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The Myth of ''Measured Response''

The Myth of ''Measured Response''
With illegal attacks across Israel’s internationally recognized borders, hostage taking of soldiers and a relentlessly raining of rockets and missiles upon Israel’s major cities, the Israeli Defense Forces have finally sprung into action. This is after months of “restraint” that world leaders are now calling upon them to use. The time for “restraint” has long passed, as I will demonstrate.

It is because of Israel’s compromise, appeasement and restraint that Hamas, Hizbollah and their true masters, Iran and Syria, have come to believe that “now” is the time to attack and destroy Israel.

Every time Israel unilaterally gave “land for peace”, as in Southern Lebanon and Gaza, the terrorist claimed it as their victory. Hamas used this claim to get elected by popular vote in the West Bank and Gaza. Hezbollah has used the same claim to move in a massive force that is now more powerful than the Lebanon’s army.

Every compromise that Israel has made to make peace with the Palestinians and the surrounding Muslim nations has been rewarded with more terrorism.

The de-facto rulers – Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank and Hizbollah in Lebanon have sworn to destroy the “Zionist Entity” (refusing even to call Israel a State). In fact their founding charter proclaims that their basis for existence is to destroy Israel. They have built up a formidable arsenal of rockets and missiles. They have smuggled in a trained and well-equipped army. Over recent weeks, they have launched ever-increasing numbers of more lethal rockets and missiles with greater range.

Hamas has hit the major fuel port of Ashkelon. Hizbollah has now repeatedly hit the third largest city in Israel, Haifa, killing and wounding many civilians. They have hit another major city, Tiberius, several times and caused serious damage and casualties. The leader of Hizbollah also has warned that he can hit Israel with chemical and biological warheads that can reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The real leaders and suppliers of these terrorists, Iran and Syria, have warned that if Israel hits Syria, they will cause “unimaginable destruction to fall upon the ‘Zionist Entity’.”

As I have repeatedly warned on many occasions, the West, particularly the United States leaders, do not understand Fundamental Islam – which is according to the Koran and Islamic history, the only true expression of Islam. Based on these same founding documents, the so-called “Moderate Muslims” are labeled “apostates” by the Fundamentalists of both the Shi’ite Ayatollahs of Iran and the Sunni followers of Wahhabism.

It is time for the world to wake up. And I pray especially for our President and his cabinet to open their eyes to reality. Muslims only understand one language, “overwhelming power and the will to use it.” Fundamental Islam views kindness, compromise and appeasement as weakness and a failing of will to fight to survive. They see it as a sign that it is time to move in for the kill.

There is an even larger issue here. I believe that God gave Israel a miraculous victory in the Six Day War of June 1967. God gave Israel back the land that He had promised them as an everlasting possession. He did this at just the time He promised – in the “latter days” when He began to bring them back from their Second Dispersion.

Then, rather than believe their own Bible, Israeli leaders began to succumb to world pressure, rather than believe God’s promises. Piece by piece, Israeli leaders gave the Muslim usurpers, who were bent upon destroying them, land that God had miraculously restored to them.

It is important to note that every Israeli leader that was responsible for this met with tragic ends. Menachem Begin, who gave away the Sinai, resigned in disgrace in 1983, dying in seclusion in 1992.

Yitzhak Rabin, who was responsible for setting in motion the most disastrous compromise of faith of all –the Oslo Accord –, was assassinated.

The former great general, Ariel Sharon, betrayed the Jewish settlers in Gaza that he had encouraged to move there and gave Gaza away. He suffered a catastrophic stroke from which he will not recover.

Israel is now in the most dangerous position it has been since the founding of the State. I believe it is because they have tried to make peace with an enemy that openly declares their ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel.

And more importantly, I believe all this disaster is happening because Israelites have not believed and followed their own prophets.

The God of Israel, in sovereign grace, has sworn that this State that has been miraculously restored from the predicted second worldwide dispersion will never be totally destroyed again. But God does warn that Israel will go through terrible tribulation before the Messiah comes and fulfills His unconditional covenants with a believing remnant of Israelites. And this predicted tribulation is to sift out the true believers in Israel from those who don’t believe.

I fear for my country and its leaders. If we continue to push Israel to give away land and accept a two-state solution that any sane person can see will never work, God will judge the United States. We will fall overnight when God’s judgment comes. God has sworn concerning Abraham’s descendents, “I bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse.” That Divine oath has never been rescinded. The rise and fall of nations and empires can be traced to God keeping this oath.

United States must not fall in with the other world leaders and demand that Israel give only a “measured and balanced response” to the unprovoked atrocities Iran, Syria and their surrogates, Hamas and Hizbollah, have brought upon Israel. If Israel does not totally destroy these terrorist organizations now, they will face endless violence and suffering.

May the God of Israel and the true Messiah, the Lord Jesus, defend Israel and open the eyes of many – both Christians and Israelites.

Hal Lindsey




By Cliff Kincaid

July 19, 2006

In the same way that Al-Jazeera television has complicated the prospect of a U.S. victory in Iraq, the channel has dramatically increased the Islamic terrorist threat to Israel, helping to produce the conflagration we are now witnessing. The U.S. and Israel will not be able to win this global war on terrorism unless the role of Al-Jazeera in radicalizing Arabs and Muslims throughout the world is recognized and addressed. In the U.S., Accuracy in Media is redoubling its effort to keep the English-language Al-Jazeera out of U.S. media markets. If Al-Jazeera International is allowed to reach English-speaking Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. with its incendiary messages, we could see suicide bombings on the streets of America and the development of more al-Qaeda cells plotting 9/11-type terrorist attacks.

The AIM “Terror Television” DVD shows the channel’s first managing director, while in Iraq, acting in effect as an agent of the Saddam Hussein regime. Al-Jazeera’s Baghdad bureau has been closed since August 2004 because of its sympathetic coverage of terrorist acts. The channel, however, is operating in the Kurdish-ruled area of the north and still broadcasts into Iraq. Indeed, it was reported last week that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, during a visit to Kurdistan, refused to entertain questions from the Al-Jazeera correspondent, saying, “I told him that I will not reply because we have position against Al-Jazeera.” Al-Maliki added, “I blame my brothers in Kurdistan to allow Al-Jazeera to work although it is banned from that because it incites sectarianism day and night in Iraqi circles.” This statement reflects recognition that Al-Jazeera, like al Qaeda, has been trying to spark a civil war in Iraq.

In the broader Middle East, Al-Jazeera has been doing whatever it can to thwart a reasonable approach to a peace settlement. Despite a series of unilateral Israeli concessions, Al-Jazeera has provided what sympathetic observers call “intensive coverage” of the Palestinian cause. That means that its coverage has encouraged violence against Israel. Its “reporters” openly refer to Palestinian suicide bombers as “martyrs.” Honest Reporting, a media watchdog group, has documented how Al-Jazeera has run inflammatory articles on its website referring to President Bush giving the government of Israel a “license to kill” and suicide bombers as “self-sacrifice operations.”

Al-Jazeera has played a clear role in the rise of Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement) and its Palestinian election victory in January. From the start, Al-Jazeera has been accused of undermining Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement in order to build up Hamas. Arafat even temporarily closed down the Al-Jazeera bureau in Ramallah after it aired an “unflattering image” of him. Fatah supporters in May burned three cars belonging to Al-Jazeera because the channel did not cover an anti-Hamas demonstration in the city.

As part of its pro-Hamas bias, Al-Jazeera in March broadcast a conference in Yemen where a supporter of al Qaeda praised Palestinian suicide bombers and called on the crowd to financially support Hamas. Coverage of this event is available at the website of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors the media in that part of the world. Al-Jazeera in May aired a Hamas fundraising event in Gaza, where a jacket worn by the “martyred” former Hamas Chief Sheikh Salah Shehada was auctioned off. Shehada, who was responsible for hundreds of attacks on Israeli citizens and security forces, was killed by Israel in 2002.

Stories bashing Israel have to compete with the channel’s well-documented bias against America. In our DVD on “Terror Television,” we show some film footage of Al-Jazeera television staff in Ramallah in an anti-American demonstration chanting “Down with fascist America.” Not embarrassed in the least by its employees staging an anti-American protest, the footage was aired on Al-Jazeera.

Here, Al-Jazeera continues to promote conspiracy theories that Muslim terrorists were not really behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Al-Jazeera recently ran an article about a Los Angeles conference that viewed the 9/11 terrorist attacks as “an orchestrated U.S. attempt to incite world war.” One of the participants was identified as Webster Tarpley, who wrote a book, 911 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA. As the title implies, Tarpley insists that the terrorist attacks on New York City and the Pentagon were an example of “state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism,” undertaken by a faction of the U.S. Government in order to “start the war of civilizations.” Tarpley is a long-time associate of “anti-Zionist” and former Marxist activist Lyndon LaRouche, who himself has appeared on Al-Jazeera.

Al-Jazeera knows this is a bunch of bunk because its own reporter Yosri Fouda interviewed the al-Qaeda architects of 9/11, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shibh, and co-authored a book about it entitled Masterminds of Terror. Peter Maass wrote a fascinating story about Fouda’s contacts with al Qaeda in an article in the New York Times magazine entitled “When Al Qaeda Calls.” Ron Suskind’s new book, The One Percent Doctrine, takes the story one step further, alleging that Fouda’s information about the possible locations of both al-Qaeda operatives led to their ultimate capture. Suskind claims the Emir of Qatar provided the information to then-CIA director George Tenet.

Insisting that it “never communicated any information that it has obtained to any political, security or any other party whatsoever,” Al-Jazeera has rejected Suskind’s claims as ridiculous and baseless. The channel said it was “well known for its editorial independence” and its “commitment to protect the rights of sources.” The implication, of course, is that some of Al-Jazeera’s “sources” are terrorists or their agents. And this is part of the problem we face as Al-Jazeera International, which is financed by the same Arab government which brought the world Al-Jazeera, prepares its launch. Even if the Suskind story is true, the capture of these al-Qaeda operatives cannot make up for the murder of almost 3.000 Americans on 9/11, especially because Qatar had links to al Qaeda and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed before 9/11. Today, however, the Wahhabi Muslim regime postures as a friend of the U.S. and hosts American forces.

Al-Jazeera International is busy constructing its new Washington, D.C. bureau on K Street in the nation’s capital. Employees say salaries and benefits are good, but former ABC Nightline anchor Ted Koppel, who interviewed for a job there, said he would have nothing to do with it. The new channel has put tremendous resources, including the public-relations muscle of the British-based firm Brown Lloyd James (BLJ), into a campaign to secure carriage on American cable and satellite systems. So far, AIM has stopped them.

Subscribers to our AIM Report are receiving copies of postcards they can send to Michael Holtzman, BLJ executive vice president. The cards say:

“You have a very tough job trying to sell Al-Jazeera International, which is an offshoot of a channel that was labeled the terrorist channel because of its habit of airing al-Qaeda videos. One of its correspondents was sentenced to seven years in prison for being an agent of al Qaeda and another is in prison at Guantanamo Bay. Its first managing director was exposed as an agent of the Saddam Hussein regime and appears in a captured video singing the praises of Uday Hussein. The New York Times reports that $1 billion is being spent on Al-Jazeera International. How much of that is your firm getting?”

BLJ should not be underestimated. The company boasts that Holtzman, who is handling the Al-Jazeera International account in the U.S., “managed the successful global campaign on behalf of China’s bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games.” The company website says this “extraordinarily successful engagement” was named “Campaign of the Year” by PR Week in 2001.

If the entry of Al-Jazeera International into U.S. media markets becomes another “Campaign of the Year,” it is predictable and inevitable that Americans will suffer and die because of it.



By Marsha West

July 21, 2006

Sue attends church regularly, she goes to a weekly Bible study, and sings in the praise band. She also practices yoga and consults a psychic. Sue’s boyfriend spends the night at the apartment she shares with two Christian friends. Sue is skilled at assessing a person’s character and motives—and she’s usually right about them! Her roommates are confident that Sue has the “gift of discernment.” Are they right or wrong? What criteria are Christians to use to determine whether or not someone is spiritually discerning?

God wants to mold our lives according to what’s in His Word. Christians who conscientiously study the Bible develop discernment. Christians looking for quick answers instead of truth can study the Bible until the Pacific Ocean turns into Hawaiian Punch and will never gain an ounce of discernment.

A thorough study of the Bible will equip the believer with understanding and wisdom that leads to maturity. Christians who don’t take time to study are unable to differentiate between God’s purpose and desire for their lives from their own aspirations.

The sincere Christian’s desire is to grow in the knowledge of our risen Lord and to walk in step with Him. Regrettably a large number of believers have not reached maturity and spend most of their time stumbling around like one-year-olds learning how to walk. That’s because they prefer drinking milk to eating meat. The time has come for milk drinkers to introduce mean into their diet. The mature Christian has cut his teeth on the meat of God’s Word.

“The Bible is the revelation of things as they really are,” said the late Ray Stedman. “It represents the only truly realistic look at life that is available to man today. It is the only instrument provided by God that is adequate to the task of producing mature, well-adjusted, whole persons.” He then points out, “It’s not the book, but the Lord that the book reveals that is our food.” Jesus Christ is our sustenance, our nourishment, our provision. No one who neglects the Bible will become a mature Christian. “Let those who are wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser. And let those who understand receive guidance by exploring the depth of meaning in these proverbs, parables, wise sayings, and riddles. Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Only fools despise wisdom and discipline” (Proverbs 1:5-7 - NLT).

The Holy Spirit gives guidance to those who explore God’s Word. He shows us what He wants us to do and be. He’s our teacher and the dispenser of discernment. With the Spirit in our corner we won’t be taken in by counterfeits. We’ll recognize false prophets, aberrant teaching and flawed doctrine. What a person is saying or teaching should line up with Scripture or it’s false. “Do not believe every spirit,” said John, “but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (1 John 4: - NIV).

In this day and age many Christians don’t bother to test the spirits and fall prey to all sorts of false teaching. If believers took the time to weigh and examine what’s being taught, false prophets couldn’t deceive them. “The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly” (Proverbs 15:14 - NIV).

Discernment is so lacking in the Church that a large number of Christians are dabbling in mystical practices. In a word, paganism. They may be dabbling just for the fun of it but that excuse won’t wash with God. In Deuteronomy 18:9-12 He says, “When you enter the land the LORD your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no-one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you.”

Could He be any clearer than this? He despises sorcery!

Millions of Christians ignore God’s warning. Instead of taking Him at His word, they demand to know what’s so wrong with holistic health remedies, astrology, holding séances, contacting spirit guides or angels, and altered consciousness. “People who do these things are an abomination to God.” So, if you don’t mind being an abomination to God, feel free to sit in on a séance.

Christians must come to understand that God made them and He owns them. The parameters He’s set for His people to live by are for their ultimate good. God makes no bones about sorcery. It’s a health hazard!

Here’s why it’s unhealthy. The occultic arts are part of Satan's strategy of evil tricks and deception, designed to lead humans astray. The Bible teaches that Satan and his demons (fallen angels) are real beings that exist in the spirit realm. These beings are out to destroy the human race. Which is why Paul warned believers to “Put on the full Armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” (Eph. 6:10, 11).

The unprotected Christian falls prey to deception, which is why we must have a thorough understanding of the New Age movement. Today it is commonly called New Age Spirituality (NAS). Whatever you call it, it’s the modern day equivalent of sorcery. NAS is deeply ingrained in our culture. It has also made inroads into the Church.

Defining NAS is difficult because it is both eclectic and diverse. There’s no hierarchy, no membership, no specific doctrine and no dogma. New Age followers believe that they are “one with the universe and a part of God.” Because mankind is ignorant of their divine nature, personal enlightenment during mystical experiences will bring them out of their ignorance into a total awareness of their divinity. Higher consciousness can be achieved through the help of so-called angels, spirit guides, psychics, and through meditation, yoga, drugs, and other Eastern religious practices.

One of the most distinctive beliefs of the New Age movement is monism--the belief that all of reality is essentially one. Hence, everything that exists is part of a single organic whole. Since all is essentially one, no difference exists between good and evil.

As well, New Age followers embrace pantheism?the belief that God is everything and everything is God. Simply put, God is an impersonal all-pervading energy and is one and the same as the universe. God is an “it” like the Force in the Star Wars films.

New Age religion not only goes against Scripture and tradition; it goes against reason.

Christianity believes that God has shown Himself in the pages of scripture. “God is separate from his creation,” said the late Paul E. Little. “He is transcendent—above and beyond His creation, the heavens and the earth. He is not a slave to the natural law He authored, but is independent of it and above it. He can override it at will—though normally He does not interfere with it. He is exalted and eternal, the world’s Creator, Sovereign, and Judge.” He is a personal, all-knowing, all-loving God.

There’s no question that the Bible condemns occult practices. So, would Jesus Christ involve Himself in something He condemns? No! Jesus never speaks through spirit guides, psychics or mediums, nor does He give guidance through the Ouija board. But demons do! Demons are powerful, odious and deceitful. For centuries demons have been masquerading as spirit guides, voices from beyond the grave, even guardian angles. What is their motive? To trick, to deceive and to control lives! Make no mistake about it: Satan’s aim is to take a multitude of humans to hell with him. Peter gave this stern warning to keep believers from stepping into the devil’s trap: “Be self- controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8 - NIV).

Satan has introduced many counterfeit gods. Berit Kjos explains what the world's counterfeit gods are like. “They must be strong but permissive; compassionate but amoral, unifying but tolerant toward all beliefs except those that clash with the vision of solidarity. This new, more affirming image has already permeated religions around the world. His names don't really matter, for they would all represent the same universal deity—re-imagined under the banner of love, tolerance and unity.” Sound familiar?

New Age followers often sound like Christians. They’ll talk about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit--even the atonement and salvation. But don’t be fooled! They redefine Christian terms to fit their own religious beliefs. That’s why is so important to learn what someone really believes about God. A discerning Christian will pick up on the deception. Always find out what a professing Christian believes about Jesus. Is He the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, as orthodox Christians believe? Is He the Son of God? The Savior of the world? If someone’s view of God is radically different from what the Bible teaches, that person is not a Christian!

Believe it or not, many New Agers actually read the Bible; however, it’s not the final authority in their lives as it is for Christians. I often hear them on the radio or observe them on TV tossing out Bible verses. The problem is, they manipulate the long-established interpretation of Scripture so that it supports their warped version of truth. (They especially enjoy torturing the words of Jesus.) How arrogant! They declare that they’re “purifying the errors of Christianity.” Not surprisingly, their purified version of words and concepts contradicts the Bible. Tossing out Bible quotes and utilizing Christian terms does not translate into authentic Christianity. What New Age followers espouse is a gnostic and metaphysical gospel. The truth is, most New Agers are patently anti Christian.

Sadly, what’s being taught from pulpits all over America is a New Age gospel that has replaced the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These preachers may talk about God, quote Scripture, and speak fluent “Christianese,” but they’re not from God. In fact, their eternal souls are separated from God and in need of reconciliation through the atoning work of Jesus Christ.

“For most Christians today,” says Robert Bowman, “the challenge of learning how to discern orthodox from heretical doctrine has apparently not been faced. Either they treat doctrine as minimally important and so regard charges of "heresy" as rude and unloving, or they treat doctrine as all-important and so regard anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest as a heretic. In short, most believers seem to think either that there are almost no heretics or that almost everybody outside their own little group is a heretic.

“The cause of doctrinal discernment, then, is in serious jeopardy. Although anticult and discernment ministries are mushrooming everywhere, many of them operate on the basis of an excessively narrow understanding of orthodoxy. Consequently, such groups are charged deservedly with "heresy hunting" and discredit the practice of doctrinal discernment. At the other extreme—and often overreacting to such heresy hunters—are those within the Christian community who reject any warnings of heresy among professing Christians.”[1]

Orthodox Christianity has been under attack for two thousand years. Paul gave this warning to the Church at Corinth, “By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds. For no-one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. If any man builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man's work. If what he has built survives, he will receive his reward. If it is burned up, he will suffer loss; he himself will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames” (1 Cor. 3:1-15 NLT).

Today, feelings and experiences have taken precedence over doctrine in much of Christendom. Christians think they’re free to pick and choose the parts of their faith that they agree with, and toss out the rest. This helps explain why so many believers are involved in the pagan practices brought to us courtesy of the New Age movement. When Christians lose their scriptural base they’re open to almost anything! “[I]f you want to go deeper in your relationship with God, then you have to know about Him and who He is,” says Ben Shin of Talbot Theological Seminary. “That’s why doctrine and theology are really key because they give us deeper knowledge of Him.” Every heretical doctrine that has slithered into the Church has started with the misconception of the nature of God.

When someone’s involved in any way, shape or form in the occultic arts, inform them what the scriptures say about dabbling in sorcery. A Christian will want to know the truth about everything, above all the practices God detests. If truth matters he or she won’t be satisfied with anything else. When confronted with truth, Christians are never to act proud and arrogant. Those who have adopted an unbiblical doctrine or fallen prey to aberrant teaching must set aside their pride and own up to their mistake—no matter what the cost.

There’s no excuse for a serious Christian to settle for milk instead of meat. “In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil” (Hebrews 5:12-14 NIV).

Mature Christians ought to be teachers! Teachers must be equipped to handle the word of truth. As well, they must have knowledge and spiritual insight, which comes only through the reading and study of God’s Word—plus constant prayer! Mature believers are sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. They understand the difference between right and wrong, important and inconsequential, good and evil. They’re vigilant at all times—always on the lookout for Satan’s weapons of mass destruction.

In these dark days ahead, Christians who lack spiritual discernment are dead in the water.

“Bible study will only give enjoyment if conforming to our Creator in belief and behavior, through trust and obedience, is its goal. Bible study for our own pleasure rather than for God ends up giving pleasure neither to Him nor to us...what brings joy is finding God’s way, God’s grace and God’s fellowship through the Bible, even though again and again what the Bible says--that is, what God in the Bible tells us—knocks us flat.” --J .I. Packer

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Marsha West is the Founder and Editor of the E-Mail Brigade News Report, an online news report for conservative people of faith. Marsha is a freelance writer specializing in Christian worldview. She is a regular contributor to,,, plus her commentaries appear in and

Marsha is also designer and webmaster of a Christian apologetics website, On Solid Rock Resources. She is currently writing a series of children's books for homeschoolers. Marsha and her husband reside in historic Jacksonville Oregon.



By Geoff Metcalf

July 19, 2006

Accountability and responsibility appear at times to have become anachronisms.

Oh, we still teach the concepts to our kids and workplace ethics offers lip service to what was once axiomatic, but the growing list of facts in evidence suggests accountability and responsibility are really kinda politically incorrect…unless used as tools to attack political rivals.

Judge Jon Newman once noted that American liberty “is premised on the accountability of free men and women for what they have done, not for what they may do.” That quote may be a collorary of the Geoff Metcalf bromide, “It’s not WHO is right or wrong but WHAT is right or wrong that matters.”

The classic dialectic of rational discourse remains only two thirds applied. Bomb throwers on the left and right engage in a perpetual conflict without even a hint of achieving a synthesis. It is a playground shouting match of “I’m right”/”No you’re not!/”Yes I AM!”/”Neener, neener, neener….”

Toni Cade Bambara, observed, “We have rarely been encouraged and equipped to appreciate the fact that the truth works, that it releases the Spirit and that it is a joyous thing.” Amen! Go figure….She goes on to say, “We live in a part of the world, that equates criticism with assault, that equates social responsibility with naïve idealism, that defines the unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and wisdom as fanaticism.”

Yeah, “the truth works”…IF…if it is allowed to be revealed…and if it isn’t marginalized and obfuscated by silly screeds reduced to seeing who can yell the loudest.

Although Bambara’s observations are spot on, her list of truisms are intrinsically way flat wrong.

A short list of subscribers to the gospel as outlined by Bambara includes (but in no way is limited to):

Sandy Berger and the disingenuous judge who gently slapped his hand.

Bill Clinton, who personified Rudyard Kiplings comment about “Power without responsibility—the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.”

Al Gore who agreed not to tell Congress about Russian violation of the Gore-McCain Act.

Patrick ‘Leaky’ Leahy who continues to serve in Congress despite intentionally leaking classified data to reporters.

Cynthia McKinney who insults every distinguished achievement of people of color by her mere presence.

Jaime Gorelick who should have been a witness instead of a commissioner for the 9/11 goat rope.

• Trent Lott for ‘bringing home the bacon’ even when the Pentagon and Navy didn’t want what he bought.

Ambassador Joseph Wilson, a wonton liar who still has the mainstream media carrying his water.

Valerie Plame for using her husband a straw dog to pursue an agenda she would have been fired for.

The ‘Pinch’ New York Times who obviously missed or ignored the insights of the Washington Post’s Katherine Graham when she said, “There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn't. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.”
The magnificent gift of the republic may be an atrophied shadow of what the framers intended, but the potential, and the hope of resurrection sustains some of us still.

The critical imperatives which remain AWOL are accountability and responsibility.

I have often observed that all our bumbling elected officials take a sacred oath. They still put their hands on a bible and swear to “preserve and protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It still bugs me that those same officials seem incapable of recognizing the irony of their rhetoric, votes and abuse of power, which specifically seek to undermine and abrogate the same document they have promised to “preserve and protect.”

When bad people do bad things, regardless of race, creed, sex, political affiliation or moon phases, they need to be held accountable and responsible for their malfeasance and/or abuse of power.

Valerie Plame was ‘outed’ by Aldrich Ames to the KGB in 1997 not by Bob Novak or Dick Cheney.

The key reason Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald and a Select Senate Committee both agreed no "outing" occurred was because Plame's employment at the C.I.A. was public knowledge (although more Georgetown waiters were aware of her employment than reporters or Congress critters).

Joe Wilson should be indicted for perjury…not suing the government or cutting movie deals. He lied about what he did and with whom he met…and did so knowingly and willingly.

Unless or until accountability and responsibility are restored as imperatives of public service we face a dim future, and the republic we were given will continue to atrophy to a point resembling mummified pharaohs.

"Geoff Metcalf is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host for TALK AMERICA and a veteran media performer. He has had an eclectic professional background covering a wide spectrum of radio, television, magazine, and newspapers. A former Green Beret and retired Army officer he is in great demand as a speaker. Visit Geoff's



By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
July 21, 2006

We have been in a war with Fundamentalist Islam since 1979 when obvious attacks started and continued against US and her people. You may recall when our American Embassy in Tehran was seized by a group of Iranian students. Our President went to sleep. It was soon after that that kidnapping and murder of Americans became the new hobby. April 1983 you may remember when 63 were murdered at our US Embassy compound in Beirut. Then of course there was the attack on the US Marine Corps headquarters in Beirut. 241 servicemen were killed then. The murders of our troops and US civilians continued. Then of course in 2000 a US military Ship was attacked. 17 US Navy Sailors were killed. Planes started to come down….Lockerbie Scotland…cruise ships were attacked….Achille Lauro. Blood letting central continued against us until 2001 when part of us woke up and part of us stayed asleep.

9/11 was being planned for a very long time and just one of the many attacks I believe we gave energy and fuel to because of our endless snoozing regarding countless attacks since 1979! What did we tell these people again and again? Attack us and we pause, we talk a lot, we make lots of public statements, call our attorneys then go back to our parties! Fundamentalist Islam respects only strength. We let them know again and again……the path was clear for bigger and bigger attacks. We weren't the WW-II generation and wouldn't clean their clock!

After 9/11 our President did wake up and so did our country. Did we define the war correctly though?….…….no……we talked about taking on a tactic……terror, not Fundamentalist Islam. After all, we are so much further ahead with our moral and self esteem development than those rude WW-II folks! Now, we choose not to remember history and know enough not to define our enemy because it might hurt their feelings. If we have to we will kill them but never be rude!!! That is why as we take out terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan that sometimes we have to have anti war camera activists following our troops around snapping pictures to remind the very polite and naïve America at home how rude and murderous our troops really are! They just can't wait to take out the local civilians.

Then there are those really ugly troops like Lt. Colonel Alan B. West who made the hideous mistake of scaring a terrorist with a "fake out" threat to get information as to where snipers were planning to shoot his troops. How rude!!! Just think of what that poor terrorist went through……the fear. Granted, he did tell Alan what he needed to know and many lives were saved but Alan's career was ruined and he was forced into retirement instead of promoted to General as he should have been!!!

This war is as real as we have ever fought, whether you agree with our strategy in Iraq or not!!! The attacks have been non stop since 1979. Talking and looking the other way hasn't worked!!! They aggressively pursue because of their mangled belief about infidels, our freedom and Jihad's call!

Dr. Paul Williams reminded us last night on my radio show that we are in huge danger and that we have endless proof that Bin laden already has tactical nukes in 7 US cities with sleeper cells just awaiting his direction. They allegedly came up over our metallic and tough Mexican border! Can you imagine that? How would that be possible? We are SO TOUGH on border security!!!! We learned our lesson after our country was brutally attacked!!!…………….NOT! In addition, there is news of Hezbullah cells here and in Canada just waiting to attack if we go after Iran!

Folks if we want to really win this several decade war thrown at us by Fundamentalist Islam we have to do a few things!

1. Define the REAL enemy… know….those evil Scottish Highlanders!
2. Back up our military 100%. Stop sending anti war journalists and photographers anywhere around their operations! Our troops are not serial killers and most are noble. Remember that!
3. Close our borders and start taking aggressive assessments as to who is really here! That means monitoring mosques, schools and places where potential extremists are preparing. Peace loving Muslims who love America and freedom should only want to be separated and cleared way away from the killers lurking all over.
4. Take this battle out of the legal and crime world. This is a war not a law suit club! Lawyers and ACLU go home!
5. Stop giving the millions and billions to countries who constantly vote us down in the UN. Take that money we now waste and give it to the Minute Men and other volunteer patriots who have been trying to protect our borders.
6. Tell the media to stick it in their ear and either support our efforts to win this war before nukes go off or shut up!
7. Finally, we need to believe again that America is a nation founded by Christians and is worth saving! Stop apologizing for being alive!

© 2006 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and held a small private practice for many years. She earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is the proverbial "pastor's daughter" when it comes to her sense of adventure and her independent thinking. Laurie is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit, one track, which landed her in Billboard's top 40 ranks and on the cover of Cash Box Magazine. She plays the piano, keyboard, and violin and has a voice that can penetrate your very soul.

In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations. What made the show a success was Laurie's on-air persona as she interviewed stars such as Al Green, Blondie, Pat Bennitar, Chicago, 3 Dog Night, Lou Rawls, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Christopher Cross, Men at Work, Billy Rae Cyrus, Diamond Rio, Rita Coolidge, and dozens more.

Laurie is also an accomplished Author, Cartoonist, and Artist. She has hosted successful radio shows in Boston and L.A. before going national. Tune in to The Roth Show, Weeknights from 7:00 to 10:00 pm PAC and find out for yourself! You can listen live on cable radio network (live on the internet) channel 6 or visit The Roth Show web site and click on "where to listen" Call the Roth Show at: 1-800-837-9680



By: Devvy Kidd
July 17, 2006

"There is a power in the world we seldom mention in the House of Commons....I mean the secret societies...It is useless to deny because it is impossible to conceal, that a great part of Europe - the whole of Italy and France and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries - is covered with a network of these secret societies, just as the superficies of the earth is now covered with railroads. And what are their objects? They do not attempt to conceal them. They do not want constitutional government; they do not want ameliorated institutions...they want to change the tenure of the land, to drive out the present owners of the soil and put to an end ecclesiastical establishments. Some of them may go even further." ---- Disraeli in the House of Commons, July 14, 1856

I like to say that I really began my real education in September 1991, when I was handed a book while at a book signing in Los Angeles. My attendance at the country's largest book convention was to promote my book on the federal civil service system. In between signing my books, my publisher handed me a very thick tome and said, "This is right up your alley." Upon taking this book into my hands, it simply opened a hundred or so pages into the book right to the chapter on the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System. I read the first few pages of the chapter and here I am today. Because you see, once the question formed in my head - "I always thought the "FED" was part of the federal government, can this author be telling the truth?" - I had to find the answer. Thus began my long and often lonely journey of learning, researching, reading, reading and more reading. Truly, I couldn't devour enough material and every day brought another thread in a very complicated world scenario.

While this type of research can often be dry, over the next couple of years what I was uncovering became simply frightening. A great deal of what I read or watched on videos after cross checking and following up another lead turned out to be hysterical silliness, bogus research or of such a slanted nature. I simply discarded that flavor of "research" as blarney being presented simply for sensationalism to sell more books. On my web site is a Reading Room which contains a large listing of books I have read and videos I have watched for those interested in serious, thoroughly documented reference materials. It is impossible to understand world events and how they are shaping the melt down of America currently underway without understanding who is pulling the strings and their origins.

During my pursuit of the truth, the issue of freemasonry came to the forefront quite early on and for me, it was a real eye opener because I knew so little about the subject. However, I purchased a pile of books on the subject, pro and con, and when I was finished reading them, I concluded that any man who belongs to the Freemasons should make a thorough and careful study of what's behind the curtain and reevaluate their participation; a list of books can be found here for further study.

A particularly intense and deeply researched book came out several years ago that I can't recommend highly enough: Brotherhood of Darkness by Dr. Stan Monteith. I am also privileged to know Dr. Stan, a man who has literally dedicated his life to exposing the dark underpinnings of occult secret societies and how they affect our lives every day. I couldn't put the book down even though I was already familiar with much of the material, but it is so well written and presented. As Stan says in his interview on 'America's Beginnings,' you can't possibly understand what's happening in the world today until you find out the history of yesterday because it's all intertwined; how the development, establishment and course of America was set by these secret societies.

Not everyone is happy when a book or DVD comes out which gives a historical perspective on one of the secret societies or their influence on a major religion. Sadly, too many Americans would rather willfully believe comfortable lies than confront documented evidence. For example, the book, Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saussy, was immediately decried by Catholics as "anti-Catholic" and Tupper branded a heretic of sorts. This book is nothing of the sort and having had the pleasure of meeting Tupper back in early 2001, I can tell you this man's intention was not to bash the Jesuits, but rather to chronicle his decade long pursuit of the truth regarding the influence of the Jesuits, freemasonry and occult secret societies in America's founding. This is a remarkable work of compiling historical material; the book contains the most amazing photographs taken by him over in Europe and here in America. It is fully foot noted with source references. Rulers of Evil is not a piece of fluff or conspiracy offerings.

A new DVD is now available which is a riveting, thoroughly researched expose of 'America's Beginnings - Volume One: The New Atlantis.' This DVD is not an amateur undertaking. The filming is very professional, the interviews solid and the research is impeccable. You will discover, by watching this remarkable journey through closely guarded history, the deep seated connection between Sir Francis Bacon and the founding of America and so much more. It's truly sad that America's children are taught so little history in the public indoctrination centers (government schools or institutions of lower learning), but then, it's all deliberate to dumb down a population and mold it in the desired direction. While I was long gone from public schools before the unconstitutional Federal Department of (UN) Education became a cabinet, I can tell you I learned nothing about Sir Francis Bacon and the fact that he was actually considered the true founder of America! Sir Francis Bacon was the head of two secret societies in Europe: Freemasons and Rosicrucians. I was particularly delighted that the producers of this DVD also cover the silly book, The DaVinci Code in this production.

On this DVD, it is explained in great deal how Sir Franis Bacon, based on his own writings, considered himself the "herald of a new age promoting a new universal order for the whole world." Novus Ordo Seclorum printed on the back of our worthless, fiat paper current means a "new order of the ages." There is also a short news clip of President Bush confirming this concept that should shock every American: "When our founders declared a new order of the ages, they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled." Why does Bush continue to promote failure (democracy) for the world when America is NOT a democracy, but a constiutional republic? Because Bush serves his real masters of the occult and their quest for this "new order of the ages." It cannot be denied once you have taken the time to do the research.

A four-front war for Israel?

The Washington Times


A four-front war for Israel?
Published July 15, 2006


In the wake of Hezbollah's abduction of more IDF soldiers in northern Israel, the Jewish state finds itself facing the prospect of a four-front war against Islamofascist forces: In Lebanon, Israel has launched a major military campaign to free its soldiers and force the Lebanese government to rein in Hezbollah; in Gaza, it is working to free a kidnapped soldier, end rocket attacks on southern Israel and damage the Hamas terrorist government; in the West Bank, it is fighting a daily counterterrorism campaign against terrorists who are targeting both Jordan and Israel. Looming over everything is the possibility that this could escalate into a a larger regional conflict involving Iran and/or Syria, the primary sponsors of Hezbollah, Hamas and most of the major terrorist groups in the area.
Israel is absolutely within its rights to hold the Palestinian Authority in Gaza and the Lebanese government responsible for the consequences of permitting terrorist organizations to operate freely on their territory. In Gaza, the Hamas-run PA openly encourages terrorism; in Lebanon, the ineffectual Beirut government (which includes two Hezbollah ministers) has proven incapable of enforcing U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559, which requires Hezbollah to disarm. The events of the past few weeks are likely to spur Israelis to rethink the concept of unilaterally withdrawing from territory -- especially the idea of leaving without first reaching security arrangements with a responsible Arab party. Within the past few days, the Israeli army has found itself reoccupying settlements in Gaza that it relinquished 10 months ago, and Israeli forces were back in Lebanon for the first time in more than six years.
For now, the major focus of Israel's military campaign, which could last for many months, is to make it impossible for Hezbollah to continue to function as an armed force capable of attacking Israel from Lebanon. The most immediate goal is to end the situation that has evolved since Israel unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon in 2000: in which Hezbollah military forces are mobilized directly over the border, prepared to target Israel.
When it kidnapped two Israel Defense Force soldiers Wednesday morning, Hezbollah was believed to have upwards of 10,000 to 12,000 missiles furnished by Iran and Syria aimed at northern Israel. As it fires more rockets into Israel, and the Israeli military destroys much of the remainder of Hezbollah's rocket arsenal on the ground in Lebanon, Hezbollah will be significantly weakened, albeit temporarily. Israel wants to see a reconstituted Lebanese Army deployed to the border area controlled by Hezbollah ever since the Jewish state left Lebanon in May 2000, something that should have happened long ago.
But the bulk of the blame for the terror emanating from Lebanon and the Palestinian territories belongs to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bashar Assad. Until they are stopped, any respite from violence will only be temporary.

The Great Test of This Generation. Naming and defeating the enemy, Islamic fascism.

The Great Test of This Generation
Naming and defeating the enemy, Islamic fascism.

An NRO Primary Document

Editor’s note: This is the text of a speech Sen. Rick Santorum (R., Pa.) delivered at the National Press Club Thursday.

When I came to Washington in 1990 Karen and I were expecting our first child. Like most Americans we were worried about a slowing economy, competition from Japan and the high deficit.

But we were also relieved by the end of the Cold War and talk of a peace dividend. In the 1990s I felt my job representing Pennsylvania in Congress was important, but in retrospect the issues confronting us were not relative to what we are confronted with today.

In 16 years Karen and I have been blessed with the privilege and responsibility of raising six children. Like most Americans we are more concerned about the future of our country. Now most of you would expect me to launch into my oft written speeches about culture, the family, and children.

Not today. No today the biggest issue facing our children’s future is a war. Not, as so many describe it, the War on Terror. Not the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. But the world war, which at its heart is just like the previous three global struggles.

In those wars we fought against European tyrants and their allies, from the Kaiser to Hitler to Lenin, Stalin, and their heirs. We fought them because we knew that our survival was at stake. The tyrants would never stop attacking until they had defeated us, or we had defeated them.

Our only choices – choices imposed on us, not chosen by us – were either winning or losing, because there was no way out.

We are in the same kind of conflict today. Some say we are fighting a War on Terror. That is like saying World War II was a war on blitzkrieg. Terror like blitzkrieg is a tactic used by our enemy, not the enemy itself.

In World War II we fought Naziism and Japanese imperialism. Today, we are fighting against Islamic fascists. They attacked us on September 11th because we are the greatest obstacle to their openly declared mission of subjecting the entire world to their fanatical rule.

I believe that the threat of Islamic fascism is just as menacing as the threat from Nazism and Soviet Communism. Now, as then, we face fanatics who will stop at nothing to dominate us. Now, as then, there is no way out; we will either win or lose.

Too many people talk about this war as if it were simply an attempt to create fledgling democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Iraq and Afghanistan are battlefields in a much broader war, which now includes every continent except Antarctica.

Ask the Indians, the Thais, the Egyptians or the Argentines. Ask the Australians, the Indonesians, the British or the Spaniards. All have seen Islamic fascists at work, and have mourned their innocent victims.

Islamic fascists have been waging this war against us for a very long time. It did not suddenly erupt on a sunny September day in 2001.

Al Qaeda and other such groups had been attacking American targets for decades.

A group of Islamic fascists attacked the United States directly, at the World Trade Center, a month into Bill Clinton’s first term.

So why is it so hard for so many Americans to see the nature of this war?

It’s not because the enemy is keeping the hostile objectives a secret.

Every major Islamic fascist leader, from heads of states to heads of al Qaeda and Hizbollah, has openly identified the United States as their prime target, and repeatedly promises the creation of a new, global, "caliphate" where Islamic fascism will rule mankind. This language comes from both Sunni and Shi'ite fanatics, whether Arab, Persian, Indonesian, American, or British.

And yet we are foolishly reluctant to come to terms with this terrible reality. It's an old, sad story isn't it? Over and over again, our enemies announce their intention to attack us, and we refuse to believe them.

Hardly anyone took Mein Kampf seriously and when Nikita Khrushchev pounded his shoe on the table at the U.N., announcing, "We will bury you," it was widely treated as a moment of comic relief.

If we have learned anything from the twentieth century, it should be this lesson: when leaders say they are prepared to kill millions of people to achieve their goals, we must take them at their word. Particularly in this case when the enemy sees dying for their cause as a desired objective as opposed to a tragic consequence.

But we have not learned that lesson. I submit as evidence of that fact the recent publications of top secret intelligence programs.

If we really believed that the Islamic fascists were a real threat to the future of our country, we would not be screaming and hollering about how our government is tracking terrorists' money, and monitoring their telephone conversations.

Instead we'd be screaming and hollering that these programs are being compromised.

So why do we choose not to recognize and respect the threat our enemy poses?

I think in part because it makes us feel vulnerable. This is not just happening someplace thousands of miles away.

The enemy is doing his utmost to kill us, because of who we are, wherever we are, at home or overseas.

That’s why, we urgently need good intelligence: The best way to protect us is to know where and how the enemy is planning to strike.

That is hard enough, but we also want to do it without unduly compromising our cherished freedoms – including our privacy.

We have worked very hard to provide security without compromising liberty. Some leaders saw political advantage in disputing that fact. The result, for one thing a four-year misinformation campaign directed against the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act gave federal agents who investigate national security threats like terrorism; the same types of legal authority FBI agents investigating ordinary crimes have had for decades. Along with improved intelligence and military successes in the Middle East, the Patriot Act is a big factor in why we have not had another domestic attack since 9/11.

And yet, we supporters of the Patriot Act had to fight tooth and nail to get those powers renewed.

Even worse, there has been a war against the war: a joint campaign by some people inside the government and allies in the media to undermine critical national security programs.

To their shame, the bureaucrats have broken the law by revealing classified information to some in the media.

Again, to their shame, some members of the media have put American lives at greater risk by publishing these secrets.

Before 9/11 we were fighting with 20th Century tools. Our national security surveillance activities were governed by a law that had been enacted in 1978 – before anyone knew what email was. It did not permit the speed and flexibility needed to identify, and quickly survey, previously unknown threats. We paid a price: in thousands of American lives.

America in 2001 said that had to change, so we designed a program to intercept our enemy’s international communications, including those that crossed into or out of our country. The program didn’t monitor all Americans, or calls wholly inside the United States.

It involved only people reasonably suspected of working with the enemy. It was a valuable program. The program may well have prevented domestic terror attacks.

Then it was leaked to the press, and it was published. The enemy was thereby given important insights into our capabilities.

That story has made it more difficult for us to gather precisely the kind of information we have to have if we are going to thwart future attacks against civilians in America and soldiers on the battlefield.

The same thing happened with financial intelligence. In Belgium, there was a little known hub for international money transfers – a sort of clearinghouse, known as SWIFT, overseen by major national banks in Europe, Japan, and our own Federal Reserve. We got its cooperation to track terrorist transactions.

This was a very well designed program. Terrorists had come to believe that whenever we found bundles of their money, we seized it. But in this case, we were wise and patient. We were watching the funds rather than grabbing them. I like to think of the money we didn’t seize as an investment in good intelligence, and it was working. We were mapping the tentacles of terrorist networks.

The information helped nab a guy called Hambali in Thailand – one of the world’s most notorious terrorists – and it helped us identify an al Qaeda facilitator here in the United States who was later convicted of providing material support for terrorism.

The program was completely legal, and the administration, like the previous program, notified members of Congress from both parties and agreed to extraordinary auditing to make sure the information was only used to pursue the enemy.

The details of this excellent program were published despite the entreaties of government officials and private citizens with great expertise, such as the two ranking members of the 9/11 Commission. Once again, a vital intelligence tool was compromised.

It will be hard to win this war if people inside the government violate their oaths and provide information to irresponsible members of the media, who then provide our enemy with information that hurts our country.

But, important as they are, these intelligence and legal issues are only part of our challenge.

There is a bigger problem: our fear of speaking clearly, publicly, and consistently about the enemy. It is unfashionable in some quarters to speak about the Islamo fascists, because of the misguided cultural reflex that condemns anyone who speaks critically about others' practices or beliefs. Therefore, we can’t say or do anything that might offend Muslims.

But that's backwards. The real offense to Muslims is to remain silent about an ideology that produces the systemic murder of innocents. Mostly, Muslim innocents. They are the first victims of Islamic fascism, and the enemy directly targets them, as we have heard once again in the most recent audiotape from Osama bin Laden.

Those who refuse to criticize Islamic fascism undermine the cause of freedom of religion because if the Islamic fascists win this war, no other religion will be permitted to flourish.

Paradoxically, when we refuse to criticize anybody, we end up patronizing everyone, which is offensive to everyone and self-defeating.

It makes a mockery of freedom of speech, and traps us in the discredited nonsense of moral equivalence. This war is not between two morally equivalent sides; it's a war between brutal totalitarian fascism and freedom.

Our freedom, not just freedom for Iraqis and Afghans. We are the fascists’ prime target, and they intend to impose a brutal tyranny on those of us who survive their onslaught.

Islamic fascism is the great test of this generation.

When we fail to fully grasp the nature of our enemy and the urgency of our victory, our own people become confused and divided, and the fascists are encouraged to believe that we’re afraid of them.

This has to stop. We have an obligation as leaders to articulate exactly what this threat is, and to defeat it. The American people have always rallied to the cause of freedom, once they understood what was at stake.

We had no problem branding communism an evil empire – it was.

We had no problem understanding that Nazism and fascism were evil racist empires – they were.

We must now bring the same clarity to the war against Islamic fascism.

I recently had the great pleasure of sharing a podium with Natan Sharansky, who refused to be silent in the face of Soviet Communism, and eventually celebrated its downfall.

He told me about the surge of hope that went through the Soviet gulag when President Reagan delivered his "evil empire" speech because the dissidents locked in the terrible Gulag realized that the leader of the United States understood their plight, and was determined to bring down their oppressors.

Brave men like Sharansky understand, far better than politicians or journalists or college professors, the importance of a proper moral calculus, and the paralyzing effect of misguided moral equivalence. If we do not recognize that it is right and proper for us to defend our freedom against Islamic fascism, we may well lose this war.

The terrorists know that they cannot win on the battlefield against our armed men and women, and so their strategy is aimed at you. With every ied and with every suicide bomber they seek to break our will to fight, to get us to hang our heads and finally say "enough." And they will not stop coming after us until we stop them.

This is a truly modern war – a war fought not just on the battlefield, but on the Internet, a war decided less by armies and warplanes than by individuals making individual choices.

Individual Iranians, like Akbar Ganji, have defied the regime of the mullahs – and spoken out for freedom and democracy in Iran at the risk of their lives, as have other Muslims throughout the Middle East.

Brave Iraqis, like Mithal al-Alusi, have suffered the murder of their children as they speak out for peace, democracy, and reconciliation.

Terror plots are defeated every day – one was just foiled in Toronto – because patriotic Western Muslims volunteer to penetrate terror cells to protect us all.

But individuals also make bad choices.

Journalists made bad choices when they decided to betray the secret of our terrorist surveillance programs, our programs for tracking terrorist finances, and the location of the prisons in which al Qaeda’s most senior leaders are held.

Democrats in Congress make bad choices when they urge the president to withdraw our forces from Iraq before the war there is won.

And as you all know, this fall the voters of our country have a choice to make. One vision sees the role of Congress as raising objections – finding reasons not to do things – and punishing those who take risks to defend our nation. I have a different vision.

I want Congress to contribute to victory – not just complain about how long things are taking. And I believe that a member of Congress, especially a United States Senator, has a duty to think independently and speak clearly – not to evade, not to mumble.

As some of you may know, I am running for re-election. My opponent says that a senator should ask tough questions.

But I don’t think, “How soon can we quit?” is a tough question. I believe a senator has a responsibility to lead with positive solutions, as I have done with the Syria Accountability Act and the Iran Freedom and Support Act.

Which brings us to Iran.

The fascist regimes and the Jihadist organizations disagree about some things, but they have a common theme: destroy the West and its leader, America. They comprise a mosaic of different entities and countries.

The largest piece of this mosaic, the keystone of the Islamic fascist structure, is Iran.

It’s a complex mosaic, stretching across the world, but Iran is the central piece, touching all the others in one way or another. Iran not only supports these organizations – it created Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, and is the driving force behind Hamas – but it is a threat to the civilized world all by itself.

This is no secret. Iran is at the top of the State Department's list of countries that support international terrorism, and we Americans know with great sadness how accurate that assessment is.

Right after the Islamic Revolution in late 1979, a gang assaulted the American Embassy in Tehran and held American diplomats hostage for more than a year.

In April, 1983, Iranian-supported suicide terrorists killed 60 people in our embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, and six months later 241 U.S. Marines were killed in a similar attack.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh has been explicit about the Iranian role in the savage attack against the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and, although it is not often noticed, Iranian so-called U.N. diplomats are regularly asked to leave New York City when they are found photographing subway stations and railroad bridges.

Indeed, in its 1998 – 1998! – indictment of Osama bin Laden, the Government of the United States made it all very clear: “Al Qaeda...forged alliances with the National Islamic Front in Sudan and with the government of Iran and its associated terrorist group Hezballah for the purpose of working together against their perceived common enemies in the West, particularly the United States.”

It is therefore no surprise to see Iran actively engaged in support of the terrorists in Iraq, Gaza, and Lebanon. The well-known accounts of Iranian activity inside Iraq extend from the recent reports of captured Iranian terrorists and intelligence officers, to the stories, from American and British military officials, of especially lethal mines and roadside bombs of Iranian origin.

We have seen Iranian missiles fired at Israeli ships off Lebanon and at Israeli civilians in their homes.

Iran reaches into Latin America, in the form of a strategic alliance with the Venezuelan tyrant. It also shows us the ease with which Islamic fascists work with radical leftists. We see this in some of the anti-American demonstrations in Europe.

We see it in the cooperation between North Korea and Iran with their rocket and nuclear programs. Just think about that for a minute: fanatical Muslims working hand in glove with fanatical leftists, bound together by hatred for us.

The current public face of Iranian fascism is of course its president, Ahmadi-Nezhad.

This is a man who recruited thousands of Iranian children to march to their death by detonating mines in advance of Iranian troops during the Iran/Iraq War.

He is truly representative of the face of Islamic fascism in Tehran. When he speaks of destroying Israel and the infidels, it is not his voice alone.

In such a regime, no one speaks without the approval of the ruling mullahs, so Ahmadi-Nezhad's words are canonical.

He has told us over and over again that he believes in the imminent arrival of the Shi'ite messiah, the so-called 12th Imam, who Shi’ites believe will return at the end time.

What will cause this arrival? According to Ahmadi-Nezhad, a victory of extremist Islam over the infidels and crusaders. That would be us.

He is working to hasten that final confrontation, and he, along with other Iranian leaders, openly declare their first step is to remove Israel from the face of the earth, then to defeat the United States.

They have also made it quite clear that Iran intends to use atomic bombs in this confrontation. His predecessor, President Khatami, has made similar statements.

In other words, the spokesmen for the central piece of the Islamic fascist mosaic are working to bring about the end of the free world as fast as they possibly can, in order to subject mankind to the slavery of a new Caliphate.

These messianic Shi’ites see this as an opportunity to accomplish this long desired mission for radical Islam. Remember, Islamic extremists fought the West over the course of a thousand years to their high-water mark outside the gates of Vienna.

The siege of Vienna lasted until September 1683 – September 11, 1683 – the next day the united West triumphed.

Centuries have passed in relative peace, but now with the combination of oil revenues, off the shelf weapons and technology, and terror as a tactic a virulent alliance of extremist now have a strategy to defeat their enemy, the infidels.

A few weeks ago I spoke with a leader of the Independent Student Movement who has escaped to America, and he told me that every young person admitted to college must sign an agreement to “volunteer” for acts of suicide terrorism. Nowadays every university student in Iran must attend courses on how to strap on and detonate a suicide bomb.

In a recent speech Ahmadi-Nezhad said martyrdom is the greatest virtue of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Islamic fascism is truly evil. Such a regime cannot be permitted to build an arsenal of atomic weapons, and I don't expect that we are going to convince them to abandon their nuclear program at the negotiating table.

You can't reason people out of something that they didn't arrive at reasonably in the first place.

That is why I believe the only way to change the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to change the regime itself.

The people of Iran – who overwhelmingly wish to live in a free society after 27 years of horror – want the chance to choose their own leaders and their own policies. They, not the fanatics, should be our negotiating partners.

I think President Bush believes that, for it is implicit in almost every statement he has made about Iran.

Even a nuclear-free Iran would still be the driving force behind Islamic fascism, and it would continue its murderous policies toward us and all others who do not submit to the dictates of the Supreme Leader. I am sadly convinced that sooner or later we will have to confront this regime. This is not yet the policy of the United States.

In fact, the Iran Freedom and Support Act, which seeks to greatly increase our communication with the Iranian people, and will show the world the seriousness of our opposition to Iran’s evil regime, has been vigorously opposed by the State Department.

The Iran Freedom and Support Act has sixty-one cosponsors. Its companion bill was passed by the House of Representatives in April with over 350 votes.

This legislation has two prime objectives. The first is to put the Senate on record in support for freedom and democracy for the Iranian people, to enable our government to broadcast that message effectively, and to support pro-democracy groups in Iran.

The second is to punish countries who contribute to the Iranian nuclear program, by imposing sanctions on countries and companies who trade with Iran in nuclear and dual-use components. I want them to have to choose between doing business with the United States, and doing business with Iran. I think it's an easy choice.

When I recently proposed to attach the basic elements of the Iran Freedom and Support Act as an amendment to the military budget, Secretary of State Rice wrote to oppose it.

She said it would hamper her ability to negotiate alongside our allies.

I respectfully disagree with the Secretary of State, and I regret that a majority of Senators – including some who are cosponsors of the actual legislation – voted against the amendment. I think the diplomats have it wrong.

When we pass the Iran Freedom and Support Act, its major diplomatic effect will be to strengthen our negotiating position, for it spells out the consequences if Iran does not comply with our reasonable demands.

I'm sure the President will sign it when it passes. The language of the State Department's opposition to the Iran Act is virtually identical to their warnings, over several years, about the Syrian Accountability Act that I authored.

Yet, the President not only signed it, but he implemented the sanctions to the surprise of many. Still, though Syria is a critical element in the fascist mosaic, Iran is the indispensable piece.

Iran is at the center of this war. We have seen that clearly in Lebanon and Gaza, where Hezbollah and Hamas, Iran’s proxies, gratuitously attacked Israel.

During the fighting in Lebanon, we learned that Iranian missiles had been fired into Israel and at Israeli and Egyptian ships, and there even seem to have been Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers at the controls.

Lebanon cannot survive as a free country if Hezbollah operates from its territory and uses it to stockpile Iranian weapons and give operational space to Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

It is intolerable to allow more than ten thousand terrorist-controlled rockets and missiles, aimed at Israel, in southern Lebanon.

And Iraq will never have the security it deserves so long as the Islamic fascists are in power in Iran. I believe we must fight for a strong Lebanon, a strong Israel, and a strong Iraq. That requires effective action against Iran.

The longer we wait, the more people will be blown up, tortured, incarcerated, intimidated, and assassinated.

In 1979 Iran declared itself our enemy and for 27 years it has proven the truth of those words. A democratic Iran may not end the war against Islamic fascism, but without it this war will last to be our children’s war, not just ours. We owe it to them, it is our watch, it is our challenge.

Historians may write of this time in American history that we were not the greatest generation- that we fell short on many fronts. But I hope they also write that like our ancestors we too fought for freedom, that we too confronted evil, that we too endured a great trial and won a victory for the future of mankind.

Thank you.

The battle of worldviews

The battle of worldviews
Posted: July 20, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Joseph Farah

© 2006
When President Bush exercised his presidential veto yesterday for the first time in five years in office, the reaction was fast and furious.

As expected, he vetoed legislation that would have permitted more federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research – or, to put it less delicately, ghoulish experimentation on unborn human children.

Proponents of the legislation – and there were plenty on both sides of the aisle in Congress – were quick to make the point that Bush was making a decision based on his narrow religious views.

You've heard it over and over again, haven't you? He is imposing his religious views on the rest of us. He is putting religion ahead of science.

Now, I happen to be quite honest about my opinion on this subject. I am opposed to murder, theft, adultery, lying, idolatry and other things because the Bible tells me they are wrong. I believe we live in a world governed, ultimately, by God. I believe there is accountability for what we do. I believe without the immutable laws handed down by God – not just those etched in stone by Moses, but those etched on our hearts – we wouldn't have a clue about right and wrong.

In fact, I will go further. Without God, right and wrong would be meaningless. There would be no such thing – just various opinions.

I'm also honest about the fact that my faith in God shapes everything I do – from my politics to my business decisions to the way I treat my dog.

I don't know if President Bush feels the same way I do. But he made the right call yesterday on this issue. He got this one right. He may have been listening to his heart, or he may have been listening to his constituency – something few politicians, including himself, ever do.

But the point is this: Though I don't know the specifics of what shaped Bush's decision, I do know what shapes the choices and views of proponents of experimentation on human embryos. It is their religion that shapes their worldview.

You see, everyone is religious – even the atheist. Everyone worships at the altar of something – whether it's "science" or money or power or a golden calf.

Everyone has a worldview – a lens through which they see the world and make decisions about it.

Whether it's Ted Kennedy or John Kerry or Nancy Pelosi or Barney Frank or Bill Frist – they've all got all got a religion. It may be a bad religion. It may be a false religion. It may be a perverted religion. It may be an evil religion. But everyone has one – whether they believe in the God of the Bible or not.

Some of these people, however, like to pretend they don't. Others like to pretend that they have a religion, but it doesn't affect their public policy decisions. Others like to pretend that they don't make any effort to impose their religious values on others.

Let me tell you something. In this case, it was the group that was proposing new legislation to broaden experimentation on human embryos that was trying to impose its religious values on the rest of us. The veto merely protected us, momentarily, from that imposition.

In fact, if you think about it, every single effort to pass a new law is an effort to impose somebody's sense of morality on others.

This is a profound point worth some serious contemplation. And a good way to explore it is by reading Ann Coulter's new book, "Godless," which, more than any other popular book ever written, makes the point with clarity and force.

Christians and Jews, the people who created Western Civilization, have permitted the secular jihadists to intimidate them into believing, in many cases, that they don't have as much right as anyone to pass laws that conform with their worldviews. Christians and Jews have been put on defense by this attack – which pretends to be about "separating church and state," but is, in fact, about the imposition of a new state religion.

Bush got this one right. But the issue is not dead. The ghouls will be back again because they feed on death and denial of the one true God.

Remember how this works the next time. Imposition of moral values is a two-way street. The only question is whether good values or bad values will prevail. The only question is whether we walk in the light or darkness. The only question is whether we speak the truth or accept a lie.

For whatever reasons, they fail to grasp the root cause of the Arab-Israeli struggle

Buchanan and Kofi Annan

Posted: July 21, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006

I hope Pat Buchanan and Kofi Annan are feeling good about themselves today.

They agree with each on what needs to be done to resolve the Middle East conflict.

What do these two men have in common that brings them together in this unusual way?

For whatever reasons, they fail to grasp the root cause of the Arab-Israeli struggle – that Hezbollah, Hamas and much of the Arab and Muslim world want more than anything else in the world to destroy the Jewish state.

It's that simple. Just as there can be no compromise between the United States and Osama bin Laden because al-Qaida seeks the destruction of America, there can be no diplomatic resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict as long as the goal of one side remains the annihilation of the other.

But Buchanan and Annan, two guys who seldom agree, don't get it.

Buchanan calls Israel's measured, restrained act of self-defense a "rampage against a defenseless Lebanon." He claims Israel's action in Lebanon was a "pre-planned attack to make the Lebanese people suffer."

He asks: "Where are the Christians? Why is Pope Benedict virtually alone among Christian leaders to have spoken out against what is being done to Lebanese Christians and Muslims?"

Let me answer that question – as a Christian of both Lebanese and Syrian heritage: We are with Israel! We are in favor of destroying Hezbollah once and for all. If anything, we are wondering what took so long. We are hoping and praying that Israel does not abort this campaign against the evil terrorists allied with al-Qaida and sponsored by the mullahs of Iran.

We are sick and tired of seeing groups like Hezbollah hide behind the skirts of innocent Christians, occupying their towns and daring Israel to come after them. We are sick and tired of the wholesale persecution of Christian believers in Lebanon – a jihadist religious cleansing that has sent millions of Lebanese Christians into a worldwide diaspora.

Is Pat Buchanan kidding? Where are the Christians? Where has Pat Buchanan been as Christians have been slaughtered by the likes of Hezbollah and treated like dhimmi by his friends in Hamas and the Palestinian Authority?

And where has Buchanan's new buddy Kofi Annan been for the last 20 years? He, too, has been blaming Israel first for having the audacity to exercise self-preservation and self-defense against ruthless enemies sworn to one goal – the Jewish state's destruction.

Both Annan and Buchanan offer up a passing condemnation of Hezbollah's "provocative attack." But from there they launch into their predictable tirades against Israel for doing what every nation-state has the right to do – defend itself from attack.

Annan threatens to pull out his United Nations peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon if Israel does not declare a unilateral and immediate cease-fire.

Can I ask an obvious question? What good have the U.N. peacekeepers done? Have they kept the peace? Have they prevented Hezbollah terrorists from raining thousands of rockets down on the civilian population of northern Israel? Have they prevented the transport of arms to the Lebanese-Israeli border?

If anything, the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel is proof-positive that the U.N. is completely ineffective, complete irrelevant – and so are the diplomatic "solutions" endlessly offered up by its busybody leaders.

Annan says Israel's response is "disproportionate."

I assume, by that, he means Israel should only give back what it has received. In other words, Israel should not utilize its strength – its modern military machine. Presumably it should use only the weapons employed against it – like katyusha and Qassam rockets.

It's insanity. By the same logic, should the U.S. use only box-cutters against al-Qaida?

The object of any military campaign should be to destroy the enemy, to prevail over them, to win victory.

That's the strategy I'm hoping Israel adopts in this war with Hezbollah and Hamas.

Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of WND and a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. His latest book is "Taking America Back." He also edits the weekly online intelligence newsletter Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, in which he utilizes his sources developed over 30 years in the news business.

The high price of appeasement

The high price of appeasement

Posted: July 21, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006

Israel has tried to appease its enemies. Beginning in September 1993, Israel embarked on a policy of appeasement under the euphemism "land for peace."

Israel surrendered land to the Palestinians, who immediately used that land to stage lethal attacks against the "Israeli occupation." The "Israeli occupation" of Gaza was the declared reason for the attacks on Israeli targets that eventually forced Israel to build a security barrier along its border with Gaza.

When Israel finally capitulated and pulled out of Gaza, the so-called Israeli occupation ended. But since Israel withdrew, the attacks have grown even more intense. What's the excuse now? Since the withdrawal, Hamas has launched more than 1,000 rockets into Israel from "unoccupied" Gaza.

Israel's "occupation" of South Lebanon ended in 2000. As in Gaza, the purpose of the occupation was to prevent attacks against Israel from just across its borders in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah has done to South Lebanon exactly what Hamas has done to Gaza – turned it into a military base and terrorist operations center for launching war against Israel.

As we have seen repeatedly on television, South Lebanon bristles with Hezbollah's thousands of new missiles from Iran and Syria that puts all of northern Israel in jeopardy.

By now, it should be abundantly clear to everyone that the "occupation" of Gaza and South Lebanon was not the problem. As soon as Israel traded these areas for the promise of peace, the attacks intensified.

Simply put, the goal of the vast majority of the Muslim world is the destruction of its mortal enemy: Israel. When they use the euphemism of "Israeli occupation," they really mean Israel's presence anywhere in the Middle East.

There's not a map in any Palestinian schoolbook that even depicts a state of Israel. In the present situation, Israel can only stop the attacks emanating from Gaza and South Lebanon by re-taking those territories. Occupying both areas long enough to root out its adversaries is Israel's only option for defeating the deeply embedded enemy it now faces. Hopefully, the appeasers will learn that if your death is the enemy's goal, cutting off your hand isn't going to appease him. It will just make it harder to fight him.

All of this demonstrates the insanity of both the Oslo Accords and the Roadmap to Peace. How can these plans work when the vast majority of Palestinians back both Hamas and Hezbollah? They have proven they don't just want a nation in part of the land. They want all of "Palestine" ethnically cleansed of Jews.

Muslims will never accept the state of Israel. Israel has only two choices: Give up and get out or be ready to fight and not give another meter of ground for the enemy to use as a base against it. These are the hard facts.

We have to also factor in the growing animosity of Muslims everywhere against the West.

In mid-June, the Pew Research Organization released a poll taken among Muslims. It was titled "The Great Divide: How Westerners and Muslims View Each Other."

Solid majorities of Muslim respondents across the Middle East, together with Muslims living in Europe, Russia and North America agreed with the statement, "Relations between Muslims and Westerners are generally bad."

Apparently, a majority of Muslims blame the West for their lack of prosperity. They do not attribute it to massive government corruption, a lack of education or Islamic fundamentalism.

The poll also revealed a much deeper hatred of the West among Muslim populations than vice-versa. The opinion in the Islamic world is that the war is the West's fault. The poll asked if Muslims believed the attacks of September 11 were carried out by Arab Islamic jihadists. Across the Islamic world, a solid majority believes there was no Islamic connection to 9-11.

From the majority Muslim perspective, the September 11 attacks were an invention designed by the West as an excuse to steal Arab oil.

All of the Muslim populations polled display a solid majority of support for Osama bin Laden. Likewise, suicide bombing is alarmingly popular. It's impossible to square the attitudes expressed in the Pew Poll with the Western fiction that we are really at war with only a small minority of Islamic "fundamentalists" out of a majority of peaceful practitioners of a great religion of peace and love. The majority believes the United States government is so depraved that it murdered 3,000 of its own citizens to justify a war so it could steal Islamic oil wealth.

With this kind of general attitude in the Muslim world, we should certainly not be pressing Israel to give into any more demands of giving "land for peace." That is a fiction that needs to be abandoned forever. As I said above, the Israelis are faced with only two options: Give up and get out – or stay prepared to fight and give no more advantages to an enemy that has sworn to annihilate them.

Time to take on Iran and Syria directly

Time to take on Iran and Syria directly

Posted: July 21, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Note: Melanie Morgan delivered the following open letter to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Thursday, July 20, 2006.

By Melanie Morgan

© 2006
Dear Prime Minister Olmert:

At a time when challenges and uncertainty confront Israel and her people, I wish to write to you in the spirit of friendship to let you know that so very many American citizens are praying for you and standing in solidarity with and support of the state of Israel.

I am writing to you solely as a private individual citizen, yet I know many Americans share my thoughts and sentiments. I am the host of a highly-rated radio talk show in one of America's largest cities, serve as chairman of the nation's largest pro-troop organization and write a weekly column for one of America's leading Internet newssites.

Over and over again, I have heard from Americans who stand behind you and your struggle against Islamic terrorism 100 percent.

Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives, which rarely can agree on even the most non-controversial of measures, voted 410 to 8 to support you in your struggle with the vicious murderers who comprise the Islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah.

At a time when Islamic terrorist groups seek to deny Israel's sovereign rights as a nation and target your civilian population for death, it is paramount that Israel and the United States stand strong and resolute. There can be no surrender to terrorists, no acquiescence to their demands, for the terrorist is motivated not through an embrace of love and a kindred human spirit, but instead operates with the vices of terror, hatred, fear and mayhem.

In your July 17 address before the Knesset, you eloquently explained that the threat posed to your nation was not from the peaceful people of Lebanon or even those living under the rule of the Palestinian Authority.

Rather, as you noted, the campaign of terror being launched against the people of Israel was from organizations who:

"… are nothing but 'sub-contractors' operating under the inspiration, permission, instigation and financing of the terror-sponsoring and peace-rejecting regimes on the Axis of Evil which stretches from Tehran to Damascus."

Unfortunately, this is a point many Americans can understand quite well ourselves.

Until Sept. 11, 2001, Hezbollah had earned the dubious distinction of having killed more Americans than any other terrorist organization in the world.

Meanwhile, more American soldiers have been killed by terrorists who have crossed the Syrian border into Iraq, no doubt with the blessings and backing of the Assad regime in Damascus. The Iranian regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is widely believed to have provided funding, weapons and bodies to fuel the terrorist insurgency in Iraq that has killed so many Coalition soldiers.

Further incriminating the nation-state sponsors of terrorism are the reports by top-level Iraqi military officials telling us Saddam Hussein had his remaining stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction shipped secretly into Syria prior to the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

There can be no doubt or debate about this fact: The terrorist-harboring regimes of Syria and Iran have been the root cause of much of the instability in the Middle East for the past two decades.

Iran and Syria provide hundreds of millions – if not billions – of dollars in funding to the Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist organizations. (I do not know your own feelings of the media coverage of Hezbollah, but I cannot stand to hear one more supposedly "enlightened" journalist lecture us about the human services provided by Hezbollah. Did the state-sponsored services offered by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime in any way excuse the atrocities he committed against mankind? Of course not, and we should similarly not offer mitigating praise for a terrorist group such as Hezbollah either).

We have all learned together that Iran has been providing medium-range missiles to Hezbollah that have allowed them to kill innocent civilians deep in Israeli territory, as well as striking your naval vessels offshore.

Hezbollah and Hamas both operate offices and training camps in Iran and Syria, and representatives from the organizations are shown on Arab satellite television networks issuing threats of violence against the United States and Israel.

In short, Iran and Syria have both managed to outsmart the civilized world and the hapless United Nations. And neither regime has a desire to see the people of the Middle East living in harmony and tranquility.

These two state sponsors of terrorism have come to utilize terrorist organizations as divisions of their own armies, but they've done so without restriction or enforcement by any world body or nation.

The Lebanese government says it is too weak to purge Hezbollah from it's southern frontier. The United Nations issues meaningless resolutions such as Resolution 1559, but then makes no effort to enforce either the letter or spirit of the resolution. (We in the United States are all too familiar with this pattern, having watched Saddam Hussein defy and flout 16 United Nations resolutions.)

So, under the situation they have created, Iran and Syria can strike out against their shared enemies in the West, and yet no one can ever hold them accountable.

Well, it's time that all came to an end.

The people of the free world must summon the courage to put a stop to this cycle of terrorism, kidnappings, hostage takings and the like.

Making concessions to the terrorists won't stop them. Giving up political or military prisoners won't slow them down either. In fact, in both cases it has proven over and over again to only embolden the terrorists and inspire them on to more deadly acts of violence.

No, I fear the only way these terrorist organizations can be effectively stopped is if the nerve center for their operations are effectively destroyed, and that means taking out their headquarters, facilities, training camps and missile factories in Syria and Iran.

I fear that my government lacks the courage and conviction to take these necessary actions. I hope that you will recognize that the consequence of not taking such steps will create a future that grows ever darker and bleaker as the ability of these Islamic terrorists to strike out and kill American and Israeli citizens grows.

Hezbollah and Hamas both wish to see Israel and the United States wiped off the face of this planet. And if action is not taken to stop them now, they will continue to do everything they can to make their wish a reality.

I hope you will take the necessary action to put a stop to these ruthless and vile killers before they inflict any more pain upon our civilian populations.

With my deepest respect and admiration,

Melanie Morgan

Melanie Morgan is chairman of the conservative, pro-troop non-profit organization Move America Forward and is co-host of the "Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Show" on KSFO 560 AM in San Francisco.