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US May Abandon Israel?

US May Abandon Israel?
Official: US talks with Syria, Iran could isolate Israel

(AO-Newswire) -- Yesterday, we reported on a story indicating that US supplied weapons to the Palestinians might be used against Israel by the Palestinians in a future war against Israel. We noted that the Biblical Prophecies indicated that the future Babylon (America) would deal treacherously with Israel in a backstabbing sort of way which would include perhaps Israel losing part of her land but most certainly resulting in the bloodshed of many Israeli Jews.
Today, comes another story our cross our news desk from the Jerusalem Post indicating that the US talks with Syria and perhaps later with Iran might well isolate Israel and perhaps abandon Israel to face all alone the nuclear threat from Iran.
The Post is reporting that asenior defense official indicated that "US talks with Iran would lead to a slippery slope that would eventually leave Israel alone facing the Iranian nuclear threat." The Post went on to note that other US government officials are indicating that "US-Iranian talks were needed to stabilize the region since Iran was "calling the shots" everywhere from Lebanon to Gaza."
Is this dejavu? It seems we've been reporting for several weeks now that the Bush administration was moving behind the scenes away from confrontation with Iran and into the diplomatic arena for "Peace Talks" and a regional Peace Conference that would include many nations from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and America to hammer out a lasting peace for not only Iraq but also for Israel and the Palestinians. This Jerusalem Post article is now one of the first mainstream media outlets confirming more of what we've been recently reporting in our A-O Weekly newsletter.
We've been reporting that in the A-O Weekly, that despite President Bush's denials, (see our related story today about Bush denying his father's influence) Bush Senior and his "old guard" advisors (James Baker, Henry Kissinger, et al) have been quietly sweeping out the neocon advisors from positions of power and have begun advising the President to move in the diplomatic arena in dramatic ways to build a lasting and positive presidential legacy of peacemaker. Does this mean its going to happen? Is that what we're reporting? No. We're only reporting trends and directions. We've mentioned for sometime now that a shift in direction appeared to be developing. We noticed some of that shifting in August after the Lebanon war ended. Again, just before the midterm elections we began reporting a major shift was apparently in the works. Now we're seeing more indications in the mainstream media that, yet again our sources have been correct in predicting these developing trends.
We're not predicting success. We know that Biblical Prophecy indicates that there will only be a false peace for a short period of time. It appears that perhaps now we're seeing moves to establish that false peace, predicted in the Bible. As a Watchman, we're watching from the wall and noting the movements of the Satanic forces hard at work way out in the bushes trying to discern their latest movements and what those movements may or may not mean.
We highly suggest reading this Jerusalem Post article for yourself. It is a two-page article and deals with more than what we've mentioned here. Our point is that, yet again, we're getting indications that the US is moving into a role for fulfillment of one of the many reasons for Babylon-America's coming Divine Judgment from God, by treacherously dealing with Israel and backstabbing her, leaving her to be devastated by her enemies. Here's the link for the Post article.

A bipartisan path to surrender? -

A bipartisan path to surrender?
Washington Times
TODAY'S EDITORIALDecember 7, 2006
In analyzing the conclusions and the usefulness of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) recommendations on Iraq policy released yesterday, it's important to realize the limited, seriously flawed mandate the panel chaired by James Baker and Lee Hamilton has been operating under. Panel members say they were not given a mandate to consider increasing the number of American troops in Iraq because their military briefers dismissed out of hand the premise that it was possible to increase the number of American troops in Iraq, on grounds that not enough were available. (Never mind the public comments by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace, reported in this space yesterday, suggesting otherwise.) More than 30 pages of the report consist of biographies of commission members and lists of people they interviewed; we counted just five pages devoted to the matter of U.S. troop levels in Iraq -- most of it dismissing out of hand the idea that more troops might be necessary to fight the Sunni and Shi'ite jihadists who prey upon Iraqis. Even more troubling is the fact that panel members said their mandate was primarily limited to finding a a way to stabilize Iraq alone, (although they could consider the regional context) rather than assessing it in the context of the larger U.S. war against international Islamofascism. Given the fact that the Baker-Hamilton panel did not principally consider the most important issue before the country, it is not a surprise that its report as a whole is a step backward -- a compendium of platitudes and wishful thinking that taken together would reward America's enemies and undermine the larger war against Islamofascism. As is often the case when highly distinguished people of varying political persuasions get together in an effort to reach consensus, the end result is a watered-down document that will do little to help the president or congressional policy-makers come up with a more effective strategy in the war. Much of the report consists of ominous but familiar quotes from terrorist luminaries like al Qaeda's No. 2 man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and restatements of the obvious (for example, "SCIRI has close ties with Iran; "the Iran border with Iraq is porous"; and "The United States should work closely with Iraq's leaders to support the achievement of specific objectives -- or milestones -- on national reconciliation, security, and governance"). In other places, the panel makes sensible-sounding, noncontroversial proposals for reforming U.S. assistance programs for Iraq and building a functioning Iraqi judicial system and oil industry. But in critical areas, the report goes in precisely the wrong direction. For example, it calls on Washington to "engage directly with Iran and Syria" in order to "obtain their commitment to constructive polices toward Iraq and other regional issues." After noting the obvious -- that engaging Iran is "problematic" -- it calls for a diplomatic campaign to persuade Tehran to join an "Iraq International Support Group" to help resolve Iraq's "political, diplomatic and security problems." If Iran refused to help, the panel warns darkly, then its rejectionist attitude could "lead to its isolation." More likely, such a campaign would embolden Tehran, which would see such a move for what it really is: an act of desperation. The panel's suggestions that Washington should also broker agreements with Syria to stop arms shipments into Iraq and help persuade Hamas to recognize Israel's right to exist are completely detached from reality. Some of the major recommendations in the report read like articles of surrender.

Russia And China Conflict Of Interest Exposed Over Iran

Russia And China Conflict Of Interest Exposed Over Iran
By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst
WASH—Dec 6—KIN--Russia and China are demonstrating a huge conflict of interest from their position on the United Nations Security Council by holding up any action against Iran for its nuclear program, once again exposing the institutional corruption and lack of moral integrity of the type and shadow of the one world government. The five permanent Security Council members have been diplomatically stewing over sanctions on Iran for over six months and the issue has been plaguing the world for at least two years, mainly because Russia and China have lucrative billion-dollar-plus business interests in Iran’s nuclear development and refuse to stop their Machiavellian scheme to use Iran to achieve a stronger world position.
Russia’s current objections to sanctions against Iran include proposals that would expand the amount of inspections of Iran’s nuclear program by the International Atomic Energy Agency; that would freeze the assets of those assisting Iran’s nuclear program; and those that would ban travel for those who are connected to Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. All of these types of sanctions would impact both Russia and China who are assisting Iran in both its nuclear development and its missile program—actions all that impact China and Russia’s economic and military strategies with Iran. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the sanctions were disproportionate and irresponsible.
Meantime, Iran’s radical terrorist-sponsoring Islamist leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatened the European nations. Ahmadinejad said, "I'm telling you in plain language that as of now on, if you try, whether in your propaganda or at international organizations, to take steps against the rights of the Iranian nation, the Iranian nation will consider it an act of hostility.” Ahmadinejad said Iran will reconsider its relations with the European nations, which amounts to millions of dollars in yearly trade. Ahmadinejad has also said that Israel should be destroyed along with the United States.
The charade at the United Nations by Russia and China is reminiscent of the Oil for Food scandal where Russia and China, and France as well, were taking under the table bribes from Saddam Hussein to hold the Western nations at bay while he built up Iraq’s military. Russia and China are not to be trusted. Their open conflict of interest with Iran on the Security Council also proves that a one-world government is incapable of protecting the interests of what is right. Revelation 13:7, which speaks of the one world government led by the antichrist, says “And it was given unto him (antichrist) to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” Watch and pray.

DEBKAfile: Robert Gates’ reference to an Israeli nuclear weapon was synchronized with Baker’s exclusion of Israel from a Mid East conference. The Sena

DEBKAfile: Robert Gates’ reference to an Israeli nuclear weapon was synchronized with Baker’s exclusion of Israel from a Mid East conference. The Senate confirms Gates in defense by 95-2 vote
December 7, 2006, 5:10 PM (GMT+02:00)
The pair is pursuing a new policy line which sacrifices the traditional US-Israeli alliance for the sake of wooing Iran, Syria and Iraq’s neighbors for help in Iraq. During his senate hearings, Gates confirmed - and indirectly justified - Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon by declaring that the Islamic Republic Iran wants the power of deterrence against “the nuclear countries surrounding them – Pakistan in the east, Russia in the north, Israel in the west and the United States in the Persian Gulf.”
Israeli vice premier Shimon Peres said Israel, backed by the US, has for decades pursued a policy of nuclear ambiguity as a powerful deterrence “against enemies bent on its destruction, while threatening no other country itself.”
DEBKAfile: The designated US defense secretary did not consult – or even inform - Israel before a disclosure that violates a confidence long-held between the two governments.
Gates also said that “If Iran obtains nuclear weapons no one can promise it would not use them against Israel.”
He was then confirmed as defense secretary Wednesday by an overwhelming 95-2 Senate vote. The only two opposing votes were cast by two Bush allies, Sens. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., and Jim Bunning, R-Ky. They cited his criticism of the war and his view that the U.S. should engage Iran as part of a solution.
The Pentagon, which has warned against granting a role to Iran and Syria at Israel’s expense, has a new master, Robert Gates. He has already applied the broom to his predecessor Donald Rumsfeld’s senior aides.
Some Washington pundits accused the co-chairman of the Iraq Study Group, James Baker, as forcing President George W. Bush to resort to dealing with the Iraqi Shiite-led government for the sake of an orderly US exit from Iraq. The price offered is acceptance that Iran could go nuclear within two years at Israel’s expense.
The group’s recommendation of a Madrid-2 peace conference for a Middle East peace would pander to the Arabs and their European backers by pushing for a full Israeli withdrawal from territories captured in the 1967 war. Israel and its supporters in the United States would have no say – “…a unique opportunity for the US to strike a deal without Jewish pressure,” as one Washington observer put it.
This sort of crude language has not been heard in Washington’s top circles since George Bush the elder was president and James Baker his secretary of state.
The new-old gang has also revived the threat of an imposed “peace.” It is barely veiled in the Baker-Hamilton report’s statement: “The US cannot achieve its goals in the Middle East unless it embarks on a renewed and sustained commitment to a comprehensive peace plan on all fronts.”
The prime minister’s office in Jerusalem still clings to the now-meaningless statement that there is “no fear of a change in US policy towards Israel.” The statement released Thursday, Dec. 7, asserted that Ehud Olmert was assured during his Washington visit two weeks ago that “there was no linkage between the Iraq issue and Israel.”

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Dorothy A. SeeseNovember 18, 2006
Whether the motivation is fear of being different, ridiculed, despised for daring to think differently than directed by the manipulators of public opinion, or whether it is genuine belief in all forms of media that are otherwise acknowledged to be biased, I have no idea!
I do know that Americans are not the same breed of humans with which I grew up, and as of this writing, I haven't changed the way I think because I look for the logic, the evidence, the sources, and try to weave them into a fabric called "times, trends and events." My ego won't allow me to think of myself as a journalist but merely as a communicator of what seems to me to be the obvious. As far as my own thinking, the title (if there has to be a label attached) is "an analyst of times, trends and events" and I write them down, hang them out on the world wide web and go my way.
One thing that seems more than obvious is a form of almost global irrationality. There are numerous, perhaps innumerable examples of humanity gone crazy en masse, none more obvious than formerly free and unafraid Americans fastening their tongues with a type of superglue to make certain that no one, absolutely no one, who isn't specifically exempt, is ever, ever offended by a thing called free speech. The media has set the tone and the trend at the behest of whoever controls media from positions of authority, and they are not necessarily elected officials. A few examples should set those who are so inclined to wondering, even thinking, about how certain influences have changed public life in America even when private thinking is just the opposite.
The Great Free Speech Massacre
If you were an adult in the 1940's to 1970's, you knew exactly what a "wetback" is. Gradually, not only their title has changed several times, but also their status in our society and their acquisition of "rights" as they, not citizens, demand and our leaders accept. First, the label used most was "illegal alien." That appeared to be natural enough, since anyone in this nation illegally is both illegal and an alien. However, some of these wetbacks were terribly offended at that designation, even though they were here illegally and are aliens. So they became "undocumented workers." But not all of them work, and "undocumented" had a rather unsavory tone (something like "illegal") so now they are immigrants. Not illegal immigrants, just immigrants, with the same status as those who came through Ellis Island with a few words of English, and an obligation to meet certain requirements or be deported. Some reports state they number in excess of 20 million, others lower it to 12-14 million, and unless a census were undertaken, it's probably quite uncertain how many there are living in this country with all the rights of citizens, including the right to vote if no proof of citizenship is required.
However, to use the term "wetback" is horribly unacceptable and absolutely no one dares use such a term in public, or even in private groups unless they are old friends who know one another's thinking.

Even among the people of all-European descent, one simply doesn't refer to French people as frogs, Germans as krauts, Poles as polocks, or Italians as wops. It's been many years since I've heard a Brit referred to as a "limey" but that is perhaps because there are almost as many Arabic peoples in England now as their are people of classic British descent (white, Anglo-Saxon).
In America, we have no more American Indians (except where the term is acceptable for Indian Gaming Casinos or Indian hospitals). We have Native Americans. Yet they trace their ancestry, in the west at least, to the Far East. But don't say to the Orient. There are no more Orientals, they are Asians. Oriental is reserved for labeling a type of rug. I am assuming the Orient Express went out of business decades ago, or changed its name. After all, its destination was never a rug.
The Great Constitutional Misconstruction
Separation of church and state is not in either the body of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, or any subsequent amendments, although there are news anchors who read their TelePrompters to state that such-and-such was a violation of the Constitution's requirement for the separation of church and state. Now, how many people will believe a news anchor speaks accurately, and how many viewers will question why there are so many biblical and specifically Christian symbols, phrases (in God we trust) and sculptures carved into or emblazed upon the buildings in Washington, D.C.? The late Justice Hugo Black of the United States Supreme Court and what we today would call a "flaming liberal" put that phrase into an opinon, having nabbed it out of a private letter from then-President Thomas Jefferson to Danbury Baptist Church in a question about whether any particular Christian denomination coud deny rights to other Christian denominations. The dispute was between the rights of Baptists as opposed to the infringement upon those rights by the dominant Congregationalists of the state in question.
The opinion of a Supreme Court Justice thus took precedence over the specific wording of the First Amendment. The First Amendment, in prohibiting Congress from making any law "with respect to an establishment of religion" (generally understood to mean a state church such as the Church of England) also states that the government shall not "prohibit the free exercise thereof" [of religion] which it most certainly is doing.
The Tenth Amendment states that any powers not specifically delegated to the federal government shall remain with the states, which is generally referred to as the "states rights" amendment. It was an expression by all the states, at that time, of how limited federal powers should be. To supporters of a strong federal government and the risk carried by such a powerful body of enacting and enforcing tyrannical laws and abridging the freedom of the people, the states rights amendment had to be abrogated somehow. Now, it has been abrogated to the point that the amendment has been effectively rescinded, and that without any amendment to support such actions. But such is tyranny.
And where was the public outrage? Missing. Where were the defenders of free people with rights rather than a subservient people dependent upon privilege? Few and far between, finding almost no expression until the advent of the internet.
The Abuse of the Superpower Myth
A true superpower has to exercise humility, discretion, and care never to abuse the military might and economic power at its disposal. It also has to be exemplary in conduct and respect for law and order, or the rule of law, or it is nothing but a tyrant by whatever name it calls itself. The United States has never been a paragon of virtue, but it most certainly had a general public respect for the Puritan work ethic and biblical standards of morality as the norm for public conduct and the upbringing of children. The decline in all moral and ethical standards has been astonishing. Where public outcry did rise, the power of the minority in administrative, legislative and judicial quashed it through the power of the courts and the aid of the press. Conversely, when world opinion gauges fell to near-zero for American behavior, the same spokespersons and opinion makers learned to do a seamless about-face and condemn that which they previously condoned. This would lead to a more appropriate title of SuperHypocrites.
One interesting example is provided by a look at the films and television programs of a few decades ago and a comparison with the problems facing America today, including an apparently unpayable federal debt and rampant anti-social behavior ranging from school shootings to road rage to gay rights parades and demands for equality as a third gender.
The America that had general respect throughout the civilized world also had accepted codes of conduct for most forms of public entertainment media. This can be seen in classic films and videos of old television programs. Prayer before dinner was often shown in family scenes. Children spoke to parents with respect, and parents were diligent about the upbringing of children. Actors who were homosexual kept it well hidden. The media gave news, not tabloid garbage. Extra-marital sex was shown as sinful conduct, not a form of free expression of one's inner self or some other trite phrase. Murder mysteries were able to convey a homicide without graphic violence and repulsive gore. People were praised for self-restraint. Now, the more violent, the more immoral, the more diabolical the story, the more publicity it receives.
In those same films, adults were shown lighting up cigars, pipes and cigarettes and no one objected, no one was offended other than some with particular religious convictions. The general public was not phobic of the use of tobacco any more than it is now afraid of the use of hundreds of new drugs, many of which have had to be pulled off the market for their deadly side effects. For this generation, nearly everything is acceptable other than tobacco use, but the quality of American morality has nosedived. Sex for consenting children is fine, they're almost expected to play with recreational drugs and sex.
Single women can have children without guilt or expectation that they should be married and living in a nuclear home, but heaven forbid someone should light a cigarette within fifty feet of the nearest window, door or fire escape. So the moral America had few restrictions and no social taboos on tobacco use, but the immoral one is fighting tooth and claw to wipe out all vestiges of tobacco use. That is one curious turn of events, particularly with so many people alive who are over age eighty and a growing number in their nineties, all of whom had to live through the age of unrestricted tobacco use. That is a peculiar turn of events.

Somewhere, behavior and evidence are not linking up. The American public, perhaps eager to find some outlet for the loss of their Constitutional rights, privacy, due process and other former guarantees under a rule of law, strike out at things once generally accepted. Instead, they have repudiated the standards by which our nation grew into the status of superpower, including humility, restraint, distaste for unbridled greed, immorality and the home as the basic unit of society, and have linked onto the gay parades as if to advertise that they are not tolerant of all those old-fashioned customs that built an unhyphenated America.

The first border to be flung open was the one that led this nation out of common sense into political correctness that espouses old Marxism wearing a new hat called liberal in the worst sense of the word.
If one has to make a eulogy for the loss of common sense, there is a bitter irony to saying that it lies under the monument to the World Trade Center that imploded upon itself where other buildings struck with outside force have toppled. There is no "rest in peace" for either, just loss.
© 2006 Dorothy A. Seese - All Rights Reserved
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Dorothy Anne Seese has been working since she was three and a half years old, but not as a journalist.
Her career began as a child actress in the 1939-1942 "Five Little Peppers" film series produced by Columbia that mercifully ended with the nation's involvement in World War II, although she did do small parts in a few films until 1953. By that time, she was a student at U.C.L.A. where she received her liberal arts degree in Political Science.



By Joe Kress
November 26, 2006
The caption read: “Catholics plan gay outreach.” This headline was above an article published, November 14, 2006 by the Post and Courier, South Carolina. Just below that article was another article with the caption: “N.C. Baptists adopt anti-gay policy.” The day before, there was the announcement that the Episcopal hierarchy elevated a female priest to bishop. Her first announcement was to condone same sex marriage, approve the use of fertilized embryos for stem cell research and equate the homosexual lifestyle with the heterosexual’s as the natural, progressive understanding of the human condition. The Episcopal Church announced that deformed and imperfect new born babies should be allowed to die without undue medical care. Evidently these little ones struggling for life are the new throwaway class of non-productive humans.
These captions and statements are examples of modern day Christianity and its new age dissimilitude. There was a time in the early Church when serious sins could be forgiven only if the penitent spent long days, even months standing, draped in sackcloth and ashes before the entrance of the church.
The Roman Catholic bishops approved guidelines for gay outreach, November 15, 2006, to be an open invitation to the homosexual communities that this is the religion to belong to, but don’t have sex, because you can’t receive Holy Communion if you do. The bishops equated buggery, fallatio, and cunninlingus as benign as the use of prophylactics to avoid conception between married couples. Sodomy is no longer looked upon so serious an evil that it brings down the wrath of the Almighty and more Sodom and Gomorrah
The appearance as some would say is that Catholic Bishops evidently want to live in Sodom City to fill the pews, with special sections set apart for non-abstaining Sodomites so that the rest of the faithful can snicker past as they march up the aisle to receive communion. That is certainly not the case. I would not agree with that perception. The Catholic Church would never turn away any sinner. The fact is, the Catholic Church probably is more aware of the homosexuals’ dilemma than any other religion and has a greater sympathy for those who are afflicted. The problem is not a problem, if sexual abstinence can be observed. It’s like the military, don’t ask, don’t tell. The Church is well aware of what happens to those children that have been violated and suffer the scars of sexual abuse for a lifetime. It could never approve of the homosexual lifestyle. Those who are afflicted are given sympathetic counseling with the sincere hope that the homosexuals can be either cured or can remain celibate.
I cringe that a priest or bishop would say the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, perform the Consecration of the Sacred Host in the morning and later have, abnormal, disgusting, weird intimate relations with adolescent altar boys. The violation of their vows of chastity and celibacy are sacrilegious, adding another serious sin to the abnormal act itself. Nearly as bad, in my opinion, were the straight Catholic bishops trying to hide what can only be determined to be widespread pedophiles in the seminaries and within the sacristies committing crimes against man, God and His Church. What must be recognized is that homosexuals had found a deep cover and a great avenue to prey on the innocent by infiltrating the clergy.
The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s spokesman is quoted in the article as stating, “It’s not something that we wanted to do, (the national Southern Baptist with its 4,000 churches and 1.2 million members is more strict than the national Southern Baptists), but homosexuality is the only sin that has its own advocacy group,” Spokesman Norman Jameson said. “Those advocacy groups are pushing us into this stance. Other denominations that waffle and waver on the issue year after year are getting torn apart.”
Nice! What members of the Convention are saying is we don’t like what you homosexuals do … so don’t join us, but on the other hand, we’ll not avoid ministering to the homosexual community. Ogallala! That message should surely entice homosexuals to seek comfort and guidance and forgiveness for their ongoing practices that Lot avoided. The Baptists evidently want to take one last look towards Sodom, as did Lot’s wife, but sort of regret that they voted for leaving the place. That tells me the subject probably would not have reached the convention floor had it not been for the fate of those religions who waffled… not because it was the right thing they wanted to do but because the Gay advocacy groups forced their hand.

Tent preachers and television evangelists whose thunder and brimstone sermons about the wrath of God and the final days, leave their pulpits, climb aboard their jet liners and tryst with some male or female prostitute who provides the lustful satisfaction what their wives recoil from with loathing and disgust.
The fact is heterosexual practices depicted in pictures found in the Komasutra are the same as those practiced by homosexuals. The variations in real life sometime exceed anything depicted in that ancient book of human sexual practices. Some homosexual antics reach bizarre levels causing gross damage to their orifices.
Voyeurs, who watch the porn movies, are corrupted by outlandish exhibitions of the depths of human depravity. They become mentally and morally degraded as those who sexually perform for their viewing pleasure. Several studies on mental problems found that those who continue viewing pornographic material and movies ultimately become addicted, so much so that what they see actually controls their lives, overriding all other outside activities including intimate sex with their own wives.
They drift away from their religious beliefs. In other words, voyeurs are vicariously living within an unreal world watching degrading human acts that the lower animals couldn’t perform. In the case of pedophiles, they are not satisfied to sit before a screen in a dark corner; rather their goal is to trap the young into meeting them and then abusing them. Many gays go fishing for a partner no matter the age. In other words, the voyeurs, the pedophiles, the wolves that prey on children…their world is sex and how to use it. It is all about self-gratification, a form of idolatry where they revere their sex organs as gods.
What really is the problem with sex outside society’s perception of normal sex? Acts depicted in the Komasutra are stimulating activities prior to completing copulation. Using stimulations to the point of consummation thus aborting the normal function of heterosexual copulation is considered to be a variation of masturbation. Avoiding normal sexual intercourse, by making use of orifices not meant for the sexual act is defined as sodomy. It is wrong when it degrades the human soul; makes men or women slaves to its practice, causes harm psychologically, emotionally and physically. It is wrong for those who exclusively practice these acts and solicit others to perform them where otherwise they would not. That applies as well to heterosexuals as well as homosexuals who lead others into sex in order to quench their lustful thirst at the expense of their victims.
I received messages from a homosexual who objected to the statement I made in my article The Force BE with US where I wrote that the commencement of the collapse of Ancient Rome was because of immorality and sexual perversions. His beef, so to speak, is essentially what I stated earlier, that some heterosexuals practice the same type sex as homosexuals, so why am I condemning what homosexuals do? He states that when heterosexuals reach the age when the creation of children is no longer possible, subsequent sex is for pure pleasurable gratification, is it not? He asks, what is the difference between same sex and what a large number of married and unmarried straights practice for pure sexual gratification? So what then is my justification that gays shouldn’t have the right to marry since what they do sexually is the same? He mentions that dogs and other animals commit acts that are natural but to me, he assumes, the animals would be considered perverted. He didn’t address the difference between the nature of man compared to a species of a lower nature which is denied an immortal soul and free will.
The question comes down to what is normal and what is not normal? The homosexual, my critic, asks for more answers: Socrates, a Greek who committed homosexual sex, a practice condoned in Ancient Greece as a normal act, wasn’t he considered a moral man? Alexander the Great who took his male lover with him on his campaigns was he ridiculed? What about the Romans who believed buggery was unacceptable if being buggered, but is okay to be the one who is doing the buggering?
My answer to these questions would never be satisfactory because the explanation involves subconscious development of man’s higher spirit. The ancients’ morals evolved from developing philosophies and certainly not all of the ancients practiced homosexual sex, nor would because all men and women have different appreciation of sex. Concern about the practice probably came about when the Romans first adopted unwritten postulations related to certain sexual practices that were perceived to demean the male ego.
A couple of thousand years before the twins Romulus and Remus were born, Jews developed religious practices to insure proper hygiene and safe foods, such as not eating pork which was considered an unclean meat and restricted sexual practices that were unhygienic. Moses set strict rules for his people when he received the Ten Commandments and there was no mention of adultery by persons of the same sex. There was mention of coveting the neighbor’s wife. There were also ancient historical writings by the scribes about Sodom and Gomorrah, and how the people of Sodom demanded that Lot turn over his visitors to them to be used for sex. The visitors were God’s angels, males in mufti, searching for one good person other than Lot so that the city could be saved from God’s wrath and total destruction. We know the rest of the story, but when I mentioned this to the homosexual who chastised me, he replied that Lot offered his daughter as a substitute in exchange to save the Angels who appeared as males. He said that proves that Lot believed the crowd would satisfy their sexual demands using a female substitute and therefore were not homosexual but considered both male and female acceptable for their purposes. His reply makes my case because many homosexuals today are also capable of being amoral “switch hitters” who, although married, have joined the homosexual fraternity just to take part in its depravity. Many, who have been threatened to be outed because of their denial of their secret lifestyle, come forth and say that they, in their latter years, finally discovered they were homosexual. It’s funny. It reminds me of the announcements by both Madeline Albright and John Kerry that they only recently discovered that they are Jewish.
Unlikely, I say.
I have digressed from my point which is that Jewish morality regarding sex stemmed from the writings in the Torah and many Jews in Rome’s early history became Roman citizens. Their views on homosexual practices differed from the Greeks and were known in some high Roman quarters with which they kept contact. However, the real impact of Jewish thought on the subject became widely accepted after Paul and the Apostles spread their Judeo-Christian beliefs which also include the Pentateuch of the Jewish Bible which later became the first five chapters of the Christian Bible and the New Testament.
Mankind’s view of morality progresses along concepts of what is ethical and what is not ethical based on human failures, successes and the vicissitudes nature plays upon us. What was considered ethical in ancient times, would not be tolerated today, such as slavery and having Vestal Virgins as a part of the state religion or the use of state authorized torture and murder to satisfy those voyeurs watching Christians burn and be torn apart by wild beasts. Wait! Stop right there! My critic would say: “What’s the difference in today’s world when equally horrible and weird practices exist?” My answer is we have been exposed to the truth of what are right and good based on Christian and Torah Jews religious convictions. That makes current immorality, criminal sexual practices and murder even more contemptible.
But let’s get down to the nitty gritty. To use substitutes for sexual gratification violates the laws of nature. The practices are physically dangerous, resulting in hideous diseases and infections unrelated to normal sexual intercourse … the kind that produces babies. The difference between the straights who commit sodomy and the homosexual who commits sodomy is that the homosexual, in order to satisfy his or her sexual desire, will not resort to any other practice but to sodomize his or her partner, whereas those who are not homosexuals have a choice.
According to scientific, research, sexual pleasure stems from the brain, otherwise there would be no attraction and consequently women would refuse an act that results later in the agony of giving birth. Man, as in mankind would become extinct during the first generation. Marriage is the total commitment between a male and a female for life. It is a pledge of devotion (love) that initiates the joining of two people in an act that fulfills the desire to participate in the creation of new life and the wholesomeness of the family unit, an entity held as a sacred trust that stands above all others. Any violation of that trust has a ripple effect in society as a whole. The dissolution of marriage also dissolves the entire social construct of a nation.
What then is the cause of this unnatural drive, a drive that violates the human anatomy? The term that deviants of the great majority of the population are unwilling to call by name is perversion. The perversion may have come about because outside influences such as early exposure to sex by a person of the same sex over a period of time. My homosexual critic disagrees with that conclusion. He states that a single homosexual act can trigger the homosexual’s realization that he or she is homosexual and if that proclivity is not there, the person would not become a homosexual.
My reply to that statement is that is exactly the reason homosexuals are on the prowl looking for other homosexuals and the reason their victims are not exclusively young. They want to find the victim whose trigger mechanism can be unlocked. But in the meantime they continue to test the entire lake to find that one fish.
How can we honestly question homosexual practices as normal even for them or being homosexual is as normal as being heterosexual when as little as five percent of the total population is actually truly homosexual? If not normal, then the kind of sex they exclusively practice is degrading to themselves. Hence most of them wish to closet their practices. Should we of the majority accept the minority’s views to allow their aberrant life style to be acceptable when they attempt to recruit our children through story books, TV programs and movies? Should we stand by while this minority abominates the meaning of marriage between a man and a woman? The institution of marriage was created to protect children and insure the survival of mankind. It is an institution that existed long before the time of Sodom and Noah’s Ark and now it is being challenged to afford same sex couples the legal, social and monetary benefits that marriage provides including the adoption of children.
The sad and really deplorable consequences of what this rush towards accepting homosexuality as just an aberration of the human condition is the attitude by the Episcopal Church that marriage of same sex couples is acceptable. That part of Episcopalism has gone over the edge by disregarding the purpose of the institution of marriage in exchange for a warped political correctness. Modernism weakened the Christian Church, but accepting sodomy as normal goes beyond the pale.
Why should the general population quietly accept this propaganda when in reality they have a mental disorder, a moral disorder and their life of created depravity? They are constantly looking for converts as rutting wolves. The Log Cabin Republicans have gained access to the political arena carrying their special agenda. Both political parties have their homosexual representatives in congress backed financially by organizations such as NAMBLA whose goal is to end the oppression of men and boys who have mutually consensual relationships.
Lesbians have a very powerful backer in Wal-Mart. Recently, Wal-Mart was brought to the attention of the Internets World Net Daily Exclusive by a man by the name of Ben-Ami, who heads a watchdog group covering publications that have an adverse effect on youth. He reported that Wal-Mart, afraid of being exposed, abruptly pulled from its shelves “the little black book for girlz, a book for healthy sexuality.” The graphic manual promotes lesbianism to young girls, gives explicit instructions for enjoying oral and anal sexual acts and instructs girls that only 10% of the population is heterosexual. The purpose is a thinly veiled propaganda piece that undermines healthy parent-child relationships, substitutes voodoo myths for actual science and provides advice, if actually followed, will certainly result in real serious harm to those who follow it. It tells girls that parents are homophobes. The center was started by the Anglican Diocese in 1962 and was a Christian based organization until 1974. It now receives government money in the amount of $8 million dollars annually. Wal-Mart confirmed that it has joined the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and contributed $60,000 to the homosexual activist group.[1] In Canada, the book was being considered to be included in school libraries.
There is no doubt that some of the greatest minds the world has ever known were homosexuals. That fact does not mean that these mental giants were normal. It does mean that because many of them are extremely intelligent, they have been able to sell their peculiar sexual preference as being innocuous and not a danger to public orthodoxy.
For the most part, gay males and females are predominantly far left liberals who have shown a real hatred of the Catholic Church and religions in general because of their not so benign attitude towards homosexuals. A few years ago, radical gays marched in a parade up 5th Avenue in New York City. Some of them entered St. Patrick Cathedral, urinated and defecated between the pews; overturned statues and broke open the tabernacle and removed the Sacred Hosts therein. Some even had sex in the back rows. The excuse for why they did such despicable acts was provided to me by my homosexual correspondent. He stated that the reasons why homosexuals are liberal should be obvious because their personal behavior is considered wrong and it is the conservative values that condemns them where liberal values accepts them and liberality as a political arm appeals to the rejected or dejected. If homosexuals were accepted by the controlling elite they then would be conservative.

GUR-R-R-R! HUMBUG, SAY I! That excuse on its face is as specious as it can get, given the fact that the majority of homosexuals have been the most outspoken defenders of the right to choose, the right to abort, even during the last month of pregnancy; they stand tall for euthanasia, for far left socialism; against prayer in public schools; against celebration of Christmas in public squares and public displays of crosses or other religious symbols. Some, not all, have the mind set of Rosy O’Donnell and Bill Maher… cynical and condescending.

I can sympathize with the real homosexual that is morally conflicted, who desires to live a moral life, who feels guilty in being sexually active and envies those who can lead a heterosexual lifestyle, have a traditional family and not live in sin. Those in that situation are aware that heterosexual sex is normal and that exclusively deviant sexual practices are not. That being celibate is the only way he or she can be accepted in most major religions. I’ll never forget what one man said to me. “Do you think I want to be homosexual? Do you think I choose to be this way?" My answer to that man is: Of course, you couldn’t because the problem is mental. My problem with homosexuals is that because your way of life is so foreign to mine and to 95% of the rest of us, we can not share your situation any more than we would share willingly an affliction such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and leprosy. All we can do is sympathize and pray for you.
1. Report provided by World Net Daily Exclusive, November 17, 2006.
© 2006 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved
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The "Curmudgeon", Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.
He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.
Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.



By Marsha West
December 1, 2006
Associated Press (AP) published an article, “Teen’s tongue piercing causes ‘suicide disease.’” According to the article, teens that pierced their tongues are suffering from stabbing pains that feel like electrical shocks. The pain lasts up to 30 seconds and occurred 20 to 30 times a day. The diagnosis is “trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve disorder sometimes called “suicide disease” because of the excruciating and dispiriting pain it causes.” Painkillers had no affect. Stefania Fraccalvieri was one of those teens. When she removed the metal barbell from her tongue the pain disappeared.
According to Dr. Marcelo Galarza, a neurosurgeon at Villa Maria Cecilia Hospital in Ravenna, Italy, "The tongue is “a particularly dangerous place to pierce” because it is rich in blood vessels that can spread infection to major organs and because it is near important nerves and the upper airway."
Fraccalvieri gave this warning to potential pierces, “Don’t do that. My experience was so bad. I was so sick and now I feel much better.”
Most young people will disregard Fraccalvieri’s warning. They’ll convince themselves that what happened to her will never happen to them. And tongue piercing will continue until the fad fades away.
Kudos to the AP for reporting the risks of tongue piercing. It is to their shame that we the people rarely hear about the dangers inherent in oral and anal sex. It’s something else young people are doing these days that medical professionals regard as particularly dangerous.
In government schools young people are taught that Mother Earth is the giver and sustainer of life. Woe to those who teach that God is the life-giver. Teachers are drilling into the malleable minds of students the “fact” that our earth is facing a climate crisis. Woe to those who have a “diverse” view on Global Warming. Students are taught that Earth is in great peril (caused by evil humanoids), but they’re not told in sex-ed classes that if they engage in sodomy they’re in peril of contracting a whole host of vile diseases and may not be around to see who wins the Global Warming debate. Kids have a right to know that there are inherent risks in anal intercourse that cannot be made safe.
Granted, precautions can be taken to make some sexual practices safer, but not completely safe. Many teens don’t bother with safety measures, which leads to disastrous consequences. And let’s get real. Your average teenager has no desire to learn about “anal health.” They have bigger fish to fry. This is where parents and teachers come in. Parents should be fully informed about risky sex. Hard as it is, they MUST talk to their kids about it. Teachers have the responsibility to teach the whole truth to their students, even if the “gay” activist groups ridicule and threaten them. Just suck it up – and do the right thing.
I find it odd that radical “gay”activist groups like Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) will berate anyone who dares to speak out against sodomy when they know perfectly well that it’s unhealthy. Especially for teens who aren’t aware of the ends and outs of anal sex.
GLSEN shouts from the roof tops that it’s OK to be “gay.” Fine. But as a notable “education” network, the moral thing, the noble thing, for GLSEN to do is to educate teens that risk of trauma, blood infection, and viruses like hepatitis C are inherent to sodomy.
GLSEN wants “gay” and lesbian students protected from harassment and demand that government school employees enroll in “sensitivity training.” (Sensitivity training aims to intimidate and silence anyone who disagrees with a homosexual’s choices.) GLSEN is also pushing for “anti-gay harassment” classes in middle school and high school.
GLSEN has one thing right. Harassment of anyone for any reason is wrong. It’s also wrong to deliberately withhold vital information from the public. Yet “gay” activist groups avoid giving in-depth explanations of diseases that teens will be exposed to. Hence, teens are playing Russisn Roulette with their lives. Why not lay out the truth and leave it up to the individual to decide if the “gay” lifestyle is all it’s cracked up to be? If that’s the road a person chooses to go down, he or she will walk it with their eyes wide open.
It’s far from politically correct to say anything against the homosexual lifestyle. But guess what? The data proves that many homosexuals like living on the edge! According to a 2005 study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on HIV-related high risk behavior,
“At the end of 2004, approximately 500,000 persons were living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in the 35 U.S. areas with confidential name-based HIV infection reporting since 2000. Certain behaviors (e.g., unprotected sexual intercourse and injection-drug use) are associated with high risk for HIV transmission. Through 2004, of all cases of HIV infection in the United States reported to CDC, 34% were attributed to male-male sexual contact, 14% to injection-drug use, and 20% to heterosexual contact.”[2]
Sadly, HIV infection among men who have sex with men is rising in the U.S and Canada. It’s also rising in the UK. “Last year there were more new diagnoses among gay men than ever before. While that may be partly due to more men coming forward for testing, it is feared that the gay community is indulging in high-risk sexual behavior and failing to use condoms. Other sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhea, are also on the increase among men who have sex with men. Gonorrhea is rising even though the number of people infected in the heterosexual population is falling. Worryingly, there has been a dramatic rise in the numbers of cases where ciprofloxacin - the antibiotic used to treat it - has not worked, because the microbe has become resistant to it.”[3]
There’s a code of ethics that says, “I can do what I want as long as I'm not hurting anyone else.” The CDC’s report makes it clear that those who “do what they want” during sexual encounters often hurt unsuspecting, innocent people, sometimes putting a death nail in their coffins. This way of thinking is unconscionable. It’s nothing short of criminal.
Teenage boys who believe they are “gay” or bisexual practice male-male sex. No surprise there. Here’s the shocker. A number of heterosexual teens engage in anal sex to avoid becoming pregnant! Some teens think that having anal sex allows the girl to maintain her virginity.
Many schools teach safe sex, but one of the most important aspects is left out, namely the dangers related to sodomy! Kids should understand all the risks, not just the risks associated with HIV! All the really scary stuff should be drummed into their heads!
Fact check. Those who practice anal sex are far and away more likely to contract anal cancer, as well as hepatitis B and C, than those who practice sex the normal way. In other words, the way God intended. No illustration is necessary, as we all know how the human body functions. It’s obvious (to most of us) where the entrances and exits are.
Fact check. Those who practice anal and oral sex are also more likely to end up with esophageal or stomach cancer and hepatitis A.
Fact check. Oral and anal sex may result in the transmission of STDs such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea. These diseases will not be detected in urine tests.
Not a pretty picture, is it?
So, why are young people engaging in risky sex? Because many of them don’t consider oral or anal sex “real sex.” We have Bill Clinton to thank for our younger generation’s twisted outlook on sex.
But there’s good news on the horizon! “The number of teens ever having had sexual intercourse decreased from 54.1 to 46.8 percent; the prevalence of multiple (four or more) sex partners decreased from 18.7 to 14.3 percent; the prevalence of current sexual activity (within the past three months) decreased from 37.4 percent to 33.9 percent; and the prevalence of condom use increased from 46.2 percent to 62.8 percent.[4]
And there’s bad news, too. In 2003, the CDC estimated that 40% of all reported cases of syphilis in the U.S. involved male-male sex. In other words, anal sex.
There’s even more bad news from the CDC,
Unprotected anal intercourse was reported by 58% with a main male partner (someone with whom the participant had sex and to whom he felt most committed [e.g., a boyfriend--significant other, or life partner]) and by 34% with a casual male partner (someone with whom the participant had sex but who was not considered a main partner). A substantial proportion (80%) of participants had received free condoms during the preceding 12 months, but fewer had participated in individual-or group-level HIV prevention programs.[5]
The above statistics are from the CDC’s website. The CDC has no ax to grind. Their job is to report the cold hard facts. The truth of the matter is that sodomy is devastating to the human body.
Americans remind me of the proverbial frog being boiled to death in a slowly heated pan of water. The creature doesn’t have a sense of the rising heat; therefore it just sits in the pan, and ends up frog soup.
Where oh where are the Hollywood elite's on what are certainly life and death issues. They’re on the side of death! All one has to do is take a look at some of the raunchy programming to figure out where they stand. Writers and producers know all to well about risky sexual behavior. Will these folks ever develop a conscience and produce a network show that broaches the subject of “abstinence” for the sake of the younger generation? Don’t hold your breath. Hellywood liberals encourage moral depravity. And the secular progressives use young TV viewers and movie-goers to spread their agenda.
There’s a well-planned, deliberate dumbing down of the American mind. Americans are inclined to believe every lie the so-called “experts” tell us. These “experts” want us to believe that homosexuality is normal and natural. Common sense dictates that sodomy is unnatural. It’s perverted. Webster’s Dictionary describes perversion thus:
1. An aberrant sexual practice that is preferred to normal intercourse. 2. The action of perverting something (turning it to a wrong use); "it was a perversion of justice."
Instead of being outraged that all sorts of sexual perversions are being foisted on youngsters, parents “tolerate” it! Why? Since when does being tolerant mean that you should be open to everything?

An ex-homosexual who spent over 20 years living as a “gay” man told Culture & Family Report, “There is a recklessness that is endemic to the gay male population. There is a portion of the community that likes to flirt with death. They get off on taking chances. It’s an erotic high for them.”
Parents, is this the kind of life you want for your kids?

Going back to Stefania Fraccalvieri’s pain form the metal barbell in her tongue. As soon as Stefania removed the barbell the pain disappeared. Stefania warned others who might consider tongue piercing. “Don’t do that. My experience was so bad.”
The same could be said about sodomy. Don’t do that! Your experience could cost you dearly.
1, This Month's HIV/AIDS Facts from the American Cross website. 2, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Risk, Prevention, and Testing Behaviors --- United States, National HIV Behavioral Surveillance System: Men Who Have Sex with Men, November 2003--April 2005 - CDC website 3, HIV infection in UK increases to 63,500 Sarah Boseley, health editor, November 23, 2006 Also see: Sex Now, Numbers Rising: challenges for gay men's health By Terry Trussler, Rick Marchand and Mark Gilbert Community Based Research Centre Vancouver, BC 2006 4, Fewer Teens Engage in Risky Sexual Behavior By Amanda Gardner 5, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Risk, Prevention, and Testing Behaviors --- United States, National HIV Behavioral Surveillance System: Men Who Have Sex with Men, November 2003--April 2005 - CDC website
Suggested Reading:
HOMOSEXUALITY: Fact and Fiction (Part One in a Two-Part Series on Homosexuality) By Joseph P. Gudel
© 2006 Marsha West - All Rights Reserved
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Marsha West is the Founder and Editor of the E-Mail Brigade News Report, an online news report for conservative people of faith. Marsha is a freelance writer specializing in Christian worldview. She is a regular contributor to,,, plus her commentaries appear in and
Marsha is also designer and webmaster of a Christian apologetics website, On Solid Rock Resources. She is currently writing a series of children's books for homeschoolers. Marsha and her husband reside in historic Jacksonville Oregon.



By Joan VeonNovember 28, 2006
Are you tired of not having answers to the problems of world government, free trade, and the loss of value of life? Do you feel that God has left us alone to battle evil? I have good news for you. God made provision for us to live victorious long before the “foundations of the world.” Having reported on the topic of world government for the past 13 years, I have found myself covered too many times in the miry clay of oppression as a result of reading thousands of pages of UN and UN-related documents written by the powerbrokers of the world for how to change the world “for the better.” Their antics and control over the world’s monetary supply and corresponding interest rates, the plucking of government assets worldwide by public-private partnership, deregulation of country laws so as to increase the cost of utilities, and the privatization of government assets as a way of “reducing debt,” have kept me at times in an over-whelmed position. Why, because I considered the power of these evildoers greater than the power of Almighty God. Centuries ago, a young shepherd boy went up against a very powerful giant by the name of Goliath. None of life’s dynamics have changed. They are the same but what has changed is how we are to fight these battles. The battle is spiritual, not physical.
How do we then live in light of the power of world government? I believe those of us who are believers in Jesus Christ are missing the boat. We are concentrating on man’s evil instead of concentrating on the promises of God given to us in His Word, the Bible. It says there is nothing new under the sun--which means that what we are seeing are the evil tactics of today’s ruthless, power hungry men who take what is not theirs in the name of jobs, free trade, freedom, and the environment. These world rulers, international bankers, CEO’s, and members of groups like the Skull and Bones have used their power for evil instead of good. In other words, we are living history. Again, nothing is new under the sun. So where do we go to get the peace and joy necessary to live our lives today?
As a result of a Bible study class on the Abrahamic Covenant, I found that the answer is to know the provisions God made when Adam and Eve fell. As a result of their disobedience, God had to find a way to get back on the earth to provide a way of salvation and right standing for those who would believe on His Son Jesus Christ. This is our hope and this is how we will be victorious against the Goliath’s of our day. There is the Old Testament Covenant which began with Abraham that was fulfilled when Jesus died and rose from the grave, known as the New Testament Covenant.
When we understand what God has provided through the Abraham and descendants who came before His Son Jesus, we will then find the conviction, courage, and faith to “tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19).
Much of our problem is that we are confronting evil with our ego (intellect, mind and will), instead of our spirit—where God resides. Why I was oppressed is because my intellect understood the evil, but my spirit was not part of the process. I Thessalonians 5:17 says “that your whole body, soul, and spirit be preserved until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Our body houses the soul and the spirit. Most of us live out of our emotions: “I feel” or “I fear” instead of faith in God who resides in our spirit. We must change how we think and how we operate. Jesus told the woman at the well, “God is a spirit and you must worship Him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).
When we operate intellectually, we block out the spirit of God. To live victorious is for us to understand the spiritual position we have in Jesus.
When the young shepherd David saw the stalemate between the evil Philistines and the Israelites, he declared he could kill the thirteen foot plus giant, Goliath (who wore over 300 pounds in armor). Sure of his power and might, the giant taunted David who replied, “You come to me with a sword, spear, and shield, BUT I come to you in the name of the LORD OF HOSTS, the God of the armies of Israel. This day will the LORD deliver you into my hand so that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel” (I Samuel 17: 45-47). If David was operating out of his intellect, he would have been fearful, given Goliath’s size. He was, however, operating out of faith which came from his spirit. He promptly told the giant that he was not dealing with him but the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel.”
Our problem today is the same as David’s. While we understand the goals and power of the Bildebergers, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Chatham House, etc., we assume the power which they use for evil is greater than the power of the God through His Son Jesus. As a result, the world does not know there is a mighty God who rules the world because those who claim to be Christians are not acting like there is a greater power than evil. I have had a sea-change as a result of studying the Abrahamic Covenant.
We need to walk in boldness because Jesus cancelled the effects of Satan. We have power over depression, fear, oppression, etc. Because I have spent more time studying UN documents than the Word of God, my spirit is not as built up as the soul. How can I walk in faith and confidence when I am cowering after the machinations of evil people? God, after creating the heavens and earth in Genesis 1, created Adam and gave him instructions on how to live in the Garden of Eden. Because Adam was alone, God created Eve, a helpmate. They were able to eat of every tree in the Garden except the Tree of Good and Evil. It was Satan, in the form of a serpent, who played with Eve’s mind to the point where she questioned the exact meaning of God’s instructions. We all know what happened. She ate of the forbidden fruit and then offered it to Adam. Afterward, the all loving, all wise God could not find them when he wanted fellowship with them. Because of the new wisdom Adam and Eve acquired, they understood their nakedness and had covered themselves with fig leaves to hide their shame. An all-loving God who pronounced curses on them for breaking His Covenant made them clothing from the skins of animals before sending them out of the protection of the Garden. The impact of moving from God’s perfect world to the fallen world had grave and great repercussions. Not only was sin part of mankind’s fallen nature, but Adam forfeited the ground God gave him to Satan which is how Satan became “god of this world system.”
God needed to find another way to get back on Earth to provide a way for our sinfulness to be forgiven. In Genesis 12:1-3, it tells us that God saw Abram who lived in Ur of the Chaldees. He instructed him and his family to leave Ur and follow Him so He could cut a covenant with him. God declared, “I will make of you a great nation, I will bless you, and make your name great and you shall be a blessing. I will bless them that bless you and curse him that curses you and in you will all the families of the earth be blessed.” These were not only physical blessings, but spiritual as well.
For centuries, various tribal groups such as the Norsemen, Vikings, Greeks, American Indians, Africans, and others, have cut blood covenant. It is the most sacred and solemn agreement between two covenant heads or heads of tribes. It is everlasting and from generation to generation. If one breaks the covenant or if the descendant of one of the covenant heads breaks it, then there are curses that follow forever.
In cutting blood covenant, the two heads of the two different tribes would mingle their blood together by cutting either the palm or wrist and clasping them together. In this way, they became one. Then to ensure that everyone knew they cut covenant, they would rub ash into the wound so there would be a noticeable scar that would symbolize their blood covenant. (In much the same way, a virgin man and virgin woman “cut” blood and enter into a sacred covenant.) In cutting covenant, the benefit would be the greater force of the united tribes as well as combined assets and liabilities, all of which would be for mutual protection and preservation of the tribes and their descendants.
In business this business arrangement is called “partnership.” It is where two businessmen team up in order to have a greater market share and advantage. By joining forces and bringing combined experience and financial strength, they hope to mutually benefit. All of the terms of the partnership are spelled out in a business agreement which explains what each partner will do and what they bring to the partnership. As well, there are clauses that discuss what happens if one breaks the terms of the partnership. Usually there is a name change to reflect the new agreement.
The Old Testament Covenant started with the faithfulness of Abram. God waited 25 years before sealing his covenant with Abram. Genesis 17:1, 2 tells us, “And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the Lord appeared to him and said, ‘I am the Almighty God, walk before me and be though perfect. And I will make my covenant between me and thee and will multiply thy seed exceedingly.’” In other words, God made a sacred and holy covenant with Abraham to re-establish His presence on the earth. He gave him the terms of the covenant and then promised him a son through his own seed. Sarai, his wife was given a new name, Sarah, and when she was 90 years old, she became a mother to the seed that would carry the line of Jesus through their son Isaac, Jacob, and David. Both Joseph and Mary who bore Jesus came from the line of David.
As a sign of the covenant, Abram was told to circumcise himself and his whole family, including all male servants. Abraham shed his own blood when he circumcised himself. But in cutting covenant, you need both covenant heads to bleed. How does God bleed? In John 1:14, it says, “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” God the Father bled on the Cross through His Son, Jesus. Paul records in Romans 4:3, “And Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness.” With the Abrahamic covenant in Genesis 17:3, God promised Abram a seed and changed his name from Abram to Abraham. In John 8:56, Jesus told the Pharisees, “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day and he saw it and was glad.“
The Abrahamic Covenant was between Abraham and God; God the Greater cut covenant with the lesser, God gave the blessings in Genesis 17. The Covenant was conditional from the standpoint that if they did not uphold the terms of God’s covenant, it was null and void. In Deuteronomy 30:19, Moses records the blessings for following God and the curses for breaking the Covenant with God, “I call on heaven and earth to record against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessings and cursing; choose life that both you and your seed may live.”
The Abrahamic provided a way for the sin of the people to be covered. It was through the blood sacrifice of cattle, lambs, goats, doves, and other acceptable animals that the blood spilled, covered the sin of the people. In the Old Testament, the blood sacrifice did not erase the sin, it covered the sin.
In Genesis 17:4 it says, “As for me, my covenant is with you and you shall be a father of many nations.” That refers to us, in this day and age. Covenant is an on-going process. Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness will be added to you.” God cut the Abrahamic Covenant which was a pattern for the covenant he would cut with man once His Son Jesus came to Earth.
In essence we take on God’s riches in glory; we take on His righteousness, and strength and power. In other words, we should be walking victorious because the shedding of animal blood in the Abrahamic Covenant has been replaced and superseded by the blood covenant of Jesus Christ. It was the blood of Jesus that atoned or erased our sins versus the blood of an animal which only covered sins. The shedding of the blood of God the Son on the cross provided our forgiveness of sins and eternal life. What is the sign of our Covenant with Jesus Christ? Our heart’s profession of faith in Him as our Savior and our confession of sin. Romans 10:9-10 says “That if you will confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” When we do this, our name changes to “believer.”
The God who cannot change (Malachi 3:16) and who does not lie (Titus 1:2), has cut Covenant with you and me through the resurrection of His Son Jesus from the grave. Therefore, we should not be walking around in depression over the affairs of the world. I John 4:17 says, “For as He is, so are we in this world.” I think we are so busy looking at the wordly power and might of Satan’s minions on earth, that we have forgotten whose we are and the power of the God who created heaven and earth. He gave us power to tread on serpents and scorpions because when Jesus was raised from the dead, it told the spirit world that the power of Satan was broken—not just for Jesus but for all those who would live and move and reside in Him! This is what should change how we think and how we stand against the evil of our day.
The words that we speak, they have life and they have meaning. Jesus Christ told those in John 6:63: “The words that I speak, they are power and they are life.” For us to curse ourselves by projecting the negative pictures that we think the enemy is setting up for us only brings damnation. Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the tongue.” We should be choosing LIFE that we might LIVE. We do this through memorizing his words. Because of the New Testament Covenant through Jesus which supersedes the Abrahamic Covenant, we inherit the promises made to Abraham: he will bless us, because of our faith and presence in the world, the world will be blessed. How should we be walking? We need to put the words of Jesus in our hearts and minds because when we speak the Word, demons will flee, because of the power of His words.
We need also to understand that we have been made righteous in Jesus the Messiah. Our righteousness comes as a result of the death of Jesus on the Cross. II Corinthians 5:21 says “He who knew no sin became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:2-4 says “For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh, God in sending his Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh, that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.”

Instead, we need to remember who our Covenant Partner is and that we are joint-heirs with Jesus. This new mindset will put Satan and his minions to flight. After Jesus died and rose from the grave, He went to Heaven where He is seated at the right hand of God. In His place, He gave us the Holy Spirit. As a result of our covenant with God, we have not only great spiritual power but we have an exalted position in Christ. All we need to do is change our hearts and see ourselves as He sees us: victorious. It is only then that we will be able to come against the demonic evil of this world with the power of the Creator of the Universe and His Son Jesus.

In summary, we have the ability to change this world. Whenever we learn of new “rules and regulations” that oppress and change our freedoms, we should be asking God to oppose their ideas, to confound them and to put roadblocks in their pathways in the Name of Jesus. Lastly, I John 4:4 states, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in this world.” We need to read the Word of God as much as we read their documents for then would we have a different mindset about who we are and whose we are. We can stand like David against the Goliaths of our day and like Jesus when He declared He was the Messiah to the religious leaders of his day. Let us start claiming the power of Jesus over the evil of the world and walk in that confidence for our God is Greater!
© 2006 Joan Veon - All Rights Reserved
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By Pastor Chuck Baldwin
November 28, 2006
Today's column is written primarily for the benefit of my fellow Christians and pastors. More than 31 years as a minister of the Gospel qualifies me to broach this subject.
We Christians profess to trust in God. We preachers instruct people to trust in God. Furthermore, "In God We Trust" has been our national motto ever since the passengers of the Mayflower sewed the saying into the sail of their ship. However, I fear that a vast number of Christians, along with their pastors, have allowed their faith in God to be supplanted. This is especially true when it comes to affairs of state.
When it comes to finances, we are told to trust in God. When it comes to relationships, we are told to trust in God. When it comes to occupational concerns, we are told to trust in God. Ditto for family matters, heath concerns, anxiety, church, etc. However, when it comes to governmental concerns, we are instructed to trust the GOP.
Some will say that I am exaggerating the subject or trying to oversimplify a complex issue, but I am not. When one blows away the smoke, Christian ministers throughout America have sold their congregations on the notion that the only "spiritual" thing we can do regarding affairs of state is to support the Republican Party-no matter what.
I've heard national Christian leaders shamelessly say that they are "just as hard" on Republicans as they are on Democrats. That is nonsense! The misdeeds, mad machinations, and mendaciousness of Republicans are routinely ignored and even lauded by Christian ministers.
The reason given by Christian leaders for this compromise of principle is, "Republicans are better than the alternative." It is the old "lesser of two evils" mantra that we hear over and over again.
My question is, "What happened to trusting God?" Why is it that we are instructed to trust God with every other detail of life, but when it comes to governmental affairs, we must trust, not God, but the GOP?
Yet, how low do we have to go? How much compromise of truth, dereliction of duty, abandonment of constitutional government, and betrayal of fundamental principle must we accept? Apparently, there is no bottom.
I am already hearing leaders of the Religious Right say that they will support the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, even if he or she is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. Their argument (try not to laugh): a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Republican is not as bad as a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Democrat.
What is pathetically sad is that it appears that the illustrious leaders of the Religious Right are genuinely sincere in the above reasoning. Equally sad is the reality that these same evangelical leaders have already proven that they will give Republicans a pass on infinitely important issues such as the dismantlement of constitutional liberty (i.e. the Patriot Act), the sellout of American sovereignty via Draconian "free trade" deals, massive illegal immigration (which sacrifices America's culture and even security), and the wholesale explosion of federal spending. This is accepted, because it is the Republican George W. Bush that has led it. Of course, had it been a Democrat such as Al Gore or John Kerry that was responsible, these same Christian leaders would be out front leading the opposition.
So, just who and what is it that has our loyalty? Is it Christ or Republican presidents? Is it Biblical principle or GOP politics? Furthermore, are we Americans or are we internationalists?
Then again, internationalism seems to be trendy for some leaders within the Religious Right. For example, just recently, two national Christian leaders boasted of being selected for membership in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): Richard Land, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and "Purpose Driven Life" author Rick Warren.
Does anyone not know that the CFR is among the most active and influential organizations promoting an economic and governmental One World Order? The CFR has been the puppeteer pulling the strings of both Republican and Democratic administrations for years.
Behind the emerging North American Union is the CFR. Behind the NAFTA superhighway is the CFR. Behind the push for amnesty for illegal aliens is the CFR. Behind CAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) is the CFR. Behind the outsourcing of America's jobs, factories, and livelihoods is the CFR.
According to the late Admiral Chester Ward, Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy, the CFR's goal is "submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government."
That Christian leaders today would be willing to be part of an organization as sinister and diabolical as the Council on Foreign Relations speaks volumes as to what purpose really drives them!
Nonetheless, there are still enough constitutionally-minded conservatives (Christians and non-Christians) in this country to return this nation to its roots. Our nation does not have to be led by the cabal of one-world globalists who currently control both major parties.
For starters, instead of spending precious pulpit time trying to be humorous, pleasant, and appealing, America's preachers and Christian leaders would begin educating their people on the fundamentals of Biblical principle, and extol the essential elements of American history, and hammer home the message of standing for truth and trusting God, EVEN IN POLITICAL MATTERS, we could soon restore a sense of sanity to our nation. We really could.
There is nothing sacred about any political party. Nowhere is it written that principled people should be willing to surrender their convictions on the altar of political partisanship. Obviously, some things are not worth a blood-bath. However, some things are worth dying for!
Turning our country into a giant corporate boardroom for the benefit of power-hungry globalists is not acceptable to any true American, especially if that American claims kinship with Jesus Christ! But that is exactly what today's Christian leaders are letting happen.
The break up of the two major parties would be one of the best things that could happen to this country! If we Americans had at least 4 real choices for president in 2008, the chances of breaking the back of this internationalist cabal in Washington, D.C., would rise exponentially.

I remind you that Abraham Lincoln was elected with a brand new political party and with less than 40% of the vote. I am not judging the merits of his presidency, only the bare facts of how he came to be elected. There were 4 legitimate presidential contenders in that race in 1860. And contrary to the opinion of today's political pundits who have a vested interest in the continued success of the current two-party system, competition is good, not bad. And more competition is even better.

If America's Christian leaders would begin preaching and teaching the truth and encouraging their people to "judge righteous judgment" and stop worrying about whether the GOP maintains or regains control of anything, we could begin the process of restoring this nation to its historic principles. In other words, it is time our Christian leaders taught their people fidelity to that time-tested platitude, "In God We Trust."
© 2006 Chuck Baldwin - All Rights Reserved
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Chuck Baldwin is Founder-Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. In 1985 the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence.
Dr. Baldwin is the host of a lively, hard-hitting syndicated radio talk show on the Genesis Communications Network called, "Chuck Baldwin Live" This is a daily, one hour long call-in show in which Dr. Baldwin addresses current event topics from a conservative Christian point of view. Pastor Baldwin writes weekly articles on the internet and newspapers.
To learn more about his radio talk show please visit his web site at: When responding, please include your name, city and state.



Nancy Levant November 28, 2006
We certainly have become enamored of pretty things in the United States. Pretty “communities,” pretty plastic surgery fixes, the pretty Hollywood “elite,” pretty interior decorations, and pretty landscapes that were once the homes to children and pets – you know – those things we use to call our houses and yards. It seems that America the nation has undergone a facelift. It’s out with the old - the tried and true – and in with all that is new, licensed, inspected, controlled, manipulated, and mandated by “renewal” projects, environmental “sustainability,” “associations,” and by the “appointments” of “regional” intellectuals.
It is amazing how America has transformed – and all at the insistence of American elites who are, themselves, led by international/financial governors. They’ve transformed tell-a-vision, public schools, medical care, university education, and our nation’s entire social structure. In fact, it’s more than fair to say that “working your way up the ladder” does not exist in the United States these days, as the American aristocrat now dominates every higher position (translation: good pay) in this nation – and not based upon effort, but rather appointment, bank account balance, and social standing and connections. And it seems that as soon as a new appointee takes his place as a new “manager,” new interiors and new rules pretty things up albeit that pay and benefits for workers decline due to the expense of all the prettiness.
Lest I sound like a complainer, let’s get to the meat and bones. America is in the midst of an on-going transformation. Just look at all the new and pretty homeowner association communities. Nice walkways, landscaping, uniform paint, brick, and stone jobs, and all the rules to keep things “nice” from the propensity of the human being to individualize his living quarters. Please! The rich know far better how to decorate and maintain quality living. We need not concern ourselves with yards, exterior maintenance, or controlling our behaviors and choices. “They” know far better how to manage our lives, and they provide us with beautifully printed rules books (not booklets, mind you, but books) on how to be proper “community” dwellers. And they also maintain our “common” areas and even plant and maintain our flowers and bushes – the one’s they select to beautify our “community.” All very pretty and nice – and all across America we see that uniformity is best for “the people,” and this uniformity must be maintained.

As such, community oriented policing services were also provided to our “community associations.” Now, the aristocrats in our local communities – the one’s who head our community development commissions and boards and their “partnerships” with local land development corporations and area building corporations – came up with the brainstorm to give “the people” security details in their lovely communities. “Security” records the comings and goings of “the homeowners,” all visitors to “the community,” and they steadfastly ensure that all rules in the rule book are uniformly enforced, so that all dwellers are uniformly happy and safe. As such, there is no tolerance for “individuals” who may choose to live outside of the rule book box. Our aristocrats insist that we live according to their versions of Hoyle – which are surely best. Oh, and by the way, these “nice community villages” are called “human settlements” by the United Nations’ (Agenda 21), which is where, how, and why our “homeowner’s association” communities were developed and brought to American soil. Our “private and gated communities” were developed to eliminate private property rights in the United States – according to Agenda 21 – just in case you wanted to know.
Equally, the aristocrats in our workplaces have very low tolerance for poor credit scores, eldership, or pre-existing medical problems. These simply will not do. These are not pretty things and are an affront to quality “visioning.” As such, jobs tend to be saved for the family and business associates of the aristocrats and youth coming out of specific and preferred universities. As such, the aristocrats keep the employment and economic gene pool “nice” and clean. “Echelon maintenance” is a must.
It is obvious that the wealthy have gained total control of our nation. They have even become our main source of media entertainment. We the people cannot afford other means of entertainment. We can’t afford major league games, because all major league sports are now owned by and are the venues of the rich. The same goes for theater, and even movie theaters are becoming beyond the financial reach of most American families. It simply costs too much to see a movie, eat popcorn, and Raisinettes. So, we watch tell-a-vision, making note that the rich buy cable services that allow for hundreds of channels and information sources, while most Americans buy basic cable, which re-runs the same shows over and over and over and over and over and over and over again – and all of which being 1) shows for incredibly stupid people, 2) nature-is-near-death-sustainability shows, 3) 2-Party politics and their think tank legislation writers, 4) televised sports, or 5) militaristic scare and violence shows – shows that seem to suggest futures to come. But as a non-aristocrat, what do I know? Perhaps I know nothing that I am not told to know.
On that note, America’s elite have also transformed our public school system – knowing best what our children should believe and study. Again, and as uniformity is key, consensus learning, consensus social groupings, and consensus behaviors are now mandated in every classroom in America. Children are table-grouped not according to intellectual abilities, but according to group behaviors. Children who act outside of the behavior/belief box are removed from the classrooms and are placed in IEP (Individual Education Plan) groups, which are special education groups to correct social grouping behaviors. IEP children are also targeted for school “advocates” from the “mental health” complex, who then document and target children for “prescription” remedies. These “advocates” belong to non-profit organizations in your communities, who now “partner” with your schools. Again, maintaining uniformity is mandated - it is a must. One will also note that children placed in IEPs are not children of aristocrats, but the children of community undesirables. Think eugenics. Think depopulation and reproductive rights. Think draft.
It takes hard work to transform a free and sovereign nation into a United Nations Fascist State. It takes decades of dedication, vast amounts of money, theft, and a great deal of smiling and scary scenarios. It takes a lot of passive threat. It also takes a dedicated appearance of “things being better, prettier, more sustainable, and far safer” to fool an entire nation of people – even as year after year, the people get poorer, unhealthier, dumber, and continue to lose their private property (translation: wealth) to “association” living. It also takes a whole lot of legislative hocus pocus to dismantle a government right under the noses of its citizens – doesn’t it?

You see, you just can’t come in and slaughter a nation anymore. Media prevents that course of action. But Fascism/Communism has become a highly creative and educational enterprise. In our nation, this enterprise started in earnest in 1913 and, today, it has transformed our nation, our Constitution, and our intellects. It is also after our 2nd Amendment. See the U.N. and “international laws” for details.

Our “communities” are gated and guarded “sectors.” Our employment is by invitation only, and our school system is wholly governmentally controlled (all in translation: Communism). It’s going to get much, much worse. Think 2008 Real ID Card and sub-dermal chipping. Think Civilian Labor Camps, which are not conspiratorial inventions. They exist on American soil. And when you watch your favorite militaristic shows on tell-a-vision, watch carefully. Two and two is not so hard to put together. Apparently, neither is Martial Law.
These are the ONLY gifts to buy this illegal Christmas – the quintessential list. Oprah’s Book Club might be dandy, but my list blows her list right out of the water:
1. The Cultural Devastation of American Women by Nancy Levant 2. The Creature of Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin3. Crossing the Rubicon by Michael C. Ruppert 4. 2020 by Niki Raapana 5. Pieces of Eight by Dr. Edwin Viera 6. The Coming Battle by M. W. Walbert 7. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte T. Iserbyt 8. Public Schools, Public Menace by Joel Turtel 9. Cover-Up – Government Spin or Truth? by Dennis Cuddy 10. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx 11. The Real Matrix by Steven Yates (print this series of essays from NWVs and give as gifts)
1. America: From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo2. The International Wilderness Congress and the World Bank by George Hunt3. Capital Crimes by Bill Still 4. America’s Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development 5. 911 - In Plane Site
Most of these books and videos can be purchased at Please, help freedom survive. Give gifts of knowledge.
As a politically incorrect side note, my grandparents had an enormous and very beautiful Bible. My grandmother called it “the family Bible.” Consider such a gift. It’s a life-long gift with generations of potential, and a very thoughtful gift, as well.
© 2006 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved
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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).
She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to: