Friday, January 05, 2007


By Andrew Strom.Posted 30 December 2006
Complacency. Apathy. -These are the greatest downfalls of the 'lukewarm' church. "We are increased with goods, and have need of nothing," as the Scripture so rightly says. So what does God do with a country like America today? -A country that has historically been a "Land of Revivals" but is now addicted to "consumerism" en masse. A country that for the first time since the Great Depression now has a NEGATIVE savings rate - because its people are so enamoured with owning "things" -even if they can't afford them.

A country whose people are indebted to their eyeballs and beyond - so they can keep up the lifestyle of ease to which they have grown accustomed.What does God do with an America that has grown too fat to pray?Is anybody "desperate" any more? Where are those who cry to God from their gut - from the bottom of their heart? Where are the agonies and tears? Has America forgotten what kind of prayer it takes to obtain an Awakening? If we can't pray like that any more, then surely all is lost?But just how 'desperate' are things really, you ask? Things aren't so terrible, surely?Well, the fact is that this nation's sin right now is utterly unmatched in her entire history. Has there ever been a generation of Americans that has killed 40 million babies in just 30 years?
No, such a thing is UNPRECEDENTED. And has there ever been an American generation that has not only CELEBRATED homo-sexuality - but actually helped broadcast and spread it around the earth? No, such a thing has never been seen before. Forty years ago it would have been undreamt-of.(-God reserves for these particular types of sin the term, "Abominations" - and historically any nation practicing them has been utterly destroyed).Has there ever been an American generation that has addicted the whole earth to soft porn and violence the way that Hollywood has done in the last 40 years? No, again this is UNPRECEDENTED in history. (The center of the worldwide pornography industry is located just outside Los Angeles).Has there ever been an American generation whose preachers go on satellite television and teach other leaders in 'Revival' countries how to "milk" the sheep for money, and grow rich at the expense of the poor? No, I tell you, America has NEVER done this before.

Our TV preachers are now actually being used by the devil to corrupt true moves of God all over the globe. (Go to Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil and see what I mean. American "Prosperity" is everywhere - and still spreading).At this very moment America is hanging in the balances. God is making up His mind what to do with her. And yet still complacency rules. -Still no "desperate" prayer. Apathy covers us like a blanket. Will you sleepwalk your way to destruction, America?Years ago a famous preacher commented that if God did not judge America, then He would have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah. I am not sure that it was true then, but I certainly believe it is true now. We are at the crisis point.In the last 40 years, in every way we have become the most sick, selfish, greedy, corrupt, sin-addicted generation that America has ever produced. And now judgment hangs over the land like a sword.Where are those who "sigh and cry" at the abominations in the land? Where are those like righteous Lot whose soul was "tortured" day after day by all that he saw and heard? Are there none who will cry to God with strong weeping and tears?Let me make some predictions at this point, so I can be clear about what this country is facing:(1) Firstly, I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid Judgment. This nation may have Revival in the midst of judgments - but this is now the best it can hope for. In fact, without judgments it is doubtful that Revival is even possible. -People are simply too complacent. They need a SHOCK even to begin to pray.(2) Expect a great economic crash - and expect it SOON. Without this, how will this nation get its eyes off its great god, Money? (3) Expect further CALAMITY. This nation is "running red lights" one after the other. -That is what 9-11 and Katrina were. Things are going to get much much worse before this is over. Expect something to hit the West Coast - and expect it to be BAD. It is difficult for me to put into words the crisis we are in at this moment, and the judgments that await this nation if there is no repentance. God is looking for sackcloth and ashes. He is looking for those who "sigh and cry". Will you be one of these, my friend?The hour is late. The need is urgent. Who will respond?If you want to be someone who prays like this, there are some things that we have recently put in place to help you enter in to this kind of praying. Please go to our website - - and download the "Agonizing Prayer" audio clips on the right-hand side. Or join us on the Friday night Phone-Hookup prayer meetings - where we cry out to God together for mercy and outpouring.The time has come to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, my friends. The need is desperate - will you respond?Our website again-
God bless you all.
Andrew Strom.