians. They have always had a defensive, survival posture against the former Ted Bundy Government….now its twin. Lets face it shall we……its no mystery listening to most of the clerics and politicians in most or all the Muslim countries that Israel must die. Jews have no right to be there.

Just listen to the BTK strangler (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran) talk regularly about Nuking and shredding Israel.

Then of course there was the warm and philosophical letter he sent recently to President Bush……….Jesus would do this and Jesus would do that………and Bush you should be ashamed of your evil little behavior………..and Jews must leave Israel……………Jesus….Jesus…. Jesus. I thought I was completely recovered from my brain injury but when I read his letter to our President you would not believe the chunks I threw up!

Yet…..even worse then listening to all the serial killing nazis in the middle east….we then must listen to our idiot politicians defend them and put us down for daring to even question this psychotic, murderous behavior. I will never forget, while home recovering from my near fatal motorcycle wreck, hearing that Al Gore had told the Saudis in a visit how badly we treat Arab Muslims over here. In my weakened condition I immediately thought the “T” word as in Treason.

I wondered how many troops in harms way did Al kill or wound with that idiot statement. Yet we continue to hear the throw up from liberals in congress……"negotiate with Ahmadinejad in Iran" “Deal with Hamas” “Rebuke and pull back Israel” “make them give more land and more land.” They are already practically living on a postage stamp and are surrounded by their enemies. Its called…………..shut up already and let them do what they have to do to exist!

I am sick and tired of our leaders and media morons defending the indefensible. Most citizens would agree in horror that back in WW11 putting the Jews on the train cars to the death camps was EVIL pie squared. No one would dare debate that in congress or say anything different on air…………..then. WHY DO WE WANT TO DEAL SO LIGHTLY, UTILIZING UNDERSTANDING, MONEY AND CARE WITH Hamas, Iran, Saudies, Syria, Sudan on and on.

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Jim Kouri, CPP
May 27, 2006

The top sponsor of the House of Representative's immigration bill on Friday fiercely rejected a the proposal to give millions of illegal immigrants a "get out of jail free card" and a direct path to US citizenship. Many Washington insiders believe the Senate bill will receive a cold reception from the GOP-led House.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who heads the Judiciary Committee, called the bill the Senate passed on Thursday an "amnesty" that the House would not accept. Other House Republicans -- including Rep. Peter King, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee --say they will not pass any bill that rewards lawbreaking.

"I reject the spin that the senators have been putting on their proposal," Rep. Sensenbrenner said at a news conference on Friday. "It is amnesty."

The Senate on Thursday passed an immigration overhaul that some claim is the biggest power-grab in that body's history. The bill border security and enforcement measures that are less stringent than that which is contained in the House bill, coupled with a guest worker program, social security benefits, wage controls that few American citizens enjoy, and a plan that would give many of the 11 million to 12 million illegal immigrants in the country a chance to become citizens.

President George W. Bush, who strongly supports a guest worker plan, pushed hard for the Senate passage of the measure and is expected to become deeply involved in the House-Senate bargaining for a final bill.

"[President] Bush on Friday got a phone call from his boss, Mexican President Vicente Fox, who is in California on the last day of a US tour, and praised Bush's efforts to push for legalized status for some immigrants," says political analyst Mike Baker.

Fox is deeply troubled by the amount of resistance to the Senate giveaway. The Mexican President hopes to continue sending his poor, his mentally ill and his criminals to the United States, thereby relieving the Mexican government of the expenses incurred for providing social services for his people. Instead, the Senate bill will be the largest redistribution of wealth strategy since President Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society."

The only difference is, according to observers, the wealth is being redistributed to another country -- Mexico -- and it's the American people who will foot the bill while lawmakers in Washington take the credit and garner the votes.

Bush and Fox discussed the effort to secure the border and boost economic prosperity in both countries, said Frederick Jones, spokesman for the White House National Security Council. Of course, President Fox opposes fences or walls. He opposes using the National Guard to assist the Border Patrol agents. He opposes penalties against companies that employ illegal aliens. He opposes restrictions on funneling US dollars into his country. And he refuses to allow his troops -- which are already on the border helping drug traffickers and human smugglers -- to help in controlling the illegal aliens entering the US.

Critics called the guest worker idea an amnesty that rewards people who broke US laws. But supporters said it was not forgiving anyone because people would have to pay a fine, pay back taxes, learn English and meet other requirements to get on the citizenship track. By contrast, the House in December passed a tough border security and enforcement measure that would make being in the United States illegally a felony instead of a misdemeanor..

Sensenbrenner said any bill that emerges out of negotiations between the House and the Senate would have to concentrate on securing the nation's leaky borders and punishing employers who hire illegal immigrants.

"With the border controls and the enforcement of employer sanctions, the jobs for illegal immigrants will dry up," Sensenbrenner told Fox News Channel on Friday.

"And if you can't get a job because employer sanctions are enforced, my belief is is that a lot of the illegal immigrants will simply go back home voluntarily."

The House bill has sparked protests around the country from Hispanic groups and their supporters. But the tough Sensenbrenner said he would not accept the Senate's position. In fact, following the rallies and protests by illegal aliens -- which were organized by radical groups -- more American became concerned over the problem of illegal immigration.

"It seems to me that what we need to do is to figure out a way, short of amnesty, to deal with the labor needs of the American economy," Sensenbrenner said. "And if the Senate gets off of the dime of pushing for amnesty, even though they call it something different, then I think there's room for negotiation."

Bush, mindful of the growing clout of Hispanic voters, has long supported immigration reform and has said he backs a comprehensive approach along the lines of the Senate bill. But the issue deeply divides Republicans and many believe it is an important issue for them in this year's congressional elections.

Recent polls show growing public dissatisfaction with the Republican majority. Many lawmakers say Bush will have to become deeply involved in the bargaining if a final bill is to be agreed upon before the November elections, when Democrats hope to make big gains. Even African-Americans overwhelmingly oppose amnesty for illegal aliens saying it takes money away from programs designed to help poor American citizens.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said on Friday that lawmakers were staking out their positions ahead of House-Senate negotiations and he thought there was broad support for the president's stand.

"I get the very clear sense from leadership in both houses that they want to get something done," Snow said. "This is not an issue to be dragged past election day. They want to get something done."

Snow is correct, but the bill passed by the Senate is not what most Americans had in mind when they demanded immigration reform.

Some provisions in the Senate bill are viewed as out-and-out unjust. For instance, those illegal aliens who perpetrated identity theft and used the fraudulent ID for paying into the Social Security system, will still be eligible for benefits. Meanwhile, Americans who perpetrated the same crime are doing hard time in our nation's prisons, according to one dissatisfied congressional staffer.

Conservatives angrily state that they hope the House Republicans "squash" the Senate bill. Better yet, they say, it should be dead-on-arrival.

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Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police. He's former chief at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City" by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s. He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.

He writes for many police and crime magazines including Chief of Police, Police Times, The Narc Officer, Campus Law Enforcement Journal, and others. He's appeared as on-air commentator for over 100 TV and radio news and talk shows including Oprah, McLaughlin Report, CNN Headline News, MTV, Fox News, etc. His book Assume The Position is available at Amazon.Com,, and can be ordered at local bookstores.

The Senate's immigration witch's brew

The Senate's immigration witch's brew
Posted: May 27, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Ron Maxwell
© 2006

The witch's brew otherwise known as the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill is now out in the open for all to see. What started out as a desperate attempt to disguise the biggest amnesty of illegal aliens in world history has morphed into the biggest social engineering experiment in world history – a bill that will legalize the importation of 66 to 100 million foreign nationals into the United States of America within the next 20 years. No despot in history ever proposed such a scheme, let alone attempted to carry it out – not the shah of Iran, not Stalin, not Mao – no one.

This dubious distinction is being claimed by the United States Senate and President George Bush.

Since our own leadership is hell-bent to flood America with cheap labor, to intentionally and coercively redesign the American people into something other than what they are today – presumably something new and improved – it is up to the American people themselves – we poor, huddled masses that are being told to shut up and move over – to do something about it.

No. 1 – Every single senator who voted for this country-killing bill must be thrown unceremoniously out of office. Since they are operating like left-wing social planners, they will understand if we call it our "six year plan." First up for this demolition derby will be the senators up for re-election this November – followed by the gaggle up for re-elections in '08, 2010 and 2012. These smug denizens of their own infallibility will be counting on our forgetting. Not this time.

No. 2 – The Republicans in the House of Representatives must be encouraged to do what Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain did at Gettysburg: "Refuse the line." To protect America and to reassure they, too, will not be swept from office in November's angry tide, House members, including those few Democratic stalwarts who have not joined the sellout, open-borders crowd, must "refuse the appeasement conference" with the Senate. To save our country as well as their seats the House of Representatives, on this issue, they must break with President Bush and the Senate – completely, irrevocably and unequivocally. The American public must clearly understand who is on their side and who isn't.

No. 3 – Once we have protected the House members and start to get new leadership in the Senate, we can finally get on with the business we should be doing. First, really secure our borders and ports. Second, really crack down on the greed merchants who are hiring and exploiting illegal laborers in our country – not with fines that can simply be passed along to the consumers as a cost of business, but with real jail time.

No. 4 – Instead of the trillions the Senate bill would have American citizens pay for lawmakers' utopian fantasies, why not a newly conceived Marshall Plan for Central America and Mexico? Why not help these poor, exploited and neglected people where they live?

The Senate's hastily considered bill is not only a curse on America and its people – it would continue to victimize and exploit the people of Mexico and Central America as well. It treats the entire population of North and Central America as pawns and reduces everyone to peons. It encourages the division of families, it fosters the disintegration of indigenous communities, it permits the exploitation of poor people and profiteering by the elites of both countries, north and south of the Rio Grande. Instead of this failed and evil system, why not give a helping hand to our brothers and sisters south of the border? They are brave and industrious peoples. They are the embodiment of rich and vibrant cultures. They have literatures and histories and heritages of their own, unique and beautiful.

The Senate bill encourages multiple diasporas and disintegration of their culture and their identity – seeking simply to turn everyone in the Western Hemisphere to worker bees and consumers – with no regard for what makes a person, a community or a people unique and worthy of preserving. If the senators are so promiscuous with the taxpayers' money, why not at least spend it in a worthy cause, as we did a half-century ago with the desperate peoples of Japan and Europe? We didn't encourage the Japanese and Germans to move here. We helped them where they were, in their own homelands.

If Mexico and Central America could become Latin versions of the success stories of the destroyed countries of World War II, economic migration would end of its own accord. Of course, if that happened, who would do all the work President Bush thinks no one in America is willing to do?

America needs to change course – and in a hurry. We can't do it without new leadership. So, first things first. We're making our list and checking it twice. Double, double toil and trouble. Look out, Mike De Wine. You'll be the first to be voted out of the office you have shamed by the people you have betrayed.

Gunmen Kill Police Officer In Nuevo Laredo

Gunmen Kill Police Officer In Nuevo Laredo

(May 26, 2006)--Authorities say gunmen armed with AK-47 assault rifles killed a police officer in the violent Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo.

Police spokesman Raul Galindo Vera says the gunmen riddled Jesus Segovia Sanchez with bullets late Thursday night.

Segovia's partner, Sergio Omar Escobedo was wounded in the shootout.

He was listed in stable condition at a hospital after being shot four times, once in the side, once in the right leg, and once in each arm.

Police are investigating and have made no arrests.

Segovia's the eleventh law enforcement officer to be gunned down this year in the city across the Rio Grande from Laredo.

His death brings to 116 the number of people murdered this year in the city of 300,000 residents.

The city is in the midst of a turf battle between drug cartels battling for illion-dollar drug routes into the United States.

U.N. making homeschooling illegal?

U.N. making homeschooling illegal?
Threat seen from U.S. judges who bow to child-rights treaty
Posted: May 27, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006

A U.N. treaty conferring rights to children could make homeschooling illegal in the U.S. even though the Senate has not ratified it, a homeschooling association warns.

Michael Farris, chairman and general counsel of the Home School Legal Defense Association, or HSLDA, believes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child could be binding on U.S. citizens because of activist judges, reports LifeSite News.

Farris said that according to a new interpretation of "customary international law," some U.S. judges have ruled the convention applies to American parents.

"In the 2002 case of Beharry v. Reno, one federal court said that even though the convention was never ratified, it still has an impact on American law," Farris explained, according to LifeSiteNews. "The fact that virtually every other nation in the world has adopted it has made it part of customary international law, and it means that it should be considered part of American jurisprudence."

The convention places severe limitations on a parent's right to direct and train their children, Farris contends.

The HSLDA produced a report in 1993 showing that under Article 13, parents could be subject to prosecution for any attempt to prevent their children from interacting with material they deem unacceptable.

Under Article 14, children are guaranteed "freedom of thought, conscience and religion," which suggests they have a legal right to object to all religious training. Further, under Article 15, the child has a right to "freedom of association."

"If this measure were to be taken seriously, parents could be prevented from forbidding their child to associate with people deemed to be objectionable companions," the HSLDA report explained.

Farris pointed out that in 1995 the United Kingdom was deemed out of compliance with the convention "because it allowed parents to remove their children from public school sex-education classes without consulting the child."

Farris argues, according to LifeSiteNews, that "by the same reasoning, parents would be denied the ability to homeschool their children unless the government first talked with their children and the government decided what was best. This committee would even have the right to determine what religious teaching, if any, served the child's best interest."

Offering solutions, Farris suggests Congress use its power to define customary law and modify the jurisdiction of federal courts.

"Congress needs to address this issue of judicial tyranny by enacting legislation that limits the definition of customary international law to include only provisions of treaties that Congress has ratified," he said.

Farris also suggested Congress could pass a constitutional amendment stating explicitly that no provision of any international agreement can supersede the constitutional rights of an American citizen.

He pointed out two such amendments have been proposed in Congress.

Finally, he says specific threats to parental rights can be solved by "putting a clear parents' rights amendment into the black and white text of the United States Constitution."

Thursday, May 25, 2006

China, Russia Pushing U.S. And Israel Closer To Arms Confrontation With Iran

China, Russia Pushing U.S. And
Israel Closer To Arms Confrontation
With Iran
- Bill Wilson

By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst
WASH-May 18--KIN-The refusal of China and Russia to take any kind of substantive United Nations Security Council action against Iran is actually pushing the United States and Israel ever closer to a military confrontation with Iran. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad knows he does not have to bow to pressure from Europe and the United States because he has the undaunted support of China and Russia.
China and Russia have consistently said they will not support any sanctions or military action against Iran. America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, has said that every discussion with Russia is difficult and every negotiation won is only after painstaking and often contentious debate. Evidence of this is found after Wednesday’s U.N. Security Council vote encouraging Syria to establish borders and diplomatic relations with Lebanon. The vote was unanimous except for Russia and China who abstained because they said it was “unnecessary meddling.”
Comparing it to offering “walnuts and chocolate for gold,” Ahmadinejad turned down a sleek European Union offer that even included a nuclear reactor as a bribe for the terrorist Iranian regime to halt its development of nuclear technology. Instead, Ahmadinejad made an offer of his own: That he would open up the 70 million person Iranian marketplace to Europe if they would embrace Iran’s march toward membership in the international nuclear club. Many diplomats believe that Iran’s refusal of even a nuclear reactor and a sweet economic package from Europe means that Ahmadinejad and his radical band of Islamofascists are totally serious about building nuclear weapons-how smart of them.
Russia and China’s undying support for Iran will not have a good ending. By acting as if they are the peacemakers, the result of their action will be war. The only choice will be Israel and the West preempting Iran from having nuclear weapons. And this will endear even further Russia with Islam and bring the world ever closer to the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38 prophecy of Russia, Iran and the other nations of the world coming against Israel. Dr. Josef Olmert, of Israel’s mission to the U.N and the brother of Israel’s Prime Minister, Wednesday said Israel would take matters into its own hands if it needs to. He said, "We believe the Iranians when they say they want to wipe Israel off the map. We take them seriously.”
Some Americans are weary of the war on terror. Many believe it is time to retreat from Iraq. Most Americans do not know that Iran is funding the war on terror, coordinating and participating in missions that kill our troops in Iraq, and they are using Russian and Chinese made weapons to do it. This is a war against Israel and a war against America. It is very serious business because Ahmadinejad has said he wants Israel wiped off the map and that Iran is prepared to rule the world. Standing in the way is America-Russia knows it; China knows it; and Iran knows it. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” The destruction of America will enable the advancement of these evildoers.

Too little, too late

Too little, too late
By Diana West
Published May 19, 2006

I wonder how many Americans, listening to President Bush bringing his too-little, too-late immigration address to a close, felt like he ran out of track when he concluded: "We honor the heritage of all who come here...because we trust in our country's genius for making us all Americans, one nation under God," end of speech. Every allegiance-pledging American, of course, on hearing the phrase, "one nation under God," automatically adds "indivisible," not to mention "with liberty and justice for all." The president did not.
It's likely that Mr. Bush simply didn't wish to sign off with the final words of the Pledge of Allegiance, which would have been out of place. Still, he invoked the pledge, and ended up omitting "indivisible." Purposeful or not, the omission is apt. We -- if I may say "we" to indicate the United States of America -- are anything but "indivisible" at this sorry point in history, and, as a perilous result, we think and we act less and less like a "nation."
A nation has borders and defends them. "We" do not. Otherwise, building a fence against an unprecedented invasion by Mexico wouldn't be considered a harsh and radical position in the political mainstream. A nation has laws and upholds them. "We" do not. Otherwise the Babbitts of the business world wouldn't illegally build American commerce on the backs of law-breaking (and ill-paid) aliens, and seek their mass legalization (along with their families). A nation defines itself as a nation. "We" certainly do not. We are, as we are endlessly told, a Nation of Immigrants, a concept that blows to smithereens the unique nature of the "nation" to which immigrants have traditionally assimilated: the European-derived, mainly Anglo-Saxon polity, born of the Enlightenment and extraordinarily blessed by Providence, which the current president is now rapidly phasing out.
Of course, long before immigration finally became The Big Issue (thanks, Rep. Tom Tancredo; thanks, Minutemen), the nation of "We the People" had become a confederation of "We the Peoples," an amalgam of groups professing or tolerating multiculturalism, sharing a common welfare state and participating in an ever-burgeoning economic zone that stretches from the People's Republic of China to the peoples' repositories of Wal-Mart.
But so what if we all have more stuff? That's just not enough for the long haul, especially when the long haul is the next 20 years during which the Senate immigration "reform" bill now under consideration would permit up to 200 million new legal immigrants to take up residency in the US of A -- this according to two different studies conducted by the Heritage Foundation and Sen. Jeff Sessions (Alabama Republican), as The Washington Times reported. What kind of nation survives a seismic demographic tsunami like that?
No nation. Just people, people, people. Masses and masses of alien individuals would permanently overwhelm any lingering concept of American nationhood -- a concept already undermined by the so-called culture wars of the 1980s. In that more or less academic struggle of yore, national identity lost and identity politics won. Now we see ourselves increasingly as a land of identity groups and, therefore, extremely divisible as a nation-state.
If Mr. Bush and too many legislators are any measure, the American perspective has become blurry and ill-defined, focused on short-sighted policies conceived in emotion and dedicated to the proposition that all men, women and children from south of the border are created to do "jobs Americans won't do." Which doesn't exactly sound equal. And certainly doesn't sound well thought out. Goodbye, republic; hello oligarchy?
To survive, to prosper and to project power, great nations must be guided by reason and principle -- not childish feelings. But with national interest no longer at heart, our leaders have only heartstrings. Steve King, Iowa Republican, a forthright opponent of the Senate bill, described a kind of sob-sister visit presidential advisor Karl Rove recently paid to hang-tough, no-amnesty House Republicans: "Rove told lawmakers Bush is sincere about enforcement," the Associated Press reported Mr. King as saying. "But, [Mr. King] added, `The president doesn't want to enforce immigration law because he's afraid he'll inconvenience someone who wants to come into this country for a better life.' "
Oh, brother. How about inconveniencing 10 million, 20 million, 200 million "someones" who want a better life? I have this terrible feeling I finally understand what a "compassionate conservative" is: an emotional train wreck. It's time to get a grip and build a fence -- a pledge, possibly, to become indivisible again.

Conservative Christians Criticize Republicans

Conservative Christians Criticize Republicans
WASHINGTON, May 13 - Some of President Bush's most influential conservative Christian allies are becoming openly critical of the White House and Republicans in Congress, warning that they will withhold their support in the midterm elections unless Congress does more to oppose same-sex marriage, obscenity and abortion .
"There is a growing feeling among conservatives that the only way to cure the problem is for Republicans to lose the Congressional elections this fall," said Richard Viguerie, a conservative direct-mail pioneer.
Mr. Viguerie also cited dissatisfaction with government spending, the war in Iraq and the immigration -policy debate, which Mr. Bush is scheduled to address in a televised speech on Monday night.
"I can't tell you how much anger there is at the Republican leadership," Mr. Viguerie said. "I have never seen anything like it."
In the last several weeks, Dr. James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and one of the most influential Christian conservatives, has publicly accused Republican leaders of betraying the social conservatives who helped elect them in 2004. He has also warned in private meetings with about a dozen of the top Republicans in Washington that he may turn critic this fall unless the party delivers on conservative goals.
And at a meeting in Northern Virginia this weekend of the Council for National Policy, an alliance of the most prominent Christian conservatives, several participants said sentiment toward the White House and Republicans in Congress had deteriorated sharply since the 2004 elections.
When the group met in the summer of 2004, it resembled a pep rally for Mr. Bush and his allies on Capitol Hill, and one session focused on how to use state initiatives seeking to ban same-sex marriage to help turn out the vote. This year, some participants are complaining that as soon as Mr. Bush was re-elected he stopped expressing his support for a constitutional amendment banning such unions.
Christian conservative leaders have often threatened in the months before an election to withhold their support for Republicans in an effort to press for their legislative goals. In the 1990's, Dr. Dobson in particular became known for his jeremiads against the Republican party, most notably in the months before the 1998 midterm elections.
But the complaints this year are especially significant because they underscore how the broad decline in public approval for Mr. Bush and Congressional Republicans is beginning to cut into their core supporters. The threatened defections come just two years after many Christian conservatives - most notably Dr. Dobson - abandoned much of their previous reservations and poured energy into electing Republicans in 2004.
Dr. Dobson gave his first presidential endorsement to Mr. Bush and held get-out-the-vote rallies that attracted thousands of admirers in states with pivotal Senate races while Focus on the Family and many of its allies helped register voters in conservative churches.
Republican officials, who were granted anonymity to speak publicly because of the sensitivity of the situation, acknowledged the difficult political climate but said they planned to rally conservatives by underscoring the contrast with Democrats and emphasizing the recent confirmations of two conservatives to the Supreme Court.
Midterm Congressional elections tend to be won by whichever side can motivate more true believers to vote. Dr. Dobson and other conservatives are renewing their complaints about the Republicans at a time when several recent polls have shown sharp declines in approval among Republicans and conservatives. And compared with other constituencies, evangelical Protestants have historically been suspicious of the worldly business of politics and thus more prone to stay home unless they feel clear moral issues are at stake.
"When a president is in a reasonably strong position, these kind of leaders don't have a lot of leverage," said Charlie Cook, a nonpartisan political analyst. "But when the president is weak, they tend to have a lot of leverage."
Dr. Dobson, whose daily radio broadcast has millions of listeners, has already signaled his willingness to criticize Republican leaders. In a recent interview with Fox News on the eve of a visit to the White House, he accused Republicans of "just ignoring those that put them in office."
Dr. Dobson cited the House's actions on two measures that passed over the objections of social conservatives: a hate-crime bill that extended protections to gay people, and increased support for embryonic stem cell research.
"There's just very, very little to show for what has happened," Dr. Dobson said, "and I think there's going to be some trouble down the road if they don't get on the ball."
According to people who were at the meetings or were briefed on them, Dr. Dobson has made the same point more politely in a series of private conversations over the last two weeks in meetings with several top Republicans, including Karl Rove , the president's top political adviser; Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, the Republican leader; Representative J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, the House speaker; and Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the majority leader.
"People are getting concerned that they have not seen some of these issues move forward that were central to the 2004 election," said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, who attended the meetings.
Richard D. Land, a top official of the Southern Baptist Convention who has been one of Mr. Bush's most loyal allies, said in an interview last week that many conservatives were upset that Mr. Bush had not talked more about a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
"A lot of people are disappointed that he hasn't put as much effort into the marriage amendment as he did for the prescription drug benefit or Social Security reform," Dr. Land said.
Republicans say they are taking steps to revive their support among Christian conservatives. On Thursday night, Mr. Rove made the case for the party at a private meeting of the Council for National Policy, participants said.
In addition to reminding conservatives of the confirmations of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. to the Supreme Court, party strategists say the White House and Senate Republicans are escalating their fights against the Democrats over conservative nominees to lower federal courts, and the Senate is set to revive the same-sex marriage debate next month with a vote on the proposed amendment.
But it is unclear how much Congressional Republicans will be able to do for social conservatives before the next election.
No one expects the same-sex marriage amendment to pass this year. Republican leaders have not scheduled votes on a measure to outlaw transporting minors across state lines for abortions, and the proposal faces long odds in the Senate. A measure to increase obscenity fines for broadcasters is opposed by media industry trade groups, pitting Christian conservatives against the business wing of the party, and Congressional leaders have not committed to bring it to a vote.
Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and another frequent participant in the Council for National Policy, argued that Christian conservatives were hurting their own cause.
"If the Republicans do poorly in 2006," Mr. Norquist said, "the establishment will explain that it was because Bush was too conservative, specifically on social and cultural issues."
Dr. Dobson declined to comment. His spokesman, Paul Hetrick, said that Dr. Dobson was "on a fact-finding trip to see where Republicans are regarding the issues that concern values voters most, especially the Marriage Protection Act," and that it was too soon to tell the results.

Kingdom of the Illegals

Kingdom of the Illegals
By Paul Sperry May 17, 2006

This month's defeat of local politicians who built the equivalent of a day-care center for illegal Hispanic immigrants in a leafy Washington, D.C., suburb was a victory not just for immigration reformers but also anti-terror watchdogs.

Angry voters in Herndon, Va., swept out their bleeding-heart mayor and two of his allies on the town council and replaced them with candidates who are not expected to renew the lease of a controversial hiring site set up to help illegal aliens find work.

Lost in all the controvery, however, is the more disturbing fact that the site -- a covered building featuring picnic tables and bathrooms -- was founded by a Muslim charity with ties to suspected Saudi-backed terror front groups. Its town operating permit won't expire until the fall of 2007, allowing the group not only time to aid and abet hundreds more illegal immigrants, but possibly recruit them.

The hiring center -- called the Herndon Official Workers Center -- is a charitable front for da'awa, or Islamic outreach to non-Muslims. Local law enforcement officials say the Saudis see new Hispanic arrivals to America as particularly ripe for conversion to Islam, and have even added an annex to their madrassa in another Washington suburb to help indoctrinate the beholden immigrants.

Years ago the Saudis and their Wahhabi lobby set up a terror-support network in Northern Virginia, right across the Potomac from the White House. Not coincidentally, Northern Virginia now boasts the fastest-growing Muslim population in the nation. Immigrants from the Middle East are flocking there, along with immigrants from Mexico and Central America attracted by a local construction boom. Authorities fear the demographic convergence is facilitating the religious conversion of possible future Jose Padillas.

On any given day, Hispanic day-workers can be seen loitering in convenience store parking lots up and down Route 7 (known by authorities as the "Wahhabi corridor") hoping to get picked up for odd jobs. Some of those jobs have included facilitating Muslim terrorists. Hispanic illegals at a 7-11 in Falls Church turned a quick buck by helping the 9-11 hijackers obtain fake IDs.

More recently, at another 7-11 farther north in Herndon, Hispanic day workers created such a nuisance -- urinating behind bushes and ogling women -- that city officials decided to do something about it. But instead of doing the obvious thing -- calling immigration authorities to round them up -- they agreed to furnish them with their own potties, and let them congregate at a property once used, believe it or not, by the city's police.

Stepping in last year to run the government-sanctioned site was an obscure group by the name, Project Hope and Harmony, which landed (in partnership with nonprofit Reston Interfaith) the $200,000 contract. The man behind the project is Muslim activist Mukit Hossain.

But he's not just any activist. Born in Bangladesh, Hossain also runs a shadowy Muslim charity in Herndon which recently had its accounts closed by Wachovia bank due to suspicious activity related to possible money-laundering. The Foundation for Appropriate and Immediate Temporary Help, or FAITH, received a $150,000 donation last year from a front group run by Saudi bagman M. Yacub Mirza, whose home and offices were raided by federal agents after 9/11. FAITH helped establish the Project Hope and Harmony.

Mirza, a native of al-Qaida hotbed Karachi, Pakistan, is said to act on behalf of Saudi millionaire and al-Qaida financier Yassin al-Qadi. He lives in Herndon in a two-story house on a wooded lot on a private drive (known as a "pipe stem") off a cul-de-sac called Safa Court in a small, secluded subdivision. His neighbors include fellow Islamists Jamal Barzinji and Taha Jaber al-Alwani. Federal law enforcement documents describe Barzinji as "not only closely associated with PIJ [Palestinian Islamic Jihad], but also with Hamas," both officially designated terrorist groups. He's also closely associated with convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi, one of al-Qaida's top fund-raisers in the U.S.

The other neighbor, al-Alwani, is an alleged unindicted co-conspirator in the Sami al-Arian terror case. He allegedly gave at least $50,000 in jihad money to convicted terrorist al-Arian's PIJ front group in Florida. Court records say the money was sent to al-Arian "to support suicide bombings."

The three men, none of whom have been charged with a crime, control some 40 Muslim businesses, charities and think tanks -- or more precisely, shells, fronts and cut-outs -- known collectively by law enforcement as the Saudi-backed "Safa group." Their offices are located primarily at 555 Grove St. in Herndon. The Muslim World League, a Saudi-based charity linked to al-Qaida, originally set up its U.S. branch at that address with the help of Mirza.

Additional Safa group offices are located directly across Grove Street in another raided building. That's where Hossain's FAITH keeps its office. In fact, it's upstairs on the second floor -- right next door to the U.S. headquarters of the notorious International Institute of Islamic Thought, a think tank which espouses Wahhabi dogma and has allegedly funneled money to terrorist groups. After 9/11, its offices were raided by the feds along with the tenants of the non-descript office building across the street. A former IIIT official, Tarik Hamdi, is said to have delivered a battery for a satellite phone used by Osama bin Laden to coordinate and order the African embassy bombings.

Investigators also have traced funds from IIIT, led by al-Alwani, to al-Arian, and they say the recent al-Arian conviction should help move their case against the Safa group leaders forward. "We were hoping for a snowball effect," says a law enforcement official who originally helped build the case. The Safa case has been slowed by a shortage of Arabic translators, he says. Only a fraction of the materials seized in the raid four years ago has been translated and analyzed.

FAITH, which helps runs the Hispanic day-labor site, operates a Muslim thrift shop on the first floor of the same 500 Grove St. building.
By all appearances, the charity is run by Muslims, for Muslims. On the day I last visited the store, an Arab woman in a flowing black gown managed it with her son, who likes to play rap-style Arabic music on a stereo in the store. Among items on sales: the Quran on audiotape, hijabs and posters in Arabic.

But recently, FAITH has become unusually interested in helping Hispanic illegal aliens.

In addition to running their hiring site, FAITH's Hossain has organized feasts for hundreds of illegals during Thanksgiving, rounding them up and feeding them an intentionally nontraditional Middle Eastern dinner of beef kebabs and rice (instead of turkey and dressing) at Zuhair's Cafe in Herndon. He and other FAITH workers also gave away a van full of new winter coats (price tag: $10,000) to the Hispanic workers and their families. They've also raised money to buy them work boots and bicycles.

ADAMS Center

In addition, they've also coordinated canned-food drives for the day laborers with the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, a large local mosque, which is not surprising given that Hossain and other FAITH board members serve on the mosque's board as well. Besides feeding the Hispanic workers, ADAMS Center, as its known, even offered to provide a van to transport them to and from the hiring site. Many of the poor Hispanic immigrants have been invited to worship at the mosque, in what has become a full-court press-the-flesh involving hundreds of Muslim volunteers from ADAMS.

The ADAMS mosque is integrally connected to the Safa group. It was founded by Safa leaders and keeps offices on Grove Street. And the mosque has received the lion's share of its funding from Saudi-backed Safa. In 1997, for instance, investigators say Mirza, the Saudi bagman, wrote a check for $250,000 to ADAMS.

Until recently, IIIT official Ahmad Totonji chaired the mosque's board of trustees. Court records allege that Totonji, a Saudi native, personally signed a check for $10,000 to al-Arian's PIJ front after 9/11.

Despite it claims of being moderate and progressive, ADAMS is a hard-line Wahhabi mosque controlled by the Saudis, investigators say. A Saudi pamphlet, called "Religious Edicts for the Immigrant Muslim," was recently found at the mosque. It states that "it is forbidden for a Muslim to become a citizen of a country (such as the United States) governed by infidels." Not surprisingly, even some of the mosque's more prominent members, such as Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR, have not hidden their wish to turn America into an Islamic state.

Hossain serves as a member of the mosque's board of trustees when he's not working for FAITH and catering to Hispanic illegals. He's also a founder of the Muslim American Political Action Committee, or MAPAC, which he set up to recruit Muslim candidates to run for federal office and work for the "empowerment of Muslim Americans."

What's more, Hossain is active in the Muslim American Society, which investigators say is the U.S. front for the Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihad movement that gave rise to Hamas, PIJ and al-Qaida. Al-Awani is also active in MAS, which keeps a small, unmarked office in a non-descript building at the other end of the Wahhabi corridor in Alexandria, Va.

Joining Hossain on the ADAMS board is Tanveer A. Mirza. He is a founding member and trustee of FAITH. Mirza hails from Karachi, the same hometown as Yacub Mirza, the FAITH donor who raised red flags at Wachovia.

It's one big happy family at ADAMS mosque.

Progresso Hispano

Promoting a day-labor center isn't the only thing Saudi-backed Muslim groups are doing to court Hispanic immigrants in the Washington area. A notorious Saudi school is reaching out to them through "education."

Located in Alexandria, the Islamic Saudi Academy a year after 9/11 helped set up a similar day-care center for Hispanic immigrants on its campus (which used to be the home of Mount Vernon High School before Fairfax County officials, in their infinite wisdom, leased it to the Saudi government). At one corner, day laborers routinely flock to a "Pollo" chicken takeout. What better way to introduce them to Islam than to open an annex in the old home economics building just yards away?

A spokeswoman for the little "Progresso Hispano" school, which she confirms is operated in part by the Saudi academy, provides "immigrant services" and "English classes" to local Hispanics. She would not be more specific, and said the annex's website is "down."

But a county notice of the special planning and zoning exception needed for the annex's approval in November 2002 says that Progresso Hispano "provides ESL classes, job skill training, good parenting classes, citizenship classes and other support services to the Hispanic community."

Those "other support services" are what worry law enforcement authorities.

They say the Saudi academy -- located just across Richmond Highway from the heavily immigrant apartments were the Pentagon cell of the Saudi hijackers stayed -- is a "breeding ground for terrorists." The academy produced al-Qaida operative Ahmed Abu Ali, who was recently convicted of plotting to assassinate President Bush. Abu Ali graduated valedictorian and was voted by his class -- are you ready? -- "Most Likely to Be a Martyr."

Abu Ali's case isn't the first time the Saudi academy -- which is run by the Saudi government and chaired by the Saudi ambassador (Abu Ali's father, in fact, worked for the Saudi Embassy) -- has attracted investigators' attention. In 2002, another graduate was charged with lying about plotting attacks on Israel. And more recently, an ex-comptroller for the school was arrested while videotaping a local bridge's structure for what authorities believed to be a terror attack.

The school teaches from Saudi social studies textbooks that tell Muslims to kill Jews hiding behind trees and not to take Christians as friends. It also teaches students that Christianity and Judaism are false religions. At Hatred High, kids don't have to study U.S. history or government. But memorizing the Quran is mandatory, particularly the parts glorifying violent jihad. Geography apparently is optional: School maps blot out Israel, which is renamed PALESTINE.

Is this the kind of indoctrination wide-eyed Hispanic immigrants will receive at the academy's Progresso Hispano annex in exchange for Muslim "charity"?

In another chilling trend, investigators say Saudi agents are setting up half-way houses in the area for paroled Hispanic and black converts to Islam. Several such houses have been identified in Fairfax County, Va., say local authorities working with the National Counterterrorism Center. They fear the prison converts may be further radicalized by their Wahhabi handlers as they transition back into society.

Scandal Du Jour

Scandal Du Jour
It is getting harder and harder to keep up with the mainstream media's current 'scandal du jour' -- since they are coming at us so fast one hardly has time to fully absorb the breath-taking dishonesty of the report that came before.
From the Koran-flushing Newsweek story to the alleged 'outing' of Valerie Plame, they've been cultivating an atmosphere of 'us against them' with the administration since it assumed office in 2001.
Wait, let me rephrase that to better reflect the truth. . . they've been cultivating an atmosphere of 'us against them' with THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since the current administration took office in 2001.
Indeed, look at how many Americans view 'the Bush administration' as some kind of adversarial force, as if 'the Bush administration' were somehow NOT the government of the United States of America. Think of how many leftists have repeated the slogan, 'it's time to take our government back' -- as if some foreign government now occupies the Oval Office.
If, as the Left would have us believe, 'our government' is not the current administration, then there is nothing left to 'take back' -- since the current administration won the election, fair and square. Or, at least, as fairly and squarely as any other administration elected under the Constitution in US history. Therefore, if the Bush administration isn't 'our government' -- we don't have one to demand 'back'.
Is this not actively working to subvert the legally elected government of the United States of America by leaking national security secrets in time of war? Is there another way to read it?
That isn't to argue that the Bush administration is doing such a great job, but in fairness, it is difficult to fight a two-front war -- especially one in which your political opposition seems to be rooting for the enemy.
The Washington Post commissioned a poll in which it found, to its disbelief, that two-thirds of Americans were NOT outraged over the NSA analyzing phone records to look for terrorist calling patterns.
The Post expressed its shock and surprise at the ignorance of its readers, noting, "The survey results reflect initial public reaction to the NSA program. Those views that could change or deepen as more details about the effort become known over the next few days."
To make sure nobody took the results too seriously, the Post said of its own poll, "A total of 502 randomly selected adults were interviewed Thursday night for this survey. Margin of sampling error is five percentage points for the overall results. The practical difficulties of doing a survey in a single night represents another potential source of error."
In other words, this poll can't be trusted, since the mainstream media doesn't agree with the findings. When was the last time a newspaper criticized its own poll?
True to their word, the very NEXT day, the Post's sister company, Newsweek, crafted a poll that gave exactly the OPPOSITE numbers. Two-thirds of Americans in Newsweek's poll opposed the NSA program, and only one third supported it.
It wasn't that public opinion reversed itself overnight. Pollsters only get the answers to the questions they ask.
(That's what the Post meant when it spoke of the "practical difficulties of doing a survey in a single night represent[ing] another potential source of error." In the rush to be first, they didn't spend enough time crafting the questions. Newsweek simply rephrased the questions to get the answers they wanted.)
The mainstream headlines are all over the map; the Lowell Sun (MA) headlined its story, "DOMESTIC SPYING" in all-caps, subheaded, "Mass. reps question government collection of phone records; Meehan says Bush should cooperate on probe". Whew! Domestic spying?
All that because the CIA is analyzing phone records to see what phone numbers are calling the phone numbers of known terrorists?
You won't find out in the mainstream media, but THAT is what the fuss is about. The government is analyzing lists of phone connections in the US (just the numbers) against lists of phone connections to suspected al-Qaeda terrorists.
It is more like standing in a public place and watching to see who goes into a particular restaurant. That is hardly the same as eavesdropping on their dinner conversations.
To the ordinary American, it means this: If you are regularly phoning somebody who is plotting to destroy the United States, then your phone records might get pulled for closer examination. If an al-Qaeda terrorist is regularly phoning you, the same thing will happen.
It is worth noting that this story 'broke' three times. The first time, when it was leaked to the New York Times and splashed all over the front page of the New York Times. It 'broke' again in the Boston Globe a few months later, but it never really caught on.
The story 'broke' a third time on the front page of USAToday, by this time, so spun and dried that it sounded like the NSA was engaged in a major violation of 'ordinary, law-abiding' Americans' privacy rights.
How many 'ordinary law-abiding' Americans are having innocent conversations with al-Qaeda terrorists abroad?
Said liberal California Democrat Dianne Feinstein: "I happen to believe we're on our way to a major constitutional confrontation on Fourth Amendment guarantees of unreasonable search and seizure."
Because the government has access to what phone numbers I call? (Anybody can buy that same information on the Internet)
"That the government may be secretly collecting, and using data mining to analyze the phone records of millions of law-abiding Americans, as reported in the press today, is a frightening prospect. ... It is time for the administration to come clean with Congress and the American people," thundered Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., a member of the Judiciary Committee.
"A frightening prospect?" What is FRIGHTENING is the indelible images of Americans covered with concrete dust fleeing the collapse of the World Trade Center. And that there are people out there actively planning to do it again.
(Now, THAT'S "a frightening prospect"! That the NSA has a computer analyzing my calling patterns doesn't even crack the level of 'boring'.)
The network news broadcasts teased it as "Seismic" "Shocking" and "A Bombshell."
NBC's "bombshell" fizzled when Lisa Myers slipped one by NBC's propaganda police, reporting, "One intelligence source tells NBC News that two dozen members of Congress have known about this program for years and have been completely uninterested until today." (Well, what do you know?)
So what's all the hubbub about? It's about power. The Left is desperate to take back the House and Senate, and if it means risking another September 11 by leaking classified secrets to create a useful political scandal, that is evidently not too high a price to pay.
That is what is truly 'shocking', 'seismic' and 'a bombshell' -- and deliberately overlooked by the mainstream media. And it's something else.
It's shameful.
Email Author: Hal Lindsey

21st Century 'NewSpeak'

21st Century 'NewSpeak'
'Criminializing' Illegals
Commentary on the News
Monday, May 15, 2006
Jack Kinsella - Omega Letter Editor
In his famous book, '1984' George Orwell introduced us to the words 'doublethink' and 'newspeak'. A word Orwell DIDN'T use - but which combines the two - is 'doublespeak'.
'Doublespeak' is saying one thing and meaning another, usually its opposite.
In Orwell's '1984,' when Big Brother and the Party say 'peace' they mean 'war', when they say 'love' they mean 'hate', and when they say 'freedom' they mean 'slavery'.
Orwell's thesis was that when words have no meaning, the events they were meant to describe lose their sense of reality.
For inspiration, Orwell drew on real-life examples; Hitler's 'Final Solution' was a benign sounding euphemism for the destruction of an entire race of people. Communism's 'reeducation camps' were euphemisms for political concentration camps.
Stalin himself once obliquely acknowledged the power of 'doublespeak', noting, "One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."
Orwell's '1984' was a precautionary tale penned in 1949 as an undisguised satire of Stalinist authoritarianism and its methods, inventing his 'newspeak' concept from the principles of Marxist/Leninism.
In Big Brother's world, 'peace' means 'war' -- but 'peace' as a concept remains subliminally desireable. One 'hates' a person they 'love', subliminally linking love and hate until the emotions they evoke can be manipulated by Big Brother as necessary.
When 'freedom' means 'slavery' then the distinctions between the concepts become blurry enough for Orwell's characters to long for the freedom of Big Brother's 'benevolent' oversight.
The connotations of words naturally change over time. Words like 'idiot' and 'moron' used to be neutral terms. When they became insults, 'retarded' was introduced as a replacement. Then 'retarded' became an insult, and was replaced by 'special'.
'Crippled' was replaced by 'handicapped' followed by 'disabled' which is falling into disfavor in favor of 'challenged' (which is already losing its neutrality).
The word 'fundamentalist' used to have a specific meaning. It meant one who practiced the fundamentals of one's faith. In 21st century 'newspeak', the word 'fundamentalist' is synonymous with 'religious fanatic'.
Using the 'newspeak' definition of the word, it becomes possible for the majority of Islam to be peaceful and non-violent, while those who practice the fundamentals of Islam are jihadist warriors.
Redefining the word makes those who practice the fundamentals of Islam 'evil', but the religion that inspires the evil is 'good' - as long as one doesn't take its fundamentals too seriously. Or something.
The phrase 'pro-choice' used to mean one who favors the right to select from a range of alternative options. The phrase is now used to describe pro-abortion groups that went to the Supreme Court in order to keep anyone offering alternatives to abortion 100 feet from any abortion clinic.
The phrase 'pro-life' used to mean people who believed life was something only God could give, and only God had to right to take. In contemporary usage, it is used to describe guys who bomb abortion clinics, shoot abortionists, and march in demonstrations.
The meanings of the phrases have become so confused that the majority of Americans in any given poll aren't certain if they are 'pro-choice' or 'pro-life' -- it all depends on how the question is phrased.
Ask yourself how anybody can take a middle-of-the-road approach to the question of WHEN it is moral to dismember a baby in the womb? How can there BE a middle-of-the-road position to take? How can it really even be a QUESTION?
Is there any pro-choice human being out there who wasn't once an unborn baby? How can they really believe there was a time when they were themselves in the womb but somehow still non-existent?
It is only possible when 'fetus' no longer means 'baby' and 'choice' no longer means 'alternative options'.
Millions of people continue to turn out for demonstrations opposing any legislation that would 'criminalize' illegal aliens. Let's start there.
The word 'illegal' means 'in violation of the law'. Another word for 'criminal' is 'law-breaker'.
How does one 'criminalize' something that is, by definition, already illegal? First off, the phrase 'illegal alien' has to go. How about replacing it with 'undocumented worker'?
Being an 'undocumented worker' doesn't sound like criminal behavior. Indeed, criminalizing someone for not having 'their papers' sounds like a step TOWARD Orwell's Big Brother.
Suddenly, the idea of 'criminalizing' undocumented workers sounds not just unAmerican, but somehow, unconstitutional.
In Maryland, one school district is giving students that participate in demonstrations opposing the 'criminalization' of 'undocumented workers' special credit.
Opponents claim that criminalizing illegal aliens (if words meant what they said, that phrase would end any further debate) will 'make criminals' out of people who help them either sneak into country or to get work once they get here.
Since both are already criminal acts by definition, the argument that immigration reform will 'make criminals' out of them also falls flat, unless you substitute the euphemism 'undocumented worker' for 'illegal alien' in order to cloud the issue.
Before anybody emails me to remind me again that America is a nation of immigrants, I already know that. But America is also a nation of laws, and there are laws covering legal immigration. Legal immigrants are not 'documented workers'. They are legal immigrants.
The phrase 'undocumented worker' is a euphemism for illegal alien from the Spanish south. It isn't applied to illegal aliens from the Middle East. It isn't even applied to illegal aliens from Canada or Europe.
Even the Border Patrol uses a euphemism to differentiate between illegal aliens in their arrest reports. Illegals are either 'M' or 'OTM' ['Other Than Mexican']
Change 'illegal alien' into 'undocumented worker' and the whole debate shifts from whether or not America has a right to control her borders into one in which the debate is about whether or not breaking existing laws is 'illegal'. It is an example of 21st century newspeak at its finest.
The immigration reform proposal with the best chance of success has yet to make it to any bill presented so far. Any mention of a border fence is immediately rejected by those claiming it will turn America into a 'prison'.
Another loaded word. Prisons keep people IN. Fences keep people OUT. Putting up a fence is a sovereign right. I have a fence around my property because it is MY property and I have a right to control who comes inside its borders.
My fence keeps people out, not in. It imprisons no one. The gate opens from the inside. It is the very definition of 'ownership.' But the power of propaganda has made this ridiculously simple solution unmentionable.
There are those who believe that they are too sophisticated to fall under the propagandists' spell. That arrogance is what makes them so susceptible.
"And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:" (2nd Thessalonians 2:10-11)
If you doubt the power of 21st century newspeak, remember the immigration debate. It is all about 'criminalizing' 'illegal' behavior.
Or something. I have to check my dictionary again.
Excerpted from the Omega Letter Daily Intelligence Digest, Volume 55, Issue 10


By Frosty Wooldridge
May 18, 2006
“While giving that ridiculous amnesty speech on how he’s going to guard our borders against illegal aliens last Monday,” Los Angeles radio talk show host Terry Anderson said, “Bush looked as nervous as a whore in church.”
After five years of neglecting border protection, Bush offered amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens who have resided illegally in the United States for an extended amount of time. That’s like being the president of a bank-then allowing bank robbers to walk in, rob the bank-stand around for a few days until their robbery blows over-then expect to deposit ‘their’ money like honest citizens-and take up residence in the bank as if it were their home.
In his speech, he offered sad testimony about one illegal alien who was injured while serving in the U.S. military. That’s like giving solace to a bank robber whose been shot for robbing a bank. Bush would have been better off giving solace to Bonnie Eggle, mother of National Park Ranger Kris Eggle who was shot by a Mexican drug smuggler. Bush needs to give solace to the families of Dale Englerth, Justin Goodman, Officer Don Young, John Hessler and thousands of Americans sacrificed in death, disease and drugs by illegals.
After illegals knowingly invaded our borders, Bush proposes amnesty to 20 million criminals with a path to citizenship. How can one man degrade U.S. citizenship to that of a criminal? Let’s look at the reality of what we face.
The fall of the Roman Empire occurred after Emperor Valens opened Rome’s borders in 376 A.D. By 476 A.D., Rome vanished after it allowed the Goth nation to cross the Danube River. If the United States won’t protect its borders, its language or its culture, and will not enforce its laws--it will repeat Rome’s fall. Mexico’s invasion of the United States exceeds the scale of the Goth migration into Rome or any other migration in history.
As a nation we must protect our borders if we expect long term survival of the American Republic. Legal immigrants must demonstrate they intend to become Americans by learning our common language, English, and assimilating into the American culture that honors individual liberty, hard work and self-reliance. We cannot and must not reward criminals whose first act in our country was to break our laws.
The one aspect of Bush’s speech that hasn’t made an impact on Americans yet, is the addition of at least 100 million and up to 193 million people in the next 20 to 30 years. If that Senate amnesty bill moves ahead, we shall be invaded worse than Rome with consequences exactly like Rome. We will become a dead country.
Charles Hurt of Washington Times, May 16, 2006, wrote, “The Senate immigration reform bill would allow for up to 193 million new legal immigrants -- a number greater than 60 percent of the current U.S. population -- in the next 20 years.”
Senator Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican said, “Congress is blissfully ignorant of the scope and impact of the bill, which has bipartisan support in the Senate and has been praised by President Bush.”
This illustrates the ‘gross stupidity’ of our senators and this president who refuse to ‘see’ what a statesman like Sessions sees. Senator Sessions is to be commended for his intellect and common sense.
On the other side of reality, Republican Senators Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Mel Martinez of Florida ‘tossed’ the bill together like a couple of mad chefs giving illegal aliens who have been in the U.S. two years or longer a right to citizenship. They did it in the face of 85 percent of the American public that demands no amnesty and a securing of our borders with troops.
The bill allows the annual flow of legal immigrants to double to more than two million annually. The guest-worker program adds 325,000 new workers annually who could later apply for citizenship.
Just consider 20 million illegal aliens, if not more, being allowed to bring their wives and kids into the USA! If only half the illegals are married, the average Mexican wife has three to six kids, that’s a minimum of 30 million Spanish speaking kids crammed into our classrooms.
Senator Byron L. Dorgan, North Dakota Democrat, said that he would introduce an amendment to strip out the guest-worker program, warning that the legislation would "pull apart the middle class in this country."
America slides into the low wage capitol of the world and suffers the loss of the Middle Class. We’d all become the low class mirroring a Third World country. On top of that, we’d be importing the entrenched poor of other countries with no intellectual tools or skills to maintain or sustain our country.
If enacted, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA, S.2611) would be the most dramatic change in immigration law in 80 years, allowing an estimated 103 million to as high as 193 million persons to legally immigrate to the U.S. over the next 20 years- fully one-third of the current population of the United States.
Even Newt Gingrich said, “The GOP is drifting toward disaster. I am very worried that the Republican leadership in the Senate and potentially the White House are just going to end up very alienated from the vast majority of Americans on this issue. The Senate bill is an absolute disaster."
Gingrich cited Gallup polling data that underscores the importance of an enforcement-first approach taken by the House:
84% say the U.S. should go after employers who hire illegal immigrants
86% say the U.S. should cut off federal funding for cities and states that refuse to enforce the law
90% say English should be a requirement to become a citizen
85% say citizens should have a voter-identity card to make sure only Americans are voting
As you can imagine how nervous a whore would be sitting in church, we have a president who can no longer lie, duck or deceive his ‘congregation’ which is a increasingly astute American citizenry. He can’t pretend any more. He can’t fool us and Bush cannot ignore us. Illegals work all our jobs! We are the ones being killed, raped, robbed, introduced to TB, leprosy, hepatitis, and our schools and hospitals overrun. We’re tired of this president with no clothes as he parades in his regal falsities against our Constitution.
Beyond his being ‘nervous’ facing U.S. citizens, he can’t keep telling us that we ‘can’t’ deport 20 million illegal aliens. We don’t have to. We simply enforce our laws against employers of illegal aliens. We shut down the rides at Disneyland and the folks go home. No more come to Disneyland. It’s call “Attrition through Enforcement” and it works.
If he allows this massive amnesty bill, our country will pile up in the history books along with Rome.
If Mr. President, you think mass immigration can continue, first tell Americans where our waters are too pure, where the air is too fresh, where there is too little roadway congestion, insufficient urban sprawl, too much biodiversity, not enough energy consumption, under-utilized landfills, too much cheap electrical power, where jobs for underprivileged minorities are too abundant, and where our national parks are not loved to death. Tell us how there is too little gridlock in our cities. Tell us there aren’t two million homeless people in America. Tell us we need more immigrants instead of taking care of millions of our own poor.
How on God’s green earth can an added 100 million to 200 million more people make America better? Is it better in China? How about India? Anyone traveled to Bangladesh lately? Please answer that Mr. Bush, because the fact is, you cannot. With your lack of integrity and ineptitude, I agree with Terry Anderson: Bush should be as nervous as a whore in church.

In 1892, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that “our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon the teachings of the Redeemer of Mankind.


By Debra Rae

May 10, 2006

In 1892, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that “our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon the teachings of the Redeemer of Mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extent, our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian.” Even so, people of other faiths historically have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship. In America, there are now as many Muslims as Jews, more Buddhists than Episcopalians, and more Hindus than Disciples of Christ (The Pluralism Project at Harvard University).

Notwithstanding, cultural terrorists have succeeded in launching a very successful campaign to purge God from public life and government buildings. “A metaphor based on bad history”—that being “separation between church and State”—has become the insupportable mantra of many misguided Americans (Chief Justice William Rehquist).

All the while UNESCO’s “soft” international law calls for respect of “truth and wisdom,” it specifically excludes Judeo-Christian tradition. Although over seventy million American Christians attend churches, Christian speech is just about the only expression banned in the civil arena. This year, a Sacramento-based Christian outreach ministry was denied access to a free public meeting room at the library branch in Antioch. Counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund Joshua Carden points out: “A place that exists as a public repository of ideas is strangely hypocritical, as well as acting outside the law, when it attempts to be the ‘thought police’ of its patrons.” (World Net Daily, 2004).

In contrast, esoteric spirituality united by an agenda promoting Earth servitude, sustainability, collectivism, and illuminism is allowed unrestricted voice.

Earth Servitude

New Age spirituality perceives Gaia-Earth as an interconnected, living ecosystem whose innate fragility and subsequent victimization by human development require global oversight and governance—even worship. At a recent UN Earth Summit, a clear mimicry of the Ark of the Covenant was displayed. Inside this “Ark of Hope” appeared a handwritten papyrus copy of the Earth Charter, key document toward solidifying political, economic, social, and religious changes. The chief spokesperson for this Magna Carta of New World civilization is Mikhail Gorbachev. In The Search for a New Beginning, would-be environmentalist Gorbachev effectively integrates the Native American philosophy of Earth servitude into his New Paradigm for future society.

The Earth Charter characterizes us as “one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny.” It further compels us to “join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.” All are embraced and promoted by the United Religious Initiative, a sort of spiritual UN.

In calling for a “New World spirit,” Gorbachev names cosmos (Greek for “world order”) as his god. Alarmingly, cosmic consciousness has its roots deep within occult societies, as the Rosicrucian Order and the Theosophical Society. Even so, traditionally secular institutions welcome cosmolatrists. For example, North Carolina State University hosted the Fifth Annual Spell of the Land Symposium featuring Gavin and Yvonne Frost, both Wiccans, who led discussion of “Real Magic in a Gaia-Conscious World.”


Sustainable development is described, not in any of America’s founding documents, but rather in the 1997 USSR Constitution (Chapter #2; Article 18). Its underlying belief is that man is a cancer; therefore, all human activities to “subdue” and “take dominion” are unsustainable and worthy of being controlled and/or shut down. The socialist principle of government-managed development, sustainable development demands totalitarianism because that is the only way to enforce laws needed to guarantee that humans don’t mess up biodiversity. [See: DVD "Liberty or Sustainable Development"]

Corinne McLaughlin was the first Task Force Coordinator for President Clinton’s Council for Sustainable Development. A follower of the very spirit guide allegedly channeled by occultist Alice Bailey, McLaughlin taught occult mediation at the Department of Education, the Pentagon, and the EPA (Berit Kjos).


The final report of the 1999 Conference of European Ministers Responsible for Family Affairs offers a worldwide shift from individual rights to collective responsibilities. Politically correct, collectivist liberalism is the only “authentically human” attitude advanced by Hans Küng in his Declaration Toward a Global Ethic. This new global ethic was signed by most of the delegates to the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions.

One usage of the New Age rainbow is that of many different religions blended together in unity; however, UNESCO’s Declaration on Tolerance requires “the rejection of dogmatism and absolutism” (as found in the Bible). Perhaps not surprisingly, a Time magazine article (1 July 2002) judged the Bible view of gays and lesbians to be, “not just eccentric, but downright odious.” That Time issue conceded that fully 36% of Americans believe that the Bible, taken literally, is God’s Word. [Read the book: "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow," Scroll down to #25]


Theosophy sprang up during a surge of occult interest in the 1800s with rise of Rosicrucianism and Hermetic Orders as the Golden Dawn. Brian McGuire of The Wall Street Journal endorses Theosophy as “a religion for anyone—those who already have a religion and those who neither have nor want one.” Rather than contemplate the omnipotence of God, theosophists investigate instead “the powers latent in humanity.” According to Ascended Master Ramtha, “You become by worshipping you.” One supposedly attains a coveted state of “christhood” by means of upward-mobility, multiple reincarnations, called earned egoic advancement.

Devoid of any spiritual compass, religious universalists contend that all religions (or none) provide an equal basis for enlightenment. Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights upholds the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; but Article 29 limits these rights to the purposes and principles of the United Nations. Furthermore, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (3 April 1992) sets open-ended limits on religious freedom and “peaceful assembly” (Trinity Law Professor, James Hirsen). As a result, Christians gradually forfeit the same liberty afforded politically correct Earth pagans who worship Gaia; Muslims who worship the Moon God, Allah; and neo-pantheists who worship “the god within”—all freely and openly.

Case in point. Not long ago, in the name of “separation,” a 5,000-pound granite-based monument to the Ten Commandments was indecorously ripped from the rotunda of Alabama’s Supreme Court building. However, Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India were allowed to create a sand mandala in the third-floor rotunda of the King County Regional Justice Center in Kent, Washington (Kent Reporter, 15 October 2003). Given that “civil-liberties groups defend other controversial public art,” Gene Edward Veith asks the fitting question, “so why not the Ten Commandments?” (World, 6 September 2003).

Perhaps the answer to this question relates to the religious arm of globalism with its tenacious stranglehold on Judeo-Christian belief. In its stead, a perplexing blend of Eastern philosophy and Western thought—best described as neo-pantheistic syncretism—enjoys universal endorsement. In a word, the new global religious ethic exchanges America’s traditional values for the cosmic consciousness of New Age mysticism, the embodiment of Earth servitude, sustainability, collectivism, illuminism, and nouveau tolerance—selective at best.

© 2006 Debra Rae - All Rights Reserved

Why have Presidents from either party failed to protect American interests and why do they advance a globalist agenda that undermines America’s border


By Michael Shaw

May 25, 2006

Why have Presidents from either party failed to protect American interests and why do they advance a globalist agenda that undermines America’s borders, trade interests and foundational principles?

Don’t expect the next GOP and DNC nominees to be any different. Democrat and republican political parties have sold out the principles of America. Do you know of the International Democrat Union? (

The stated purpose of the IDU is to bring about implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 29, Section 3 of the Universal Declaration states; "Rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations." Under the Universal Declaration an individual’s “rights” are what is from time to time granted or rescinded by an elite group of powercrats who work to protect a messy insider ‘consensus’ consortium of economic and political interests. In general, these are people who seek power and control over others – ‘individual liberty and self-governance’ be damned they say.

Implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights requires globalized political and economic machinery. This machinery, which includes the IDU, works to cause the surrender of national economic and political sovereignty in order to aid the advent of global governance and its so-called Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Included in the 80 nation/political party membership of the IDU is the GOP and the Conservative Party of Britain.

It is time to recognize the Republican Party for what it has become; an instrument of a globalist political system designed to destroy American systems of justice, government, and economics.

The IDU is the philosophical companion to the Democrat Party’s Democrat Leadership Council ( The DLC is an outgrowth from Tony Blair's Third Way (now referred to as public-private partnership) political and economic movement. Blair is past chair of the British Fabian Society.

The consequence of America’s two major political parties quietly agreeing to public-private partnership economics in coordination with political parties around the world is rapidly leading to the creation of a global to local system of corporate socialism and/or state capitalism - tyranny for sure by any name.

The new cover term masking this global tyranny is “Sustainable Development.”

The synthesis of: public-private partnership and “social” justice overlain with an ostensible environmental premise are the cornerstones of Sustainable Development. This synthesis achieves the objective of a modern Fabian socialist system of economics, justice and government.

Successful implementation of Sustainable Development leads to a global police state. Informed proponents of Sustainable Development expect the police state to be followed by a perpetual condition of utopian-inspired programs to manage a limited but compliant population living in “eco-villages” or Sustainable Communities.

An objective of Fabian strategy has been to create a condition where change of governing party creates no change in policy and where a creative destruction of free institutions increases under an acceleration of an arranged condition of Permanent Revolution: confusion, division, dependency – war, revolution and terror.

The current strategy for accomplishing a transformation of America is “Sustainable Development” policy. Its tactic is the creation and maintenance of an artificial left/right divide.

Democrats and Republicans have become divisions of a globally-subservient one party system. America needs a true second political party to counter this threatening reality if the vision of America, mankind’s greatest achievement, is to be restored and preserved.

© 2006 Michael Shaw - All Rights Reserved



By Paul Cappadona
May 23, 2006

Liberty, in its highest sense, can not be separated from virtue and intelligence. The people set the standards of government, and we must be sufficiently educated. What passes for education today leaves selfishness undisturbed, or more accurately, it arouses its growth, and multiplies its devices for misbehavior. This leads the whole nation down into the world of unintended consequences.

Mutual principles of our government and the sphere and responsibilities of the elective contract (the Constitution) must be understood. All governments must be established on some set of values in order to survive. There has never been a government void from religion of one sort or another. And none could ever expect to function without a firm religious foundation.

Biblical Christianity, by its spirit and government is republican in form. The republican principles of our nation have been culled from early church governments as drawn from the Bible. From a Biblical education people influenced its fundamental principles into the state of which its members were citizens. Religious elements at and especially before the founding of our country were everywhere foremost in the cause of liberty and the rights of mankind. One such example is the Mecklenburg Declaration. In May of the year 1775, the people of the District of Mecklenburg County, N.C. sent a delegation of twenty- seven men to Charlotte to discuss their political oppressions and rights. These men were every one, Christians, and there decisions were to be binding on all the people by mutual trust and honor.

“Resolved, 3d, That we do hereby declare ourselves a free and independent people; are, and of right ought to be, a sovereign and self-governing association, under the control of no power other than that of our God and the general government of the Congress: to the maintenance of which independence we solemnly Pledge to each other our mutual co-operation, our lives, our fortunes, and our most sacred honor.”
It is easy to notice the similarities in language and sentiment between this and our national Declaration of Independence, which came fourteen months later. Biblical republics, with rock true foundations, built our great noble experiment by many arguments drawn both from the rights of man and the revelation of God. There can be no denial, for as sure as the sun makes the day; religion has made this Republic in spite of the tyrants of that day or now.

Without virtue and intelligence within the Christian communities, American free institutions are impossible. Liberty is in danger of perishing before our very eyes. A renewed spirit within the laity is needed. A deeper investigation into the Bible can be a more efficient instrument of warfare and boldness to cope with the evils before us. The heart and soul of the salt of the nation must be reached, and its conscience aroused. Christ’s churches have been infiltrated and neutralized, and His people ‘hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing he hates.’ The tide of spiritual death which threatens to overwhelm our Christian nation must be arrested. With religious faith, hope, and boldness, we can begin again an invisible, overpowering movement against the enemy. We must strive to be infused with the feeling of personal liberty against despotism. This immense moral power can overwhelm every variety of bondage, in favor of our true republican liberty.

The Antichrist of infidelity, is sweeping away all of the old foundations of our nation and our faith. The elite foes of freedom have placed the blame of their past doings on Christianity. Using their “state church” and pseudo-science or what I call science fiction, they have caused people to identify Christianity with civil and religious tyranny. Their propaganda create in people intense re-actions, which influence them to adopt the wildest forms of unbelief. These foes to Christ and his freedom are never idle. They have their schools, pulpits, press, and media. They are directing our Nation, with its God given rights, into a headlong descent into socialism or anarchy. They make light of marriage and profane God. Their end is death, death to all which we have inherited from our Christian fathers.

We must expose the pretensions of the corrupt religion of humanism, by showing her real weaknesses, her partial truths, all leading to a world of unintended consequences. This defense, to be successful, can only be achieved in our courts of law. Suits at law can stop the special interests from manipulation of our system. Grand jury indictments are a more efficient instrument of aggressive warfare and are strong and bold enough to cope with the evils which presently besiege us. We must be qualified to wrestle with and be victorious over the shrewd scheming of corrupt leaders. The ability to hurl these men from power must be displayed to compel them by fear of indictment and prosecution to a degree of caution which will secure our liberties and the gift of our God-given rights. The indictment powers of the people will scare straight our representatives. The heart and the conscience of the nation must be reached by us.

With help from God, the tide of spiritual death which has sent our country head long into the valley of darkness could come to a close. Daily, the numbers of people grow with the spirit of personal liberty on one hand against tyranny and decadence on the other. As this moral power grows it will fight against every species of bondage in favor of true republican liberty. Join the battle against the crimes that threaten national ruin.

In that day shall the Lord of hosts be as a crown of glory, and for a diadem of beauty, unto the residue of his people, and for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate. Isaiah 28: 5, 6. Those gates are our courts.

Through knowledge shall the just be delivered. When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked perish, there is shouting. By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked. Proverbs 11: 9-11

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bearth rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29: 2. Scornful men bring a city into a snare: but wise men turn away wrath. Proverbs 29:8

Thus saith thy Lord, the Lord, and thy God that pleadeth the cause of his people. Behold I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembling … I will put it into the hand of then that afflict thee; which have said to thy soul, Bow down, that we may go over: and thou hast laid thy body as the ground, and as a street, to them that went over. Isaiah 51.22 & 23

In every thing ye are enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge; … that ye may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. … For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. … Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? Cor. 1: 5, 8, 19, & 20

For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error. While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. 2 Peter 2: 18, 19

Other times in history people have broken the chains of tyranny and stood for a moment free, but having no solid religious convictions to keep them from excess, they lost by unintended consequences what they bought with blood.

© 2006 Paul Cappadona - All Rights Reserved

I continue to be astounded by the breakneck speed at which the agenda of the anti-God activists is being expanded.


Coach Dave Daubenmire
May 25, 2006

I continue to be astounded by the breakneck speed at which the agenda of the anti-God activists is being expanded.

Just in the past week the following stories have caught my eye.

Mass. Legislature poised to QUADRUPLE funding for homosexual programs in schools.

Westbrook Schools Draw Curtain of Secrecy Around Proposed Sex Ed Changes.

Judge Voids Georgia Gay Marriage Ban

Judge: No prayer at graduation.

Homosexual History bill mandates Homo History in California schools.

Oregon student newspaper runs pictures of Jesus as a homosexual

Check out these pictures Your tax dollars at work.

Teachers are showing Brokeback Mountain in class.

Teacher-Student sex is rampant.

Students are drugged
I could go on. You get the point.

So, what will it take until our pastors get their heads out of the collection plate?

Isn’t the job of a pastor to protect the sheep? To fight off the wolves, defend the flock from calamity, make sure they are receiving proper nourishment, defend the cause of Christ?

Can’t they see what is going on? Are they blind guides…dumb dogs, afraid to bark?

Some say Christians should stay out of politics. Since when did the protection of our children become political?

How can churches continue to waste millions of dollars building larger buildings in which to hide, while the enemy of the soul of their children openly stalks them…in full view of the shepherd?

Pastors don’t get it. They don’t know there is a war. They don’t know there is an enemy.

So what can we do?

I get criticized for calling men out of their church and into the streets. Pastors say I am trying to “steal sheep” even though I don’t have a church, and the sheep belong to the Lord, not to them. They use the “you’re under my authority” club to prevent any “Christian-testosterone” from being exhibited inside their stained-glass fortresses. They are afraid to fight and they don’t want their own cowardice to be exposed. They like domesticated men, and compliant women.

But many of us are fighting back. If the Churches won’t train warriors, then we will. Sadly, many have to sneak outside their church to learn how to fight. One such event is this weekend in San Diego.

Certainly you are aware of the controversy involving the Mt. Soledad Cross. The God-hating ACLU has found a court willing to dance on the grave of America’s brave soldiers. As a monument to what they fought and died for, a 29-foot Latin cross was erected over the war memorial. Seventy-three percent of citizens voted to keep it in place. A terrorist in a black robe says “tear it down.” Most pastors are afraid to bark.

Under the great leadership of James Hartline and Greg Thompson we are gathering in San Diego for the “Shake the Nation Summit” which is being billed as the “largest gathering of Christian activists in the history of San Diego." We are blowing the trumpet. We are waking the dead. We are engaging the enemy. Listen to (part 4) if you want to be fired up! It only takes 15 minutes….it’s worth it!

But if history is any teacher there is one thing you can be sure of. Very few pastors will attend. It is not their “calling,” they will tell us. Offer to send your pastor and pay his way. Most will say no…too busy…straining at a gnat. You see, they don’t want to know. It would force them into action, challenge them to fight, demand a response. It is safer to talk about the prosperity gospel, than the-die-to-self-Gospel.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Christians are ignorant of what is happening in America. They think we are powerless to win. The “dumb dogs, afraid to bark,” have convinced their flocks that Christ can’t win, our doom is sealed, and the rapture bus will be along soon.

Well, some of us think God can still move in America. We think that a Christian-America is worth fighting for. Our fore-fathers paid the ultimate price so that we might have the freedoms we enjoy today. We want to leave a better America to our children.

So what will it take for you?

What if your pastor is wrong? What if the rapture doesn’t come soon? What will America look like in 25 years? Will it be better or worse for your children and grand-children? Is it possible the world could continue without America? Revival is breaking out all across the globe, but we think Christ is returning because America is so decadent. Aren’t you glad your Daddy fought for you and didn’t just wait for the end to come? Shouldn’t you do the same?

Step outside your church and open your eyes. Christianity has never been under a greater assault. Shouldn’t our response be something more than building projects and end-time prophecy conferences?

Want to learn how to make a difference? Join us in San Diego, or go to Gary DeMar’s conference, or one of Brannon Howse’s, but if you can’t, help us host a conference in your town. We love the Lord, we love America, and we love our children. We think it is worth the fight and we would like to arm you with Truth.

If Jesus comes tomorrow our failure to act won’t matter. But what if He doesn’t? What if His return is still 100 years off…or 1000 years…what will the history books write about the fearful, self-indulged, storing-riches-up-on-earth, American-church of 2006? Are you willing to gamble your children’s future on your end-time eminency belief? Will you leave to them a battle that you were too cowardly to fight?

Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least for a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM! --William Wallace in Braveheart.

So, what will it take?