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I am fed up with the blantant insanity. Shummer60

Normally I just post an interesting story and leave it up to the reader to discearn or learn what they want from the story, hopefully prayfully and with God's leading. However, this is just so blantant I had to write something. We are going to help our great friends the House of Saud with a nuclear program. Why do nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran need a nuclear program when they have the largest reserves of oil on earth. It is there hatred of Israel and God's chosen. There is no doubt that as soon as they have the capability they will use these weapons on Isreal and those who support Isreal (the US). Here is a list of some of the things our wonderful friends the Saudis have done to show their freindship -

19 of the 21 911 murderers were Saudi.
Refuse to increase oil production to ease supply and price issues on our ailing economy.
Reward suicide murderers families with large sums of money.
Create Whahabi schools in the US that teach children to hate and kill the infidels (that would be you and me and our families).
Did not support our efforts in Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein.
They allow the murder of our servicemen in their nation (Kobar Towers).
Prothetising in their nation is punishable with death.
They are in the top 3 in human rights abuses in the world.
It appears that they have bought President Bush to push their "peace" plan to destroy a true ally Israel and give there land to the Palistinians.
Bush and Rice who claim to be Christians and should know better are leading the charge to detroy God's chosen for these wonderful friends.

US agrees to help Saudi Arabia develop civilian nuclear program

US agrees to help Saudi Arabia develop civilian nuclear program--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST May. 16, 2008


President George W. Bush and King Abdullah formalized new cooperation on Friday between the kingdom and the United States on a range of topics, including the development of civilian nuclear energy in Saudi Arabia and US protection of Saudi oil fields.

The agreements came as Saudi Arabian leaders made clear that they saw no reason to increase oil production until their customers demanded it, apparently rebuffing a request made by the president directly to the king in an effort to stay the soaring US gasoline prices.

During Bush's second personal appeal this year to King Abdullah, Saudi officials stuck to their position that they are already meeting demand, the president's national security adviser told reporters.

"What they're saying to us is ... Saudi Arabia does not have customers that are making requests for oil that they are not able to satisfy," Stephen Hadley said on a day when oil prices topped $127 a barrel, a record high.

The Saudi government indicated that it is willing to put on the market whatever oil is necessary to meet the demand of its customers, Hadley said.

But even then, he said, Saudi leaders say increased production would not dramatically reduce pump prices in the United States.

The Saudis are investing in ways to increase oil production over time. Officials told Bush they are doing "everything they can do" for now to address a complicated market.

Hadley said the Bush administration will take the explanation back to its own experts and "see it if conforms."

When Bush and Abdullah met in the kingdom in mid-January, the president also sought more Saudi output but got a chilly response to that plea. Saudi Arabia said it would increase production only when the market justified it and that production levels appeared normal.

Bush acknowledges that raising output is difficult because the demand for oil - particularly from China and India - is stretching supplies. Also, economists say prices are being driven up by increased demand, not slowed production.

High energy costs are a major drain on the US economy, which is experiencing a slowdown that some think is already a recession. At the pump, gas prices rose to a national average of $3.78 per gallon on Friday, according to a survey of stations by AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.

Beyond oil, Iran also dominated the meeting between the president and the king. The two shared a concern over the recent in violence in Lebanon, where Hizbullah overran Beirut neighborhoods last week. The display of military power by the Iranian- and Syrian-backed Hizbullah, which the US considers a terrorist organization, resulted in the worst internal fighting since the end of Lebanon's 1975-90 civil war.

Hadley said the leaders shared concerns the recent events would "embolden Iran." The US and Saudi Arabia, he said, "are of one mind in condemning what Hizbullah did in bringing pressure on the duly elected government of Lebanon."

"Iran, working directly and through Syria, was very much behind what happened in Lebanon over the weekend and it is another example of Iran taking actions that are contrary to the interests of those in the Middle East who want peace, security and freedom," Hadley said.

Bush was spending the day with Abdullah at his horse farm outside Riyadh, talking mostly out of public view over three tea services and two meals.

The White House says the president's visit is intended, in part, to celebrate 75 years of formal US-Saudi relations. But the rising price of oil commanded attention.

Saudi Arabia Refuses to Increase Oil Production Despite Request From President Bush

Saudi Arabia Refuses to Increase Oil Production Despite Request From President Bush
Friday , May 16, 2008

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia —

Saudi Arabian leaders made clear Friday they see no reason to increase oil production until their customers demand it, apparently rebuffing President Bush amid soaring U.S. gasoline prices.

During Bush's second personal appeal this year to King Abdullah, Saudi officials stuck to their position that they are already meeting demand, the president's national security adviser told reporters.

"What they're saying to us is ... Saudi Arabia does not have customers that are making requests for oil that they are not able to satisfy," Stephen Hadley said on a day when oil prices topped $127 a barrel, a record high.

The Saudi government indicated that it is willing to put on the market whatever oil is necessary to meet the demand of its customers, Hadley said.

But even then, he said, Saudi leaders say increased production would not dramatically reduce pump prices in the United States.

The Saudis are investing in ways to increase oil production over time. Officials told Bush they are doing "everything they can do" for now to address a complicated market.

Hadley said the Bush administration will take the explanation back to its own experts and "see it if conforms."

When Bush and Abdullah met in the kingdom in mid-January, the president also sought more Saudi output but got a chilly response to that plea. Saudi Arabia said it would increase production only when the market justified it and that production levels appeared normal.

Bush acknowledges that raising output is difficult because the demand for oil — particularly from China and India — is stretching supplies. Also, economists say prices are being driven up by increased demand, not slowed production.

High energy costs are a major drain on the U.S. economy, which is experiencing a slowdown that some think is already a recession. At the pump, gas prices rose to a national average of $3.78 per gallon on Friday, according to a survey of stations by AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.

Beyond oil, Iran also dominated the meeting between the president and the king. The two shared a concern over the recent in violence in Lebanon, where Hezbollah overran Beirut neighborhoods last week. The display of military power by the Iranian- and Syrian-backed Hezbollah, which the U.S. considers a terrorist organization, resulted in the worst internal fighting since the end of Lebanon's 1975-90 civil war.

Hadley said the leaders shared concerns the recent events would "embolden Iran." The U.S. and Saudi Arabia, he said, "are of one mind in condemning what Hezbollah did in bringing pressure on the duly elected government of Lebanon."

"Iran, working directly and through Syria, was very much behind what happened in Lebanon over the weekend and it is another example of Iran taking actions that are contrary to the interests of those in the Middle East who want peace, security and freedom," Hadley said.

On Thursday, the Hezbollah-led opposition and U.S.-backed government reached a deal to end the violence after Lebanon's Cabinet reversed measures aimed at reining in the militants.

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A battered society

A battered society
May 13, 2008

By Louis Rene Beres - America is a broken land. Whether one looks to our airports, our hospitals, our schools, our streets or our jails, the evidence is clear. Yet, every day — by an immense clamor; by an open disregard for real learning; by a vast rhythmic repetition — we Americans are told to find remedies in politics.

Again, we expect that a new president will redeem us. Once more, millions of Americans who can no longer afford food, mortgage payments, education, rent or health care are urged to the polls. As citizens of a "great democracy," we have the right to vote, but not the corollary right to keep our eyes, our bones and our teeth.

What sort of democracy is this? The candidates offer policy differences, but all are incapable of reversing the pervasive destruction of American life. "This is the dead land," said T.S. Eliot in "The Hollow Men" (1925), and now we receive "the supplication of a dead man"s hand."

No new president can halt the corrosive withering of heart, body and mind that diminishes these United States. No matter how uplifting, the candidates" dried voices can offer only a contrived hint of improvement. Hope still exists, but it must sing in an undertone.

Renewal can never come from the candidates themselves. Every society is the sum total of individual souls seeking redemption. Today, our American souls cannot be mended by speeches and promises.

Our presidential candidates embarrass themselves daily. Their shameless self-promotion displays an unwitting self-parody. We know this; still we still remain silent.

Every sham can have a patina. We Americans now inhabit a society so numbingly false that even our melancholy is gloss. Wallowing in the dim twilight of imitation, we show infinite forbearance for lies. With pitifully inadequate resentments, the lonely American crowd now harbors its most humiliating truth. In our noisy temple of shallow belief, the debility is self-inflicted.

The presumed requirements of national prosperity have supplanted individual dignity. American well-being is based upon an addictive consumption. Ground down by the babble of presidential oratory, we the people are motivated not by any balanced life search for meaning and harmony, but by the hallowed numbers on retail sales. Our American economy — like the disjointed society from which it springs — is built upon sand.

An authentically individual American is now a quaint artifact. Our mass society has no intention of encouraging self-actualization. To the contrary, the soulless American herd now marches lockstep toward further alienation. It is possible for us to be lonely in the world or lonely for the world, and our mass society has plainly produced both.

What can be done to escape the pendulum of our own mad clockwork?

Consider that we Americans are carried forth not by any commendable nobility of purpose, but by a great collective agitation, by inane repetition and by the demeaning momentum of crude and obscene entertainments. We may wish to slow down a bit and smell the roses, but our country now imposes upon its entire exhausted people the breathless rhythm of a machine. The end of all this concocted delirium is easy enough to identify. It is to prevent us from remembering who we are, and what we might still have become.

What does it truly mean to be an American? We may pay lip service to the high ideals of the Declaration and the Constitution, but almost no one really cares about these musty old documents. Invoked only for ostentation, the legal and philosophical foundations of the United States are today the provinces of a tiny handful of people. For the most part, we now lack any sources of national cohesion except for celebrity sex scandals, local sports team loyalties and the peculiarly comforting brotherhoods of war.

We Americans inhabit the one society that could have been different. Once we had a unique potential to nurture individuals to become more than a crowd. Emerson had described us as a people animated by industry and self-reliance, not anxiety, fear and trembling.

In spite of our silly claim to "rugged individualism," we Americans are shaped by the mass. Our battered society bristles with annoying jingles, endless hucksterism, crass allusions and endless equivocations. Surely, we think, there must be something more to this country. "I celebrate myself, and sing myself," said the poet Walt Whitman, but today the American self is under final assault by stupefying music, far-reaching tastelessness, and a literally epidemic gluttony.

In the end, credulity is America"s worst enemy. Our inclination to believe that redemption lies in the next presidential election is a fatal disorder. Campaign issues do need to be addressed, but so too do our deeper problems.

Only a rare few can ever redeem America, and these quiet and self-effacing souls remain hidden, even from themselves. Our redemption as a people can never be found among the crowd of candidates who stubbornly refuse to pause for a single serious thought. "Leaning together, headpiece filled with straw," this presidential crowd will only continue to crow anxiously for acknowledgment, adulation and power.

Louis Rene Beres is professor of international law at Purdue University and an author.

The enemy is closing in, but God is watching.

The enemy is closing in, but God is watching.
Posted: Saturday, May 10, 2008
- written by jerry glden

With Lebanon on the verge of civil war again and Hezbollah (Iran) attempting to take over the entire country we find ourselves once again surrounded by Iranian influence. Iran has been the soul supporter of Hamas in Gaza and there they have a very strong foot hold over the “Palestinian” population. Syria now finds itself in the grips of the Shiites of Iran which seems strange as the majority of Syria is Sunni and the controlling party is Alawites. Egypt still is holding out against the Moslem Brotherhood but losing ground daily and with Mubarak getting old and weaker by the day things could change there any day now.

So the bottom line is Iran is slowly gaining control of the entire Middle East while the US and Israel and the rest of the free world sits around doing nothing to stop them from having nuclear weapons. Once they do the one thing you can be sure of they will use them, after all they are insane Arab Islamic fanatics still living in the 15th century.

Here at home we are still having daily shelling out of Gaza killing and wounding Israeli civilians while this Olmert Government does little to nothing to stop them and when you think about the fact it has been going on now for over 7 years it is impossible to understand. No other country in the world would allow their citizens to be shelled from an enemy without putting a stop to it regardless of what it may take.

Olmert now finds himself once again under investigation for corruption; it looks like they have the real goods on him this time, as they have witnesses about to give depositions. This puts Israel in several scenarios, the first and best is early elections. But in order for that to happen he has to either resign or lose his majority in the Government. That would take Shas and or the Pensioners Party to resign from the Government but that isn’t going to happen. The Labor Party now headed up by Barak will have to get out of the Government for bring it down. This puts Barak in the pressure seat. If he leaves the Government it is almost certain that Lakud (Netanyahu) will win the early elections. So Barak has to make a decision and soon, if he hopes of somehow keeping Netanyahu out in hopes of Labor winning later on in an election that could back-fire in a lot of different ways even within his own Labor Party. If he gets out of the Government now making way for the early elections it would be almost certain that Labor would be the second strongest Party in the Government making it possible for him to keep his position as Defense Minster.

In the mean time we have war looming on two fronts possibly more, and we are presently with a failed PM who caused us to lose a war against the terrorist group Hezbollah. All the rest of those in power during that war have already resigned but Olmert refuses, and when Bush is in Israel he tells the rest of the Kadima to take care of Olmert for he is his man and he needs him in office to bring about the two state solution.

In any event we will do what we can on the political front here in Israel but the final call really isn’t ours, it is God’s and His prophetic word will come about regardless of what we say or do. And that brings to mind the need to be about His business, for there will be many Jews to be gathered soon and without our help many more will perish than has to.

We are seeing the move of the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) with power in ways seldom witnessed before, total strangers are walking up to me in Cyprus and telling me how much they love the Jews, this is a nation not all that friendly towards Israel. In Turkey I am finding many who are more than willing to come on board, we have to be very careful and stay in prayer over who we trust.

We now have two boats and as you might suspect that I will say, we need much more in fact I will continue to prepare until it is not possible any longer. Right now we need to get all the needed repairs and safety equipment purchased and installed on the new boat. There is much groundwork to be done and many miles to be covered. All of the above is not only for the Golden’s and those working with us but for you to consider, for if God is touching you we are waiting on your response and much depends on it.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry golden
The Golden Reort

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By R.C. Murray
April 6, 2008

“For in much wisdom is grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” Ecclesiastes 1:18

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know what I know about our pathetic public school system, corrupt political system and apostate churches. Sometimes I wish I was as dumb as some of my fellow Americans.

If I didn’t know what I know about government schools, I could go through life foolishly believing little boys and girls go to school to learn to read and write, add and subtract – instead of getting brainwashed with anti-American multiculturalism, where cheating is institutionalized via group learning and learning disability and learning style labels, where their vocabularies are limited by elitist-derived, whole language word lists and a general lack of reading instruction and where using calculators and computers and acquiring other technical skills are considered far more important than learning how to learn – how to think.

If I didn’t know what I know about politics and politicians, I could be a good citizen this November and blindly vote for a president, senator, congressman, governor, etc., foolishly believing he or she loves America as much as I do, enough to support and defend the Constitution and defy the ACLU, CFR, NEA, world bankers and all the other unelected elitists who’ve been controlling our government for 150 years.

If I didn’t know what I know about the Bible, I could believe the pseudo-scholars who’ve led nearly all mainstream denominations into apostasy. I could foolishly have fellowship with those who claim they believe in the same Lord but who hate this country for the sins of our great-great-grandfathers and whose Jesus is more like the Koran’s Jesus than the Bible’s Jesus.

I’m not more enlightened than some dumb Americans. I’m certainly not smarter than anyone else. I’m not smart at all. The kind of dumb Americans I’m talking about are those who choose to be dumb on purpose, to be willingly ignorant – to be stupid. Sometimes, I wish I could be that kind of dumb. My problem is that when I learn something important, I can’t forget it or pretend I don’t know it.

I’m not talking about trivial facts like who lost the Super Bowl in ‘72 or how many husbands a particular actress has had. I’m talking about real knowledge, academic and biblical knowledge. This real knowledge becomes embedded in my brain. Pretending I don’t have such knowledge would be like forgetting the location of typewriter keys, riding a bicycle or the sweet smell of my wife’s pillow. As surely as there are undeniable natural laws given to us at the time of Creation – like the laws of gravity, thermodynamics or diminishing return – there are moral laws that cannot be broken without consequences. Because I know America has violated God’s moral law regarding education, government and especially worship, I wish sometimes I could play dumb and not think about the wrath to come.

It’s been nearly three years since I resigned from teaching English in a public high school; I’ve written scores of articles and sent 1000 letters and messages about the atrocities taking place every day in government school-concentration camps where 50 million minds are starving for real knowledge. On March 9, 2007, I started a web site,, to expose public school corruption then six weeks later followed up with Legally STUPiD: Why Johnny doesn’t have to read, a project I started while I was still teaching. Six months after releasing the book, I started writing for

With book excerpts, articles, reviews and links to related web sites and other voices, my web site got off to a good start then public school supporters discovered it and started leaving obscene comments on my guestbook. I had to delete that page, but I allowed email messages to continue because folks across the country are always sharing their concern for kids. Nearly all will tell me they didn’t realize how bad the situation is in “other schools” while defending their local school as not being one of the “bad schools.” I also get angry messages like the one “Jackie” recently sent me:

My daughter is scandalized! She got the 2nd highest score in the class on a recent test. Not bad you say? Consider this... The highest score was achieved by the dumbest student in the class. How did this happen? Well, the teacher helps the dumbest students with his/her tests. So, actually we have the teacher competing directly with my [9-year old] daughter on tests….My daughter earned 99%. Dummy got 100%!

Well over 1000 people have written me, telling me how much they like my web site and the “sound” of my book [Some folks just love the title.], but only a fraction have gotten a copy. Reviewers say it’s “meaty” and filled with valuable information, which is not something you should to tell our non-reading public. I suppose some folks are waiting for the movie version. Perhaps the best “review” though came from a reader. She felt like she was having a conversation with me over a cup of coffee. Good conversation and coffee is better than a movie anyway.

Leaders of national “Christian” organizations that advocate homeschooling and Christian education in general have told me privately they really like my book, but because I say some things in Chapters Nine, Eleven and Twelve that might offend some of their financial supporters and political allies, they will not publically endorse it. I’m welcome to attend their conventions or donate money to our mutual cause though. A book about public schools by a former public school teacher has tremendous value, they say, but they’re not ready to risk a political backlash.

The backlash they fear involves my putting the dots together where most would prefer things stay blurred. Public schools are failing to teach kids to read and write because they’re not supposed to teach kids to read and write. Someone wants to control knowledge, all knowledge – academic and biblical knowledge. I didn’t stop at explaining what’s going on in public schools; I explain why things are being done that way, and I point a finger at the myriad of culprits responsible. These culprits don’t have to conspire to control knowledge or our minds; some even seem to come from opposite ends of the political, philosophical and theological spectrum. Nonetheless, they all work for the same fellah. George Orwell called him Big Brother. The Bible has several names for him. Most folks know him as Satan.

When I started writing for NewsWithViews, I thought I finally had a forum through which I could tell the world about public miseducation. Information in each of my NWVs articles came directly from Legally STUPiD. Each time one of my articles was released, my web site would get 500 or more hits, and I’d receive over 100 email messages, all in a day. Some of those messages told me I was wasting my time. One fellah recently told me my articles and the articles by other NWVs writers are merely written to each other. Our target audience is those Americans who know there’s something terribly wrong with America, and we’re looking for others who already believe the same way. He said I was preaching to the choir. I thought about it for several weeks. In fact, I started to title this article, “Choir Sermon #10.” He’s right.

The folks who need to know what Sam Blumenfeld, Charlotte Iserbyt, Betty Freauf, Lynn Stuter, Bev Eakman, Steven Yates, Joel Turtel and even RC Murray have to say about public schools will not read our warnings. We cannot expect to reach those who need to know the extent of functional illiteracy in this country by writing articles, essays or books. These folks are the victims of the government’s schools. THEY DON’T READ! And those who most need to read the wisdom of Chuck Baldwin, Devvy Kidd, Dennis Cuddy, Alan Stang, Andrew Wallace, Marsha West, Constance Cumby or Eugene Narrett will never do so because their minds are too dulled by sound bites, text messages and mindless entertainment.

Former slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass once said he envied his fellow, uneducated slaves who, in their mental darkness, failed to realize the chains on their minds were far worse than the ones restricting them physically. His mistress had taught him to read and write when he was a young boy – that is, until the master of the house found out. He forbade her to teach his slaves anymore. Education and slavery are incompatible.

I’m no prophet though I empathize with the weeping prophet Jeremiah. He preached and preached to the people of Judah, warning them to repent. Judgment was coming but Jeremiah couldn’t stop it because the people wouldn’t listen. Their religious and political leaders knew God’s Word, but they didn’t know God. The people knew their leaders were corrupt, but they didn’t turn to the Lord for divine help as their fathers had learned to do during the time of the judges. But as they did then, they did what seemed right in their own eyes, not knowing nor caring to know God.

What about America? The Demwits are choosing between a racist-socialist and a feminist-socialist. The Repugnants’ have chosen a Demwit incognito. Gas and food prices are rising like the flood waters in the Midwest, babies are still being slaughtered each day in the name of choice, Christians are told we can no longer home school our own children and our 1st Amendment right to publically proclaim what the Bible says about sodomites is now considered hate speech, 20 million non-Americans are here illegally and our leaders want to keep them here, we’re not safe in our own homes and this administration wants the Supreme Court to judicially amend the 2nd Amendment to allow for more gun control, and my dumb, fellow Americans believe the best way to fix these problems is to put more anti-Christian socialists in office! My nation is dying, and I’m helpless to do anything about it.

The ‘70’s gave us a series of B-movies about a formerly conscientious objector-pacifist, tough guy Charles Bronson, who turns vigilante after his wife is beaten to death and his daughter raped by a couple of street thugs. Death Wish expressed the anger many Americans were feeling about rising crime rates in the face of ever-increasing restrictions on our right to bear arms, restrictions that prevent us from defending ourselves against street thugs and those unelected elitists still vying for complete control of our lives. Rather than believe some of those crazy conspiracy theories out there are indeed factual, some Americans have turned inward, swallowed their anger and chosen to be dumb about who controls what they know, if they know anything at all. Sometimes I wish I could be dumb like that then I remember something I know:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 5:12

© 2008 - R.C. Murray - All Rights Reserved



by Arthur Robinson
May 9, 2008

And so it has begun. Word is beginning to spill into the news of food riots and starvation in poor countries, as a result of shortages and the resulting high prices for grain. This suffering is a direct result of the unprincipled actions of self-interested people in developed countries who are promulgating the scientifically refuted myth of human-caused global warming.

Frightened by this myth, U. S. federal and state governments have diverted a significant amount of the American grain supply into the production of ethanol -- an entirely counterproductive action that has helped to cause these grain shortages.

There is no intrinsic shortage of food. Since, however, food is perishable; the market produces each year an amount of food comparable to that which will be consumed. Stored food -- primarily grain -- usually suffices to smooth fluctuations due to weather and other factors. Prices fluctuate within a range narrow enough that most of the world’s people have sufficient food at a price they can afford. When, however, a large amount of grain is suddenly withdrawn from the market, severe shortages can result.

This current food shortage is only the beginning.

We have been down this road before. Unprincipled opportunists -- falsely claiming that DDT is dangerous to the environment -- managed to engineer a world-wide ban of DDT. DDT had eradicated malaria from the developed world and was well on its way to eradicating it from the less developed countries at the time this ban of DDT was instituted. The initiation of DDT use against malaria was rewarded by a Nobel Prize, and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences estimated that DDT had saved hundreds of millions of lives.

One of the principal political figures who worked to ban DDT was none other than Al Gore.

As a result of the DDT ban, more than 30 million children in Africa and Asia have died from DDT-preventable malaria, and an estimated 500 million adults are today chronically ill from this disease. The ban of DDT was the worst act of technological genocide in human history.

Now, Mr. Gore is the recognized leader of an effort to ban at least 90% of world use of hydrocarbon fuels. Once again, his claims are based upon bogus science and are motivated by personal financial and political self interest. Mr. Gore has been joined by the United Nations and its IPCC process. The goal of the United Nations is clear. It wants the power to tax and ration world energy supplies. This would place essentially unlimited power and money in the hands of the United Nations and cooperating world political entities.

As acts of genocide, the potential effects of the human-caused global warming industry are so profound that the DDT genocide is minor in comparison.

Hundreds of millions of human beings live today on the very edge of existence -- with all of their available resources consumed in the quest for food, shelter, and the minimum necessities of life. Without world technology and the energy that makes that technology possible, these people will slip from the lower rungs of human existence and will die. By abruptly lowering world hydrocarbon use, the human-caused global warmers are going to kill these people.

Politicians in the United States have given us a first taste of the horrible suffering of human beings that is to come. By responding to the myth of human-caused global warming by mildly diminishing American grain supplies -- in a futile, politicized attempt to burn grain as fuel, American politicians have given the world a slight taste of the starvation and slaughter that is to come.

Many people are responsible for promulgating the myth of human-caused global warming – environmentalists, politicians, businessmen, media personalities, and a relatively small band of self-interested scientists. They have done this regardless of an overwhelming body of scientific information that definitively refutes the hypothesis of human-caused global warming. [See Robinson, Robinson, and Soon, Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, available at for a review and 132 peer-reviewed references to the scientific literature that document this refutation.]

In the case of DDT, the truth did not matter. The Environmental Protection Agency’s own scientific review board had reviewed the scientific literature and proclaimed DDT entirely safe and very useful. In the case of the hypothesis of human-caused global warming, the truth is also becoming increasingly irrelevant, as perceived political reality replaces reality in public discourse.

Al Gore has surpassed himself. Having helped to kill tens of millions of helpless African, Asian, and South American children and to sicken hundreds of millions of other people with his support for the ban of DDT, Mr. Gore is now attempting to deprive the survivors in these same countries of energy -- life-giving energy that makes possible their meager existences.

Industrially useful energy is fungible. It flows back and forth throughout the world with ease. A projected reduction in supply in the United States and an ill-considered reaction to that projection has caused current world food shortages. These shortages are only very small reminders of the vast shortages that will occur if hydrocarbon use is truly curtailed.

No greater act of genocide has ever been proposed in human history than the proposal to abruptly end the use of much of the world’s hydrocarbon energy.

Al Gore and his United Nations retainers have received the Nobel Prize for Peace. The only peace that they are offering to the world’s people, however, is the peace of the grave.

This article first appeared in The Human Events, 4-17-08

© 2008 - Art Robinson - All Rights Reserve



By Coach Dave Daubenmire
May 1, 2008

Does it make me un-American if I tell you that I don’t believe hardly anything I hear from our government anymore?

Daily, our government is becoming more and more removed from the will of the people. I want to gag every time I hear one of our elected officials start pontificating on what “the American people want.” They are so removed from the people that they really have no idea, and they really don’t care what the American people want.

Just for starters, would you agree with me that the American people want:

• Less government intrusion in our lives.
• Lower energy prices that could be remedied by drilling for oil.
• To choose for themselves where their children go to school.
• The borders closed.
• Our taxes lowered.
• The end to the government nanny state.

Every one of those “wants” could be accomplished except for one small problem. That is not what the politicians desire. Somewhere along the line our Constitutional Republic morphed from government of the people, by the people, and for the people, to an all encompassing monster that lives to eat the people and the fruits of their labors!

It will not get any better anytime soon.

Hillary is a Clinton. Need I say more? She is the most disingenuous politician to ever step onto the American scene. She and her husband once claimed a tax deduction for donating used underwear.

Obama is of the same ilk. His own pastor even accused him of not saying what he really believed. “He's a politician. I'm a pastor. We speak to two different audiences. And he says what he has to say as a politician. I say what I have to say as a pastor.” Funny, isn’t it? Even his pastor won’t use the word…liar.

McCain? Well, he is McCain! I guess we really do get the leaders that we deserve.

I have a theory on how all of this has happened. While they have had all of us scrabbling over the removal of the 10 Commandments in public buildings, the lack of morality in our populace, and the degenerating condition of our public schools, we have once again missed the real agenda.

You see it is not really about religion. The battle really isn’t about Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, or the non-constitutional “separation between the church and state.”

No, my friends, it isn’t about prayer in schools, or Bibles in schools, about Christmas Carols or the Pledge of Allegiance, nor about homosexuals or metrosexuals. The battle in America is over one issue. And it is an issue that we are all going to have to come to grips with – hopefully sooner, rather than later.

The only way that they would have been able to pull this off was to wrap the debate in an American flag. It is not the Church that the state has been afraid of. It is the Truth that has caused them such a headache. For over 60 years they have screamed about the separation between the Church and the state. But that was a fog; a smokescreen, if you will.

What they didn’t want to deal with was Truth. That is what the battle has been over.

The separation between the TRUTH AND THE STATE is what they were after. It wasn’t religion they had to remove. It was the Truth that stood in the way.

“Truth has fallen in the streets.” They told us truth was relative, and that ethics were “situational.” They chided our children, “don’t judge,” and chastised those who did. They removed from the school house wall the scales by which all morality was weighed and soon everyone was doing “what was right in their own eyes.”

“If it feels good do it. Tune-in, turn-on, drop-out. Go for the gusto. You only pass this way once. Live and let live. Go for it. You deserve it. Did God really say that? Everyone lies about sex…”

We are a nation of liars. We expect lying from our leaders. They don’t even blush.

We hire teachers to teach us lies and elected politicians to tell us lies. We pay them to teach lies, tell lies, so we can believe lies. Lies make us feel better.

How else can you explain what is being taught to our children in our schools with our permission and dollars?

But it didn’t start there. It started in the ivory towers of academia first. Communism, masquerading as liberalism, snuck into positions of authority. Communism is a God-less system of government where absolute Truth does not exist. Right and wrong was no longer defined by the God of the Bible, but by public opinion, or worse yet, the university-trained terrorists in black robes.

With the Christian God and His unmovable standards out of the way, the God-haters were able to manipulate the minds of the people to accept things their Forefathers would have found reprehensible. From their control of the educational system they were able to launch a new era of endarkenment sold to the masses as “progressive.” The only thing progressive was the evil it ushered in. As the light retreated back into the four walls of the Church the darkness blew in with a spiritual devastation rivaling Hurricane Katrina. We began to call good evil and evil good. Woe is flooding the land.

We are left with a moral-wasteland where citizens are asked to vote for leaders that we know are corrupt. Listen hard to what our first Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay said: “Providence has given our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as privilege and interest, of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

And this: “Whether our religion permits Christians to vote for infidel rulers is a question which merits more consideration than it seems yet to have generally received either from the clergy or the laity. It appears to me that what the prophet said to Jehoshaphat about his attachment to Ahab ["Shouldest thou help the ungodly and love them that hate the Lord?" 2 Chronicles 19:2] affords a salutary lesson.”

I wonder what John Jay thought about the separation between the Church and the state?

Those who hate God hate His Truth. To change America they had to change the standards. We let them sandblast His Truth out of our nation. Pillar by pillar, law by law, church by church they have changed America from a foundation built on the Rock to a nation slowly being submerged in the residue of the chips of the foundation they destroyed.

Noah Webster warned us. “Let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers just men who will rule in the fear of God [Exodus 18:21]. . . . If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted . . . If our government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the Divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws.”

Evil men now rule America. Hosea declared, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” Look at the America we are leaving our children.

“Separation of church and state, separation of church and state” the goats bleat every time the Christian God and his standards are mentioned. But it is not the Church they are afraid of. No, my friends, it is not the Church. Again, it is the Truth they must change.

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:” “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Does it seme like we are losing freedom in America? We have let them change the standards. It is Jesus they want removed. Not Buddha, not Mohammed, not environmentalism. The Truth brings freedom, lies bring bondage. Are we truly free?

The commies said they wanted a “separation between the church and the state.” But even that was a lie. It was the Truth they had to destroy. Lies rule the day. WE let them separate the Truth from the state and the people have lost their way.



By Greg Evensen

May 4, 2008

Hyperbole is not something I engage in for shock value alone and it is definitely not something I enjoy contemplating while discussing our national state of affairs. However, it is becoming more and more commonplace in discussions that deal with the United States and its immediate future.

If, as casual readers of current events, you have become aware of the escalating sense of urgency, with the impending multiple world crises, then you are most likely comprehending the current history making events as they unfold. Wars and rumors of war, pestilence, mysterious shakings in the heavens, earthquakes, AND now the ravages of world-wide famine are occurring around us at this very moment. Does this announce the Biblical introduction of the “end times?” I cannot answer that. I am not qualified to assess those prophesized events from a theological perspective. I can tell you from a military frame of mind, a common sense evaluation and a law enforcement point of view, that these days are like riding on a wild cat’s ass, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I have been sounding the call for your total commitment and preparation as one crises leads to another. I have laid out before you the need to store food, water, natural medicines, weapons, rugged winter clothing, extra tools and hardware. I have suggested geographical locations and travel routes to many of you who just couldn’t quite figure it out. Further, I have warned you of shortages of fuels, bulk foods and ammunition. The message has been loud and clear. I know also that it has been easier to shove all this aside and get on with other, simpler things. Simple times are over.

Many of my fellow journalists have continued to spell out the why’s and how’s in articulate factual ways. They have contributed to the true history of the opening years of the twenty-first century. You have had all the information you need to do the right thing, the justifiable thing and the necessary thing in a timely and efficient manner, as I have said many times. Tens of thousands have heeded the call. Millions have not. Tens of thousands will make it through this coming “tribulation” (whether Biblical or not) and millions will not. Men, women and children will gather together in impromptu back woods camps, working, helping, guarding, hunting, fishing, planning and praying their way through what lies ahead.

Millions will be in abject terror as the most evil among us pound at the door and break in the windows of cities and suburbia. And all of this just a stone’s throw from the soccer field where the Friday before, time and effort was spent on what you thought were the most important moments in all of one’s life. Does it matter now? Did it really matter then?

We will look back after the final plunge into oblivion begins with trucks stopping along the highway. Trucks hauling the supplies we take for granted. No more money, no more $4.50 diesel fuel, and no more patience with a government more intent on controlling your lives than working toward a secure America with a prosperous, energy independent and debt free nation under their wheels.

Police agencies and military units are training around the clock every day of every week across the land in preparation for riots, confiscations and detentions on a scale never before contemplated. Communications will be controlled, then severed, as the government and the military begin a “black-out” that will erase the final “freedom” that Americans have enjoyed through the use of cell phones and the internet. This will be so they can implement their battle plans without your knowing of it or being able to sound the alarm. We will be as isolated and vulnerable as any people anywhere on earth. That descent into utter darkness will put the last nail on the coffin of freedom as surely as though the founders had been put to the wall and executed. We are staring with blind eyes into the void of our own making. We have played soccer while the thieves stole our home towns. The damage is done. We have opened the doors to our refuge and found it bare.

So, is there any hope at all? Is there something you can cling to that allows this movie to have a happy ending? That is entirely up to each of you. The “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” are out there---somewhere---but riding toward us with the speed of the wind that is for sure. That you must accept and believe. If you do, then perhaps you will yet do what you should have done so many months and years ago to survive this disaster.

I refuse to set timetables for the obvious reason. I do not have a web-cam in to the Heavenly realm and can not make those kinds of heart-stopping predictions. I can only view what is available to all of us and draw the obvious, commonsense conclusions. Our freedoms are almost gone. The government is on the fast track to surrendering our nation to the interests that have sought for centuries to rule us and the world. Presidents, businessmen, Congress, diplomats, military general staffs and bankers, oilmen, and false religious leaders have conspired to give our liberty and destiny to Satan himself. The legions of demonically inspired and driven men and women who have fought for leadership in this effort are well known to us and carry the names of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Solomon, Loeb, Illuminati, The Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderburgs, Trilateralists, Greenspan, Bush, Gore, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Schumer, Kennedy, Reid, Gingrich, Pelosi, Cheney, Elizabeth II, Putin, Ahdaminejad, Hussein, Hitler, Mao, Marxist/Atheist Israeli’s, Stalin, Lenin, apostate Christian ministers, Imams of all sects, Castro, Chavez, Genghis Kahn, Caesar, Pilate, Ramses and Cain.

We are invaded by Mexican communists, ruled in the big city streets by gangs as ruthless as the Nazi SS, and they are allowed to control the drugs and the streets by city governments too weak and cowardly to do anything about it or to even really care.

Our churches are small, cornered and quiet, or, large happy pill places that neither condemn sin nor recognize the Savior. Make believe ministers like Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton pretend to speak for their followers while chasing stardom and money that is their true god and their real goal in life. Life long politicians mentioned above like Schumer, Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, and Cheney are addicted to TV cameras. They have pushed their way into the spotlight to force “popular” power decisions on the nation through their nauseating tripe that disarms America, and orchestrates the daily obscene intrusions into our citizen’s lives. All of this is “authorized” by the “Patriot Act” and its fascist internal apparatus called “Homeland Security.” We need to eliminate all of this and the hundreds of billions wasted on its tyrannical laws.

I have never advocated disengaging our work to change America. I know that many times, my message has seemed overly pessimistic and highly discouraging. That’s because it is! However, any good Army Sgt. or sports coach will tell you that when the team is behind or the platoon surrounded, it is then that courage, discipline, hard work and the absolute commitment to victory is the ONLY thing that matters. The bleakest moments can herald the brightest dawn. The ultimate outcome depends entirely upon you.

To defeat Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development, civic groups have had to undo and eliminate the local decisions that were implemented without truth, disclosures or citizen input. It was excruciatingly difficult, but many have prevailed. Electing contract minded and constitutionally literate officials has been an ongoing struggle for communities and voting districts that have seen only limited success to this date. More work needs to be done. More effort must be undertaken to assure victory. Careful use of available resources is required if you to not run out of “ammo.” Yes, success can be attained, but this is not a thirty minute stretch of a television sitcom. This is real. The effects are real and the ultimate destiny of a nation rests on your strength, courage and determination.

The “enemies” have had generations, indeed, centuries to unfold their plans. Many of their most devoted “visionaries” died years ago without seeing the ultimate victory. They did not quit. Their fight against us continues with added soldiers sinking millions into the fight for who wins, who controls it all.

Famine, the word not heard here for years, nor even in most other worldly places for several decades, is once again at the door. Failed genetic engineering, continued drought, and unexpected late freezes in Kansas, are some of the reasons, the surplus is gone. Countries are closing their ports and borders trying to safeguard dwindling supplies. The gutless, ineffective and failed UN has entered the scene with no plan but to take from the rich and give to the oppressed. The hated United States is being pressured to step up to the plate by a greedy and ungrateful world. Granted, the US has soiled its own mess-kit in many places, but we don’t have it to give, either.

Supplies of rice, wheat, wheat products, some canned vegetables and fruit are in extremely short supply or subject to market forces shooting prices up across the board. Nudging everything along with the grace of a bulldozer is of course big oil. The convergence of the forces of disaster has finally come into view. The drumbeat of spiritual horse’s hooves are clearly being felt and heard by the astute. I pray that you are among those with ears to hear that which God himself has under His control.

Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Keep doing what you do best and stay engaged. Just work toward self-sufficiency and personal freedom. My Saturday, Noon to 2pmCDT radio show, “Voices from the Heartland” on the Republic Broadcasting Network, is leading in this specific area of discussion. My website is working to greatly expand our ability to service all who regularly visit there. It is not for personal gain, but to open new doors for networking and to use multi-levels of communication. We hope to see this completed in the next month or so.

May I say it one more time? Gather in your supplies, look after the less fortunate, and care for the widows and orphans. Get your family plans in order. Time is so short.

“As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

© 2008 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved



By: Devvy
May 8, 2008

© 2008 -

Unfortunately, most Americans seem content to willfully believe lies to support their comfort zone. They're too afraid to confront the reality of what's right in front of their faces. My column, Do you have plan? earlier this week dealt with getting your personal affairs in order and planning for survival. Now, do you have a plan to become a participant in this fight to stop the complete annihilation of this republic? Everyday my mail box is filled with the question, what can I do? We're in deep, serious trouble and anyone who thinks it's 'business as usual' with the elections in November is either a fool or in complete denial. For those who still choose to believe it's the Democrats vs the Republicans squabble and things will get better because "we'll remember in November," prepare yourself for a shock. It won't because change will not happen with the same players.

Rumblings of martial law

The Internet has been deluged with everything from screeching that marital law will be declared tomorrow to very thoughtful articles and columns laying out in plain English how our God-given rights have been stomped on since 911 and how they tie in with facilities being built. The justification for Congress passing all these unconstitutional "laws" has been 911. This massive push for a Nazi-style National ID is the icing on the cake; many states have caved in and are going to allow their citizens to be tracked like cattle. NOT ME. I don't need to fly or take AMTRAK. While a nation is struggling to buy liquid gold (gas) and put food on the table, this criminal syndicate they call Congress, (Republicans and Democrats) continues to pass legislation so repugnant, I can't find the words:

Bush Signs Bill To Take All Newborns’ DNA May 2, 2008. "President Bush last week signed into law a bill which will see the federal government begin to screen the DNA of all newborn babies in the U.S. within six months, a move critics have described as the first step towards the establishment of a national DNA database.

"Described as a "national contingency plan" the justification for the new law S. 1858, known as The Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007, is that it represents preparation for any sort of "public health emergency. The bill states that the federal government should "continue to carry out, coordinate, and expand research in newborn screening" and "maintain a central clearinghouse of current information on newborn screening… ensuring that the clearinghouse is available on the Internet and is updated at least quarterly." Sections of the bill also make it clear that DNA may be used in genetic experiments and tests."

Read the full column linked above because it stinks of raise your hand and say Heil Hitler.

Every parent in this country must say NO and refuse to submit to this harvesting of your child's DNA. No doubt the 'protectors' will insist it's the law, just like Americans have been fooled and bullied into getting a SSN (Social security number) for newborns - even threatened that they won't be able to take their baby home without one! We know that is a bald faced lie; see here. How else will you track 300 million people, but by national ID papers and stealing the blue print of all infants?

Why do so many Americans believe so strongly that the Bush Administration would even attempt such a move as martial law? I can tell you: The American people in huge numbers are fed up and fighting back. Things are going to get a hell of a lot worse. Slap the king, expect to die. Let me back track a bit for new readers to understand some history.

"1987: Then U.S. Attorney General William French Smith blew the whistle on a fairly low ranking Marine officer by the name of Oliver North. According to Smith, Lt. Col. Oliver North directly helped draft a plan in 1984 to impose martial law in the United States in the event of an emergency. This secret plan would suspend the U.S. Constitution and turn over control of the government to the little known agency at that time: FEMA. This plan would appoint military commanders to run state and local governments. Implementation of this plan would have been triggered by violent and wide spread internal dissent, disagreement with government policy or national opposition to any U.S. military invasion abroad. Essentially, it amounted to a complete and total suspension of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

"Investigators who uncovered this plan believe that between 1983 - 1986, North's office was the 'central command center' for this informal secret structure which involved more than the illegal sale of arms to Iran and illegal funding of the underground war in Nicaragua under President Ronald Reagan...Congressional investigators at the time were shocked by how far along this secret structure and planning had progressed. Arthur Liman, who was the chief counsel of the Senate's Iran-Contra committee stated in a memo that Oliver North was at the center of what he called a "secret government within a government." Prior to those hearings, Liman wrote that a policy decision made at the highest levels during the Iran Contra scandal "...reveals the whole secret government within a government, operated from the Executive Office Building by a lieutenant colonel with its own army, air force, diplomatic agents, intelligence operatives and appropriations capacity."

Katrina and FEMA: Americans saw the military take over of New Orleans, shocking film footage of law enforcement dressed to kill. Here are some photos you shouldn't forget and neither will the photo journalists who were there covering it and got a good taste of what martial law will be like. Had the constitutional militia as MANDATED by the Second Amendment be in effect at the time of Katrina, you would have seen a completely different outcome.

November, 1997, essay in the Sacramento Bee titled: 'Our Civilian-Military Face off,' which also carried a sub headline: Bill of Rights No Obstacle for the [Marine] Corps. This piece exposed the mindset way back then that at some point due to: "...the rising potential for civil disobedience within the inner cities it is 'inevitable' the U.S. military will be employed more often within American borders." Read those words again. You can view the entire essay here and if it doesn't chill your heart, you are in denial.

That's why Posse Comitatus was axed as well as Habeas Corpus. Gutting the Bill of Rights has been a long term goal of the destroyers. 911 just gave them the "justification" to go into hyper-drive in creating a police state to "fight the war on terrorism." The American people have either ignored or cheered on such tyranny.

Below in the links section (video) is a two-part video you can watch on the 2002 riots in Portland, Oregon. At the end of segment one, the demonstrators, unfortunately, out of frustration, use a bit of crude sign language and cursing. However, in segment two, you will see the mentality that has and is being bred into law enforcement. You and I are the enemy, make no mistake about it.

How about our military recruiting felons and foreigners? No? The Corps granted waivers for felonies including rape, manslaughter, burglary and making terrorist threats, Defense Department data shows. The Army also reported a spike in felony waivers — up more than 100 percent, from 249 in fiscal year 2006 to 511 in 2007. How about the Department of Defense being allowed to recruit foreign born individuals with ZERO allegiance to America? The all volunteer military can't recruit fast enough for Bush's endless and phony "war on terror," so they're taking felons and those who care nothing for our country or constitution, just a paycheck. Mercenaries is an accurate description.

Canada, U.S. agree to use each other's troops in civil emergencies

February 22, 2008. "Canada and the U.S. have signed an agreement that paves the way for the militaries from either nation to send troops across each other's borders during an emergency, but some are questioning why the Harper government has kept silent on the deal. Neither the Canadian government nor the Canadian Forces announced the new agreement, which was signed Feb. 14 in Texas."

"The CAP was not authorized by Congressional legislation, or as a treaty between two countries by the U.S. Senate." What? Do Americans have any idea how horrific this is? Foreign military will now enter our country under the broad category of anything determined to be an emergency. When I first read this, I thought to myself: This is just one more nail in our coffin as a sovereign nation. One more step towards complete integration with Mexico and Canada under the NAU/SPP. Commerce, trade, energy sharing and now our military. Do you want a Canadian soldier with a gun pushing you around in an "emergency"?

Americans in significant numbers are also concerned about the contracts to Halliburton for "detention" camps. What? This column is an excellent and factual piece that ties together another critical operation under the guise of homeland security. It is lengthy, but I urge you to book mark it for this weekend. I collect articles and columns in files and there are so many, it's overwhelming, but this one is right on point: Martial Law, Inc. KBR: A Halliburton Subsidiary. This is no hyperbole or conspiracy theory and YOUR member of Congress, just like mine has created this monster that will choke us to death if we do not stop it.

Should the American people be concerned about a growing police state or is all this just a bunch of hooey? You're darn straight.

What is your plan to stop this massive take over of our republic?

Americans want to get involved. In my column, Change not possible with same players, I gave another overview of the situation and recommended that people look into the Constitution Party. The Democrat Party is poison. Their agenda is world communism and after 18 years of research, I stand firm in my assessment. There is a war going on within the GOP, make no mistake about it. As a friend of mine recently wrote regarding the GOP convention:

"Tell all to just keep in mind the desperate state of affairs for many people already in this country, the many who sacrificed all including houses to donate to the campaign, and who are not only desperate people, but precious and faithful American patriots, un-blinded by those GOP'ers we will need to do battle against. The siren song for vacations must be laid aside, as does the song coming from the old guard GOP to make us their friends/servants. It is for their servants they say, to be glad and proud, to carry out the unified will NOT of the grassroots, but to carry the left wing will of the CRF into the National platform!!

"Never forget that this may be our last SIGNIFICANT election, if any more at all there remain to be. It may be our last chance to redeem those poor troops who weep every time their noble calling is raped for use, a use in which their lives are laid on the mines for much less than the noble strategy of victory... victory for their Constitution, their homes, and their fellow citizens. There are fellow patriots who though suffering, look on from around the world, praying that hopeful beacon of personal liberty and respect for national sovereignty will once again shine from our shores. These veterans, for indeed they are, will be forced to live with the loss of life on both sides brought about by the perfidious actions of the few in the last several administrations.

"The reasons to attend this convention are multitude and of such great moment as would equal those moments only the founders have experienced, for they stood at the founding of this great God given experiment in liberty and self government, whereas we stand in the mud and filth of it's decay, near the casket of demise. So close have we come to the end of what they saw begin. But remember that they, in their wisdom, founded a nation of liberty and at once bequeathed to us. May the Lord keep us on that path, and so allow us to bequeath the same to our children, free of this battle, or in the alternative for those of us with hoary heads, as close as possible to it's victory."

We have to get rid of as many anti-American, anti-freedom elected public servants in November at all levels of government regardless of party. If you've asked your member of Congress and state legislature to return to constitutional government and they just stay on the same path every time they're elected, what makes you think things will change by rewarding them with another term in office? Stop kidding yourself. Nothing will change with Obama, Clinton or McCain because they are the anointed of those who control our lives and government.

Has anything changed since the Democrats took control in November 2006? No. They have given Bush everything he wants for his contrived war and unconstitutional nation building. Have the Democrats who hold the majority vote gotten rid of any of these draconian laws the Republicans shoved through since 2001? No. There are excellent candidates out there running. Get out there and help them get elected. The only way to bring change is by numbers and being unified.

We also have to stop patronizing corporations and organizations that support the destruction of our country, i.e., AARP. They oppose any efforts to abolish the privately owned Federal Reserve. This letter is why I do not belong to AARP and I will not as long as they support the money masters. When AARP sent me a membership card with their pitch letter, I sent the chopped up card to CEO with the aforementioned letter and my short note that I will never become a member as long as they support the massive swindle called the FED. AARP's claim that the FED protects elderly persons is nothing but hog wash.

We all have to be activists and stay focused. We MUST stop Agenda 21. Contact Tom DeWeese' organization. Get their fabulous DVD which is a full and comprehensive explanation and what you can do in your area. NWVs writer's are all gifted, excellent researchers who deal with different issues and they list their contact info as well as the best organizations in this country on various issues. Frosty Wooldridge on the illegals invasion. Pastor Chuck Baldwin on the Bush Administration and pro-life issues. Patrick Briley on terrorist cells in this country. Dr. Michael Coffman on the hoax known as global warming. Dr. Edwin Vieira's scholarly columns on the constitutional militia and the central bank. Alan Stang on America's moral breakdown and other issues. Dr. Dennis Cuddy on the under pinnings of how the take over of this country was planned. There are too many superb writers for NWVs to list one by one, so please visit their web sites and you will find a lifetime of research. Knowledge truly is power.

As my friend said above, we must put aside vacations and good times or our children will grow up as global citizens with no rights and restricted "freedom" under a police state. Is that what you want? Even if you are very limited for funds, you can help in this fight. You can be a warrior, you just have to make the effort.

Closing note: I have obtained a four-day pass to the GOP convention. I hope you will help out, click here, and thank you. Every effort is being made to reach the delegates going to the convention with the truth about McCain. The fight has only just begun.

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