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Cheney Lines up Middle East Arab Allies for US Iraq Pull-out and Possible Iran Attack

Cheney Lines up Middle East Arab Allies for US Iraq Pull-out and Possible Iran Attack

May 12, 2007, 12:28 PM (GMT+02:00)

US Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in Riyadh Sat. May 12, with a full caseload for his talks with Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz . He is seeking coordination with the Saudis in good time for the approaching winding-down of US military forces in Iraq. Cheney will also clinch the Bush administration’s offer to double the Saudi air force in size, boosting its capability for contending with Iranian air might and the Revolutionary Guards’ naval and marine strength.

The USS offer of advanced warplanes was first revealed by DEBKAfile when it was presented in Riyadh by visiting US defense secretary Robert Gates last month.

The vice president’s regional presence from Wednesday, May 8, set up a whirlwind of activity. In Baghdad, he had a tough message for Iraqi leaders that time was running out and the country’s security crisis had reached a critical point.

"We've got to get this work done. It's game time. ... Everybody's got to sit down, raise their game, redouble their efforts," he is quoted as saying.

He then flew to Abu Dhabi for talks with the deputy chief of UAR armed forces, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahayan.

Friday, aboard the USS John Stennis, one of two US air carrier strike groups deployed in Gulf waters, the vice president pledged the US would “stand with others to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons and dominating this region.”

This statement was not taken in the Gulf as a military threat, but rather a message that Washington is not looking for a military showdown with Iran, at this sensitive juncture ahead of a US troop withdrawal from Iraq, but rather bidding for strategic understandings to hold in check Iran’s nuclear weapons plans, on the lines of the accommodation with North Korea, while conditionally allowing enrichment of uranium to go forward.

In the last two weeks, Washington has marginally trimmed down the US buildup opposite Iran’s shores. Shortly before Cheney arrived, the Bonhomme Richard Expeditionary Strike group reached the Gulf with 6,000 men - not to augment the US naval presence, but to relieve the USS Boxer Strike group which is returning to base.

While no Bush administration official has publicly admitted to a timeline for the US pull-out from Iraq - and has in fact fought one tooth and nail through Congress - DEBKAfile’s sources in Washington, the Gulf and Baghdad report that Cheney is bringing the news to the Middle East rulers that Washington will make its decision in the second half of August and an evacuation will begin shortly thereafter.

In parallel with preparations for a partial US exit from Iraq, DEBKAfile discloses that Washington and Iran will embark on negotiations, which could lead to the Bush administration accepting parts of Tehran’s civilian nuclear activities, including uranium enrichment in agreed quantities.

In the meantime, as part of US preparations for this event - and a possible Iranian threat - American military strength in the Gulf is regrouping, while Saudi forces are being buttressed.

The coming weeks may, therefore, see President George W. Bush backing down on two of his most stubbornly-held foreign policy issues: a timeline for US forces to depart Iraq and uranium enrichment by the Islamic Republic.

Israel, which will be vitally affected in the years to come by these sweeping regional changes, happens to be ruled by a leadership too crippled by survival tactics to look ahead and prepare.

Its Arab neighbors are in contrast running ahead, with the Saudis and Jordanians already on the move in April. (Jordan’s Abdullah has launched a new diplomatic initiative for the West Bank, disclosed in a separate report in this page)

April 1, the Saudi monarch met Adm. William J. Fallon, US Central Command chief. April 16, he received defense secretary Gates and, two days later, April 18, he held a long conversation with the US state department Iraq coordinator, David Satterfield.

These talks led to a decision to make the Saudi air force the biggest in the Middle East, on a par with Israel’s air might, by an infusion of sophisticated aircraft equipped with the most advanced avionics, electronic warfare instruments and missiles.

In a war contingency, the boosted Saudi air force will undertake the key function of immobilizing the antiquated Iranian air force, preventing it from posing a threat to the Gulf or providing air cover for sabotage squads or marines seeking to attack oil installations, disrupt oil tanker passage through the Gulf or seize territory in Gulf emirates.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report: The Iranian air force, numbering 600 combat-ready fighter-bombers, is technologically backward and weak in combat skills. Some of its planes are early American models or home-made craft based on outdated US, Chinese or Russian technology.

The Saudi air force is smaller – 350 aircraft organized in 17 squadrons - but more modern and in better shape - even before the promised American infusion, which is likely to consist of first line F-16 Cs and Ds, F 15 Es and possibly the F 22 Raptor. Israel has strenuously objected to this upgrade. However, since last year’s Lebanon war, the Olmert government has by and large found itself talking to deaf ears in Washington.
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Job Thieves: How Bush And Pelosi Secretly Conspire - Tom Paine

Thursday, May 10th was a whirlwind day on the political frontlines in the War on the Middle Class, as a handful of senior congressional Democrats and the White House—cheered on by K Street lobbyists—joined forces today to announce a “deal” on a package of trade agreements that could impact millions of American workers and potentially calls into question the entire election mandate of 2006 (I say potentially because the full details are still being concealed by both Democrats and the White House). You’ll notice the irony of the deal with just a glance at the front of the New York Times business section—the deal was agreed to (though its details have still not been made public) on the very same day the U.S. government reported another widening of America’s job-destroying trade deficit. (end excerpt) Americans are just too stupid to care. Only the pangs of hunger and homlessness will awaken them. Ask the reprobate in the Range Rover if he even knows about this... or cares as he carreens down the highway with a cellpohne in one hand and a soda in the other, getting a full 10 miles per gallon, aiding terrorists of every stripe with his gas-guzzling Al-Qaeda funder. The voters from both parties (90% of adults) are too clueless to care. Never forget, I say to those on the Left, it was Clinton who brought us NAFTA and if Hillary gets in there, the war will continue, despite what her promises are. She will prove to be as honest as her husband. You will get more 'Well, it depends on what the meaning if is, is..." type prevarications, while our troops remain in Iraq and our southern border is opened as wide as possible and your job is shipped to India. Remember that Senator Kennedy thinks that you should be forced to house illegals in your home if they have no place to stay. Real wages have steadily declined and both parties want to accelerate that trend, and keep it secret from you. Folks both parties are determined to sell you down the river and rob whatever you have left just before your raft goes over the waterfall. Yes dear readers, your Democratic Congress loves you... like a glutton loves his lunch. But I must confess the more I look at my fellow Americans, I just don't think they deserve any better than the sufferings of those whom they have victimized for decades. I fear that as Americans lose everything, I will not be able to weep for them, but only say to them you were warned and warned and felt that slaughtering babies was more important than life; snorting coke was more important than helping the poor, and waving a blood-stained flag in an idiotic display of patriotism was more important than turning on your thinking cap. I will turn my attention to those who still care about what God has to say and turn my attention to my fellow man who still have ears to hear and are not obssessed with how they can afford their next gas guzzler or how they can fit their next vacation on their overcharged credit-card or how they can sleep with their neighbors wife, or husband... or both. In short, I, in my hart of hearts, do not believe that this nation, as it travels in its current direction, towards the twin cities of Sodom and Gommorah, is worth trying to save. The scarey part it is, I know that is God's opinion too, though he will wait for folks individually to repent. For those of who who want some scripture on this, read Ezekiel chapters 7-9. With the great blessings God has given us comes great responsibility. We have failed and done so with such a stubborn impudence that God is never going to forget it. Never.Don't be stubborn, don't be impudent... REPENT! Seek the Lord while he may be found.

Bush And Dems Collaborate On Trade Deal

Bush And Dems Collaborate On Trade Deal
David Sirota
May 11, 2007
David Sirota is the author of Hostile Takeover: How Big Money and Corruption Conquered Our Government—And How We Take It Back. This article originally appeared on SirotaBLOG.
Thursday, May 10th was a whirlwind day on the political frontlines in the War on the Middle Class, as a handful of senior congressional Democrats and the White House—cheered on by K Street lobbyists—joined forces today to announce a “deal” on a package of trade agreements that could impact millions of American workers and potentially calls into question the entire election mandate of 2006 (I say potentially because the full details are still being concealed by both Democrats and the White House). You’ll notice the irony of the deal with just a glance at the front of the New York Times business section—the deal was agreed to (though its details have still not been made public) on the very same day the U.S. government reported another widening of America’s job-destroying trade deficit.
Because so much has transpired yesterday, I’m going to summarize it here chronologically in bullet points to make it easier to digest. I’ve been covering it live all day, but figured for brevity it would be best to put it in one place. For context, remember that, as Public Citizen has documented and as business publications like Forbes Magazine has confirmed, Democrats won their congressional majority in 2006 thanks to scores of challenger candidates specifically running against lobbyist-written trade policy. This 2006 lesson is particularly important to Democrats who, in the early 1990s experienced their own president campaign for office opposing unfair trade deals, then ram NAFTA through Congress “over the dead bodies” of workers, then watch the Democratic majority get decimated in the following election. I want to stress, we still don’t know the details of the deal, but we do have some critically important information to analyze.
Here’s the timeline of Thursday the 10th:
- Mid-afternoon, six populist, fair-trade Democrats author a letter to the House Democratic leadership demanding a full Democratic caucus debate over a secret trade proposal that Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) have been negotiating with the White House. This proposal has been kept ultra-secret even from fellow Democratic lawmakers, much like the Cheney energy task force. The negotiations have coincided with Baucus and Rangel forming a joint corporate fundraising PAC, and with Baucus’s International Economic Summit, where the lineup of speakers demanded Baucus support more free trade pacts and ignore the Montana State Senate’s resolution urging him to stop such pacts in the future. The letter from the populist Democrats follows similar earlier letters of concern from rank-and-file Democrats.
- About an hour after the letter is sent, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has refrained from taking a position on the secret negotiations, sends out word of a major press conference that would be held at 6pm EST with herself, Baucus, Rangel, Bush Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Bush Trade Representative Susan Schwab. The press conference is to announce a “deal” whereby these senior Democrats agree to support a package of pending trade deals with Peru, Panama, South Korea and Colombia, supposedly in exchange for major reforms to these trade deals, including the addition of strong labor and environmental protections. The press conference is sponsored by the New Democrats - the group of Democrats that have historically supported lobbyist-written trade pacts and that was instrumental in passing the credit card-industry-written bankruptcy bill. No progressive Democrats appear at the press conference.
- Immediately after the press conference, the New York Times reports that Pelosi, Rangel and Baucus appear to be cutting a “deal” with Bush that the majority of Democrats do not support “Despite the endorsement of Rangel and Pelosi,” the Times wrote, “many Democrats say that half or more of the Democrats in Congress may vote against the deal.” The Times also notes that the deal “paves the way” for Congress to grant Bush’s request to reauthorize fast track authority—the authority that allows presidents to eliminate basic labor, human rights and environmental protections from trade pacts. The Associated Press soon reports that “a half-dozen House Democrats with strong labor ties, watching the news conference from the back of the room, later expressed strong dissatisfaction” with the deal and the process used to make a deal. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) says, “The strongest voices for workers and the environment were not included” in the negotiations and were not informed of the deal. Similarly, Rep. Michael Michaud (D-ME) says, “I’m very disappointed that Speaker Pelosi held a press conference before meeting with the caucus. In a democratic process Democrats ought to know.” None of the stories include any comment from representatives of labor, human rights or environmental organizations.
- Both a news release from Pelosi and a document sent to Capitol Hill staffers from Baucus’s Senate Finance Committee about an hour after the press conference trumpets new labor protections in the deal, but does not say that multinational unions will be able to go to courts to demand enforcement of labor laws—a key privilege multinational corporations currently have in working to dismantle federal and state consumer protection, environmental and labor laws at a cost of at least $1.8 billion to U.S. taxpayers.
- An hour after the press conference, the Associated Press reports that Rangel says the trade deal was designed by those who “didn’t want the U.S. trade representative to be a lobbyist just for U.S. businesses.” The same AP story reports that several of Washington’s most powerful corporate lobbying groups offered effusive praise for the deal.
- About an hour and a half after the press conference, the Financial Times reports that “the terms of the deal are still being finalized…Democrats were on Thursday resisting making a commitment to seek the passage of a pending trade agreement with Colombia. The Colombian pact has been singled out because of government links to right-wing death squads, the high level of political violence, and killings of trade unionists. The exclusion of Colombia is a setback for the administration…Business lobbyists were less than enthusiastic about the administrations’ concessions, which were a sign that the tremendous influence of corporate lobbyists over trade deals had been weakened slightly.”
- Two hours after the press conference, Agence France Press newswire reports that, in fact, the deal includes Colombia and that K Street is cheering the pact because the labor protections are apparently weak. U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and Republican Party bigwig Tom Donohue tells AFP that he is “encouraged by assurances that the labor provisions [in the deal cannot be read to require compliance with ILO Conventions.” This shocking revelation, which undermines all of the claims made at the press conference, is somehow not reprinted nor probed by any other major media outlet.
- Three hours after the press conference, the House Ways and Means Committee issues a press release that includes a quote from Republican Rep. Wally Herger saying that the deal apparently includes assurances of passage of fast track. “We now have a way forward on Panama, Peru, Colombia, South Korea and even reauthorization of TPA,” Herger says. The New York Times final story for tomorrow’s paper is posted online noting that Rangel is now, for the first time, publicly agreeing to support an extension of fast track. He justifies his new position by claiming he believes the upcoming Doha trade talks are designed to help poor people in the developing world - an assertion that flies in the face of a recent Tufts University report that says exactly the opposite. The full details of the deal still have yet to be released.
- Five hours after the press conference, the Washington Post reports that “Thea M. Lee, the legislative policy director for the nation’s largest confederation of labor unions, the AFL-CIO, said last night she could envision no scenario that would win labor’s approval for a trade deal with Colombia.” Lee has been quoted just hours before by Reuters saying the AFL-CIO could not support any deal that allowed the United States to avoid being forced to comply with international labor standards. Because the deal’s details have still not been released, it remains unclear whether unions will, in fact, be given the ability to sue in international courts for the enforcement of labor protections—the same ability corporations currently are granted in trade pacts to sue in international courts to eliminate state and federal environmental/consumer protection laws that cut into corporate profits. The AFL-CIO, like other major union, environmental, human rights and consumer protection organizations, has yet to issue a formal statement on the deal.
- Five and a half hours after the press conference, the Hill Newspaper reports that K Street lobbying groups are trumpeting Baucus, the Senate’s key player in the deal. “It is hard to argue that Max Baucus or others have not been receptive to the business agenda,” says a top official of the Business Industry Political Action Committee.
- Six hours after the press conference, Washington Post business columnist Steve Pearlstein, one of the leading opinionmakers on trade issues, declares the deal to be a “major achievement” even though the full details of the deal have yet to be released. Pearlstein’s declaration flies in the face of an article he wrote less than a year ago urging Democrats “to take [free trade] hostage” and not “give away the store.” His article appears to be the pundit class’s starting gun to trumpet the deal, much as the pundit class provided a cheerleading section for NAFTA and the China free trade pact.
Here’s some more important details. According to my Capitol Hill sources, most Democratic lawmakers still have not seen the language of the deal. These sources also tell me that while Rangel originally promised organized labor that he would not agree to a deal without a process for labor to review the language, at the moment of Pelosi’s press release, labor leaders were in the midst of a conference call to discuss the deal and had not yet provided final input. Furthermore, sources tell me that a group of Democrats in vulnerable seats who had campaigned for office opposing further NAFTA-style free trade expansion informed Pelosi’s office early in the day of their concerns and were assured that the Speaker did not have an official position on a deal.
I want to reiterate, we have not yet seen the details of this deal. While the secrecy and this information aggregated in this dispatch certainly raises very serious concerns about what the White House and this handful of Democrats are trying to hide, we have to reserve final judgment on what the deal ultimately means until these players decide to disclose their deliberations to the American public.
Nonetheless, there are very real reasons to be concerned. During NAFTA and China PNTR, this same kind of secretive process unfolded, with the same politicians declaring that the deals were all about helping American workers and the same media outlets behaving as stenographers for such declarations - all while the details were concealed. The bottom line is clear: If this deal sells out the American middle class—as many longtime fair trade Democrats in Congress seem to fear - it will require a massive grassroots pressure campaign to demand Democrats respect the 2006 election’s fair trade mandate and back off.
Continue checking back to this blog for more. During live coverage of the press conference yesterday, CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight specifically referenced the reporting on trade being done here on the Working Assets blog, and I will do my best to keep updating the situation as more information becomes available.
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Israel’s Ambassador To U.S. Says Iran Must Be Stopped

Israel’s Ambassador To U.S. Says Iran Must Be Stopped - Bill Wilson
By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst
WASH—May 9—KIN--“They must be stopped” were the words of newly appointed Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Sallai Meridor, in describing the situation with Iran, its sponsoring of terrorism and its developing nuclear program. He said, “Iran is a threat to the region, to Israel, to humanity. They must be stopped.” He compared the Iranian regime to that of the rising Adolf Hitler as he gradually came to power and murdered over six million Jews during World War II. Ambassador Meridor said that Iran “must not have nuclear weapons.” Meridor said Israel was committed to peace first so that Israeli leadership “can say they have done all they can do to the children (of Israel) who will be called upon to fight.”
There were no delusions about Iran’s intent during a recent gathering at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. Over two hundred Christians and Jews gathered at the Sixth Annual Israel Solidarity Event on May 4 to show support for the nation who has the most to lose if Iran acquires or builds a nuclear weapon. Meridor told the group in no uncertain terms his disposition on Iran. He said the nations should not trade with Iran, a veiled criticism of Russia and China, both permanent members of the United Nations Security Council who have been blocking trade sanctions against Iran at the protection of their own self-interests.
While after nearly three years of wrestling with Iran over its nuclear program, the nations are continuing to try to reach an agreement with Iran over abiding by the nuclear nonproliferation treaty to no avail. Meantime, the U.S. and Russia are discussing whether to place some sort of trade embargo on the rogue terrorist sponsoring nation. But all the while, there seems to be a lack of diplomatic backbone to call the situation what it is: A terrorist sponsoring nation trying to use its relationships with Russia, China and North Korea to develop a nuclear bomb and a missile delivery system to deliver it.
Israeli sources say that Israel expects another attack this summer from Hezbollah in the North and, perhaps at the same time, from Hamas in the South. Preparations are also being made in case Syria attacks Israel from its border on the Golan Heights. Russia has been Iran’s best partner in developing weapons and missile technology. According to the prophecy of the Bible, Russia and Iran will lead other nations in an attack against Israel in the latter days. Russia and Iran will be destroyed in a miraculous battle where after the battle those who dwell in Israel will set fires to the weapons, according to Ezekiel 39:9, “and they will make fires with them for seven years.”

God's judgment on the United States

God's judgment on the United States
Posted: Saturday, May 12, 2007 - written by jerry golden

If you are a student of God’s Word you know that Israel is the center of His Word in Prophecy, and when God says in reference to Israel the Apple of His Eye in Gen 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. God is not kidding or joking around, He is very serious. In fact, I have never read anywhere in His Word where He said something that He didn’t really mean. And just for your information Israel is the apple of God’s eye now and always will be. And if you are a gentile and want to make it to heaven you will have to be grafted into the natural roots and the promises given to Israel by God’s Grace through faith in your acceptance of the Jewish Messiah, the Bible you read is a Jewish Book and your way to heaven is through Yeshua the Jewish Messiah. Many have been lied to, but there is no other Gospel that will secure your soul in a relationship with God for eternity, and if you have accepted any form of replacement theology it will send you directly to hell.

I know that many dislike what I have to say about George W. Bush but the fact is he is the most dangerous enemy Israel has ever faced. He has an agenda not only for Israel but for the US as well, and the southern open borders should be enough to open more eyes to what he really is.

With the above in mind I will say once again that George Bush has brought God’s judgment on the United States, and continues to make the same mistakes over and over because he seems to be driven by a spirit to destroy Israel with his Road Map to Hell. We don’t know how he was able to make Ariel Sharon do a 180 degree in his life and dedication to the Jewish State, but some how he was able to convince him to withdraw from Gaza making over 9,000 Jews homeless in there own country. And give the enemies of God and to Israel the land promised as an everlasting covenant to the Jewish people. To make matters worse he became the first Prime Minister to accept a Palestinian State even against his party’s platform and the wishes of the Jews in Israel. We saw New Orleans destroyed and hundreds of thousands made homeless in there own country (The USA) directly after the Disengagement of Gaza. Before Sharon’s stroke he brought a man from the 33 position in Likud (Omert) and made him #2 in a new Party formed to continue the destruction of Israel.

Time and time again when Bush sends Rice to the Middle East to push the Saudi Peace plan that Bush calls his Road Map suddenly disaster strikes the US within days. With millions of Believers in the US telling him that he is wrong in forcing a Palestinians State on the little State of Israel, bringing about the eventual destruction of Israel, he continues to keep the plan of the New World Order that controls him. And as I have stated before God’s judgment always seems to be in direct proportion to what Bush forces on Israel. Now we see Florida and California or fire and Florida with the largest fires ever reported in that state and it isn’t over yet. We see the entire middle part of the US flooding and the rain keeps coming. Honey bees are dying by the billions and that can cause a terrible situation with the nation’s food supply. The worse tornado ever reported in the United States destroyed a whole city, others tornados killing and destroying towns. Even with hundreds of thousands of Christians marching on Washington DC he still won’t listen and reconsider his policy towards Israel.

With Syria massing its troops on our northern border and armed with Russian missiles capable of reaching any part of Israel we have reason to be nervous. It should also be remembered that Iran and Syria has an agreement that if one of them goes to war against the Jewish State the other will as well. Hezbollah has rearmed and they are now stronger than before last summer’s war thanks to Iran, Russian and the United Nations. So we now have Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and possibly Egypt all wanting to destroy the Jewish State of Israel and all the above have spent all the money they possibly could on rearmament over the past few years getting ready for this war. I am repeating this just to say now is not the time for Israel to have a US President doing back room deals with the enemy or enemies and sending Rice to speak with our enemies behind out back. It’s also worth noting that Bush has given his Saudi friends the latest in F-15’s and F-16’s along with high tech radar planes that can keep a close watch over Israel. The Saudis now has an air base within a few minutes of the southern Israeli border.

The following is not much more than the way I see it and how it could happen within the next few months possibly sooner. I am wondering if Bush is trying to get Israel into a war with our neighbors knowing Iran will jump in so he can have his excuse to attack Iran as it would look like he did it in defense of Israel, knowing that the majority of the public in the US support Israel. If this is the case it would certainly cost Israel dearly and many would die here as Syria has armed their missiles with chemical warheads possibly biological warheads as well. And if Iran gets lucky and gets a missile with a nuke on it through to Israel it would well be the end of Israel. Why do I say this, well we all know Bush is not in control of congress and could never get approval to attack Iran in a democratic congress such a war would solve that problem for him. The price paid could well be Israel but like I’ve said so many times before it is now obvious that he has been trying to deliver Israel to the Arabs with his Road Map to Hell this would just expedite the process.

BUT, God and even Israel has something to say about all of this, even with the corrupt Government Israel would not sit still for any attack, and we would see Isa. 17:1 and Damascus would be totally destroyed just like God’s Word says it will. Hezbollah under this kind of war would last a couple days at most with many thousands dead in Lebanon. The US and Israel together would take care of Iran but at a terrible cost to Israel, the Saudis would do as usual and crawl into their holes and just try to keep supporting terrorists around the world. Egypt is another matter all together and could cause terrible damage to Israel thanks to Bush and the US supplying them with F-15’s, F-16’s and high power artillery, and Russian and North Korea making their navy second to none in the Middle East.

So even though all the above is just a possibility of it happening, I think it could be fairly close, the wild card is Russia who might have secret agreements with several Arab countries to join in and help destroy Israel. But the instigator behind it all is none other than George Bush, all I know many will disagree with that, but time will prove it to be right. The one thing that is certain, it has all gone to far now to be stopped and the Middle East will go into a terrible war soon.

BUT, this is where God comes in, He will not allow Israel to be destroyed and all those who come against Jerusalem are in terrible trouble, Zechariah 12:9 AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THAT DAY, THAT I WILL SEEK TO DESTROY ALL THE NATIONS THAT COME AGAINST JERUSALEM.

You might notice that Europe is not mentioned in the above and the only thing that will happen there is once again the Jews will be blamed and another Holocaust will be their answer to the problem, kill the Jews is already being a cry heard throughout Europe. This is not a war that will last long because of the kind of weapons that will be used with awesome power millions could die within days.

So what about this ministry, we will be here for God has called us to rescue Jews who will be running for their lives, call me nuts, crazy but I am telling you again I have heard from God and this Ministry will be here and we will save many Jewish lives. It is now our responsibility to get as ready as we possibly can and we need a larger boat and there is much to be done in the way of ground work, we need your help NOW.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.
Shalom, jerry golden
The Golden Reort

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Israel in Mortal Danger

Israel in Mortal Danger

Above: Olmert & Defense Minister Peretz Being Forced Out?
Bush May Not Attack Iran
Israeli Military Pushes US For Decision
As Inept Olmert Paralyzed
An A-O Report
Special Coverage Feature
(A-O Newswire) -- Debkafile's latest posted articles reveal an alarmingly critical situation is now taking place inside Israel which is not being reported fully by mainstream media. For example, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that Secretary of State Rice has cancelled a trip to Israel this week because of the "political instablity" within the Olmert-led government. This news is not yet being widely reported in the American media or by many news agencies around the world. Equally unreported is Vice President Cheney's trip to the Mideast will also bypass an Israeli stop. Instead Cheney will fly to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt for consultations. The US is sending a message to Olmert that he needs to resign.
Behind the scenes however, Debka is reporting that the Olmert regime has essentially melted down, and has become totally dysfunctional. Prime Minister Olmert is living in total denial of his own political death. No longer is Olmert paying any attention to his military but instead clings to the illusion that he can negotiate a peace treaty with the Palestinians. To underscore that, Debka reported the following as public proof:
"Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert and foreign minister Tzipi Livni staged a revealing scrap of asides behind open microphones and TV cameras Monday, May 8.
"She said the army chiefs was complaining the politicians were holding them back from dealing with the Palestinian Qassam missiles flying daily from Gaza. He replied: Tell them to take it easy.
"Less than a week after Livni told Olmert to resign over the Winograd panel’s deadly criticism of his handling of last year’s Lebanon War, the duo were ready to act out a piece of theater and a course of military passivity. Neither seriously wants to hear what the army has to say – and not just the chief of staff, as in last year’s conflict, but the different views of commanders, as the panel advised. They are too preoccupied with personal survival maneuvers to attend to urgent security issues."
Debka continues on to note that Israeli military experts, particularly newly retired ones - are making appearances in Israeli media interviews warning that Israel's security situation has now reached "dangerous proportions" with enemy build-ups on 3 Israeli borders while the Israeli army is UNPREPARED for another imminent war. Not only is the Israeli military unprepared but Olmert is personally being held back by the Olmert government from pre-emptively destroying terrorists weapons warehouses and installations before they can attack Israel.
Iran Broadcasts Hezbollah Attack Plans!

Above: Iran's puppet leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah.
Last Sunday, Hexbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah huddled with his commanders on a plan to launch an attack on Israel's Mount Hermon and Dov from the Shebaa Farms region and simultaneously launch pre-emptive ballistic missile attacks on Israel's navy to wipe out the Navy. These are the C-802 Silkworm missiles, like the one that nearly sunk an Israeli gunboat last summer during the war. How did Debka and the Israeli military know of this plan? It was broadcast on Iranian TV in an interview with Nasrallah. This is a clear indication that Iran is planning on starting or resuming the war with Israel and perhaps enlarging the war.
Last year's war started accidentally with an incident that Iran was not prepared for. Hezbollah's small raid that kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers was not ordered by Iran and Hezbollah's commander didn't think Israel would launch a massive military response. This year is different. Iran has been working tirelessly to rebuild, and add even more muscle into the region. Iran not only has built up Hezbollah with even greater capabilities than before, but also added Iranian military forces as advisors. In addition to that, Iran has transfered enormous firepower to Syria as Syria stages a massive military build up of its own.
Iran Seeks War With Israel
Iran's motives are now clear. Iran intends to launch a war against Israel from three sides using "proxy" armies of Hezbollah in the far northwest Israeli border, Syria on the northeast and Hamas on the south and eastern borders of Israel. Israel's Prime Minister refuses to recognize the danger and has deluded himself into thinking he can save his political career be negotiating a peace settlement with the Palestinians and not resign in disgrace.
Bush Backs Off From Iran Strike?
Meanwhile, all of these developments play out against a White House where President Bush has come to realize that he cannot order a pre-emptive military attack against Iran's nuclear facilities. There has been enough whispered talk behind closed doors of impeachment to alter Bush's thinking. He and the White House advisors have therefore been contemplating the idea of a diplomatic compromise with Iran in the past 30 days. In March, the Saudi's pulled away from a plan to work against Iran diplomatically, in part due to Iranian blackmail yet the Saudis refuse to play ball with Iran.
As an alternative counterbalance, The White House has apparently decided to build up Saudi Arabia's military and redeploy US forces in the Persian Gulf as a defensive measure. The White House is looking for a graceful way to pretend that it stopped Iran from developing nuclear weapons, by agreeing to a compromise with Iran over enrichment. In doing so, the fall back strategy is to build up the region so that in the event Iran does make a bomb, the region can be heavily defended by new anti-missile capabilities in 2009 plus massive airpower defense in the region. In other words, Bush is going to let Iran have its nukes, and implement a Mutually Assured Destruction strategy to prevent Iran from actually using its nuclear weapons. Of course that MAD strategy assumes the Iranians won't sacrifice their nation for Allah in order to bring about the Islamic Messiah.
White House Playing "Wait & See"?
Even so, the White House strategy seems to be to wait a while even as it extends back-channel signals for a diplomatic compromise. Even as this article is written comes word that the Iranians have signalled a renewed willingness to talk directly with the US about its nuclear program. While such diplomatic feelers and closed door talks continue, Bush hopes for a mis-move by Iran. The hope is that Iran may yet provide an overt excuse to launch an attack on Iran. Meanwhile, Iran seems willing to oblige. Iran seems to be on the verge of order it's "allies" - the Hezbollah to launch attacks on Israel, perhaps in the next few days or weeks ahead. Hezbollah forces have now moved into new positions ideal for launching attacks on Mount Hermon and Dov. Syria and Hamas would then join in the battle with the goal of at least retaking the Golan Heights and perhaps destroying Israel itself or at least severely crippling Israel.
Don't Forget 6-6-7 Is 40th Anniversary of 6-Day War
Perhaps, the target date for an attack would be on the 40th anniversary of the 6-Day war of 1967, when Israel took over all of Jerusalem. From a prophetic standpoint, some prophecy watchers believe that this 40 year anniversary will prove to be prophetically significant and the prophetic events will begin to be totally fulfilled.

Iran Threatens 10,000 Missiles On Israel
Analysis From Israel on War Preparations
The Iranian deputy interior minister is explicitly warning Israel that in the event of an American attack, Iran would fire tens of thousands of missiles at Israel; Syria is moving and positioning thousands of missiles close to the border with Israel; Hizbullah has completed the deployment of its missiles and rockets arsenal, which is capable of striking at the heart of the country and Hamas has transferred tons of explosives and missiles into the Gaza Strip in an attempt to create a balance of power.
Even the timetable is clear: Somewhere in August - then the US will have to decide whether it will launch a large-scale military assault against Iran or not, and this is when Iran is likely to activate its regional satellites. LINK-

Is God Chastising Babylon-America As A Warning?

Is God Chastising Babylon-America As A Warning?

Above: Backside of Tornado that struck Greensburg, KS on 5-4-7
"I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that dwell in the midst of them that rise up against me, a destroying wind;" Jeremiah 51:1
Do Recent "Nature" Events In America
Foreshadow the Coming Judgment
on Babylon-America?

Above: Smoke from Georgia wildfires.

AMERICA IS BURNING, Blowing & Flooding

Above: Possible Tropical Storm forming off Carolina Coastline

Yellowstone Rumbling Too

Above: Map of Yellowstone Volcano's projected eruption ashfall - lighter area shows where the ash would fall - clear over to Mississippi River down thru Texas and most of West Coast region.

Georgia & Florida In Flames

Above: Florida Wildfires burn through the night.
Los Angeles On Fire

Above: Wildfire burns in L.A.'s Griffith Park
Minnesota Also Battling Large Wildfire -

R.A. Coombes
Author of "America, The Babylon" Volumes 1 &2
(A-O Newswire) - Large chunks of the southeastern part of Georgia are on fire and the flames are working their way towards Florida as wildfires rage out of control. Florida is already battling over 200 wildfires. Much of the southeastern U.S. is a dry tinderbox due to drought conditions and ripe for wildfires. The situation is being exacerbated by a windy weather system off the Atlantic coast that is whipping winds to near 50 mph at times.
Florida's Governor has declared a state of emergency in order to battle the 200 wildfires. In Georgia, one fire has blackened 167 square miles while another has charred 62 square miles but it has now crossed over the border into Florida, adding to Florida's woes.
In northeastern Minnesota, near the Canadian border, a wildfire has burned nearly 26 square miles of land since it started on Saturday.
In Los Angeles, a spectacular fire in the famous city park known as Griffith Park has destroyed 200 acres, threatening the Los Angeles Zoo, two golf courses and a school.
Further south, in San Diego, a 1,250 acre wild fire is buring on the US Marine base at Camp Pendleton.
News Link on Fire Stories - LINK.
Tropical Storm Forming a month early? LINK
Midwest Flooding Could Reach 1993 Record Levels LINK
Yellowstone Earthquake Swarms - LINK

Could these spectacular fires be a Divine warning to Babylon-America? The US Senate is expected this week to approve the Hate Crimes Act of 2007. The legislation is so loosely worded that US court judges will have wide lattitude in interpreting the laws in such a way as to censor Church Pastors for teaching the Biblical precepts against homosexuality. The law would also make it illegal for churches to discriminate against homosexuals for employment as pastors or staff positions. The Bible could also be ruled as "hate crimes" literature and banned or be censored. The effect of the new law is to effectively be considered by God to be a declaration of war against God, His Word and against His People.
The Babylon prophecies indicate that Babylon-America will be destroyed by fire, in one hour of one day, never to be inhabited again and instead become a desert habitation for the creatures of the desert. A later, second-judgment will result in Babylon sinking beneath the ocean waves.
To further underscore such foreshadowing, the Yellowstone "Caldera" showed more signs of stirring to life. Last week another swarm of earthquakes rocked the area and privately, some geologists are privately wondering if Yellowstone may be showing precursor signs of an explosion in the near future. Yellowstone is reportedly overdue for a major eruption that could devastate two thirds of the continental United States, clear to the Mississippi River.
Combine these events with the past weekend's tornado outbreak across America's heartland (Jeremiah 51:1 "a destroying wind) along with massive flooding (Jeremiah 51: 42, 55, of drought-stricken regions and one has to wonder if all of these events are just coincidence. Add to that, a bizarre weather system off the coast of North Carolina that acts like it wants to become a tropical storm, a month before hurricane season and the coincidence factor is further called into question.
These events should not be misconstrued to necessarily conclude that Babylon-America's first judgment is just days, weeks or months away -but - perhaps - it is a subtle message from God to America that HE is NOT PLEASED with America. Perhaps it is a Divine Signal for the nation to repent.
Here are a few of the many relevant passages on the judgments on Babylon-America yet to come
Isaiah 13:19-21
V. 19 "And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.
V. 20 "It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there.
V. 21 "But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there."
Jeremiah 50:
V. 38 - "A drought is upon her waters; and they shall be dried up: for it is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols.
V. 39 - "Therefore the wild beasts of the desert with the wild beasts of the islands shall dwell there, and the owls shall dwell therein: and it shall be no more inhabited for ever; neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation.
V. 40 - "As God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighbour cities thereof, saith the LORD; so shall no man abide there, neither shall any son of man dwell therein.
Jeremiah 51:
V. 1 - "Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that dwell in the midst of them that rise up against me, a destroying wind;"
V. 16 - "When he uttereth his voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens; and he causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth: he maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures.
V. 32 - "And that the passages are stopped, and the reeds (i.e. swamps) they have burned with fire," [ Is this speaking of Florida's swamps?]
V. 42 - "The sea is come up upon Babylon: she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof.
V. 43 - "Her cities are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land wherein no man dwelleth, neither doth any son of man pass thereby.
V. 55 - "Because the LORD hath spoiled Babylon, and destroyed out of her the great voice; when her waves do roar like great waters, a noise of their voice is uttered:"
V. 64 - "And thou shalt say, Thus shall Babylon sink, and shall not rise from the evil that I will bring upon her:"
Revelation 18
V. 8 - "Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.
V. 9 - "And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,
V.10 - "Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.
V.15 - "The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,
V.16 - "And saying, Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!
V. 17- "For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off,
V.18- "And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city!
V.19- "And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Republican Party has no intention of honoring God or His Word, and God has every intention of bringing this Party to an ignominious end.


By Rev. Phillip "Flip" Benham
May 5, 2007

It appears that the political arm of the Christian Right is attempting to save the Republican Party from its own inevitable self-destruction. It cannot be done! The Republican Party has no intention of honoring God or His Word, and God has every intention of bringing this Party to an ignominious end.
The election of Hillary Rodham Clinton as president of the United States of America in 2008, will be the seal and the end of a failed Party that sold its birthright for a mess of pottage. It had ample opportunity to stand for God and His Word. It controlled the presidency, the Senate, and the House, yet it chose to compromise those issues (abortion, homosexuality, Islam) for which the world and the devil are steadfastly contending. It chose peace with the devil, rather than war with him.
Winston Churchill said it best when he confronted then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain with his cowardice and betrayal in dealing with Adolph Hitler. Chamberlain returned to England proclaiming, "Peace in our time!" Churchill responded, "You sir, had a choice between shame and war. You chose shame and you will have war."
The Republican Party has chosen the way of shame when it should have been at war. It has correctly assumed that the Christian Right had no where else to go but Republican and therefore could be bought for a very low price. Unfortunately, this assumption has proved true time and again, as the Republican Party continues to lower the bar for those seeking the Party's nomination. Now the frontrunners for the Republican Party's presidential nomination are pro-abortion.
Pastor Jerry Falwell, a strong political arm of the Christian Right, is having Newt Gingrich speak to the graduating seniors at Liberty University in 2007. I wonder why? He had John McCain speak to last year's graduating class. He already had pro-abort Rudolph Giuliani speak at the school of higher learning. These three will never stand for life - they are politicians. Pastor Falwell is selling his birthright for a mess of pottage. But he is preparing the way for the Christian Right to vote for a pro-abortion Republican.
Are you astonished at how cheaply we can be bought? Innocent babies are being "legally" slaughtered in abortion mills across this land, homosexuality is parading its sin like Sodom in the streets of America, and Islam, (the religion of peace), has prostrated Christianity, (the religion of hate), all under the watchful eye of the Republican Party. The Republican Party does not value the same things you value. The Republican Party does not care about you, me, or our God!
Now, another arm of the political Christian Right has correctly assessed the mess the Republican Party is in and is trying to tip the scales in a different direction. Dr. Dobson has brought forth Newt Gingrich as a possibility to run in the 2008 presidential election. Why Newt? He is pro-life (sort of). Otherwise, we Christians will be trapped by the Republican Party into voting for a pro-choice candidate. Never mind that Newt is working on his third marriage. So what if he has been involved in several peccadillos over the years - he's pro-life isn't he?
Dr. Dobson is trying to straighten that which God has made crooked. It will not work. God has one word for the Republican Party and for those who are trying to fix it - ENOUGH!
Newt has forfeited all opportunities to have the support of the Church of Jesus Christ in a run for president because character matters to God. Newt might serve well as an advisor to the president, after he rights the wrongs perpetrated upon others that he made a covenant with. But he has forfeited all rights to hold the highest office in our land. Why? Character matters to God. There are unalterable consequences of sin. Newt can be forgiven to be sure. But we must not vote for him.
Well then, Hillary will be president for sure, and just look at her character. Yes, she will be president but it will not be with the approval and blessing of the Church of Jesus Christ. She will be a sign and a judgment upon the Republican Party and, in particular upon the Church of Jesus Christ, that the salt has lost its saltiness and is good for nothing.
Hillary's election my friends, is God's doing. Yes, Hillary Rodham Clinton is God's man! She is the hammer God is using to bring His Church back to Himself. That's right! Hillary is the hammer God is going to use to bring the Church of Jesus Christ and those lost in the Republican Party morass to repentance.

Long before the Republican Party sold its birthright for a mess of pottage, the Church of Jesus Christ surrendered its birthright to enemies of the cross of Christ. We dare not mention the name of Jesus at any Republican function for fear of being viewed as politically incorrect. We dare not stand where God wants us to stand (on His Word) on issues such as abortion, homosexuality, or Islam for fear of being viewed as unelectable.

We have surrendered rather than fought hard and lost. We have chosen the path of cowardice and compromise and then expected God to honor it. It will never happen! Now we must face the horrible truth of what we have done and what we have become.
Dr. Dobson and Dr. Falwell are seeking to save the Republican Party - God is presently destroying it from the inside out! It would do these two powerful men of God good to stand down and let God have His way. He wounds us only to bring healing - let the wounding begin and let it begin with me.
© 2007 Rev. Flip Benham - All Rights Reserved
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Rev. Bingham is the National Director of Operation Rescue and Operation Save America. Graduated Florida State University in 1970 with BA Political Science, BA International Relations and Asbury Theological Seminary, 1980 Master of Divinity.
Appearing on numerous local and national television and radio programs (Good Morning America, 48 Hours, Sonja Live, David Praegger Live, ABC World News Tonight, CBS News, NBC News, Hannity & Colmes, and CNN), Rev. Benham is a bold witness for the Lord Jesus Christ in the public arena. He has been interviewed by the Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, World Magazine, and virtually every major newspaper in the country.
Married to his wife, Faye, for thirty-four years, Flip is the father of five wonderful children. Flip and Faye are also the proud grandparents of eight beautiful grandchildren.
E-Mail: osa@operationsaveamerica.orgWeb site: Operation Rescue Web site: Operation Save America

By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
May 4, 2007

Black is White, Right is Wrong and freedom is slavery! When I want your opinion I will beat it out of you….no….I will tell you what your opinion is!!! Now, lets talk about what this congress wants to pull again! It's called The "Fairness Doctrine." Big money, radical leftist billionaire George Soros has been behind this for some time. He wants conservative radio, leveled, gone, marginalized into nothinghood!
Maurice Hinchey, Democrat congressman has sponsored the "Media Ownership Reform Act." Bottom line is when you listen to Hinchey, he wants conservative radio hosts fired, gone and off the air! He holds Limbaugh, Savage and others responsible for getting us all into the Iraq war we are in! Just think of the profound power of Talk Radio!!!! Others behind this slicing of first amendment rights are Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Bernie Sanders, just to name a few.
The free market place of ideas ain't good enough for the liberals, why, because their "ideas" and "solutions" don't rock with most listeners. The liberal Talk Radio Network was indeed a huge star……….it was just hoping it could be a shining star, not the falling star it morphed into.
The liberals have their knickers in a twist because most of conservative radio is successful and has listeners where most of liberal radio has tanked and has two Chihuahuas and a fly listening in. Their seeming answer is the usual for them, fascism, force and Indoctrination. "If the masses don't want to listen to our stupid, whining drivel, we will force them to by taking away their choices!!!"
You look at the core belief system behind all this and it ain't American it is totalitarianism. Jeffrey T. Kuhner, covers this brilliantly in his article 5/1, 07, entitled Liberal totalitarianism at Insight on the News. He points out that if the fairness doctrine returns, this will end up being a HUGE victory for censorship.

It's not enough for this crowd to allow passionate ideas to compete freely on the airwaves. That is what we have now AND people AND stations can respond based on listener response. Its called capitalism and the free market. If the liberals ever did more than whine, blame, insult God, (excuse my rudeness), I meant…. insult the sexually confused Goddess, reinvent morals into green slime and pretend there is really no evil in the world, only misunderstood world views, maybe more of the nation would want to listen in. Our freedom of speech is a precious heritage and right. We all have the right to say what is on our mind, challenge, agree/disagree, criticize etc……Our country has been tilting morally for some time like the Titanic and certain cowards who call themselves politicians, leaders and billionaires can't handle our freedom of speech anymore.

Lets cut to the chase and help the troubled liberals do what they really want to do…….find a way to sue God!…….just listen to all the hate speech from God…. defining sin, right and wrong, 10 commandments, telling us how to live……Just who does HE THINK HE IS? The Bible just isn't Fair! Even as God, he gives us all FREE WILL to respond as we choose to.
© 2007 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved
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Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and held a small private practice for many years. She earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations.
Tune in to The Roth Show, Weeknights from 7:00 to 10:00 pm PAC and find out for yourself! You can listen live on cable radio network (live on the internet) channel 6 or visit The Roth Show web site and click on "where to listen" Call the Roth Show at: 1-800-837-9680



By Marsha West
May 5, 2007

For those of you who are unversed in the Bible (you know who you are) here's a word of caution: When Julie tells you she's a "spiritual person" what she's saying is that she's a New Ager - or a coward.
Generally New Agers are religious kleptomaniacs who steal ideas from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Native American spirituality and whatever else suits their fancy, to form their own "real and personal spirituality."
Lately I've noticed that a large number of people are saying they're "spiritual" even though they're professed Christians. In our PC world, admitting you're a Christian might create an uncomfortable situation, so mum's the word. But isn't it more prudent to hide your faith in the closet, so to speak, than to risk being ridiculed? Here's the problem with that logic. The "spiritual person" you fail to open up to may be on a quest for truth and, as often happens, God has engineered the situation to give you an opportunity to share your faith with a lost soul. Hiding in the closet makes you a coward.
Most people who think of themselves as "spiritual" are not into Christianity, they're into New Age Spirituality. New Age devotees prefer paganism over biblical Christianity. Since New Agers reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ they don't have The Truth. They want is to create their own truth, their own reality, they're own religious experience. Their esoteric experiences may make them feel "spiritual" but it will separate them from God.
Another thing New Agers are big on is Spiritualism (not to be confused with spirituality). Spiritualism uses Christian rites and prayers. For example, a blend of Christian and African folk beliefs that originated in Brazil, which is heavily into Spiritualism, is now practiced in the U.S. The undiscerning Christian who attends these kinds of services are misled into thinking it's a Christian worship service, when the truth of the matter is they're involving themselves in occult rituals that are forbidden by God.
When is the Church going to wake up and realize that historic orthodox Christianity is not all-inclusive! New Age Spirituality and Christianity are incompatible. Apostate Christianity is born out of unorthodox beliefs and practices integrated into the Church.
New Agers are also involved in Spiritism. Spiritism has blown into the West like a tornado, wreaking havoc in its path. Whereas Spirituality refers to matters of the spirit, Spiritism, once called animism,[1] is a religious practice involving the invocation of spiritual beings. Spiritists (fortunetellers) commune with those who have "crossed over" after death.
So, how does a spiritist contact the spirit world? Spiritists claim they receive radiation, frequencies or vibrations from the dead. "Communication from the spirit world manifests itself in psychical phenomena (e.g., telepathy, clairvoyance, trance speaking, and apparitions) and in physical phenomena (e.g., levitation, automatic writing, and poltergeist and ectoplasmic activities)."[2]
In the Bible God, not man, instigates the communication. Generally He uses angels as His envoys to humans. Not a lot is known about angels, either the elect or the fallen, but what we do know from biblical accounts is that on occasion God sent His holy elect angels to Earth to deliver messages. He also sent angles to minister to people and to protect them. Angels also execute God's judgment. Their only aim is to glorify His holy Name, and to accomplish His will.
Lucifer/Satan is the most notorious of the fallen angels. The Bible refers to fallen angels as demons, spirits of darkness, and evil spirits. These are the ones told about in Genesis who rebelled against God and fell from grace. Fallen angels have no chance of redemption. God hurled the rebellious ones out of heaven forthwith and they remain separated from God for all eternity. Theologian John Mac Arthur tells us what happened next: "At that point, Satan gained the rulership of the world, and the term world took on a third meaning: the evil system opposed to God that now dominates this planet. The system that Satan began will continue to develop up to the time period known as the Great Tribulation."[3]
You get the picture. Since Spiritism is rife with occult practices Christians should have nothing to do with it or with those who practice it. I mean, think about it. Can you trust God and Satan at the same time? Listen to the Apostle Paul: "What do righteousness and wickedness have in common? What fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Beliel?" (2 Corinthians 6:13-15) Oil and water do not mix!
In John 8:44 Jesus called Satan "a liar and the father of lies," which is why communicating with "familiar spirits" is dangerous. They lie! In his article, "Theosophy's Shadow" Nicholas Weeks, admits that even those who are guided by an "inner voice" can be deceived:
"Channels such as [Alice] Bailey are sincere and convinced that their inner voices and visions are real Masters. Unhappily, sincerity is no protection from delusion. In 1884 Master KH wrote to a psychic of that time, giving an explanation for the befuddling of a channel or seer. "Since you have scarcely learned the elements of self-control, in psychism, you must suffer bad consequences. You draw to yourself the nearest and strongest influences "often evil" and absorb them, and are psychically stifled or narcotized by them. The airs become peopled with resuscitated phantoms. They give you false tokens, misleading revelations, deceptive images. Your vivid creative fancy evokes illusive Gurus and chelas [disciples], and puts into their mouths words coined the instant before in the mint of your mind, unknown to yourself. The false appear as real, as the true, and you have no exact method of detection since you are yet prone to force your communications to agree with your preconceptions.'"[4]
Weeks was once a staunch believer in the Bailey teachings and a member of the Arcane School[5] so we should heed his warning! The "often evil" spirits speak through the mouths of the willing. People who get themselves into a trance state with the purpose of channeling spirits are inviting spirit possession. Granted, some channelers are simply good actors who are writing a script as they go along. They're charlatans, in it for money or fame - or both. However, many channelers are dupes who allow their bodies to be used by spirit guides to pass on anti-God, moral relativistic propaganda. The spirits aspire to point you away from Christ, not to lead you to Him.
The Bible tells us to, "Test the spirits to see whether they are from God" (1 John 4:1). We are also told to flee (run like a maniac) from the devil who "prowls around like a roaring lion waiting to devour." Picture a lion hiding in the brush waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting wildebeest. The devil is the hungry lion, only he's in the spirit world, waiting to pounce on God's people! Even knowing this, Christians still engage in all sorts of mystical practices designed by the devil and his demons. One such practice is contemplative prayer a.k.a centering prayer, which, by the way, is not biblical prayer. You say, "Yeah but millions of Christians are doing it, including church leaders, so it can't be wrong." Oh it's wrong alright. The method used to attain "the silence" is Eastern meditation.
In an effort to fuse the cultures and to make mysticism more palatable to Westerners, occultic practices have been wrapped up in a pretty package to entice people to open the box and look inside. Inside you will find not only contemplative prayer, you will also find "Christian yoga,"[6] which is all the rage in evangelical churches!
Speaking of unbiblical beliefs, a belief in reincarnation is held by many Christians, yet it's not taught in the Bible. In fact, reincarnation is a major tenet of Spiritism! The classic form of reincarnation originated in India in the 9th century BC. In our post-modern culture reincarnation is a hot topic. You will even hear professed Christians allude to something that happened to them in a "former life." Sadly, they're not joking.
There are a whole host of beliefs about reincarnation, but the most widely touted is the view that at the moment of death the spirit exits the body and goes in search of another body to inhabit. Adherents of the Hindu doctrine of reincarnation believe they have hope as they continue their existence in further lives to work off their karma (consequences of one's actions).[7]
Ask professed Christians flowing through the doors of a Sunday worship service if they believe in reincarnation and some will give you a cavalier "Yes," like its no big deal for a Christian to mix Hinduism with Christianity. But embracing reincarnation is a very big deal for the serious Christian. Belief in reincarnation goes against the Bible's teaching of the soul's final judgment by a holy God. Scripture never mentions that humans are given the opportunity to work off their karma. On the contrary, Hebrews 9:27 says, "Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment."
Many professed Christians are ignoring God's directive to "Hate what is evil; cling to what is good" (Romans 12:9). Hating evil means you've got to deal with it! When the Apostle Paul came face to face with a Jewish sorcerer by the name of Elymas, he called him a "child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right." Paul accused him of perverting the right ways of the Lord. (Acts 13: 10) Through the Holy Spirit, Paul caused Elymas to go blind! He not only put out the sorcerers eyes, he put him out of a job as well. When it came to confronting evil, Paul never backed down, never hesitated, wavered or vacillated. When going after evildoers, Paul had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.
Essentially mysticism is all about the quest for "hidden wisdom" or "deeper truth." And of course deeper truths can only be uncovered by the "knowers."
Far too many Christians are unaware that the Lord quite literally detests all forms of occultism. There are no exceptions. Even astrology is banned for believers. Doesn't matter if it's "just for fun." One cannot be a Baptist on Sunday and a Spiritist the rest of the week.
Which brings me to two blogs I recently stumbled on. Both bloggers say they're Christians. They also share their Zodiac signs with visitors to their site. One studies Christian apologetics; the other is a youth pastor. Gullible young people visit this pastor's site and learn that he's a Gemini. Fortunately he doesn't include discernment as one of his "spiritual gifts." If these men have read Leviticus 19:26, Deuteronomy 18:9-12, Exodus 22:18 and other such passages, they don't take what God says seriously. Apparently they do take the time to read their astrological forecast.
When confronted with an evil practice, believers, especially Church leaders, have got to lace up their trusty running shoes and high tail it out of there, pronto! Flee from horoscopes (astrology), numerology, ances, tarot cards, tealeaves, palm reading, crystal balls, talking boards, omens or signs; do not get involved in wizardry, witchcraft, the study of Kabbalah, nature religion (Wicca), the practice of yoga (its purpose is purely spiritual), Transcendental Meditation, labyrinths — basically, stay away from pagan customs and practices. If you are currently involved in any of these things, you must bring it to an end today! Dabbling in sorcery is sin, so repenting of it is of paramount importance. And never return to it, even if it's "just for fun."
Bear in mind that the demonic powers operating in the realm of the occult are very real. These spirits are stronger and more dangerous than people seem to realize. The Bible says, "Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God" (Lev. 19:31).

The Apostle Paul knew that evil forces are ever present in the "heavenly realm." Thus he gave a warning to followers of Christ to wear the "armor of God" to protect against familiar spirits that prey on gullible humans. He gave specific instructions to the Church in Ephesus:
"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:1-12).

Take Paul's instruction to heart and daily put on the full armor of God. And be encouraged, "For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ" (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). Amen!
1, Animism - from religion-cults.com2, Encyclopedia and Animism3, The Love God Hates, Part 3 by John MacArthur4, Theosophy's Shadow By Nicholas Weeks (Enter at your own risk!)5, Arcane School (Enter at your own risk!)6, Christian Yoga? C'Mon! By Marsha West7, Karma -
This article was first published in 2006, Going Against God "Just for Fun;" this version has been modified with additional information.
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Nancy Levant
May 8, 2007

I’ve read and seen enough to know that America’s declared national emergency – declared nearly 75 years ago – has ushered into this nation the policies, legislative intentions, and paramilitary systems that gave rise to a forth-coming declaration of Martial Law and full suspension/permanent elimination of our Constitution and subsequent rights of the people. And, of course, when the people finally realize such, they aren’t going to like abject slavery.
At the extreme reluctance of an assistant principle of an American public high school, he gave me his school’s “mandatory” emergency/lockdown policies, which he told me were not to be disclosed, in full, to anyone in his “community.” However, he was concerned enough about the mandates of these policies, that he handed me the 4 inch, 3-ring binder, with the promise that I would not show it to anyone. To this I agreed.
The policies were specifically written to classroom teachers and school administrators, and pretty much what one might imagine. Should any threat, including community disaster, weather emergency, or for other reasons designated by local or national emergency authorities occur, teachers lock the classrooms, have children sit quietly against the walls, etc. But the “no contact” rules between parents and children – no phone calls, no cell phones, no admission of known parents - was more than disturbing, because the concept of “lockdown” also serves a Martial Law scenario.
The following is Webster’s dictionary definition of “lockdown:”
“The confinement of prisoners to their cells for all or most of the day as a temporary security measure”
Now, we know that we the people do not know what our “representatives” are doing. They have been legislating unknown missions for decades, but here is something that is surely unknown to the people of this nation, which demonstrates the paramilitary mind set, global mentality, and intentions of our so-called “representatives. I offer the following “Fact Sheet” for your consideration, copied from U.S. Department of State website, which was accessed from and linked to a site called The Partnership for Effective Peacekeeping ( Note that all the following underlining is my added emphasis:
“Fact Sheet Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction andStabilization Washington, DC August 23, 2006
A Whole-of-Government Approach To Prevent, Resolve, and Transform Conflict
“Our Reconstruction and Stabilization Office must be able to help a failed state to exercise responsible sovereignty and to prevent its territory from becoming a source of global instability.” – Secretary Rice, January 18, 2006
”The United States is committed to helping countries prevent or emerge from conflict. With nearly half of recovering countries falling back into conflict within a few years, the need for concerted international attention is compelling, and the threat that inaction poses for international security is ever-present. In 2004, the President launched the Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization to harness the full breadth of U.S. skills and resources to transform conflict.
Mandate The National Security Strategy charges S/CRS with integrating all relevant U.S. resources and assets in conducting reconstruction and stabilization operations. The Coordinator, Ambassador John Herbst, supports the Secretary of State in her role under the December 2005 Presidential Directive as the government-wide lead for conflict management efforts.
Transformational Diplomacy–Tipping the Balance Towards Peace Focused, collaborative planning, underpinned by an operational arm, helps us better understand conflict; and ultimately better direct diplomatic, development, and when necessary, military resources, to manage conflict and its consequences. S/CRS serves as a U.S. conduit to:
Promote consensus across the government on the drivers of conflict.
Apply the wide range of U.S. expertise and resources at the right time in the right way.
Partnerships for Prevention and Recovery The U.S. strongly supports international efforts to foster cooperation and interoperability to increase the collective impact of peacebuilding. S/CRS consults regularly with bilateral partners, United Nations, NATO, and EU. S/CRS also facilitates dialogue among NGOs, civilians and the military to define humanitarian space and cooperation, and works with NGOs to share expertise on early warning, assessment and prevention activities, and security sector matters.
Ensuring Integrated Response–Process MattersConflict transformation starts with civilian-led planning that identifies the sources of conflict and instability; sets forth an overarching U.S. goal; and provides a common blueprint from which program planning can flow. S/CRS provides support for conflict assessment, strategic planning, sectoral expertise, lessons learned, and metrics and evaluation.
Applying the principles for strategic planning: Haiti and Sudan; Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba; Scenario-based planning for a range of states at risk of increased conflict.
Building Civilian Capacity Human Resources
Established team of State Department first responders to complement capacity in other U.S. agencies. (Seven trained members already on-board and being deployed; 250 Standby Corps volunteers.)
Building cadre of civilian planners to facilitate joined up civilian, military, and international planning.
Civilian Reserve of quickly deployable specialists in development to address such needs as rule of law and security.
Inventoried contracts and rosters to avoid contracting delays in a crisis, and assure requirements (manpower, equipment and program support funds) are met.
Management of Planning and Deployment through mechanisms to strengthen civil-military coordination. Professional Development through training courses and participation in civil-military exercises. Looking to share training opportunities with U.S. and international partners.
And from the Library of Congress (Thomas) - again all non-clickable underlining is my added emphasis:
S.613 Title: A bill to enhance the overseas stabilization and reconstruction capabilities of the United States Government, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Sen Lugar, Richard G. [IN] (introduced 2/15/2007) Cosponsors (3) Related Bills: H.R.1084 Latest Major Action: 4/10/2007 Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 112. Senate Reports: 110-50
SUMMARY AS OF: 2/15/2007--Introduced.
Reconstruction and Stabilization Civilian Management Act of 2007 - States that the purpose of this Act is to provide for the development, as a core mission of the Department of State and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), of an expert civilian response capability to carry out stabilization and reconstruction activities in a country or region that is in, or is in transition from, conflict or civil strife. Amends the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to authorize the President to furnish assistance and permit the export of goods and services to assist in stabilizing and reconstructing a country or region that is in, or is in transition from, conflict or civil strife.
Amends the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956 to establish within the Department an Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization.
Authorizes the Secretary, in consultation with the Administrator of USAID, to establish a Response Readiness Corps to provide stabilization and reconstruction activities in foreign countries or regions that are at risk of, in, or are in transition from, conflict or civil strife.
Provides that the Corps shall have: (1) an active federal component of up to 250 personnel and a standby federal component of up to 2000 personnel; and (2) a non-federal Civilian Reserve of at least 500 personnel (which may include federal retirees).
Amend the Foreign Service Act to authorize the Secretary, in cooperation with the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Army, to establish a stabilization and reconstruction curriculum for use in programs of the Foreign Service Institute, the National Defense University, and the United States Army War College.
Sets forth related personnel provisions.”
Well, let’s first wonder how many of Senator Lugar’s constituency requested the following legislation for the great state of Indiana? This Bill, in true veiled fashion, looks like a “foreign country/foreign mission bill.” Not so. Refer to the underlining. What you see is more paramilitary systems, legislation, and “response” teams funded and set into place on American soil, administered on American soil, and more “partnering” and expansion of the powers of existing paramilitary systems. This is exactly the kind of “legislation” that we the people know nothing about, never asked for, never agreed to fund, and is always hidden from view. Now imagine the resources that will be allocated to the Reconstruction and Stabilization Civilian Management Act of 2007.
Now, back to school lockdown policies. It is this writer’s belief that America, by the design of America’s “leadership,” is 1) running the full economy of the nation on war powers and activities, 2) is in full partnership with global partners to dissolve the united States, 3) is in full preparation to enact the “crisis” that will result in the full military take-over of the united States, and 4) is in the planning and practice stages of separating American adults from their children. Why would I think such a thing? Why would our government want to separate American adults from their children?
I will tell you why. It is a perfect psychological operation to address new governmental concerns about potential resistance from America’s “prime of life” adults. Remember that our once standard military is gone from American soil – and I guarantee you that they won’t be returning to American soil. So, the only potential resistance to the overthrowing of constitutional America comes from non-military American adults, many of which being armed adults. Now, you lock down their children, make it impossible for parents to communicate with their children, retrieve their children, or even to gain information about their children, and I guarantee you that the “use” of American children to enforce all “new rule” orders will work. Our “representatives” are not so stupid after all.
Watch the language in the legislation. Remember that we the people are not driving the wagon, nor have we even attempted to do so for a century or more.

Governmental commissions, committees, think tanks, presidents, and global paramilitary partners are working double-time to establish the lockdown of the united States of America, the NAU, and all other mandates of the fully operational one-world government. And it is America’s custom-made military systems that are being used to enforce this totalitarian government all over the world. The wars in the Mid-East? Just another global “region” in the making, and also under full military coercion.

When the real “crisis” befalls this nation, the crisis that will subject and subordinate the American people beneath a full-blown police state, you might ask yourselves where you want your children to be at that point in treasonous time – locked down away from you or with you. Which is better? Your guess is as good as mine.
© 2007 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved
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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).
She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:



Coach Dave Daubenmire
May 3, 2007

I don’t know if you have flown commercially lately, but I marvel every time I do. The hoops we have to jump through in order to get on a plane are unbelievable. What used to be a fun experience has turned into an ordeal similar to a trip to Disney World, as one stands in line for a trip upon the latest ride.
I’m all for safety. Heck, who isn’t? But the charade at our airports, designed to make us feel safe aboard the aircraft, is a joke. Take off your shoes, no toothpaste, no water bottles, the list of “protective measures” taken by the airport screener borders on lunacy. Why do we put up with it? Do you really feel safer? Do you really think that disrobing and wanding 80 year old grandmas makes a flight safer?
Like so many Americans, I am really beginning to re-think this “war on terror.” The purpose of this article is not to debate the pros and cons of our involvement in Iraq, whether or not we should be there, or who did and didn’t lie. That is what “the clowns” do. I would much rather talk about solutions that are outside the box. So much of what serves as policy in America is so unimaginative.
I was driving through the Ohio countryside this past weekend, an experience that most city-dwellers rarely have the opportunity to enjoy. Life away from the hustle and bustle of the city sure gives one a different perspective on America. As my wife and I rolled up and down the tree-lined hills of our county I was struck by a couple of observations.
In real America, “fly-over country,” as Washington insiders call it, there is still a profound sense of community. Although we are not as connected as we once were, most Buckeyes are willing to do whatever they can to help out a neighbor. This spirit helped make America great. The sense of community and local pride runs deep across the amber waves of grain in this nation. Believe it or not, there are still areas of my community where you can drive a mile between houses.
As Michele and I were rolling down one long hill on the back roads, something obvious hit me. “You know,” I said to my perky little wife, “If someone out here needed help from the police it would take a half- hour for the sheriff’s department to get to them, if they could even find the place. If I lived out here, I’d be sure to own a few guns. I don’t think these folks can count on the sheriff, or Homeland Security to protect them from an intruder.”
No, out in the hills of Eastern Ohio, your neighbors and your guns are the original Homeland Security. Perhaps we should begin to think outside the box on this one.
Look around your community. Do you really think that Homeland Security can protect you? Are we really safer since 9-11 or are we just being given the impression that we are? I’m beginning to think that the purpose of Homeland Security is not to protect the people, but to control the people! Our freedom makes us so vulnerable, but giving up freedoms does not make us safer. Can you say Virginia Tech?
What if, simultaneously, terror attacks were launched on a multiplicity of targets in Ohio? In our county alone there are 10 government high schools, a slew of junior high and elementary schools, as well as many private schools, not to mention shopping malls. If a committed group of terrorists decided to descend on all of these schools at once and put the lives of our children at risk, I can promise you our local law-enforcement would be unable to protect the children. Imagine if it happened simultaneously in the next county west of us, with their scores of schools and innocent children. What if it happened in five counties at the same time? Do you really think that Washington D. C. would be able to save our children from the carnage? What unimaginable havoc could 100 death-embracing terrorist thrust upon small-town America?
Is it possible that those who love death have considered such a scenario?
“Let’s fight the terrorist over there so we don’t have to fight them here,” I hear the clowns say. What foolishness. They are already here, that’s why we have to take off our shoes at the airport. The clowns know it and we know it.
Is it time we prepared to fight them here? What about that old saying, “Better to be safe than sorry.” Are you really willing to give up your right to self-defense so that the “government” can protect you?
I was a child of the 60’s and the Cold War. I remember having drills in elementary school to practice how to behave if the Russians decided to bomb us. “Get under your desk, put your hands over your heads, put your chin on your chest, and rest your elbows on your knees….” Oh, the futility of thinking that would protect us against an atomic blast! But it made us FEEL safer.
But are we any smarter today? Did you see how FEMA and Homeland Security responded to Katrina? Do you really want to trust the federal government to protect you and your property? Can you say Virginia Tech?
Are you old enough to remember the Civil Defense Corps? Check this out. This is from the day when our government still believed that an armed citizenry was a good thing. All around the nation ordinary citizens became involved in the defense of our nation. Our parents didn’t count on the government to protect them. They knew that God-fearing men and women with the right to keep and bear arms was the greatest security that this nation could offer.
I suggest it is time that we return to those days. But we must understand that there are forces that do not want to see that. They don’t want an organized and armed citizenry. Each new mass-murder brings a cry to get rid of guns. How stupid can we be? Why do you suppose those who wrote the Constitution put this in it?
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
I went to high school with our local sheriff. He is a good man who cares deeply about our community. His roots run deep. I trust him far more than I trust some former CIA or FBI agent working for the Department of Homeland Defense. Sheriff Thorp would take my call, he knows the lay of the land, and he knows the people. We elected him. He is one of us. There are thousands of local public servants just like him around this nation. Look at Michael Chertoff. Does he make you feel safe? I’ll take my chances with our local sheriff.
So here is a plan. It may not be perfect but it is a start. Bring back the Civil Defense. If it was good enough for the Russians who were going to bomb us from the sky, it is even better for the terrorists who live amongst us. I say enough of this gun-control foolishness. I trust my neighbor. He cares about America, too. Most importantly, he cares about his own neighbors -- and we care about his family's safety. We're here for each other – after all, it's just common sense.
For starters, let’s re-institute the draft. A six-week boot-camp for every American boy is exactly what the doctor ordered for this narcissistic generation. Our young people need discipline more than they need a college education. Boot-camp will give many a new direction for their life, and a renewed sense of responsibility. At the conclusion of the six-week training only those who choose to volunteer for military service will continue on in their training, those who do not, return to their local communities where they are required to serve a period of time as a ready-to-defend local force under the leadership of the local sheriff. They would be civilians in every sense of the word, but they would be a contingent properly trained in the use of firearms and other military techniques who would be available at any time to defend their homeland should the sheriff issue the call.

Let’s stop being the policeman of the world. If the battle is to come to us, let each community be prepared to defend itself. Men will willingly defend what they see as theirs. We must wrest control of our lives from the powers in Washington before it is too late. Let’s allow former lawmen like Greg Evenson and Sheriff Jim Schwiesow lead the effort.
Do you think that when Paul Revere made his famous ride he had to stop, knock on doors, and try and convince folks to join him at Lexington and Concord? No, quite the contrary, they were ready, willing and waiting.

Where would we be today if those Patriots had counted on the King for their protection?
"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation." -- General Douglas MacArthur
The British are coming. It is time to prepare.
Order the CDs here.

Do you think like a Christian or a humanist? Did the Founders really separate Church and State? Is Judicial tyranny ruining America? Check out these great teachings by the Coach.
© 2007 Dave Daubenmire - All Rights Reserved
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Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.
In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.