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by Arthur Robinson
March 24, 2008

One year ago, the annual cost of energy imported into the United States was $300 billion. Now in March 2008, the price is about $600 billion – for the same amount of energy. What can we expect to be the course of this price in the future? I expect this price to rise to a maximum and then decrease to essentially zero. U.S. importation of energy will end.

Will it end because the American people build sufficient nuclear and hydrocarbon energy generating capacity to provide this energy for themselves or because Americans do without this energy? Tragically, the answer is almost surely the latter.

U. S. politicians are not showing the slightest interest in rolling back the taxation, regulation, and litigation that has stifled American energy production.

Not a single nuclear power plant is under construction in the U.S., and the current waiting period for government approval for construction is now estimated to be four years. Demonized by the myth of human-caused global warming, expansion of American hydrocarbon energy has essentially stopped, too. For reasons well familiar to American engineers, there are, at present, no other practical means of generating lots of useful energy.

So, if we cannot produce energy, why will we cease to import it? The reason is simple. We can no longer afford it. We are being outbid for energy in the world market.

Prices, as denominated in U.S. dollars, of the most valuable material things in the world are now rising at historically unprecedented rates. Energy, grain, metals, machines, and luxury real estate are all rising far faster than even the most extreme estimates of monetary inflation would justify. Even ordinary homes are selling at prices that the majority of Americans cannot afford without becoming enslaved to large debts that they are increasingly unable to maintain.

Everywhere one turns, the price of the best of everything is being bid to levels beyond the reach of most Americans. A mundane example is found in used earth-moving equipment – for which a large auction market exists. At auctions in the U.S. of such equipment today, the newest and best one-third of the equipment is purchased by foreign buyers – the poorer, more worn out equipment is purchased by Americans.

Money serves as a medium of exchange, a standard of value, and, if the money is sound, a storage medium for unspent capital. Each day, the choice of money and value of money are determined in the market by hundreds of millions of individual transactions. The actual market exchanges, however, are goods for goods, services for services, goods for services – things of value for other things of value. Money facilitates these transactions.

Americans are being outbid for energy – and all other things of great value in the world market because they no longer produce sufficient things of value to offer in trade.

With a government-controlled educational system that has sharply reduced the number of productive Americans and with policies of high taxation, regulation, and litigation that constantly increase restrictions upon the activities of the productive people who remain, United States production of useful goods and services has declined to a level that will no longer sustain the current American way of life.

So far as energy and other valuable items are concerned, the American people are attending a world auction. They are weaker buyers than are the people who now supply most of the world's goods. They are being outbid by these people.

Prices at this auction will simply rise until the weaker bidders fall away. These weaker bidders are over-governed, over-taxed, over-regulated, over-litigated Americans who simply can no longer compete in world markets – because their government has placed such huge unproductive burdens upon them.

As the 30% of energy that is now imported into the United States is lost to other bidders, a lot of things are likely to change. Of the remaining 70%, more than half is used for essential activities such as food production and distribution and winter heating. So, at least 60% of U.S. discretional energy use will end.

With this end will consequently come the end of many luxuries. Air conditioning, night-time lighting, vacation and other non-essential travel, non-essential computer and Internet activities, and many other things that Americans now take for granted will become unavailable to them.

It is much easier to rise in prosperity than it is to fall. The political repercussions of the coming sharp fall in American prosperity – which is now inevitable – will be severe.

As a result of this fall, Americans will either succumb to the greed, fear, irrationality, and envy that has led them to elect those who have caused these problems – thereby worsening their plight, or they will cast off their chains and rebuild their country.

In the current election cycle, Americans are clearly choosing more politicians of the kind who have caused this tragic disaster. When conditions become much worse, whom will they choose?

© 2008 - Art Robinson - All Rights Reserved


Art Robinson was educated in chemistry at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California at San Diego. Immediately after graduation, he was appointed to the faculty of UCSD and carried out research there and at Stanford University. In 1973, Linus Pauling and Art Robinson founded a research Institute that was known as the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine. Robinson was President and Director of that Institute. In 1980, Art Robinson, his scientist wife Laurelee, and several colleagues founded the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, where he is currently President and Research Professor.





By Coach Dave Daubenmire
March 20, 2008

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3.

Could somebody please explain to me what in the world a “black Christian” is? Or, for that matter, a “Methodist Christian,” or “Baptist Christian,” or “conservative Christian?”

All of this talk about race; about white Christians and black Christians; white churches and black churches, must just break the Lord’s heart! How have we allowed the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross to be whittled down to nothing more than human skin pigmentation?

Stop the foolishness, folks. God is a Spirit and man is a spirit. That’s right, man is a spirit. We live in a body, we possess a soul, but we are a spirit. And a spirit ain’t got no color nor denomination!

Enough already of this stupid race baiting, we are allowing God’s children to be separated for political gain. We should know better than that. If you are born again of the Spirit of God you have been bleached. Yep, bleached in blood.

I say shame on all of us. Shame on Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, on Jeremiah Wright and Bob Jones University. Shame on every pastor and politician who wants to identify himself as some type of specialized Christian. Shame on Baptist Christians and Methodist Christians, on AME Christians and Evangelical Christians, on Charismatic Christians and Fundamentalist Christians. Shame on conservative Christians and liberal Christians, on black Christians and white Christians.

Stop it already. Stop taking your cue from the television. Stop allowing Jackson and Sharpton, Hannity and Rush, and all our preachers to classify us as if we were different types of cars! Don’t listen to Hillary or Obama, Dick Morris or Juan Williams, or any of the talking heads planted by the race-baiters whose job it is to keep blood-washed Christians separated. Divide and conquer…it is the oldest trick in the book.

Here is the Truth. “There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.”

Look, I am sorry about racism. I know it exists. I know white human beings have done terrible things to black human beings. But white humans have also done terrible things to other white humans, and black on black crime is an epidemic. I know some black Americans have had it tougher than some white Americans but some black Americans have it better than other white Americans. Struggle is part of the human experience.

I have to just be gut honest here. I’m sure some will call me names but I won’t be the first to be accused of something I’m not. Read what they did in Jeremiah’s day. Sometimes the only way they can win a debate is to “smite with words.” Well, I’m bigger than that. What you call me won’t change the Truth. Listen to what I say….not how I say it.

Recent statistics tell us that 90% of black Americans are voting Democratic. It is a “cultural thing” they tell us. Black Christians are voting for candidates who won’t stop the killing of unborn black babies. So evidently somewhere, someone is convincing blacks that the Democratic Party is their Savior. That somebody is standing in the pupit.

I thought Jesus was our Savior!

Because they have turned to Jehovah-Jesse rather than Jehovah-Jireh, many “black Christians” and "black churches" have made government their provider and they dutifully follow a political party that their adulterous-leadership has convinced them will lead them to the “promised land.” For forty years they have followed the Democratic-god and have been led not to freedom in Christ, but deeper into Egypt and the land of bondage.

But pale-faced America is no better. The "white churches," for the most part have been oblivious to the needs of their black brothers and sisters in Christ. As the needs in the inner-city grew, white America fled to the suburbs, leaving the god-of-government to meet the needs of the poor and the wretched. Whitey has not done his Christian duty to the poor of all pigmentations. We have turned the duties of the Church over to the god- of-government and we wonder why our black brothers look to elected officials for salvation.

Jesus is not a Democrat. Jesus is not a Republican. In fact, He is not even an American! Jesus is Lord!

“White Christians” pray to their “white God” for more stuff, while “black Christians” pray to their “black God” for justice and equality. The racial divide is deep because “black Christians” and “white Christians,” for the most part, don’t serve the same God.

A wise man said that the most segregated hour in America is 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.

You see, Christian values don’t have a color and they are not indigenous to any race Abortion is wrong, whether it kills a black baby or a white baby. Homosexuality is sin, whether you are a black man or a white woman. Poverty is crippling and it has no color. Murder is wrong no matter who pulls the trigger. All children deserve a mom and a dad regardless of their race. Stealing from one to give to another is covetousness even if you call it welfare.

Isn’t it time the Church started being the salt and stopped being a color?

I’m a proud white man. I am not ashamed of my German heritage nor my Catholic up-bringing. But today I don’t identify myself as a German-American nor a former Catholic. I am neither. I am an American, a follower of Jesus, and if you have trusted in the Name that is Above Every Name, you are my brother. I say it is time we started acting like it.

In 2006 I voted for Ken Blackwell, a Christian, for governor of Ohio. In the 2008 Primary I wrote in the name of Alan Keyes, a Christian, for president of the United States. I would proudly vote for Bobby Jindall, Jesse Lee Peterson, Ken Hutcherson, J.C. Watts, Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, or Tony Dungy. Character has no color.

How about you my black Christian brother? Would you vote for such men of character? Statistics show that black Americans won’t vote for black Republicans! Tragically, most blacks have been taught to be more loyal to the Democrats than they are to their Lord.

But how about you, my white Christian brother, are you voting for a Republican rather than a Christian? Did Jeremiah Wright’s comments make you angry or sad? Are you voting Republican so you can beat the Democrats when you should be voting for Jesus so he can destroy the works of the Satan? We have become convinced that Party allegiance trumps allegiance to Christ. The Devil runs both Parties. A vote for either is a vote for Slew-foot’s agenda.

What kind of nation would this be if 90% of the CHRISTIANS voted for the same values?

There is a crisis of character in America. This “deficit of decency” is not a characteristic of any particular ethnic group. It is common to the human race. Blacks have the deficit and whites have the deficit. Only a life redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb can cure it.

Republicans aren’t the antidote and Democrats don’t have an elixir. Only Jesus can meet the needs of sin-sick America.

I came across this video of comedian Steve Harvey. It brought tears to my eyes. It convinced me of what I already knew. Blacks and whites serve the same Jesus. We just don’t know that we do. Please take 3 minutes to watch this video.

We’re better than we are acting, Church. The Devil has divided us.

Over 140 years ago the Great Emancipator said, “With malice toward none, with charity for all, ...let us strive on to finish the work we are in, do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

There are only two races….those racing for Heaven and those racing for hell, or, those on the narrow road to salvation or, those on the wide road to destruction.

What color is your Christianity?



By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
March 24, 2008

As I’ve indicated many times previously, the power elite wants a World Socialist Government, but how will they get the people of the U.S. to accept Socialism? Well, first there will have to be a crisis. For example, today oil and commodity (e.g., corn) prices are skyrocketing (the price of wheat has tripled in the past 10 months). And with increased demand from China, India, etc., global demand will eventually outrun supply. This crisis will lead to calls for “National Planning” similar to that under FDR in the 1930s.

National Planning is a hallmark of Socialism. The British Political Economic Planning (PEP) organization was sponsored by Fabian Socialists, and in the May 3, 1934 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Rep. Louis McFadden quoted PEP member Israel Moses Sief as saying: “Let’s go slowly for a while, until we can see how our plan works out in America.”

Democratic presidential candidate Al Smith had supported FDR for the presidency in 1932. However, on January 25, 1936, Smith delivered a speech stating: “Just get the platform of the Democratic Party, and get the platform of the Socialist Party, and lay them down on your dining room table side by side…. Study the record of the present Administration to date. After you have done that, make your mind up to pick up the platform that more nearly squares with the record, and you will put your hand on the Socialist platform.”

The current situation has arisen because the power elite has created a global economy via globalization. Prior to this, if there was an economic crisis in one country, many other nations would not be affected. As Pat Wood of the AUGUST REVIEW points out, though, for the first time in history all countries’ economies (including stock markets) seem to be rising and falling together. Remember the global impact of the recent mortgage debacle here. It was because banking, investing, lending, etc., are now global.

This is not accidental. It’s part of the power elite’s plan to create a global economic crisis (greatly devalued currencies, stocks, bonds, etc.). A global reduction of credit is leading to a global sale of assets at lower and lower prices, which in turn will affect the global derivatives market, etc. Pat Wood characterizes what’s going to happen as the equivalent of what happened to Enron but on a global scale, and the economies of all the nations of the world will plummet together.

This will result in the world’s population submitting to the power elite’s “International Planning” (for International Socialism) whereby they will manage the world’s (and each nation’s) economy. The political structure they will form to do that will be a World Socialist Government. This will be what David Rockefeller in his MEMOIRS (2002) called “conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will.”

Population control is also an important part of the power elite’s International Planning. In this regard, they consider people no better than animals upon whom to conduct experiments. For example, Eileen Welsome in THE PLUTONIUM FILES: AMERICA’S SECRET MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS IN THE COLD WAR (1999) revealed that 73 disabled children in a Massachusetts schools were spoon-fed oatmeal laced with radioactive isotopes, and 829 pregnant women at a Tennessee clinic were given “vitamin cocktails” containing radioactive iron.

These and other horrible experiments by the U.S. government on unknowing and unwilling Americans occurred over a 30-year period. Also during this time, Frederick Jaffe (vice-president of Planned Parenthood-World Population) wrote a memo to Bernard Berelson (president of the Population Council, founded in 1952 by John D. Rockefeller III) on March 11, 1969 including “Examples of Proposed Measures to Reduce Fertility, by Universality or Selectivity of Impact.” Among the examples listed was “fertility control agents in water supply,” and in early March 2008 news reports indicated that estrogen (which effects fertility) among other chemicals had been released into the water supplies of 41 million Americans.

In order to control populations, the power elite obviously has to be able to track them. This will be reminiscent of the 1930s in which the Nazis would request I.D. by saying, “Papiere, bitte” (Papers, please) of those under its control. Everyone also had an Arbeitsbuch containing her or his personal demographic, educational, occupational, etc. information. Today in Communist China, a similar document is the “Dangan.” And by 2017 A.D., all British citizens will have a National I.D. card by.

In the U.S., Arbeitsbuch-type information started to become available about 10 years ago via ALMIS (America’s Labor Market Information System), which was developed by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. The data tables in ALMIS contain information about employment, occupation projections, wages, layoffs, employers, educational programs, completers (of educational programs), population demographics (e.g., who is located where), and selected economic indicators.

Relevant to a national I.D. in the U.S., on January 11, 2008 Michael Chertoff (head of Homeland Security) in a press statement said regarding the “Real I.D. Act” passed by Congress: “There comes a point in time where all the discussion and analysis has to stop…. The time has come to bite the bullet…. Now if a particular state were to say, ‘We opt out: we’re not going to participate at all,’ then the law is very clear: after May of this year, that state’s driver’s licenses will no longer be acceptable as a form of federal identification for getting on an airplane or getting into a federal building….”

The federal government plans to use these “machine-readable” state driver’s licenses, with “uniformity” among the states, as federally-approved I.D. cards. This will be followed by future federal demands upon the public, and down the road if the people at some point refuse to bow to these demands, they could be forced into submission by varying means. Foreigners in our police forces might be used (the Associated Press on May 16, 2007 reported that “the Santa Fe police department is considering the possibility of recruiting Mexican nationals to fill vacant police jobs”). Or the U.S. military could be used (such forces were used at Waco against the Branch Davidians). Or foreigners in our military could be used (THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR on December 26, 2006 published “U.S. Military May Recruit Foreigners to Serve” by Tom Regan). Or foreign troops could be used (USNORTHCOM reported that on February 14, U.S. Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart signed an agreement with Canadian Air Force Lt. Gen. Marc Dumais allowing US and Canadian troops to cross each other’s borders during civil emergencies ­ note that “civil” can mean an action by the American people and not just in response to an attack from abroad). Or people could be labeled “domestic terrorists” simply by appearing to intend to influence a politician’s pro-abortion policy, for example, by saying they won’t vote for her or him (Section 802 of the Patriot Act states that the “term ‘domestic terrorism’ means activities that appear to be intended to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion”). Note that one doesn’t have to “intend to influence,” but only “appear” that way to be considered a “domestic terrorist.”

Or the President could simply label and imprison a person as an “enemy combatant” whereby they no longer have any Constitutional rights. Regarding this last possibility, it’s worth remembering that Winston Churchill on November 21, 1943 warned: “The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian governments whether Nazi or Communist.”

Regarding all of the aforementioned possibilities, why do you think the Federal government has signed contracts amounting to $385 million with Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root to build vast new detention camps across the U.S.? Both Democrats and Republicans repeatedly have said they don’t plan to round up all the illegal aliens in the U.S., so for whom do you think these massive new detention camps are being build? It’s not just for a few foreign terrorists, so that only leaves “domestic terrorists” however the power elite’s political puppets are ordered to define that term. That could mean YOU! And note that the first of these single bid contracts to a Halliburton (Vice-President Cheney’s former company) subsidiary was signed in 1999 under the Clinton administration. The power elite controls both Democrat and Republican leaders.

The ability of the power elite to enforce its will, of course, reaches far beyond the borders of the U.S. As an example of this, the assassinated Benazir Bhutto’s father, Zulfiker Ali Bhutto, when prime minister of Pakistan wrote IF I AM ASSASSINATED (1979). On page xxvii in the Introduction to this book, one reads regarding his pursuit of a nuclear weapons program that the outgoing American ambassador in Islamabad, Pakistan said “if he (Bhutto) did not back down, he would no longer stay in power.” This was confirmed by Tariq Ali (who personally knew Bhutto) in his THE CLASH OF FUNDAMENTALISM (2002) on page 167, where the author write that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger visited Bhutto in Lahore, Pakistan in 1976 and said “We can de-stablize your government and make a horrible example out of you” if Bhutto continued Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program. Tariq Ali then notes that Bhutto continued his program and six months later was driven from office.

Today, Kissinger supports Senator McCain for president, and his fellow power elite agent Zbigniew Brzezinski supports Senator Obama. Senator Clinton, of course, is part of the whole Rhodes scholar globalist network. But how does the power elite keep the electorate from learning what Clinton, Obama or McCain (each of whom has at least 5 prominent CFR advisors) will actually do if elected? It’s actually very simple ­ keep news reporters and the public focused on his or her supporters saying something controversial (e.g., the comments of Geraldine Ferraro, Rev. Wright, and the talk-show host in Ohio). As long as reporters cover primarily this, voters will not learn what the candidates’ specific positions are on the issues. For example, do we know anything besides the candidates’ general policy proposals on the economy, Iraq, education, etc.? No. News reporters haven’t pressed for in-depth details regarding any issue. Thus, the power elite’s plan is working.

What will likely happen in the area of education, for example, if a Democrat is elected President are more decisions like that of February 28, 2008 by Appeals Court Judge H. Walter Croskey in Los Angeles. He ruled that parents have no Constitutional right to homeschool their children, and that students must be taught only by credentialed teachers. Judge Croskey’s ruling looks very much like the National Education Association’s B-75 Home Schooling resolution at its 2007 convention. Since homeschooled students typically have higher academic achievement test scores than public school students, this issue is really about separating students from their parents’ values. Former NEA president Catherine Barrett admitted as much in the SATURDAY REVIEW OF EDUCATION (Feb. 10, 1973) when she said teaching “basic skills” would be reduced to only one-quarter of the school day, as “the teacher will be a conveyor of values, a philosopher…. We will be agents of change.”

At the international level, CFR member Carol Bellamy, after being with Morgan-Stanley and managing director of Bear-Stearns (recently sold because of great financial trouble), became executive director of UNICEF where she declared: “The U.N. position is… if formal education is not supplied by government, a child’s right to schooling is violated. Home schools are not a substitute for formal education.” (Bloomsburg, PA PRESS-ENTERPRISE, May 15, 1998). The power elite at the global level wants to eliminate homeschooling, and efforts toward that end have already begun in Germany and other nations. The power elite simply cannot allow parents (usually with traditional values of morality and patriotism) to impart their values to their children. Only the public schools can indoctrinate children with globalism and moral relativism, which are necessary to condition the masses to accept a non-biblical World Socialist Government.

© 2008 Dennis Cuddy - All Rights Reserved

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Dennis Laurence Cuddy, historian and political analyst, received a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (major in American History, minor in political science). Dr. Cuddy has taught at the university level, has been a political and economic risk analyst for an international consulting firm, and has been a Senior Associate with the U.S. Department of Education.

Cuddy has also testified before members of Congress on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Cuddy has authored or edited twenty books and booklets, and has written hundreds of articles appearing in newspapers around the nation, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows in various parts of the country, such as ABC Radio in New York City, and he has also been a guest on the national television programs USA Today and CBS's Nightwatch.

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by Alan Stang
March 23, 2008

As the utterly fraudulent computer entry that financial commentators call the “dollar” disappears down the drain, some observers marvel that the Fed and Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh could have been so “stupid.” Your average mechanic, bus driver and manicurist know perfectly well that you can’t keep spending more than you have, however big you are – that if you insist on doing so, eventually you will collapse – so how come Boosh and the others do not? How could the Fed and the President be that dumb? Couldn’t they see where those unbelievable deficits year on year were going?

The “almighty” dollar is gone. As I write, believe it or not, people don’t want it. Were you thinking of a European vacation? You had better visit Yosemite instead. In Europe, they don’t have to take the “dollar” and they won’t. They are even starting to prefer the Euro in New York. The Euro started out at less than a dollar. Now it is more than $1.50. The Swiss Franc was four point something a dollar. Now you must pay a tad more than a dollar to get one. Soon, the Euro will replace the dollar as the international currency.

Yes, I know that former career drunk Jorge W. Boosh cannot pronounce “nuclear” and doesn’t really speak English, but one of the main things to understand here is that the men in Washington and New York who are doing this are not at all stupid. They are crashing the “dollar” deliberately. Why?

One obvious part of the answer is that the time has come to take the people to the cleaners again. As you know, the Fed was founded to farm the farmers and steal the assets. First it expands; then it contracts. And when it contracts, it holds you upside down by the ankles until all the cash in your pockets falls out. That is what it is doing now. Notice that it rescued Bear Stearns which was “too big to fail.”

As I write, Lehman Brothers looks as shaky as a hooker in church. Because Lehman is an Insider company, the so-called Plunge Protection Team will save it as well, if necessary. It will do nothing to save Mr. and Mrs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage when their monthly payment explodes, because the ARMS are small enough to fail.

Banking is one of the few businesses in which crime is rewarded; and the bigger the crime, the greater the reward. The perpetrators take down millions in bonuses and do not go to prison. Ayn Rand disciple Alan Greenspan, former top Fed swindler, more than any other man got us into this mess; now he is telling clients in the Middle East to dump the “dollar” and go to the Euro.

But there is more to the matter than simple criminality. Remember that Boosh and the other conspirators are trying to merge the United States, Mexico and Canada on the way to world government. As I write, dozens of unelected, joint committees are forging the connections. Recently, an unpublicized agreement advanced the merger of the Canadian and U.S. military.

When the merger campaign started, the United States was way up here. Most of the rest of the world was way down there. How could you merge a country so far above the others? Obviously, you can’t. And you can’t bring those other countries up here. Only they can do that; only those other countries can raise themselves. The only way you could do it is to reduce the United States, bring it to its knees. You could merge this country with the others only if you lower it to their level.

When the nation is at par, you can merge it. Indeed, in classic Hegelian dialectical fashion, you can present the merger as the solution, as the way to end the panic. As sure as Marx did not make little, green apples, after enough Mr. and Mrs. ARMS have abandoned the behemoth housing they never could afford and hit the road in the middle of the night, our Communist media will start to tell the still somnolent people about something called the “Amero.” The ARMS will hear about it on their portable radios in the Grapes of Wrath tent cities now erupting across America.

The “Amero” is the monetary unit of the new nation called the North American Union, which comprises the former United States, the former Mexico and the former Canada. The “Amero” will be advertised as “good” money, a safe financial refuge that will replace the “bad” dollar. And zombie Americans will stampede into it, shouting hosannas to the fiscal geniuses who by coincidence had it ready.

The day that happens, this country will officially be gone, because you cannot have a nation – an independent nation – without its own money. Today’s United States will henceforth be a wide spot in the road, nothing more than a set of provinces in the North American Union that will replace it. This, by the way, is why Boosh does not protect our borders. You will remember that after the three heads of government met at the Crawford rancho on March 23, 2005, they announced that henceforth the border would be around the three countries, not between them.

So what should you do? The answer is, get out of the dollar. Get out now. I recognize that we have something of a paradox here. The fact that you are reading this probably means you don’t need to; means you have already done it or soon will. On the other hand, your typical American who does need to read it desperately, doesn’t have a clue and won’t. Despite which, with your permission, I shall set it forth for the record.

Geography gives Europeans an advantage. Drive a couple of hundred miles there and you are in a different country, with a different language and customs. Europeans are used to and comfortable with that. Get on a plane in Bangor, Maine, fly all day to Los Angeles, then another day to Honolulu, then another day to Guam, and you are still in American territory, still speaking English. Combine that with the hubris of the “almighty dollar,” and you can’t think outside the box.

But you will have to. How do you get out of the “dollar?” One obvious way to do it is to get into money. Buy gold and silver. Right now you would buy silver and then work the ratio between them, always accumulating more. There has never been a time in history – not even once – when gold and silver were worthless. But paper currency again and again goes belly up. That is what the present price of gold is telling you. Gold doesn’t change; an ounce is an ounce. It isn’t “going up.” The so-called “dollar” is going down. I keep putting the word in quotations because the putrid thing they now call the “dollar” is not. It’s a forgery.

There still are currency traders dumb enough to take your paper “dollars” in exchange for a currency that is worth something in comparison, like the “money” they use in Mozambique. (Just kidding!) Instead, why not buy Swiss Francs, which is very easy to do. You can buy Swiss Franc Travelers Checks on line. Another thing you can do is open an account in a foreign bank.

There are many banks in other countries that do business in buildings as impressive as any in the United States, and guess what? They are more honest; they haven’t been farming the farmers and stealing the assets. Therefore they are not going broke. Yes, it is perfectly legal for an American to have an account in an offshore (foreign) bank. Depending on the bank, you may not even need to go there to open one.

Consider that you probably do not have unlimited time. In these situations, a communist/fascist government like ours will impose exchange controls, which will prevent you from getting your money out. You will no longer be able to send deposits to that foreign account you so wisely opened. Many people here know all about that. For instance, why not ask someone who escaped from the Republic of South Africa, which Washington turned over to the Reds. Remember that the Communist Manifesto calls for the confiscation of property from “emigrants and rebels.” That’s you.

There is another, even hairier possibility. You have been calling for Jorge W. Boosh to close the border. At some point in this scenario, he will, or his successor will, assuming we can forestall the attack on Iran and there is a successor. Suppose the border is closed, not to keep illegal aliens and terrorists out, but to keep you in.

Haven’t we seen this before, in the Soviet Empire? Could the same thing happen here? If not, why is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? Remember, Boosh looked into Soviet President Vlad Putrid’s eyes and liked what he saw. And we ran into a dentist from South Africa recently. He said they pretended to go on vacation. Then they “disappeared.” It was the only way to get out.

Why is all this happening? You can trace it to one source. Our money is phony. It isn’t money. The Fed and the conspirators who work it hate honest money because it prevents them from doing all the things we have been looking at. The Fed was allegedly created to prevent boom and bust, but we have suffered louder booms and bigger busts much longer under the Fed than we ever had before.

There is one good thing about the present collapse of our money, only one. It should remind everyone that with only one exception, no candidate for President has even mentioned this issue. That exception is Dr. Ron Paul. That is why the conspiracy for world government pretends he isn’t there. With the restoration of honest money that he advocates, most of these problems would disappear.

© 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

Alan Stang was one of Mike Wallace’s original writers at Channel 13 in New York, where he wrote some of the scripts that sent Mike to CBS. Stang has been a radio talk show host himself. In Los Angeles, he went head to head nightly with Larry King, and, according to Arbitron, had almost twice as many listeners. He has been a foreign correspondent. He has written hundreds of feature magazine articles in national magazines and some fifteen books, for which he has won many awards, including a citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for journalistic excellence. One of Stang’s exposés stopped a criminal attempt to seize control of New Mexico, where a gang seized a court house, held a judge hostage and killed a deputy. The scheme was close to success before Stang intervened. Another Stang exposé inspired major reforms in federal labor legislation.

His first book, It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, was an instant best-seller. His first novel, The Highest Virtue, set in the Russian Revolution, won smashing reviews and five stars, top rating, from the West Coast Review of Books, which gave five stars in only one per cent of its reviews.

Stang has lectured in every American state and around the world and has guested on many top shows, including CNN’s Cross Fire. Because he and his wife had the most kids in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, where they lived at the time, the entire family was chosen to be actors in “Havana,” directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford, the most expensive movie ever made (at the time). Alan Stang is the man in the ridiculous Harry Truman shirt with the pasted-down hair. He says they made him do it.





By Jim R. Schwiesow

December 28, 2007

"Today, a New World Order is struggling to be born a world quite different from the one we have known. A world in which the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle” --George H.W. Bush

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” --Paul Warburg

We are hurtling through time to that last desperate appointment, an appointment with a seemingly unavoidable inevitable destiny that has been shaped by a cowardly and conscious acquiescence to the menservants of that dragon of old, Satan; pretender to the throne and architect of the new world order. With ever increasing boldness and with relentless persevering stealth these earthly agents employ their demonically rendered powers in service to their spiritual mentors, the rulers of the darkness of this world.

Who are these servants of the evil one and how is it they have acquired the power to apply the sting of the devil to shape the destiny of the masses and usurp the individual freedoms intrinsically bestowed by the power of the Eternal?

They are the politicians that possess the offices and inhabit the chambers of government, and who legislate and mandate against the liberties and best interests of the very people who have bestowed upon them their law making and executive powers. They are the judges who inveigh against the guarantees of the Constitution, deny the protections of the Bill of Rights and uphold accursed social aberrations. They are the educators that corrupt the morals of the young, inculcate in them dark and occultist values and deny them the basics of a functional education. They are the corporate barons who use and abuse people in their employ and rob them of human dignity and well being in order to accumulate the obscene wealth, which enables possession of a controlling influence over the institutions of government. They are the bankers and financial manipulators who enslave the people by controlling the money and manipulating the economy to their own interests to the exclusion of the interests of all others. And they are the battalions of unrighteous tyrants of a bureaucracy that piles upon the people hundreds of thousands of insanely irresponsible decrees that stifle freedom and sadistically inflict misery and wretchedness.

How is it that these, who do the devils bidding, have been allowed the latitude to bestride the people and subject them to their will, from whence does their power come? The answer is that it comes from the people themselves. It is from the libidinous, avaricious, unethical and perverse deportment of the people that their strength and power is derived.

God uses Satan and those fallen spirits with him to execute judgment and to discipline the wayward and the disobedient. David understood this when he prayed in regard to his enemies, “Set you wicked men over them and let Satan stand at their side.” Satan never operates outside of the limits allowed him by God. Do we think that God does not use Satan for His own purposes? If we believe that he does not we deceive ourselves and ought to adjust our thinking in that regard.

The Eternal has been infinitely patient in regard to the debasement of this nation. His blessings have remained with the nation through a continuum of a putrid abdication of morals, an abject and vile defilement of His name and an increasingly venomous and depraved assault upon His Son and the church that He established. This nation has in very plain words pushed its luck. It is teetering upon a precipice overlooking an inferno and is about to slide into a fiery destruction.

There appears to be a glimmer of an awakening in the nation in regard to recognition of the dire times that confront us and of the malevolent intent of those who rule over us. Many are staring the devil in the face and shrink from the evil of him, and they see his wickedness personified in those who do his bidding. It is a new awareness that we are witnessing a God-given discernment, a discernment that enables the newly enlightened to know the perverse spirit of the establishment politicians who crisscross the country in rabid frenzy seeking desperately to maintain control of, by lie and prevarication, that which they have achieved in service to their gods. Increasingly the newly enlightened are able to see through the evasiveness and the fabrications of the national media, and understand that it also is an arm of the internationalists of a one-world persona.

It is futile to attempt to read the mind of the Eternal, but it may be that we are seeing, albeit in a small way, an awakening in the nation that just might bring the people of this nation to reality in regard to their spiritually fallen condition. We have on the political scene a man with a simple message, a message to inspire those who suffer under the increasingly oppressive hand of a tyrannical government. It is a message from one who would set a course of action that would allow Christians to take responsibility for moral and legal affairs individually and locally and not view the government as their savior, one whose faith is of the Creator and the Constitution in that order. That man is Ron Paul. It is always the simple message that has true value and meaning - witness the Gospel, a simple message of salvation delivered by humble servants of God.

The train to redemption is in the station, and the invitation to board for a return trip, upon shining rails, to a government of the people and for the people is being sounded. It will be an exciting trip, but one that is fraught with danger and subject to the intrigues of the new world elites and their demon companions. We have a champion who has challenged their malefic control and shaken his fist in their contemptible faces, he has the courage can we be less disposed in the face of that kind of moxie?

We are in perhaps the most dangerous times of our history. This nation is on the cusp of total subjection to the dark forces for world enslavement. Soon, very soon there will no way out for those in the grip of this satanic cabal other than death. Too be sure these agents for total ascendancy over a hapless people are sensing the stirring of a rebellious spirit among those that they have kept down by an unjust use of force and authority. Their goal for world domination is so nearly within reach that they are salivating like Pavlov’s dogs at the very thought of achieving that goal. Make no mistake about it they will stop at nothing to check an advancing rebellion against their agenda, and the mass slaughter of dissident citizens is not beyond their contemplation. They are in control of the resources and possess the military means to carry out such a program of extermination if they feel that an incipient rebellion will come to realization and erase their gains and contradict their power.

In the past these agents for the enslavement of mankind have proved to be masters of assassination as a means to remove those who oppose their agenda or stand in their way. By way of an example consider the following.

In April of 1961 President John F. Kennedy sealed his own fate with a speech to the American Newspapers Publisher’s Association. The president said, in part, in that speech the following, “The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers, which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control.”

That speech was the harbinger of the elimination of John F. Kennedy as a threat to the internationalists and to their plans for a world order. It is evident that the president well knew of the contrivances that were being formulated in secret chambers and carried out clandestinely with the aid of well-placed functionaries within the government.

Ron Paul cannot afford to be cavalier in regard to the threat that looms over him. He must know that even now his elimination by assassination is being discussed in those very same secret chambers that president Kennedy spoke of in the speech that helped to determine his ultimate fate. We are operating within the devils realm, and since God’s word identifies him as a liar and a murderer from the beginning we can expect the very worst from those who emulate this degenerate spirit.

The ultimate fate of this nation rests with the people. We will see either a change in the collective morals of this nation and a return to limited government and a commitment to Biblical principles or we can remain prideful and recalcitrant, in which event the Eternal will simply allow the dragon of old to determine our fate. And that fate will be as unpleasant as the devil that hates us can make it.

“How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.”

© 2007 - Jim R. Schwiesow - All Rights Reserved


Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.

His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.

Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.





By Greg Evensen

March 15, 2008

For thirty years, I have been writing, speaking, imploring, and begging others to make rational, concrete plans for a time in life that would offer no quarter, give no mercy, and that would in a word be--catastrophic. We are coming face to face with that moment. You have so little time left to do anything that will give you a fighting chance. What are you doing?

National Guard units are training and preparing for urban combat. The United States has just reached an agreement with Canada’s armed forces to come in to this country and assume combat roles should they be needed in American cities and towns. The Federal Reserve’s last ditch effort to stem the “blood loss” in the sub-prime and other currency markets has failed. The dollar has been abandoned for Euros. The stock market can’t find its ass with both hands and a Chinese made, Wal-Mart sold ass finder. Israel has demanded that all of the financial aid it receives from Washington (that’s us) be paid for in Euros. The ultimate irony and slap in the face. Oil, dairy, wheat, wheat products, gold, silver, copper prices, the list goes on and on, are racing for the stratosphere with no end in sight. An implosion has begun and it has no known method of stopping or reversing until critical mass is reached. It will be followed by an explosion in the economy and the political realm unseen since the founding of this nation.

The ultimate tragedy is, this was preventable. It could have been slowed or reversed at any time if a courageous and morally upright Congress had revealed the root causes for the disaster. If the socialist “generals” in Congress had been defeated or at least their programs thrown out at the time of their introduction, billions would have been saved. If the truth and our first president, General George Washington’s advice had been followed, every conflict since WWII would have been avoided. During the past 60 years, 120,000 American soldiers would have survived, 500,000 would have been physically uninjured, and two trillion in direct costs and the rehabilitation money grants to former enemies would have been saved.

The size of the federal government would be less than half of what it is today, the budget of the US government would be about 500 billion as opposed to two and one half trillion on a yearly basis and we would most likely be at relative peace. Lack of foolish and unnecessary regulations, taxes, and frivolous lawsuits, would have allowed an explosion of small businesses to thrive. The lack of a Federal Reserve System would have allowed the United States to remain a creditor nation based on assets rather than suffering under a crushing debt imposed by the feds dictatorial control over the people’s treasury. There are so many reasons why we could have avoided all of this. Thousands of perfectly good reasons IF employed by thousands of honest, moral, representatives who simply could have done the citizen’s business the way God and sound governmental practices demanded ---would have, should have, and could have made the critical difference.

Instead, we saw year after year, decade after decade, and now century after century of greed, bring ultimate ruin to this marvelous nation called America. Although we did not want it, we have allowed it to happen. It resolves nothing and does not buy us a way out, but we must accept our responsibility for this debacle and now prepare for what is coming.

Friends, you must begin NOW if you have not done so, to protect yourselves and your family from this pending---as the disaster movies call it---“extinction level event” for our former way of life. If you hesitate, you will be caught in the maelstrom that is the next six months to five years of life in the US. Pick your poison. If you like global warming and believe that is going to do you in, well then, build a refrigerated secure basement. If you like the Planet X scenario, then prepare for 800 mph winds and basically a “pole shift” that will leave nothing at all. If you live in a nuclear target city, or worse yet (worse??) yes, in a sanctuary city, then get out and get out quickly. Here is what you must do.

Consider geography carefully. I don’t care where you live now, choose your “Ride & Hide” (ride it out and hide from the enemy—you pick ‘em) location with great wisdom. Coasts are bad, arid regions are bad, rural northern and mountainous regions are the best. Why? Fewer people mean fewer morons to deal with. Weather considerations, wild game availability, timber resources, fresh water, tillable soil, survival off the utility grid is doable, herding small numbers of livestock is possible, also grazing horses can be kept. Being at least 50 miles from the nearest interstate or major highway is preferable, the same with commercial airports and nuke plants. Holing up with really close friends or family is the ultimate best so that expenses, work loads and practical skills are shared to your best advantage. Be ready to leave your city home with only one or two hours alert time. You may not even have that. Practice getting home, loading, and leaving at least once. Notify only those in your group that would be affected. Tell no one else what you are doing. Keep your gas tank full and an extra 5-10 gallons.

Securing the land with a rugged structure(s) and reinforced underground shelter can be expensive, however; it is an absolute. Stocking that domicile with stores of enduring foods, food components (flour, raw sugar, yeast, salt, etc.) medicines or natural remedies (apple vinegar, honey, olive leaf extract, etc.) an electric generator and at least 500 gallons of diesel, 100 gallons of kerosene for lamps, tools-------you know the drill. There are many sites available to assist you in stockpiling long term necessities right at NWV.

You will be happy to know that your government in Washington has assisted these efforts to protect your family from ANY kind of disaster by making it a felony to harbor many items (as listed in the Patriot Act II). You know, be wise, be prepared, but if you go more than a week’s worth, we’ll put you in one of 800 non-existent Halliburton model “stay for a while, we’ll leave the lights on ” Washington style long term family “vacation” detention campsites built with illegal or prison labor, right here in the good old US of A.

Moving your money freely will become even more difficult as banks begin to restrict the amounts that can be transferred from savings accounts and other short-term investment vehicles under their immediate control. Using personal checks outside of your own community will become increasingly difficult, soon. Bank drafts or money orders will do for a while, but many real estate, large business or supply companies will require that you jump over difficult hurdles so that they are not left to chase you down for payment.

Securing advance amounts of medical supplies, especially prescriptions and antibiotics (Tami flu, Amoxicillin, Keflexin, etc.) will be very difficult as most insurance companies will only reimburse for 30 days or less. If you have any serious dental issues, (abscessed teeth), surgeries, glasses or other necessary medical needs, get them done, now.

Consider transferring available 401K, IRA accounts, or other liquid plans into gold or silver before their availability or price are literally beyond reach. A penalty for withdrawal is not desirable, but highly preferable to empty or inaccessible accounts next month or whenever.

Have GPS chips removed from your newer vehicles, laptops if possible, and prepare to leave your cell phones in the lake 100 miles from your retreat. Leave your ID chipped pets at the humane society and any animals you raise for food consumption must be newly born and chip free (many good patriots are telling the state and federal USDA to, well, you know, but that won’t last much longer as most states are going into compliance regardless of what the law says, the constitution says, common sense says or what God himself says. The same is true with the REAL ID. That card is also becoming, state by state, the final nail in the coffin of personal liberty. Consider it the mark of the beast (I don’t know if it is, but it could be). The personal ID chip is without a doubt that mark, I personally believe. I will not UNDER ANY CICUMSTANCES take that chip, no matter what it ultimately costs me. That is why, among many reasons listed here, common sense and the urgency that is coming at you like the freight train from Hell, you must complete your personal retreat plans, NOW.

Are you getting the picture dear friends? Laugh at me if you will. Marginalize me and others who are begging you to make this effort while you can, but hear this: IF YOU ARE CAUGHT IN A CITY OR WITHOUT THE MOST BASIC OF NEEDS, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE A CRISES.

That is the absolute truth and the absolute facts of life. You will be among the first victims of the event or its immediate aftermath. Roving gangs of real pirates and sadistic tormentors will only seal your fate in a most cruel fashion.

Ask yourself this single question. What do you have now that is so worth keeping (suburb mortgaged home, SUV, boat, hockey equipment, a JOB that is killing you, etc.) over your life and that of your family? Is your morning cup of Starbucks worth this effort? For God’s sake, WAKE UP!! If you haven’t really cared who or what the Federal Reserve is, well, don’t worry about it now. Just get your money out and do something with it while you can. If you haven’t followed the presidential debates, then don’t watch them now, either. Decide for yourself what you are going to do for your family and this nation by becoming independent and “free” in spite of this and the world government’s absolute determination to rule you completely and forever. Can you let go of football and beer long enough to answer that single question? I’m ready, some of you are ready, many of you are not. If you refuse to get ready, then I bid you farewell. You were never my fellow countryman to begin with. God help you.

Your last consideration must be in terms of self-defense. This will draw the ire of many morons who were just waiting for this. To you, I say, don’t ever buy a gun. You would only eventually supply a criminal with one more weapon. To everyone else, think shotgun, first. A 12 gauge, 20 inch rifled barrel chambered for 3” shells. Buy at least 1000 rounds of OO Buckshot for defense, 1000 rounds of slugs for large game, and 1000 rounds of #6 shot for small game and birds. These are all round good loads for most situations. Professional hunters may argue a bit, but I tell you from experience hunting and in law enforcement, this will do it. The make of the weapon is your choice, but I would stick with Remington or Mossberg as my first pick. There are others, check with a reputable sporting store to assist you. A Ruger .22 rifle and a 1000 rounds will do for quieter small game. A .308 and 500 rounds will do for long range whatever you need to do shooting—if you get my drift.

A Ruger Mini-14 rancher model chambering .223 with several 20 or 30 round clips and 1000 rounds will be good for when you are outnumbered, and a .45 Government model Kimber or Springfield Armory pistol with 10, 10 round clips and 1000 rounds will do you well. That’s roughly $4500 worth of weaponry. Cheap in defense of all that you have. A good four wheeled vehicle of any kind for off road use rounds you out. I’m pretty good at spending your money, hmm? Forget the vacation that would have cost you that anyway. Forget the new $50,000 truck that you just couldn’t live without. You will LIVE if you use that money wisely. You have just weeks or a few months—MAYBE—to be positioned for any possibility. Natural or manmade. If I am wrong, sell it in a couple of years to someone who still sees the need and you’ll be free to be at risk again.

This is the article that many of you have been pleading with me to write for over six months. I did not want to present it prematurely and yet it’s anybody’s guess as to when it will be too late. There is a risk for the writer of such messages. The risk is that many will still ignore it, stick their heads in a little deeper or laugh nervously as they dismiss the content with, “he’s a typical right-wing worrier, this just can’t happen.” Well, I pray to God Almighty you are right and I am wrong. But then again, no matter what happens, I’m ready, my family and I have a good chance………………..are you ready, do you have any chance at all?

© 2008 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved


Greg Evensen Greg is an award winning Kansas Lawman and former Kansas State Trooper. He is author of The Sovereignty Papers and has completed two inspirational singing CD's "Hymns from the Heartland" and "After the Storm." You may visit his website at to get your copies of this and other materials offered by Greg. See the NWV central advertising banners for ordering information, also. Greg may be reached at his website for a scheduled speaking or concert date as well.

Website: TheHeartLandUSA





By: Devvy
March 26, 2008

© 2008 -

"Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary “mole,” not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through." The People's Weekly World, an on-line communist propaganda rag

On March 18, 2006, Barack Obama gave what dullards in the dominant media have dubbed as his "race" speech in response to the fire storm over his long time association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This speech was damage control, a carefully crafted oration full of all the right words and phrases in an effort to stop Caucasian voters from running away from his campaign.

Obama's speech on race is being called "brilliant." Some gas bags on cable networks are comparing Obama to Abraham Lincoln. Really? Abraham Lincoln was an open racist, a white supremacist who hated the Negro race and cared nothing about freeing slaves. As a matter of fact, he wanted to ship anyone with black skin out of this country. What, you say? How can that be? I was taught in school that Honest Abe Lincoln (the mascot for the Republican Party) is a hero who bravely took on the south to free the slaves!

There are two books everyone should read and should be required reading in all schools throughout this country. I know time is an issue for everyone, but I promise you, these two books are well worth the time invested. The first is Lincoln Unmasked: What You're Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe by Thomas DiLorenzo. The second is Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream by Lerone Bennett, Jr. The hero image of Abraham Lincoln is as tarnished and fake as the one hanging on John McCain.

With a great amount of pushing by his handlers, Obama has now gone to great lengths to distance himself from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, basically saying he didn't know Wright is a racist and hates America. Despite the clever word smithing of his race speech, this simply does not sell as truth. How can you attend a church for 20 years and not be exposed to the agenda hawked by Rev. Wright? Obama has been sold as an "African-American," yet his church under Wright clearly and without apology states their complete allegiance is to the continent of Africa. Fine, Rev. Wright. Pack your bags, go to Africa, pick any country you like, and spew your hatred of Caucasians and America from your beloved land. I'm sick of hyphenated Americans. Either we're all together as Americans or divided we will fall. Obama and others have tried to prop up Rev. Wright with how much his church has done for AIDS victims, outreach and other good deeds. Sorry, Obama, it doesn't wash. All of these altruistic undertakings can be done without hating America, other races or religions, i.e., Wright's admiration for a bigot like Louis Farrakhan.

Obama said in his speech he wouldn't disown Rev. Wright. Why would he? Obama has put his real feelings out into the public domain and they are in harmony with the Rev. Wright:

"Beneath this bland Good Obama lies a more interesting character, one that I like far better—the Bad Obama, a close student of other people's weaknesses, a literary artist of considerable power in plumbing his deep reservoirs of self-pity and resentment, an unfunny Evelyn Waugh consumed by indignation toward his own mother's people. He has been hiding out on the bestseller lists for the last two years in his enormously revealing, but little understood, 1995 “autobiography”—a more accurate term might be “autobiographical novel”—Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance....

"He cherishes every cause for complaint he can discern against white folks. He is constantly distressed at being half-white. Obama says he “ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites,” even though he surely realizes that his media-sensation status stems from how much white people love highly accomplished blacks who speak with white accents. He wouldn't be a serious candidate for president at age 45 if he weren't part black.

"Obama's teenage self-consciousness is perpetually crucified by contact with stereotypes about blacks. When his grandmother wants a ride to work because the day before, while awaiting the bus, she was threatened by a black panhandler, he is outraged—at his grandparents."

While, Steve Sailer, the author of the column above seems to find Obama fascinating, I find him to be just another closet communist, using being a mulatto to hide his racism. Obama recently referred to his grandmother as a "typical white person" which drew even more criticism. Fact: Obama attended Wright's church for the past twenty years. He darn straight knew the racist, anti-American agenda of that church. Anyone who thinks Obama could have attended a church for twenty years and not been aware of the agenda of that church is in denial. Fact: Obama has made it crystal clear how he feels about Caucasians. He holds them in contempt. How can anyone continue to support this deceptive individual, the mole "burrowed so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface"?

Obama decries playing the race card, but has embraced the endorsement of a loser like New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson. Former failed Secretary of Energy under Marxist Bill Clinton and Ambassador to the communist UN. Richardson is of Mexican ancestry. Obama believes Richardson's endorsement will bring him the Hispanic/Latino vote, which is why he and Richardson were up in Oregon the past few days. There are no Hispanic, Latino or Mexican issues regarding the U.S. Constitution, specifically, Art. 1, Section 8. The president of these united States of America is constrained by Art. II, of the U.S. Constitution. An American president is not a king, he is a public servant. All of these empty promises spewed by Obama and Hillary Clinton are just that. During the pretend primaries, Marxist Clinton took New Mexico (Richardson's state) because according to seditious, militant LaRaza mouth pieces, Hispanics "don't trust blacks." And, let's not forget Marxist Clinton has declared "no woman is an illegal." Music to the ears of all the illegals voting in New Mexico.

Obama picked up another endorsement yesterday. The big splash over this endorsement is because Mr. Kmiec is a Republican with impressive credentials. Kmiec states in his endorsement he doesn't want to denigrate any of his sodomite friends, but supports traditional marriage. He also says he's Catholic and goes on to say, " I believe life begins at conception, and it is important for every life to be given sustenance and encouragement." Kmiec knows the Church forbids the filthy practice of sodomy and the murdering of unborn babies. If Kmiec believes that life begins at conception, how on earth can he endorse someone like Barack Obama who not only supports abortion on demand, but also supports the barbaric practice of murder called partial birth abortion? How can any Catholic or Christian who professes they believe in God's word and laws endorse such a morally bankrupt individual like Barack Obama?

Because he's promised 'change'? Anyone who has listened to him and read his official web site understands that Obama represents no change, only a continuation of failed policies. He has thrown out this clever marketing plan about 'change' and 'hope' to desperate Americans, especially regarding health care and his message that we can all transcend racial lines. The reality is this man harbors hatred of America, Caucasians and the U.S. Constitution. All his flowery words and promises cannot change what's right in front of your face. Anyone who thinks Obama knows anything about constitutional government is in denial. Obama has ZERO experience with our military. He would immediately get rid of the 'don't ask don't tell' policy regarding sexual deviants serving in our military. Barack Obama knows nothing about being Commander in Chief. He's never served in uniform and has surrounded himself with war mongers and individuals who are working to bring America under world government; see links at bottom. In his own words, Obama desires a one world order - no more sovereign U.S.; see video here.

Americans have little understanding as to how the communitarian (communist) morality is being sold to the American people, but Obama knows. A couple of his mentors are hard core commies and Obama has learned well. Below are links that you might wish to read and consider. One thing that has surfaced over Obama and Rev. Wright is what the media calls the "theology of black churches" in America. I've watched a number of Internet videos and representatives of so-called "black churches" this past week and some of this stuff has shocked even an old war horse like me. Where does this hate come from? The old chant about slavery is a favorite for these 'sermons.' How much longer will Negroes in this country flog this disgraceful episode in America's history? There isn't a person alive right now that had a single thing to do with importing Negroes from the continent of Africa and making them slaves. I would say that with a few exceptions, every American in this country finds the idea of owning another human being totally repugnant. We should never forget, but using slavery as an excuse to whine about every challenge in life has long worn itself out.

Oppression has been a tragic staple of governments since the beginning of time. My grand parents on both sides of the family fled Europe to escape tyranny in the form of Mussolini and Hitler, but they never used it as an excuse to hate America, anyone of another race or grovel for welfare programs. They had nothing to do with slavery. None of us had anything to do with any of the holocausts, Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Dufar and tens of millions of Catholics slaughtered in Russia. Slavery is alive and well in this world, yet little attention is given to this on-going tragedy.

Race hucksters like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright want equality, yet their 'black churches' are filled with hatred against Caucasians. They mock and slap all Americans in the face who have worked to make this country color blind. Take a good look around this country. Americans of all races are friends and colleagues, no matter our skin color or professions, we get along just fine. Yes, there is racism out there and I've seen it, particularly from those of Mexican and Latin origin against 'gringos.' What shocks me is the number of reverends who boldly proclaim Wright's toxic message isn't racism, it's a "liberation theology":

Transcript, Anderson Cooper, CNN, March 18, 2008:

"Dr. Gail Anderson Holness, Greater Washington Council of Churches: He is not preaching hate theology. And that should be a clear statement. It's not hate theology. It is a liberation theology. When Jesus was around, they didn't respect Jesus. They were angry with him. When he spoke the beatitudes on the mountain. They were angry with Martin Luther King when he was around, and they didn't respect him. And now he's a great hero."

Martin Luther King was a drunk, a womanizer and was communist trained. This accurate, factual description of a media created icon like King is always met with death threats and hate mail, but Alan Stang's column on King is 100% factual. Like Abraham Lincoln, both have been reinvented for political games.

The crutch of racism and slavery is the propaganda tool that's been hyped for decades to give special treatment and plundering the people's treasury for social causes for a particular race of people; same show transcript:

"The AME Church ascribes to a black liberation theology, and it can lead to some passionate sermons. But hate?

"Reverend Ronald Braxton, Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church: Yes and no. Yes, it's hate. It is hate of a system, of a society, of a politics that will not treat all persons equal, that will -- will spend billions of dollars to fight a war, but will not spend half of that amount of money to make sure that children have health care.

"When you see, day to day, when people come into your office or come to your church looking for a loaf of bread, mothers come in: "Can you do anything for me, Reverend? I need some help." They come to your Bible studies. They come to your prayer services at night. And they stand at your door when you get there. It is hate for that kind of a system, because you know within your heart that this country, the richest country in the world, can provide for her people. But she will not."

The U.S. Constitution does not authorize Congress to legislate in the area of health care, education, the environment or any welfare programs. Churches are one of the private sector organizations where a helping hand is there for those who need it. Charity begins at home, but not in Congress. Of course, this doesn't sit well with Americans who have been brain washed into the communitarian (community, communist) morality that mother government is there to see to all your needs. Reverend Braxton's comment that America is the richest country in the world is just more hog wash. This republic is completely bankrupt. Our treasury is over drawn $9.4 TRILLION dollars while Congress continues to write hot checks to fund unconstitutional social programs and endless, wasteful wars.

I've heard ad nauseum that we need to have a dialogue on race in this country. How many more words need to be written or talking heads do we need to hear on the issue of race? It seems to me that while tens of millions of us of different races are oblivious to a person's skin color, it's "black churches" in this country, politicians and media mouth pieces who seem to have a problem with becoming color blind. After all, the lucrative business of race baiting would go away if not continually fanned by special interest groups, the lame stream media and politicos. While some are afraid to say it, I'm not. There is a huge double standard going on in this country and it shouldn't be tolerated. As for racist organizations in this country like the KKK, who pays any attention to those idiots? Give them the media spot light and you empower their destructive rhetoric. Ignore them and eventually, their numbers will dwindle into nothing more than small groups of people with hate in their hearts.

The Democrats will choose their nominee at their convention in a few months and shove their choice down the throats of the party faithful who will vote for that nominee regardless of how corrupt or evil they are "for the party." Those will be the votes of America's destruction. It is no different than Republicans who have already accepted their chains of bondage and will hold their nose and vote for a rotten, corrupt man like John McCain, if God forbid, he's still in the race come September. Those will be the votes of America's destruction. As for me, I will wait to see what happens at the GOP convention in September. If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, I will write his name on my ballot in November, but I will not vote for any corrupt, morally bankrupt candidate for any political party. My conscience will be clear.

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Can We Avoid Economic Meltdown?

Can We Avoid Economic Meltdown?
The Tribulation Network

Chapter 7

By Dene McGriff

Americans are assaulted every day by bad economic news. The news pundits and economic analysts assure us that these are minor adjustments and that recovery is just around the corner. So is an upturn just around the corner? Will the stock market keep rising to new heights? Will our house prices rebound like they did in the past? Isn’t America blessed with abundant resources and a vibrant economy? Isn’t this down turn just a bump in the road?

Or, has there been a turning point? Is this the end of business as usual in America? Has America begun to slide down a slippery slope with no return to her former greatness? Are we following in Japan’s footsteps – the beginning of a twenty year era of stagflation, a massive drop in housing, and worse than Japan – a sell off of American assets to foreigners who own us? What does this mean for Americans – unemployment, under employment, stagnant wages (inflation adjusted wages haven’t really grown since 1972 anyway), more inflation, doubling gas and food prices, working harder and longer? What happens if the boomers stop spending and start saving?

The whole subject of economics and banking is hard to understand. What isn’t shrouded in mystery are the corporate bandits whose golden parachute packages stagger the imagination—especially, when these guys write down billions of bad debts and then get “corporate welfare” from the Feds (that’s you and me paying taxes).

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. You recall the story of the king who called all of his scholars together and asked them to explain economics to him. They went out and researched and came back with a book. “Too long and complicated”, said the king. Go back and try again. They came back with a single chapter but the king still didn’t get it so he sent them out on a quest to explain economics simply. After many months they finally came back with a one-page summary. The king was furious – “Off with their heads,” he cried! “Whoever can explain in simple terms I can understand will be my adviser and have half the kingdom.” A young lad in the king’s audience scribbled a sentence on a scrap piece of paper and passed it to a scribe who handed it to the king. The king took the paper. There was one five word sentence, “There is no free lunch.” The king was elated. He finally understood.

It is not that hard. We all know the truth deep down. We don’t become a wealthy productive society by borrowing and spending money we don’t have, to buy things we don’t need. Debt can’t keep climbing out of control indefinitely. Stocks and house prices don’t keep rising at double digit rates year after year. A higher price for a house means no more than a higher price for a loaf of bread. If the price of a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs doubles, it doesn’t mean the house is really “worth” twice as much. All it means is that your money is worth half of what it used to be.

I will attempt to lay it out in simple terms we can all understand. These are subjects I have dealt with over the past three or four years and as a follow up on my last article entitled the “Death of the American Dream.” The answers aren’t as difficult as it seems. And one final thing we will look at is this: If we aren’t profiting from our economic system, who is?


But first, let’s look at the scope of the problem. We have no idea how close we came to total collapse. This is but one example from an article that came to my email box today. The Bear Stearns debacle came close to causing a banking crisis not seen since the Great Depression.

“The risks of a systemic collapse have risen to uncomfortable levels. The complete withdrawal of credit from the financial system has led to a series of implosions of hedge funds and other leveraged investment vehicles. At some point - and nobody knows when that point is - the system is not going to be able to withstand further failures. It will not be the sheer volume of failures that brings the system to a standstill; the system is enormous and can sustain huge dollar losses before becoming impaired. The problem is that the global financial system is a case study in chaos theory. This is truly a case where a butterfly flapping its wings in West Africa could lead to a Category Five hurricane thousands of miles away.

“There are an incalculable number of derivative contracts and counterparty relationships on which the stability of the financial system hinges. All it would take is the collapse of the wrong firm or the wrong derivative contract at the wrong time to throw the wrong financial institution into crisis and force the entire system into a death spiral.” (Maudlin’s Outside the Box, “The Risks of Systemic Collapse” by Michael Lewitt, 3/17/08)

So order has been restored for the time being, but let’s look at the long term trends and see if they work going out into the future. Order was restored by the Fed loaning $200 billion to banks in exchange for their mortgage paper and a .75 percent decrease in the Fed Funds Rate. This resulted in a one day bump in the Dow of 420 points only to be followed by a 300 point drop the next day. We are assured that the Fed and an activist government can prevent economic collapse. Can they really? There are certain premises that the government and pundits continually hold out as being self-evident. No one dares to challenge them. They are just declared to be true. Let’s examine them.

Premise 1 - America can continue to borrow and spend indefinitely. The world will support the dollar because it is in their best interest.

America has to borrow $2 billion every single day. Other countries produce products. They save and loan to us. We borrow so we can buy their products. So who really gets ahead on this equation – the country that produces or the people that buy their stuff? We have been importing more than we export. The exporting country uses their income to buy our Treasury Notes believing that the dollar is a reliable investment (or at least has been historically). But lately, the Treasury has been printing money, increasing the supply by an estimated 14 percent per year. This is the definition of inflation – more dollars chasing the same products. This results in a steady devaluation of the dollar against other currencies. For example, the Euro has doubled against the dollar in just the last few years. So what do we do? Pay them back with cheaper dollars. If I buy a car from you for ten thousand dollars and agree to pay you in five years and inflation is running at ten percent, the ten thousand dollars is worth about half as much in real dollars.

Reality check: Do we really think the world is that stupid? Already, foreigners are refusing to buy our Treasury Notes. Why buy a long term bond at 3.5% when inflation is running at 4 percent? That’s a sure way to lose money. If foreigners don’t buy our long term debt, who does and what are the consequences?

When we buy our own debt, that’s called monetizing debt – something the Weimar Republic of Germany did after World War I leading to hyperinflation. People would take a shopping cart of millions of German Marks to buy a single loaf of bread.

Does a nation get rich by borrowing from others and spending? Obviously not! It becomes poor and beholden to others.

Who is bailing out our banks? Middle Eastern oil companies for the most part.

How long can this go on? Indefinitely? No, this is what economists call an “unsustainable trend”.

Premise 2 – America’s miracle economy works because we consume!!!

That makes a lot of sense, right? Since when do we make money by consuming rather than producing? Yet that is what you hear every day on CNBC and Bloomberg. That is what the President, Congress and other politicians tell us. It is our civic duty to go to the mall and spend, spend, spend. The upcoming tax credit will be a gigantic failure if we don’t spend it or pay off credit cards.

Just think about it. What would happen if you decided to not go to work but to just sit home and consume – sit in front of the TV and eat potato chips? What if we ran up our credit cards to the limit or took out a line of credit on our house? I guess it would work for a while – at least until we were fat and bankrupt!

This is another unsustainable trend. Our nation can no more afford to continue to borrow and consume rather than produce any more than you or I could. The problem is, we’re not only consuming but we are doing it by going into debt!

Premise 3 – Intervention works. The Federal Reserve and the government can manipulate the economy to provide liquidity and credit and thus ensure growth.

Here is one of the big problems. In the short term this strategy works. In the long term, it doesn’t. “Provide liquidity” is a fancy word for printing money. Give it away! Drop it from helicopters! Send every man, woman and child a check! Short term, it seems like a great idea, especially for the average Joe. But long term, it creates inflation. Prices keep rising and the value of the dollar keeps falling… but you have more dollars so for a while, it seems good.

The Fed is providing credit to banks so they will have money to loan us. What was the result of easy money and easy credit? First, the dot com bubble on Wall Street. Now, the housing bubble. Now, we are seeing a commodity bubble – crops, metals, oil, etc. Inflation is rampant. In fact, the government is trying to re-inflate the housing bubble by lowering interest rates again, exchanging bad mortgage paper for dollars and by extending credit to Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac (the quasi-governmental mortgage lenders).


Intervention works short term, but there are always long term consequences. As I mentioned in my previous article, Japan was the miracle economy of the 1980s, the second largest in the world. Everyone, including the Japanese thought it was unstoppable. In 1990, Japan began a long slow recession that is still going on 18 years later. Their stock market has not recovered (but is still going down). Real estate prices went down as well, and contrary to conventional wisdom, have stayed down (80 percent from their highs). Meanwhile, the Japanese government lowered the prime rate to zero (0 percent), bailed out banks, went into deficit spending (public works rather than imperial wars), and cranked up the printing presses (increased money supply in economic jargon), etc. Japan did absolutely everything our Fed and government is doing but to no effect!

Nothing worked. Japan has suffered deflation for 18 years. But Japan is not America. Japan has trade surpluses. They have savings. The average person had savings to weather the downturn. We Americans have “negative savings” – zero, zilch, nada! We have no home equity, and credit cards are maxed out. How will we weather the coming storm?


Economies run in cycles, very long cycles. We have had 27 years of expansion, and a lot of that expansion made no sense (dot com and housing bubbles, Savings and Loan crisis, banking credit crisis, etc). Cycles are natural in an imperfect world. Just as there are times of rain and drought, times of expansion and times of contraction, times of cooling and times of warming (woops! Let’s not get into that one).

Nature doesn’t like imbalances, imbalances in trade, in currency exchange rates, in production and consumption. It has a way of balancing out. It is best to let nature take its course. But if the expansion goes on because the government intervenes (which is exactly what all the presidential candidates want to do), don’t be surprised if the contraction (correction) also lasts for 20 or 30 years. In fact, America may never see its former glory.

The more government and central banks meddle in the economy and try and tweak it here and there, the more they postpone the inevitable adjustment. The imbalances in the world economy are greater than ever in the history of mankind, especially where the United States is concerned. Never in the history of man has a single country had the debt and deficits we have. Talk about unsustainable! We borrow more in one day than the GDP of many countries!

Ever since the world went off the discipline of the gold standard, currency values and balance of payments between countries have been getting farther and farther out of whack. The balance is like an earthquake fault line such as the San Andreas fault that needs to slip regularly or the pressure builds up and you have the big one. Recession is the way economies adjust. It is a normal cycle, not a BAD cycle as the government would have us believe. The more we intervene by lowering interest rates, printing money, devaluing currency, or erecting trade barriers, the more cataclysmic the adjustment will be in the end. We are headed toward the perfect economic storm.

Intervention will not work in the long run. The manipulation of the economy by lowering interest rates, borrowing from others, increasing the money supply, devaluing the currency, etc. is not a sustainable trend. It must and will adjust. That adjustment is called a “recession” or “depression” – and a depression is likely to occur if we keep postponing the inevitable.


The Greenspan Fed lowered interest rates to stop the 2001 recession, only to spark the housing bubble. Now the Bernanke Fed is printing money, lowering rates and making credit available to lenders in order to keep the banks from failing. Today (March 18, 2008) the Fed lowered rates by .75% to 2.25%. Will it work? No, it will only postpone the inevitable. These are corporate bailouts, but there isn’t enough money to bail them all out!

They have no idea how much debt is out there. The problem is that they take mortgage loans, car loans and other types of loans, package them as financial instruments called derivatives and sell them at pennies on the dollar. They resell them and resell them. Derivatives amount to $516 trillion dollars (Warren Buffett calls it a DISASTER ready to happen!), many times the GDP of the entire world and once they begin to unravel, they will take the whole economic system with them!

Premise 4 – Deficits don’t matter.

Somewhere along the line, we seem to have accepted the idea that deficits don’t matter. The Federal government is operating on a $3.1 Trillion-Dollar budget. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are off the books, so to speak – probably amount to another trillion. Unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare, military retirements and other entitlements, not to mention the interest on the national debt, add up to more trillions. Then, the government decides we need to stimulate the economy and give every adult $600 and children $300. Where does that money come from? Who cares! The Iraq War (total cost) will, before it’s over, cost over $3 Trillion-Dollars!

Trade deficits are running just shy of another trillion a year – the difference between what we import and export. Who cares? A trillion here a trillion there. So what?

This simply means that other countries are massing dollars that they can use to come over here and buy whatever they want – land, banks, businesses, etc. We are running twin deficits: budget and trade. The interest alone on this debt will prove crippling in the years to come.

Deficits matter. A country, no matter how big and powerful, can no more run deficits indefinitely than you or I can. It is not sustainable – “economist speak” for you just can’t do it! This is a house of cards. Are the countries that keep loaning us money going to continue to do so when they realize that the interest rate is lower than inflation and the value of the dollar is deflating? The only way for them to make money on the deal is to buy American assets on the cheap.

Think about it. Can you deficit spend? Can your business, city, county or state? Of course not. There has to be an accounting, a balancing of the books! There are consequences! We are talking about loans and money that has to be paid back. It is as simple as that. To try and stiff the lender by paying back with cheap dollars is disingenuous and dishonest.

Premise 5 – We are told to consume rather than save.

Consuming has become our patriotic duty. Our economy is based on 70 percent consuming. We have zero savings and debt galore – all so we can keep buying things.

There is a hidden time bomb out there. I guess most would like to keep buying cheap junk at Wal-Mart; get a newer car, a bigger house. But there comes a time when the old biological clock starts to tick toward retirement; the kids are grown and the house is just too big. You don’t need the boat and trailer any more. You get your first retirement statement from Social Security. Yikes! Fifteen hundred a month – wow! You do a little math and realize that won’t go very far. You look at your other retirements, add up your bills and realize home will be that trailer park on the edge of town. The only hope is to get rid of stuff, downsize the house and start to save as much as you can in the few years you have left.

So do the math. If the baby boomers stop spending everything they earn and start saving, the economy will be in big trouble. Japan, whose population is older than ours, has learned this lesson and saves rather than spends. If the economy is 70 percent consuming and we start to save 10 percent, the GDP goes down by about 6 percent. This would be disastrous but it will happen. Pure demographics alone will slay the economic dragon!


Premise 6 – Government and business have our best interests at heart!

Okay, I’m sorry. Stop laughing, but the “emperor has no clothes.” There! I said it! I wrote a great chapter in my book “In Search of Babylon” on the Bush tax system. It is no secret that the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer when Warren Buffett, who is now the richest man in the world, complains on camera that he has a lower tax rate than his secretary! Government just wants to spend your money! Who benefits from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? A little cabal known as the military/industrial complex – Halliburton, Black Water, the makers of jets, humvees, tanks, ammunition, rockets, and those who provide food and supplies. It is estimated that we have spent a trillion dollars (on and off the books) on these wars and someone has made money, not to mention the oil industry (Bush’s old cronies). And, as the recent book, The Three Trillion Dollar War, indicates—it isn’t over yet!

The unmitigated gall and greed of corporate moguls is off the map. What on earth have some CEOs done to deserve hundreds of millions in pay? I used to be a pretty high-priced consultant. My billing rate was $475 an hour! The crazy thing is that clients, even overseas clients (because I was working abroad) paid it! Believe me, I never felt like I was worth that kind of money. Goldman Sacks CEO will receive a bonus of 87 million this year. He only got 55 million last year. Poor boy. That doesn’t even count his regular pay, but it only comes to about a half million dollars per working day. How could he possibly live on so little? The CEO of the average Standard and Poor’s 500 company made $15 million in 2006.

Listen to all the talk about globalization, now that it is dawning on people what this means to the average worker. The point is, the average corporation does not care about the American worker. All they care about is the bottom line. They have already begun to abandon the maquiladoras of Mexico for cheaper labor in Asia. Corporations don’t care about workers. I spent a year working with big employers who had sweat shops in Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria, etc., to convince companies there was a cost-benefit in providing health care coverage for their workers. The only thing that would convince them was not the family living in squalor sending their 10-year old girls to work on the assembly line, but the fact that it might actually save them some money!

Quit thinking about countries. There are no countries – only global elites that cross national boundaries – corporate entities that have no conscience, no creed – just self-promotion and self-preservation. We were warned by Dwight D. Eisenhower of the power of the corporate elites – the military/industrial complex. But I am not being conspiratorial. These elites control food production, and the production of goods and services at all levels. You believe the news you see on television? Well ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CNN are owned by Westinghouse, GE, Disney, Murdock and Time Warner. Yeah, they have your interest in mind and I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn! So whether you work for the Federal Government, a school district or a big corporation, they own you.

In order for the elites to control you, they need to employ you, make a debtor out of you so you are beholden to them, own your mortgage, issue you credit cards and then make you feel like you need them to protect you from unseen enemies. Today, there is no Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Ho but terrorists lurking around every corner – or so they have led you to believe.

So when you get on an airplane, you gratefully take off your shoes, your coat, all the baby paraphernalia, liquids, your computer, etc. and shove it through the machine. In George Orwell’s 1984, big brother hammered home the threat every day for without an enemy, it would be impossible to control the masses.


We are headed for an implosion, which in our humble opinion, will set up the conditions for the Antichrist to ride in on a white horse and offer solutions. These premises that we hold to be self-evident are lies and fabrications. I can’t believe how stupid and naive we Americans can be to believe the claptrap fed to us by the media and so-called experts. I can’t believe we think we could do nothing but sit in our houses and grow rich. I can’t believe America can’t produce a single viable presidential candidate (other than Ron Paul) who understands these issues. Instead we get candidates that offer more bread and circuses for the masses – bail out people who had no verifiable income and mortgages they knew would go up. And they bail out corporate hacks who should suffer the consequences. Of course, the Federal Reserve bails out banks because the Fed is neither a “federal/governmental” organization – nor does it have “reserves” (just printing presses). It does not serve the people. It serves the banks. It is a banking cartel. They are bailing out banks! Surprise! Surprise!

You have heard the old saying, “the bigger they are the harder they fall?” Many believe that America is just too big to fall, but I would submit that we have run up such catastrophic imbalances, the fall will be in epic proportions. The financial system is built on confidence – confidence in America and the dollar. Once that confidence is lost and foreign creditors start to pull the plug, get out of the dollar, stop buying our debt, the fall will be swift and brutal.

The time has come for all of us to begin to prepare. I have been in the homes of people in Argentina who saw their currency losing value at a double digit pace every day. I saw it in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Africa. If we sit here blandly thinking we are “rich and have need of nothing”, and this can never happen to us, we are fools. For those of you who are familiar with our website, you know we believe that America is prophetic Babylon and that Revelation 18 refers to commercial Babylon as the consumer nation of all nations and that is true. But, if you look at the goods that are imported, they are all luxury goods – not trinkets from China.

“And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore: merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, every kind of object of ivory, every kind of object of most precious wood, bronze, iron, and marble; and cinnamon and incense, fragrant oil and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.” (Revelation 18:11-13)

The rich, the elites will get richer since they control the capital and the means of production around the world and are in alliances with foreign elites. But the future does not bode well for the average person. A trap is being set and we are in it.


I’d like to conclude these insights by quoting from one of Doug’s favorites, Joseph Augustus Seiss, the Lutheran theologian, who in 1865 clearly saw that not only would Babylon the Great be exemplified by a MYSTERY (i.e., Mystery Babylon), which indicates its “spiritual dimension” – but would be manifested by COMMERCE (Revelation 18)—a commerce which, because of the “Merchants of the Earth” who control and feed into it, is being prepared for judgment. . . listen to these prophetic strains and tell me if this is not the Babylon of the last days:

To the credit of Babylon’s worldly greatness, but also as a marked ingredient of what procures her doom, it is said: “Thy merchants were the great men of the earth.” Most people would see no crime in that. What harm is there in buying and selling and getting gain, and in making the weight of fortune felt according to its greatness? Nothing, indeed, if no wrong spirit is under it, and no wrong principles animate the accumulation, or control its management when it is made. But, the son of Sirach hath truly said: “As a nail sticketh fast between the joinings of stones, so doth sin stick close between buying and selling” (Ecclesiasticus 17:1).

And commerce is certainly indicated as the chief vehicle, support, and embodiment of the great defiling wickedness of the last days. In the bushel measure, and under the weighing talent, sits the Woman whom the angel says is Wickedness (Zechariah 5). Nor should it be thought strange that commerce, and the machinery connected therewith, should supply the formative principles of a great and godless apostasy.

Is there a prominent country now on earth in which commerce does not rule, or where things are not all being determined by commercial principles, ideas, and interests? “Have we heard nothing respecting the wondrous results expected from commerce in making nations happy, in bringing men together in ties of amity and brotherhood, in developing the resources of the earth, in making nations conscious of their mutual dependence on each other, and so effecting, by the suggestions of self-interest, a result which the Gospel (it is said) has failed to accomplish. These and suchlike sayings are continually being sounded in our ears. Nor can we say that they are altogether untrue, or that there is no wisdom in them” (B. W. Newton.)

But who that looks with an attentive eye but can see in it the coming forth of a wisdom which is not from above, but which savors of him who said to Jesus, “All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.”

Commerce is not necessarily sinful. Exchange on just and right principles may be a thing of beneficence and good, involving nothing against God or his truth. But the tendency is otherwise. The disposition is to concentration and consolidation on selfish principles for selfish ends. The struggle is continually more and more to monopolize, to crush out rivalry and competition, and to enter into world-wide combinations to seize first one interest and then another, till everything is finally swallowed up in one great centralized aristocracy of unbounded wealth, to which all the kings and governments on the earth must truckle. (My Emphasis)

In our day an association of merchants has commanded the riches of the Indian seas, dragged along with it the armies and legislation of England to effect its ends, and enriched itself at the sacrifice of innocent blood, national treasure, and every honorable principle, whilst the good Queen Victoria, helpless in its hands, must submit in royal gratitude to bear for it the title of the Empress of India!

Now – listen to Seiss’ unbelievable prophetic outburst . . .

The eloquence of a Burke, in sentences which shall never die, has given a tongue to a few of the abominations which have accompanied those administrations; but not a moiety of them has been told, as they have added stain upon stain to the escutcheon of England, and dishonored the whole Anglo-Saxon race.

This is but one instance, and one belonging to the babyhood of these great commercial combinations; what then may we not expect when these privileged associations, which control the local exchanges, money markets, and commercial affairs of the nations, have fully consolidated, and a great, united, money aristocracy, takes command of the commerce of the world? These would indeed be “the great men of the earth,” and their rule would be the rule of the earth.

But what sort of a rule would it necessarily be? Would it be God’s kingdom come, and God’s will done, on earth as it is in heaven? So the arguments and oratory of the priests of that interest would seem to say. But, is it so? Can it possibly be so? Look at the root-principle of these commercial compacts. Co-equality of man with man is to them the greatest absurdity. What right, or place, or standing, can a man who has no money have in them?

Wealth is the only ticket of admission, and for that all seats are absolutely reserved. But who would ever think of going among these money-lords and bourse-kings to find saints of God! There are some rich men from whose hearts the Holy Ghost has not been chocked out; but “how hardly shall they that have riches enter the kingdom of God? It is easier for a camel to go through the needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:2-25)


Seiss continues his amazing insights . . .

It is become an axiom that “corporations have no souls,” and upon this all great moneyed corporations act, though the men who constitute them will find out a different doctrine when they come to the day of judgment. And when it comes to these great and ever magnifying commercial compacts and interests, there is not a law of God or man which is not compelled to yield if found in the way.

Governments are in the hands of commerce and the money-kings; and commerce knows no God but gold, and no law but self-interest and worldly gain. Church is nothing, State is nothing, creed is nothing, Bible is nothing, Sunday is nothing, religious scruples are nothing, conscience is nothing, everything is practically nothing, except as it can be turned or used to the one great end of accumulation and wealth . . . And when once the earth has come to acknowledge the representatives and embodiments of such a system of ideas and rule as its true and only “great men,” there lies couched in this one simple statement a whole world of iniquitous apostasy, which well deserves the doom which makes an end of Great Babylon. Yes, commerce will yet have an account to settle, at which the world shall shake. (Joseph Augustus Seiss, The Apocalypse – An Exposition of the Book of Revelation, 1865 – Chapter 40).

“The kings of the earth who committed fornication and lived luxuriously with her will weep and lament for her, when they see the smoke of her burning, standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour your judgment has come. And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore” (Revelation 18:9-11).