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By Dr. Patrick Jonston

May 17, 2007

At the infancy of our nation, a history Professor at the University of Edinburgh named Alexander Tyler had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic two millennia earlier:

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public Treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

That dire prediction strikes at the very heart of our present national crisis. When one observes the evolution of what used to be the party of fiscal responsibility – the Republican Party – we must wonder whether we are in the final days of our democracy and soon to witness the birth of a popular dictatorship. I know it’s hard to imagine, but only because of our pride and myopic naiveté.

Consider the billions of dollars of “pork” spending on bridges to sparsely populated islands, cowgirl museums, farm subsidies, corporate airline bailouts, honey bee research, Medicare drug entitlement programs, et cetera ad nauseum. The wasted billions have been proposed not by the socialist and Marxist element of the Democratic Party, but by a Republican-dominated Congress and signed by a Republican President, with record deficits of over 400 billion dollars to boot![1] Non-military spending has increased dramatically under the present Republican administration, at twice the rate as under Clinton.[2],[3] This May, Congress added billions of dollars of non-military spending to the Iraqi war budget.[4] Even with the tax cuts under President Bush, tax rates and spending are still astronomical compared to decades ago. The Republican majority has exploited the public treasury for so much pork that authentic conservatives have been wondering, “With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?” These are ominous symptoms of a malady that, if left unchecked, will ultimately result in a tyrannical American dictatorship.

In my state of Ohio, departing Governor Bob Taft and a Republican-dominated Ohio statehouse actually raised taxes! Republican voters in Ohio stayed away from the booths during the last election and, consequently, the Democrats swept into the Governor’s office; this may be a foreshadowing of what is to happen in D.C. in 2008. Just as social conservatives feel betrayed by decades of legal abortion under Republican leadership, fiscal conservatives feel like they’ve been kissed on the cheek on the campaign trail yet sold down the river for thirty pieces of lobbyists’ silver.

We are defying history and fooling ourselves, however, to think that fiscal responsibility will be resurrected under Democratic leadership. Of all the Republican candidates for President, only Texas Congressman Ron Paul assures an end to the fiscally insane status quo, and he does not have the support of the Republican Party at large because of his resistance to decades of pork-laden Republican budgets. The most likely candidates for the Presidency will not abide by their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution,[5] but will spend, spend, borrow and spend some more of the taxpayers’ billions, the primary difference being that the Republicans will spend with deficits whereas the Democrats will spend and raise taxes.

I am convinced that to secure liberty for our posterity, we must return to fiscally conservative Republican values: we must restrain the government to its constitutionally justified obligations and we must dramatically lower our tax burden. Above all, we must adhere to the Biblical admonitions against theft and covetousness, for these standards alone restore economic and fiscal sanity.[6] Charitable spending must be voluntary. Away with government exploitation of the taxpayers’ property on objects not constitutionally justified! The expenditure of your money by politicians on things not necessary for infrastructure and defense denies you the freedom to do as you wish with your own money. If they want to give their money to the National Institutes of Health to study the sexual habits of prostitutes, they can do so with their own money, not yours.

If public school bureaucrats want to spend $9,200 annually to send their kid to a public school in Zanesville, Ohio, as opposed to half that much for an intellectually superior private school, they can do so with their money, not yours. The Bible says that your wealth is a gift from God to you and that others have no right to it.[7] It is just as wrong for one man to break into your home and rob you of your hard-earned wealth to give it to the poor as it is for your representatives to do it. We are practical slaves who must work for the government from January 1 to April 30 upon pain of heavy fines and prison; this is an immoral level of taxation, and it is only going to worsen so long as we can vote ourselves handouts from the treasury.[8] The ever-expanding bureaucracies comprise a hard-to-beat voting block for every levy and every pork bill. The state must be weaned of its addiction to our wealth and its expenditure of the taxpayers’ property to expand their power, to increase their chances for re-election, and to salve their selfish consciences.

Chains on our grandchildren may be the price for our government handouts. How are we going to resurrect the dying Social Security scam from the bankruptcy that is predicted by 2042?[9] Borrow more money that our grand and great-grandchildren must repay with interest? Print more money and devalue our currency and thereby our savings? Postpone the age when we can receive benefits until the age of 90? Legalize euthanasia? (A likely option in our post-Roe-v.-Wade culture and given our cowardly reluctance to disregard unconstitutional opinions from the activist judiciary.) Or are we just going to take 100% of everyone’s income and redistribute it, like the USSR did? Do you realize how close we are to that kind of tyranny? What do you think is going to happen when hand-out addicted citizenry, who have invested a large portion of their earnings into “Social Security” over the course of their lifetimes, are let down by a fat, overfed bureaucracy who can’t keep the promises made by the previous generation of near-sighted politicians?

Will our love of money birth an anarchy that will make tyranny appear to be the lesser of two evils? Are we not becoming a nation of government dependents accustomed to state’s nipple, long weaned of the adventure of liberty? When the fear-mongers of terrorism shout louder than the lovers of freedom and righteousness, a nation full of emasculated sucklers will cry for government-insured cribs to keep them safe.

We must abandon lesser remedies and do something radical now. We must have God-fearing statesmen who will obey their oaths to keep and uphold the Constitution. We must have statesmen who will adhere to divine mandates against state-sponsored theft and who will put up strong resistance to the growing call from lobbyists and constituents for more perks from the taxpayer’s treasury. We must stop aborting the liberties of tomorrow for the lusts of today. In order to defy the historical trend of democracies, we must have the blessing of God, which He gives to those who conform their lives to His principles.


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5, Article X of the U.S. Constitution says whatever is not explicitly granted to the Federal government in the Constitution belongs to the states, or the people.
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© 2007 Patrick Johnston - All Rights Reserved

Patrick Johnston and his wife Elizabeth reside in Zanesville, Ohio, with their six young home-schooled children. Patrick is a family practice physician and founder of the Association of Pro-life Physicians, which is dedicated to restoring a remnant of physicians in our communities who are convinced that life begins at conception and who will not commit nor refer for abortions (

He founded the Alliance to Reform Education Funding to fight public school levies and promote Christian home-schooling ( He founded the Coalition for Justice for All to pursue justice for Ohio's pre-born and to provide photo-documentary evidence on-line at of the abortionists and their accomplices at the abortion clinics of Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Johnston is committed to revival in the church, and the restoration of Biblical law and constitutional government in America.




By David Brownlow
May 12, 2007

A friend of mine recently shed his corporate handcuffs, sold everything he owns, and moved to a small island in the Caribbean. His parting words as he left were, "Man, I am so outta here!"

There are mornings when I wake up wondering how much more of this I can take. Between watching our burgeoning police state expand at an exponential rate, to having my oldest son getting his butt shot off in some Iraqi hellhole - it is tempting to think of packing this all in and hightailing off to some remote corner of the world.

However, as much as I would rather be lounging on some white sandy beach with my lovely wife, I feel compelled to stay here and fight this one out. This happened on our watch, and we cannot leave this mess for our kids to clean up.

The enormity of the challenge we face can seem overwhelming at times. An already difficult task has been made next to impossible with the sad revelation that instead of the praying Christian we thought we elected in 2000, our President has turned out to be a liar and a murderer, like his father the devil. That will probably sound a little harsh to some, but it is too late in the game to pussyfoot around the truth any longer, so I am just going to say it like it is.

If George Bush were the only one attempting to stampede our nation over a cliff, we'd have a chance of putting up some real opposition. But unfortunately, most of those who rule alongside him seem to share his diabolical death wish. Not a good sign.

The enemies of freedom have pulled off an amazing feat by convincing the American people that there are two opposing political parties – when in fact, we are living under one party rule. To hide that reality from the people, they keep us so busy chasing after the symptoms, (and our tails!) that few are even able to identify the disease that infects our nation - which is that a gang of bloodthirsty criminals have seized control of our government.

Fighting the symptoms without treating the disease will eventually kill the patient.

The Symptoms of a Dying Republic:

Since the beginning of the Republican Revolution of 1994, 15,000,000 American children have been murdered in the abortion holocaust, with the death toll increasing at the rate of 3,400 dead babies every single day - while "pro-life" Republicans never lifted a finger to stop it - phony partial birth abortion bans not withstanding. May God have mercy on us.

Lawlessness pervades from every level of our federal government, which has more in common with a criminal enterprise than it does anything even remotely resembling a legitimate government. Anyone attempting to resist the latest governmental whim will quickly find themselves confronted by a heavily armed, increasingly belligerent federal police force that has ballooned to nearly 100,000 strong.

As if thuggery at the federal level was not enough, the phony "war on drugs" and the "war on terror" have morphed our local police forces into paramilitary fighting units armed with; helicopters, armored vehicles, SWAT teams, snipers, machine guns, grenades, body armor, infrared detectors, command and control systems, and electronic surveillance, along with what is often a seriously bad attitude – all of which is made available as a force multiplier to the feds, without question, whenever they really want to knock some heads.

Illegal federal spending has skyrocketed across the board, with nearly 85 cents of every dollar stolen from us going to fund literally thousands of unconstitutional programs. As our wealth is drained away from us, our national debt continues to explode - to upwards of 60 trillion dollars when all the unfunded liabilities are added in. This spiraling debt is a time bomb just waiting to go off.

The staged attacks of nine eleven spawned the avalanche of lies that were used to justify our invasion of Iraq, a country that never threatened to harm us. As our military is being transformed (rather poorly) into an imperialist fighting force, deployed in 142 of the worlds 192 countries, we have left 160,000 of our finest soldiers stranded in a deadly quagmire - their only apparent mission is to avoid getting killed as the generals force them to wander aimlessly around a vast Iraqi shooting gallery.

Silly little slogans designed to pacify the weak-minded have replaced any real dialog with those who rule us. "We must support our troops" and "It is better to fight them over there rather than over here" are two of the classics. Many still cling to the notion that Iraq was involved in 9/11. Call it "mission accomplished" for a government education system that continues to churn out an annual crop of fearful, obedient servants.

The military industrial complex, aided by the 100,000 or so contractors and mercenaries they have in Iraq, is cashing in on the half a trillion dollars we have spent raining carnage down on the Iraqi people.

Another convenient outcome of nine eleven - for the enemies of freedom - is the major assault that is being aggressively waged against the Constitution, resulting in illegal wiretaps, email snooping, airport strip searches, along with a huge increase in federal spying into just about every facet of our lives. The NSA/CIA/FBI domestic spy ring is completely out of control, posing a far greater threat to our freedom than any wandering band of desert Bedouins could ever hope to.

The unprecedented increase in domestic spying - or more correctly, domestic treason - was accompanied by the loss of our right to habeas corpus - which means we can be arrested without being charged, and hauled off to a secret prison - possibly one located in a country that has even less aversion to torturing prisoners than we do. For anyone classified as an "enemy combatant," there is no right to counsel, and no right to a trial. Secret evidence and forced confessions may be used against those imprisoned. To that end, there are enough indecipherable new laws and restrictions such that any one of us could be caught up in the "Fatherland Security" net without ever knowing what we did wrong - which is exactly the intent.

Lies and propaganda pour out of nearly every talking head in Washington, which is spoon fed to us 24 hours a day by a compliant media - with shows like Fox "News" bearing a stronger resemblance to Pravda, the former Soviet Union's propaganda arm, than anything like real news reporting.

A private banking cartel, called The Federal Reserve, created nearly 5,000,000,000,000 (that's five trillion!) Federal Reserve Notes - out of thin air - since January 2000. This desperate attempt to prop up the failing American empire was in reality a five trillion dollar hidden tax. The counterfeiters got rich, while we got ripped off. Unbelievable.

After just a few months in power, the Democrats have already proven they are just as useless as the Republicans. (Like we ever had any doubt!) Our political system has degraded to such a sorry condition that we are left with the equivalent of two competing crime families running our government, each side vying for the right to grab a bigger slice of the plunder. As part of the scam, they masquerade as a two party political system. A Hillariod administration is looming just over the horizon.

Corporate robber barons often take home tens of millions a year in salary, while our government encourages them to move their family wage jobs to countries that will provide the equivalent of slave labor. The biggest losers in this cozy little deal are the American people, along with our manufacturing base, which has been left in ruins.

We continue to burn Middle Eastern oil at an unsustainable rate, ensuring that we will be bogged down there for decades to come. This, while Detroit is building cars that get fewer miles per gallon than a Model T got one hundred years ago. The solution? The federal government is handing out incentives to pull corn out of the food chain for use as an ethanol feedstock - which is produced at a net energy loss! Brilliant, just brilliant.

Exxon/Mobil, with $40 billion in profits last year, comes out the big winner in all this confusion - which is probably why they, and the rest of their corporate cohorts, continue to bribe nearly every congressman who skulks the halls of Congress.
This battle is no longer about defending our freedoms, it is about winning it back. Anyone with even half a brain can see that a moral and economic tsunami is barreling toward our shores, yet God's people sit in their government incorporated, 501C bribed, Caesar worshipping churches - where conniving shepherds teach that Romans 13 commands them to bow down before, and swear allegiance to, the gang of violent criminals who have seized control of our government. Clearly, trying to serve two masters has been a disaster for those who claim to be followers of Christ.

I often wonder if it will be God's own people who will be the most enthusiastic supporters of the antichrist if he will only spout off enough godblessamericas.

While we were cowering beneath our covers, hiding from the Islamic bogymen they told us was lurking under every bed, we let our real enemies overrun our camp undetected - and they have completely trashed the place. Our freedoms and our way of life are just a false flag attack away from being completely annihilated.

The hour is late, very late. But if we are willing to repent before God for the sins of our nation - for the warfare and the murders - and regain the spirit of independence and self-sacrifice upon which this country was founded, there may still be time to pull this one out of the fire.

© 2007 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved


Dave Brownlow, a regular columnist for, is Vice Chairman of the Constitution Party of Oregon, and a veteran of three congressional campaigns. He is an engineer, entrepreneur, and 25 year political and pro-life activist. He resides in Damascus, Oregon with Suzanne, his wife of 25 years, and their four children. Their son Jared is currently deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Army.





By Lynn Stuter

May 15, 2007

It seems everywhere we look today, corruption abounds. The cesspool of American government never gets better, only worse. Here are just some of the highlights of which the American public is generally unaware:

12 to 20,000,000 illegal aliens residing in the United States with all the resulting problems associated with the same.
The undeclared war in Iraq was a done deal in 2002.
Male and female prostitutes, and young children being used for illicit, deviant sexual activity by Senators, Representatives, and the White House; lending to corruption and blackmail above and beyond the obviously sick mind that would engage in such behavior.
Eight federal prosecutors being fired; two dying mysteriously, and two associated with those dead resigning; all having one thing in common: cases concerning Medicare/Medicaid fraud, money laundering, and illegal drugs.
The outing of a CIA operative who may have thwarted an attempt by our war-mongering president to plant WMDs in Iraq.
The prosecution of border guards and law enforcement personnel who have protected America against illegal aliens and the possibility that the drug smugglers involved have CIA connections (remember Iran/Contra?).
The unanswered questions concerning anomalies between the official story and the actual events of September 11, 2001.
The no-bid contracts for services in Iraq that have proven lucrative for the military industrial complex at the expense of the American taxpayer.
The billions of American dollars that have “gone missing” in Iraq.
The millions of barrels of Iraqi oil that have disappeared from Iraq oil fields.
The stranglehold groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Bildeberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Order of Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove Group, and Bretton Woods Committee have on the politicians in Washington DC and many state capitals as well.
In no particular order.

I received many responses to “An Open Letter to President Bush;" overwhelmingly what I heard was “right on.” Some also cautioned that people who openly opposed this president could end up dead which certainly makes a statement in itself. One gentlemen, tongue in cheek, admonished me for insulting hard-working prostitutes which also is a statement in itself. Another read:

I read your letter to your president. I am afraid it is too late for America. Off course the Bush legacy goes back to Prescott Bush and beyond.

You need to disband your military; you have been invading foreign countries since World War II, killing millions of innocent people all to support the USD and your control of the are the unholy Roman Empire; your elections are a farce. Apparently you have the highest percentage of your population in prison of any country. You use 25% of the planets resources and have 5% of the population. Your military budget is more than the next 20 countries combined. WHY?

It is much worse than just your President. The privately owned world banking system that enslaves humanity (with high interest rates on money created out of nothing in the form of debt) is centred around your Federal Reserve bank and the likes of Goldman Sachs etc.

You are the Pariahs of the planet...We would be better off without you. Wake up to what the rest of the world thinks of you. You were one of the leaders of freedom for mankind 200 years ago; now you are the leaders of EVIL … and you think you are a Christian country.

This individual speaks the thoughts of a growing number of people from other nations.

What is so sad about all of this is that the American people go about their daily lives with little or no knowledge that any of this is going on. Have you heard about any of the above in the mainstream (or is that lamestream) media or newspapers? Why not? Isn’t it important that the American people know about these happenings?

Well, if you want an informed public, of course it is important the people know about these happenings. But what if you don’t want an informed public? What if you are hoping against hope that you can lie to the American people repeatedly if only by omission and they will continue to believe that America is healthy, the economy is healthy, and all is well “from sea to shining sea”?

There is a large element of the American populace who really do want to believe the aforesaid. I heard from a couple of them, too. One accused me of being a liberal. These days a “liberal” is defined as anyone who doesn’t agree with the policies of the fascist in the White House. And if you don’t, you are anti-American, don’t support the troops, and love Islamic terrorists. It’s just that simple. No matter that the fascist in the White House is violating the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and existing U.S. law and deserves to be impeached and put on trial for treason. The rationale is that he was and is the “lesser of two evils.” End of rationale. I have to wonder if the men and women who have died in Iraq would agree that Bush was “the lesser of two evils”.

Another told me that I should simply trust our government!

Of the two, the second is the more dangerous. The price of freedom is truly vigilance and the price of freedom is not free. People who trust our government are quite willing to ignore the obvious. Just what politicians like, for ignorance truly is bliss. People can go about their day to day — watch mindless television on their big screen for hours on end, drink beer to their heart’s content, cheer on their favorite sports team, enjoy their fast cars, fast boats, and big houses, go on vacation, go shopping, go to the theater, be entertained — and not have to worry about what’s really going on in our country. After all, the stress of the job and keeping up with the Jones is enough without having to deal with all the rest! And to this end, mainstream media is quite willing to accommodate them.

There is no such thing as a true investigative reporter working in any major media outlet today. Investigative reporters who truly are investigative reporters are not associated with any major network, are not embedded in Iraq or Afghanistan, are not invited to press conferences at the White House, don’t draw six digit salaries, don’t have official offices in foreign lands, and generally find themselves harassed and hassled for seeking truth. Many have died because of what they know that the powers that be don’t want the American people to know.

And what of people who dare ask questions, such as,

“How did two steel framed buildings with a central core of 47 steel re-enforced concrete columns (documented), with steel lattice skins (documented), with steel re-enforced concrete joists (documented), manage to fall neatly into their footprints (documented) at near free-fall speed (documented) and with complete pulverization of the buildings (documented) following explosions at the base and further up in both buildings (documented) after being hit by two planes that did not cause fires hot enough to compromise the integrity of the infrastructure of either building (documented)?”

I heard from one of those as well, who told me he didn’t believe in all the “conspiracies.” So why is a question, resulting from documented evidence, a conspiracy? Because people who don’t believe what they are told to believe, who aren’t just going along to get along, might cause people to actually stop and think — critically and analytically. And that just would not do. Therefore they must be discredited, made to look like some whacko just trying to get attention; they must be marginalized and alienated. After all, if these questions weren’t ask by the mainstream media, they must not be relevant, right? Haven’t we been taught that the government knows best; is the “expert”? that the government will take care of us? that the government will tell us and teach us all that we need to know?

And besides, if we know something is wrong aren’t we obligated to do something about it? Isn’t it just easier to ignore the truth, vote for the “lesser of two evils”, and hope for the best while griping and complaining about the fact that those “elected” to represent us are out of touch with the people?

Standing on the steps of Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, Ben Franklin was asked what form of government we had; he replied, “A Republic if you can keep it!”

Many today suffer the illusion that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights will protect the American people from any skullduggery committed in high places. This belief is misguided. The Constitution and Bill of Rights will ONLY protect the American people IF the American people are vigilant in protecting the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson was not wrong when he stated,

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

Hosea 4:6: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

No nation, in which the people have abrogated their responsibility in overseeing their instruments of government, has stood the test of time and tyrants. The same is true with America.

© 2007 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

Mother and wife, Stuter has spent the past ten years researching systems theory with a particular emphasis on education. She home schooled two daughters, now grown and on their own. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and citizens concerned with the transformation of our nation. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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By Jon Christian Ryter

May 16, 2007

The latest Zogby Poll of self-identified Democrats (April 21, 2007) claims 51% favor amnesty for illegal aliens, with 29% opposing any form of guest worker program that would lead to citizenship. A Washington Post poll taken in mid-April, 2007 found that 81% of those polled said the federal government was not doing enough to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration. With the media siding with the amnesty crowd, the Post survey found that 62% of those polled believed that the illegals already in the country should be allowed to apply for legal immigration status. Thirty-five percent said the illegals should be deported. The same Zogby Poll—on the views of all Americans—indicated that 59% of those polled want the federal government must crack down on illegals by toughening the enforcement of existing immigration enforcement laws, deporting illegal immigrants and prosecuting employers who illegally hire undocumented workers.

Fifty-four percent of Americans questioned in a Bloomberg Poll believe illegal aliens harm the US economy. Fifty-three percent of California voters—one of the three most liberal States in the country—favor rounding up and deporting illegals. Sixty-four percent of registered US voters questioned in a Polling Company survey taken on Oct. 2, 2006 said Congress needs to reduce the number of aliens allowed to enter the United States. To a majority of American citizens—both white and black—illegal aliens are the number one problem facing this nation. Sixty-six percent of those questioned in the Oct. 2, 2006 poll agreed that the population increases caused by the current level of immigration—both legal and illegal—will negatively impact the quality of life in the United States by causing more congestion, overcrowding, pollution—and lower income levels as more people compete for fewer available jobs.

A Pittsburgh Tribune-Review poll taken between July 11-18, 2006 indicated that 71% of US citizens polled are convinced that illegal aliens pose a significant threat to the United States. Sixty-seven percent of those polled want the federal government to deport illegal immigrants back to the country they came from—with 77% of those polled expressing concern that the federal government is not doing enough to keep illegal aliens from getting into this country.

In my opinion, if we want to stop illegal immigration, we need to make examples of the illegals who come here. Not just by sending them back where they came from, but sending them to even more undesirable places around the world. We could deport them to the Mideast—or, better yet, send them to Antarctica. When the illegals realize they are going to end up in a slightly different, much colder version, of Paradise—minus the free medical and welfare benefits they thought they would get—they would think twice about coming. In the Mideast they could end up as cannon fodder for Al Qaeda's roadside bombs. Deportation destinations like that might make them realize they didn't really have it all that bad in the Central or South American country they came from. Particularly since most of America's jobs (those that didn't ended up in China) are safely polluting the skies over the countries they are leaving. If jobs are what they want, there are more opportunities for work in the emerging nations than in the United States.

Most of the illegals that sneak across our borders aren't looking for work, they are looking for the fabled American "free ride"—a country with a government that has so much money it gives it away just for showing up to claim it.

Of course, nobody's really all that interested in my opinion—least of all Uncle Sam.

Why? Because Congress has its own problems with the issue of illegal immigration—how to grant amnesty to 15 million illegal aliens and create a path to citizenship for yet another 100 million western hemisphere aliens (many of whom are not even born yet) over the next two decades without losing their jobs for selling out the American people. Congress is indebted to the transnational bankers, industrialists and merchant princes for the political contributions that have kept them in office. The transnationalists who are behind the scheme to create world government desperately need the human capital of the third world to replace the 67 million taxpayer-consumers we callously aborted between 1973 and 2006. It should now come as a surprise to no one that—contrary to the views of the Rockefeller Foundation that almost single-handedly engineered the legalization of the abortion industry—it appears that we really did need all of those aborted babies after all.

Redefining wealth in terms of human capital

In 1994 the World Bank began the tedious process of redefining the nature of wealth and, with it, the very nature of government. Change was needed to accommodate the evolving needs of the emerging global society. The money barons of the world are now successfully recasting the role of national government in the development of a utopian global zollverein—or world economic commonwealth that will bond all of the world's nations together into a global super state. Key to this transformation is human capital—the equitable distribution of educated and/or skilled workers and potential tax payers throughout the world (i.e., human capital management) from the human capital-rich poverty-stricken third world nations to the asset-based industrial nations.

The global debate about the fair distribution of human capital throughout the world has waged for the past four decades as the third world demanded both new loans and the recusal from old debt from the industrialized nations to educate their illiterate masses in order to elevate them from the squalor of poverty and prepare them for their entrance into the industrial world of the 21st century. In the past, the human capital of the industrialized nations was deemed to be more valuable since they were educated and skilled workers.

Why a debate at all? Because with all the talk from environmentalists who have insisted since the 1962 publication of The Population Bomb by ecoalarmist Stanford economics instructor Paul Ehrlich that the planet was so overpopulated that by 2000 half of the world would be starving and the other half would be killing each other for what little morsels of food were left, the Rockefeller Foundation—which fanned the population fever—pushed for the legalization of abortion in the industrialized nations, and the use of UN funds to reduce the populations of the undeveloped nations of the world that were people rich and capital-asset poor.

As a result, the industrialized nations have seen a devastating decline in human capital since 1973. Abortion, and the consequences of abortion, have claimed 67,000,000 potential taxpayers and consumers in the United States. (The total includes both those babies which were actually aborted and the offspring they did not have because they were not allowed to be born, grow up, marry and have children of their own.) What that means is that the United States has a population replenishment level of .7—which means for every 10 people who die, we are producing only 7 new babies. We can't sustain our economy because we aren't creating enough taxpayers to keep the government afloat, nor are we creating enough consumers to make the industrial plants that are now leaving the United States, profitable. It is even worse in Europe, which legalized abortion long before the United States. The population replenishment level in the European Union is .6, while nations like Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands have replenishment levels of about 50%.

What that means is that if those countries can't find a way to expedite the importation of a substantial amount of human capital, they will soon be able to lock the doors and shut down the country since there won't be enough human capital and real capital left to sustain them. The younger generations of Europe who survived a prenatal saline bath or the abortionist's scalpel are fleeing the uncertain opportunities of life in what is fast becoming an Islamic Europe. Many of them are migrating to the United States in search of jobs that escaped America before they arrived. Why the jobs drain? NAFTA provided the swinging door, but not the impetus.

Declining productivity and tax generation

Industrialists, bankers, and societal planners have been watching the decay of our core urban industrial centers for decades. With it, they've struggled with the dysfunctionalism of fiscally destabilizing urban-suburban and rural-suburban sprawl, the ghettoization of class and race in the urban and urban-suburban centers, and the rapid erosion of both the tax base and consumer productivity nationwide.

What that means is that, since 1974, we have not been creating enough people to buy the products our factories could manufacture if those factories were churning out goods at 100% of capacity. Nor are we creating enough taxpayers to carry the growing tax load of a nation that wants to give its poorest citizens the great American dream at the expense of the middle class. That's why the Social Security system will be totally bankrupt in 2039 as a result of when the baby boomers (who were born at the end of World War II) drain what's left of the Social Security Trust Fund.

How could that happen? Because the money was stolen by Lyndon Johnson's Great Society to fund the welfare revolution that deliberately shackled four generations of poor Americans to the feeding troughs of the bureaucracy. Sadly, money squandered is money gone. Drawers full of IOUs can't be cashed when the Federal Reserve can't sell the debt bond issues needed to generate the currency that will keep those Social Security from bouncing. Why can't the Fed cover the checks? Not enough taxpayers to pay the bill. What is the solution? Find more taxpayers—quickly. For part 2 click below.

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By Jon Christian Ryter

May 16, 2007

Unfortunately for working class America, the problem of declining productivity and tax generation is not due entirely to the abortionist's scalpel. It's also due to the greed of transnational industrialists, bankers, and merchant princes who realized in the 1970s and 80s that the factories in the industrialized nations were churning out goods at 63% of capacity because the affluent nations had devolved into a replacement market. In America, everyone already had everything—or they can't afford anything. They buy to replace existing products when they wear out, become obsolete, or because they wanted more than one—like TVs, stereos, CDs, DvD players or cars. Look in your driveway. How many cars are there? When I look in my driveway, there are five cars. We have three TVs, two portable DvD players, three computers, two VCRs, two cell phones and an assortment of nondescript gadgets that everyone else has two or three of. Out in the garage are two or three more TVs. Also stacked there waiting for the trashman are several obsolete electronic gadgets, assorted pieces of furniture and boxes filled with replaced household items that should have been thrown out long ago. We're replacement people in a replacement society. That's the problem. We are being replaced.

In the emerging nations of the world there are a half trillion units of human capital who've never owned an iPod—or even a wrist watch. Most of them have never owned a TV set since their homes don't have electricity. Which means they likely have never owned an electric dishwasher or washing machine or dryer—or, for that matter, an electric lamp or a ceiling fan. They are true human capital—the ideal consumer. They have nothing and need everything. All they lack are jobs.

Providing jobs for mankind

NAFTA, the most crooked shell game ever concocted by the world's elite, was specifically designed to provide the human capital of the third world with jobs. Our jobs. The chattel of the third world has become the most valuable asset in the 21st century. They have nothing and need everything.

We, on the other hand—the most affluent nation on Earth—have everything and need nothing. If you headed the largest mercantile company in the world, to which consumer would you target your marketing? Affluent America or China, Mexico, Indonesia or the other densely populated third world nations? With the largest job transfer in the history of mankind taking place, the impoverished of the third world will shortly be able to buy all of the modern day conveniences that we take for granted. In the meantime, NAFTA was designed as a swinging door that would allow America's wealthiest companies—built with the sweat equity of the American worker—to export not only jobs but entire factories to the third world and China. And, as the swinging door swung back, NAFTA guaranteed that the American branded products made with cheap third world labor could come back into the country without any tariffs. And, of course, they returned as recognizable American brands which, if you weren't checking the small print on the box or package, you'd think were still being made here in the good ol' US-of-A.

The biggest tragedy of all is that the American consumer has been buying these products since 1994. They are products created somewhere else—with their jobs. Why do they buy them? Because, several consumers have told me, they're cheaper. And, because many of these American consumers have been "downsized" they argue in defense of what they know is wrong, they can't afford to buy American. Which, of course, only sped up the exodus of more jobs. When American products sit on store shelves, or worse—aren't stocked by American retailers—we are simply speeding up the demise of this nation by financially hamstringing what small and medium manufacturers are left.

This, however, created a brand new problem in the United States. We can't afford to lose any more jobs—or taxpayers.

The push to find taxpayers

When the debate about Social Security framed the mid-term election rhetoric in 2002, the Bush Administration insisted that the Social Security Trust Fund was bankrupt, and that the concept of Social Security had to be modernized with individual savings accounts that would prevent liberal tax-and-spend legislators from stealing the money as they did the Social Security Trust Fund from 1964 to 1994 when the Republican Revolution forced Bill Clinton to keep his campaign promise and end welfare dependency. The liberals, who clearly understanding that any money problem is solved by reaching deeper into the pockets of the tax payers and taking more of what little they have left, denied there were any problems that couldn't be solved with another new tax, or manipulating the benefits.

What President George W. Bush failed to tell the American people was that even by fixing the problem that would otherwise bankrupt the Social Security Trust Fund by 2050, Social Security needed a major Band-Aid to keep it from going bankrupt in 2012. The Band-Aid? Taxpayers. Millions of immediate, adult, income-earning taxpayers.

Since we have shipped between 15 and 20 million jobs out of the United States since 1995, where are these new jobs coming from? And, since we erased potentially 67 million job holders from existence over the last 33 years, we don't have 15 million replacement workers sitting idly around our neighborhood 7-Elevens drinking gourmet coffee and carrying placards asking for work. Oops—wait a minute. Yes, we do. They're called illegal aliens. Right now they are working the underground economy. Because they are here illegally and don't want to be deported, they work for cash—and, of course, they work for less than union scale. We aren't talking about Mickey-D wages picking oranges, harvesting broccoli or working in lawn maintenance.

What the Fed bankers, the US Treasury and Bush—with the willing complicity of 535 members of Congress (less a handful or so of Congressmen and Senators who would prefer to get reelected)—are planning to do is offer 15+ million illegal aliens—who are currently working in this country under-the-table without paying taxes—amnesty in order to get them on the tax rosters. That, of course, means those brand new "guest workers," like the rest of us, will qualify for Social Security benefits. (Remember all of the emails you received over the last couple of months about your Congressmen planning to give illegals Social Security benefits? Just like you, to receive benefits, they have to pay into the system.)

The Domino Affect

When the elites of Europe: Cecil Rhodes, Arnold Toynbee, Alfred Lord Milner, Reginald Baliol Brett, Lord Albert Grey and others that ultimately included Winston Churchill and Woodrow Wilson formed a utopian new world order called The Society, they devised what they believed would be a world government led by England and the United States. The economic and political system they tried to implement failed from 1920 to 1946. Success was finally realized when the transnationalists created the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund at Bretton Woods, and used them as the financial muscle of the world's central banks to leverage the economically-poor nations into submission.

The role of money in the global economy cannot be understated. It is the glucose of industry. Slow money and you slow the economy. Stop the flow of money, and the economy stops. The world bankers behind world government have learned they can manipulate national economies at will, and they don't hesitate to use money to bring inflexible governments to their knees—or to infuse bad economies with life. The biggest problem with a fiat money system (paper currency) is that bankers and the governments they support face the temptation of creating too much money. That is precisely what the global bankers have been doing to massage the economies of the industrialized nations of the world since transnationalists have achieved the final phases of globalization. Money conceals the hairline fractures in the world economy caused by the drain of millions of jobs and thousands of factories from the industrialized world to the human capital-rich emerging nations and creates the illusion, based on spending, that we have a healthy economy. We don't. Our economy is teetering on the brink of the abyss.

The job growth the United States is experiencing can best be described as mirror-image symmetry. The illusion of prosperity exists but the tax revenue that is generated by real job growth is missing. What that means is that the Bush effort to create new jobs is working fine in generating discretionary income but the fruits of that labor is not reaching the US Treasury. We know that because money—the lubricant that greases the engines of the economy—is being spent. But the tax revenue—the heavy crude that keeps the wheels of government turning—is missing. When the economy is genuinely moving forward, there is a fiscal symmetry between the dollars that feed the economy and those that pay the debts of society. Income is earned, tax revenue is created. The debts incurred by the people's representatives in the Congress are paid by the tax receipts generated by those real jobs.

It's not happening because roughly 20% of the US economy has gone underground. (And, that represents more than just illegal aliens working under-the-table. It represents a splinter segment of the American work force that fuels the underground economy in America and pay no taxes.) Unfortunately for the American people 34 years of legalized abortion and 13 years of transferring jobs to the third world have bankrupted the United States government—and its privately-owned central bank.

As the jobs-drain compounded by 34 years of abortion-on-demand depletes even more tax-producing jobs, the transnationalists who were adamant that people were the root cause of global warming were slow to realize the fallacy of their argument have now managed to connect the dots—or at least, some of them. They were wrong. And because they were, America no longer has enough workers to keep its central bank solvent. The scary part of this scenario is that when the privately-owned Federal Reserve System collapses, all of the interlocked central banks of the world will topple as well. Have you ever read Revelation 18? You should. It describes what happens when all of the central banks of the world collapse. Which could happen very soon if Bush does not solve the human capital dilemma in the United States. For part 3 click below.

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By Jon Christian Ryter

May 16, 2007

Here's the catastrophic reality. Subtract some 10+ million potential taxpayers per decade from the American landscape and then add all of the baby boomers born between 1945 to 1950 who will begin to qualify for benefits in 2010. Can you see a crisis unfolding? Could that be why the White House is frantically searching for taxpayers? If Bush, or whomever follows him to the Oval Office, can't find at least 15 million new middle-class taxpayers quickly, the baby boomers who begin to retire in 2017 will have the shortest pensions on record because, with the Medicare deficits that will build even faster than the Social Security shortfalls, Social Security—and the Fed—will collapse about 2039.

When you listen to the liberals whose political ancestors from the Great Society looted the Social Security Trust Fund and drained it to finance the Welfare Generation, you'll find they're still treating a vault full of IOUs like they were real money. Three point three trillion dollars of real money. Politicians talk about this money like it's real because, when it was taken from our paychecks it was real. Politicians live in an abstract make-believe world in which reality is what they say it is. In their world, they can spend money and still have it. That's a little bit like having your cake and eating it, too.

Think of the Social Security Fund as your own personal savings account. Let's pretend that, say, 43 years ago you decided to start building a retirement fund. You decided to invest 5% of your net income each payday, and placed it into a long-term, interest-bearing savings account. Let's imagine that somewhere down the road through time you used some of that money to put your children through college. Then you used some of the money to take a cruise or an exotic vacation. Fortunately you had money available when you had to put a new roof on the house and, later, new siding and thermal pane windows. Each time you "borrowed" from your retirement, you wrote yourself an IOU because, after all, you intended to replace the money you moved from savings into your checking account for life's little emergencies. One day you realized you had squandered your nest egg. The savings account was empty. Not only was all of the principle gone, but the interest on those savings that would have have provided comfort from worry was gone, too.

Not deterred, because you had diligently written down all of the money you borrowed from your retirement fund, you pretended the money was still in the bank because you were convinced that before you retired you'd manage to put it back. Only, when you reached age 65, or 70, or 72 or 75, all of your pockets were empty. There was no money.

Uncle Sam's Ponzi scheme

That is precisely the dilemma facing the federal government. Their pockets are empty. There is no money. Yet, when you listen to them talk about the Social Security Trust Fund, most will confidently state there is currently a $2.5 trillion surplus in the fund. They say that because most of them have seen the IOUs. In point of fact, when Social Security checks are issued, the funds that cover them comes from the current FICA payments. Today, Social Security taxes still exceed social security spending. But that will change in 2012. Think of Social Security as the government's own Ponzi scheme—which it is. If the promoters of Social Security were private entrepreneurs instead of the US government, they would be arrested and jailed for fraud. In a Ponzi scheme, recipients are paid from the contributions of other investors. Ponzi schemes will always goes bankrupt because eventually the sheer number of recipients will outstrip the ability of the investors to cover the promised payments.

That's what has happened to Social Security. If the pantry at the Fed wasn't already bare, making Social Security payments wouldn't be all that hard since the bureaucracy would simply transfer money from the Fed to the Treasury to cover the Social Security IOU. Uncle Sam's dilemma comes from its difficulty in generating money to cover the anticipated Social Security shortfalls that will bankrupt not only the Social Security and Medicare systems in 2039 but the Federal Reserve as well. Images of post-WWI Germany and that nation's struggle with hyperinflation come to mind. When governments print money without debt collateral, inflation happens. When too much fiat money is printed, hyperinflation will result.

Using alien human capital to save the economy

When the Social Security-Medicare bubble bursts between 2039 and 2050—even if politicians attempt to patch the program by reducing benefits, increasing taxes or advancing full benefits retirement age to 80—the US economy will collapse. When it happens it will trigger a Depression of such magnitude that the domino affect will swallow the economies of all the industrialized nations, bankrupting all of the world's central banks and erasing the wealth of 90% of the world's population. Only those who have converted their assets into readily accessible forms of portable wealth—gold, silver, diamonds, other precious metals or stones, or stored commodities—will survive financially.

This is the fiscal Armageddon Bush is attempting to avert. To divert economic disaster, Bush must accomplish two things before leaving office. First, he must change the nature of Social Security by removing temptation from the grasp of tax-and-spend politicians by keeping the taxpayers retirement funds out of their reach by allowing workers to invest what would otherwise be taxed as OASI into private investment accounts. This will protect those coming into the work force. Second, Bush needs to find enough new adult taxpayers—15 to 20 million of them—to infuse the Social Security Trust Fund with the money it needs to become solvent. Those new taxpayers are currently the nation's undesirable illegal aliens. The government claims there are between 8 and 11 million of them. In point of fact, there are between 15 and 20 illegal aliens in the United States at this time.

This is the human capital America will be forced to adopt to remail solvent. Like it or not, the illegals that gather around 7-Eleven or other convenience store chains each morning waiting for building construction foremen to happen by for coffee and hire them as day laborers will be tomorrow's next door neighbor in hundreds of cities and towns in the United States as they are granted amnesty from deportation.

The American people need to understand that there is no free ride. The problem of unwanted illegals being legalized exists today for several reasons. We must all share the blame for the problem because we are all guilty of causing it. We were either part of the problem, or we refused to be part of the solution. The problem is threefold: [1] We elected, or allowed to be elected, candidates for public office whose political views included globalism. [2] We either supported the right of women to kill their unborn babies, were neutral to the notion and did nothing, or knew that baby-killing under any name was wrong but refused to get involved. We are the most guilty since we created the environment that now mandates that we accept—against our will—the undesired human capital of other countries because we do not have enough native born human capital to keep our economy alive. [3] Most of all, we have allowed America's Fortune 500 companies to shut down factories and move millions of jobs out of the United States and into the third world without penalty or retribution. Granted, we—or rather 42.9% of us (and the 19% that voted for Ross Perot in 1992)—are responsible for NAFTA and the jobs drain because we elected Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, Jr. Granted, we didn't know that was the primary piece of legislation on Clinton's plate when he was campaigning for the White House.

When NAFTA was debated, it was clear it was a jobs-drain treaty not a job-creation treaty. We let it happen because we didn't stop it. How do you stop it? You fire politicians. You recall them, and you impeach them. And, whenever you can, you throw them in prison. But most of all, you simply refuse to buy any product not made entirely in the United States. If American corporations can't sell goods they make in China or Mexico, they will stop making products in China or Mexico. If the only goods American citizens will buy are those made in the United States, we will force those companies to return their factories to this country. Because, for the moment, the United States still buys more consumer products than all of the other nations of the world combined. We need to boycott all products made elsewhere in the world. It will entail hardship on our part. We will pay more for products made here. But, that is the only way to save America from the utopians who are attempting to create world government. There will be no NAFTA corridor slicing the United States in half since goods transported from Mexico will have no retail store destinations in this country. The North American Union will be an idea that cannot be achieved in our lifestimes.

We allowed our misfortune to happen through political apathy. We let approximately 25 to 50 million real jobs slip across our borders since 1994. We allowed the lives of as many as 67 million potential consumers and taxpayers to be erased by standing idly by in the early 1960s when the Rockefeller Foundation launched its global campaign to convince all of the world that people were the problem, and that by eliminating enough of them, the world would be a better place for the rest of us.

But, they were wrong. People weren't the problem—politicians in the pockets of the ultra-rich are the problem. Its too late to go back and undo the damage our apathy caused during the past five decades, but we can fix the root cause of those problems. We need to start recalling and/or impeaching Congressmen and Senators. Then we need to create amnesty legislation that also protects America and the American human capital from the global profiteers. For part 1 and 2 click below.

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© 2007 Jon C. Ryter - All Rights Reserved

[Read "Whatever Happened to America?"]


Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.

Today, Jon is an advertising executive with the Washington Times. His website, has helped him establish a network of mid-to senior-level Washington insiders who now provide him with a steady stream of material for use both in his books and in the investigative reports that are found on his website.




Nancy Levant
May 15, 2007

“Generation Gap” is a New Age term that was coined to create the “gap” in our minds. The effects of this gap were devastating – much like all missions of perpetrated divisibility. But the generational division has dire consequences and particularly for the young.

Since America’s global/regional job is to police the world’s “common security perimeters, the New Age soldier’s future is dim – to say the least. So, it may be valuable, at this stage of the global game, to consider the “health craze” that has been systematically implanted into the minds of all once free American people.

The global term, coined by Kissinger, “useless eater,” is very telling. It implies that “usefulness” is now defined by the elite and for the masses. We know that under Communitarian intentions, one must be “useful” to the “community.” Living in America, and with American people now policing the world’s “common security perimeters,” new world soldiers must be fit and ready to serve as “rapid response” intentions clearly serve the missions of global crisis “emergencies.”

For decades, children have been directed into competitive sports regimens. This is particularly true for children born into upper-middle class families. And, you will recall, that there were once many upper-middle class families in America. Equally, America’s under-classes have always been directed into standard military service, but standard military men and women no longer serve in or for America. They have all been deployed throughout the world’s global regions, and they continue to be deployed, serving the profiteering of the unending global war machine.

But it would appear that “civilians,” or non-military “citizens” of our nation, are being trained for “usefulness,” as so defined by the socially designing elite. First up is the Presidential Fitness drive in all schools that has been an on-going “mission” for decades. Then, what use to be “sports” became “competitive” or “select” sports. Coaches became “professional trainers,” and sports became “regimented.”

Physical training became mandatory for participation in competitive sports – nearly daily and grueling training regimens – and “games” took over entire weekends. So much for the Commandment to keep the Sabbath holy… Now, competitive sports, which originate in government schools, are the breeding ground for “elite” athletes. These young athletes have parents with big money to pay for their children’s “professional trainers,” and once trained, these kids are indoctrinated to believe that they “play” not for fun, but to win at all costs. To stay on “select teams” means that losing is not an option. Winning is a mindset.

These kids are instructed on what to eat, how many miles to run each and every day, and to stay socially connected to their “teams.” Their parents are instructed by “trainers” to orchestrate social gathering for the “teams,” and to further the cause and connections of the team units. In effect, competitive “teams” are segregated from the non-select. What you see are pre-military physical, intellectual, and emotional boot camps, and the line between sports and military blurred – much like blurring between law enforcement and military.

Competitive trainers pull no punches and they are relentless physical disciplinarians. They allow no faultiness, no slacking off, and their teams must progress, which means win.

Then there is the federal, state, and U.N./global intervention into health and fitness. In today’s global world, being overweight, diseased, smoking cigarettes, or being “unfit” takes on whole new meaning. But why? Remember that your “usefulness” is now mandatory. This is why human euthanasia is considered by the New Age to be an act of “compassion.” When we consider that governmental agencies, like The Humane Society, calls the mass slaughter of animals an act of humane compassion and “health safety,” and we also consider that the chipping of animals, now mandatory, is a precursor experiment to human chipping, which is now occurring, it’s not too far of a stretch to realize that your “usefulness” is being charted and graded – beginning in all governmental schools.

For what reasons are we being “graded” for our usefulness? Let us consider the “human relocation” mandates of Agenda 21, for example, and also the “civilian management” missions, legislation, and powers that have been attained by “civilian management” agencies and authorities in our nation (and globally). We are to be graded, grouped, designated with and to work assignments, and relocated as ordered. We are to be assigned jobs based upon our “usefulness” factor. Mandated servitude requires stamina and physical prowess – especially when food and water is to be rationed, and standard proteins are to be eliminated from our diets. Remember that eating meat is a New Age/U.N. no-no.

Clearly, sickness and disease have become designer and highly profitable weapons to eliminate “uselessness.” And the training for the “community mindset,” in which we are all embedded due to the NGO leadership in all American “communities,” also suggests that “planned community” takes on whole new meaning and in preparation of “other communities” raised by and for the intentional “relocation” of the masses. Think civilian labor. Think “planned communities” called Civilian Labor Camps, where total compliancy, food and water rationing, enforced labor for no wages whatsoever, and mandated by “emergency” relocation. Survival of the “fittest” takes on whole new meaning.

This is why “pet ownership” is slated for extinction. No pets in camp. This is why children are being forced to be more than fit, more than controllable, and under the guidance and undisputed orders of “trainers.” It’s all a big picture of the future to come, but the infrastructures of that future have arrived. They are operational. So, tell me, what grade will you received for your civilian management factor? How manageable a community servant have you become? And are you healthy enough to be a desirable candidate for your civilian labor duties? And one wonders why the community movers and shakers – the admirable ones – have all become so fit and health-oriented. Wonder, indeed… “The Plan” is in “Order.”

© 2007 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved


Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:




By Tom DeWeese
May 16, 2007

Five states, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Arkansas and Maine, have enacted legislation informing the federal government that their states will not comply with the Real ID Act, a law passed by Congress in 2005 which will essentially transform driver's licenses into a national ID Card.

The Act requires each state to change their driver's license system to meet national standards and ensure that their databases are linked with other states and is set to take effect by May, 2008.

Under the Act, states and federal government would share access to a vast national database that could include images of birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce papers, court ordered separations, medical records, and detailed information on the name, date of birth, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, address, telephone, e-mail address, and Social Security Number for more than 240 million with no requirements or controls on how this database might be used. Many Americans may not have the documents required to obtain a REAL ID, or they may face added requirements based on arbitrary and capricious decisions made by DMV employees.

States are in revolt primarily because they simply cannot afford to comply. Estimated costs for full implementation are as high as $14.6 billion (or $292 million per state. Moreover, individuals will have to cover an additional $7.8 billion in additional fees, raising the price tag for the Real ID Act to $23 billion. In many cases the technology necessary for compliance actually does not exist. Moreover, in March, 2007, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released 162 pages of proposed regulations which States are supposed to implement as part of the Real ID Act.

Under the DHS dictates, the Real ID Act is nothing more than a federal take over of state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs). Everything for the color of the card backgrounds to the fonts used must conform to federal standards. States will have to completely overhaul their systems to comply.

The DHS requires states to set up information databases that are shared by all states, to allow information verification for driver's licenses, passports and foreign documents, yet the technology to do that doesn't yet exist. There isn't even a national database system yet in place to verify birth certificates.

The DHS regulations do nothing to protect individual privacy in its proposed databases. It conveniently says it "would be outside its authority to address this issue (privacy)." It simply leaves the issue for states to work out.

The DHS regulations require that every citizen applying for a driver's license must present two verifiable documents to prove identity. That requirement alone will create massive lines and backups in DMVs across the nation as every single American will have to provide such information. Worse, the same documentation will be required for RENEWAL as well. Some estimate the time required to get a new driver's license will be at least four months. Proof of address must be shown with not just one document, but two. Birth certificates must be verified with state vital records offices, even though, as stated, there is no database from which to access such information.

And the new system will do absolutely nothing to stop terrorists or illegals from acquiring driver's licenses, nor will it protect us from identity theft. Because the DHS acknowledges that it needs an exemption allowing individuals to bypass many of the states' verification and document requirements, identity thieves and terrorists will have huge loopholes to exploit to obtain Real IDs.

These are the reasons why the five states mentioned above have passed legislation refusing to comply. They simply can't.

In addition to those five states, thirteen more states have passed legislation in one chamber of their legislatures to refuse compliance, including; Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Nine states have introduced legislation that is still waiting action including; Oregon, Texas, Nebraska, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Massachusetts.

The federal government overstepped its Constitutional bounds when it tried to force the creation of a National ID on Americas. Now the states are what they should always when faced with that situation - they are saying no. Hopefully that will become a habit.

© 2007 Tom DeWeese - All Rights Reserved


Tom DeWeese is president of the American Policy Center and Editor of The DeWeese Report , 70 Main Street, Suite 23, Warrenton Virginia.
(540) 342-8911





by Selwyn Duke
May 14, 2007

Most of us will publicly lament our immigration woes, but not without a disclaimer. "Look, I have no problem with immigration," say we, "I just want people to come here legally." This, after all, is supposed to be the sober, sane, American point of view, as we "know" that immigration is the lifeblood of the U.S.A. Personally, I can sympathize with this perspective. Western civilization has become old, tired and decrepit; it's a mere shadow of its former self, running on fumes and on empty. Perhaps its time for it to be euthanized.

I just want it done legally.

Now I'll transition from a wise-guy to a guy who waxes wise. You should be outraged by the pandering to the illegal alien lobby, and I'll unabashedly say that the three most important factors in immigration policy are deportation, deportation and deportation. Still, to focus our eyes narrowly on just illegal immigration is to lament only the salt thrown into the wound while accepting the wound itself. Illegal immigration is not the problem.

It's an exacerbation of the problem.

The real problem began with a piece of legislation titled "The Immigration Reform Act of 1965" (Ted Kennedy's brainchild). It not only increased immigration levels from approximately 250,000 yearly to about one million, it also has created a situation wherein 85 percent of our immigrants hail from the Third World and Asia and half from Spanish-speaking countries. This was a departure from historical norms and guaranteed the ultimate destruction of our western, Anglo-American culture.

It's really very simple. Do you want to know why we have Moslem prayers broadcast five times daily in Hamtramck, Michigan; Moslem foot baths installed in the Kansas City Airport; "Islamic Immersion" classes in a California school district; Moslems who are planning jihad against us on our own shores; and Moslems who demand an Arabic public school in NYC and Moslem dormitories at colleges? Legal immigration. Why do we have illegal immigrants brazen enough to protest in the streets and demand the rights of citizens? Legal immigration. Why do you have to press buttons to conduct business in the language of the land and why are government documents printed in foreign ones? Legal immigration. Why have we seen Mexicans in our streets burning our flag and wielding signs stating "Gringo Go Home"? Legal immigration.

"But, wait, Duke," say some, "a couple of the problems you've cited involve mainly illegal immigration." If you believe this, just ask how it is that we've come to tolerate offensive demands made by those who are nothing but invaders. Sure, politically correct native minds are a factor, but the truth is these movements are facilitated by legions of people with no true allegiance to America, individuals who carry water for illegals because their patriotism is only of the ethnic variety.

The fact is that most of the folks who won't assimilate are here legally, but citizenship papers can't change a heart. A pious Moslem will gladly upend our culture to make way for sharia just as an ethnic patriot of Mexican descent will subordinate our language to his own. Legality is deceptive. Slavery was legal at one time, as was cocaine, but this didn't render the former any more moral or the latter any more healthful. A law doesn't make a bad idea good; like an unassimilable legal immigrant, it just makes it more entrenched.

A peril of knowing history is that it robs one of blissful ignorance. A cross I bear is that I see very clear parallels between third millennium America and Rome during its waning days. For instance, let's consider the barbarian invasions.

Peoples beyond the Roman realm certainly didn't call themselves barbarians, but culturally and technologically they did pale in comparison to Greco-Roman civilization. And while you may have heard of these rough-hewn invaders, what you may not know is that they weren't always uninvited guests. On the contrary, Rome often enlisted their aid to fight other barbarians, sometimes granting them lands in return; other times they just seized territory, having become accustomed to being there. This started with the Visigoths in 376 A.D., who immigrated into the empire and were allowed to stay under the condition that they defend the Danube frontier. I guess you could say they were doing jobs Romans wouldn't do.

Then they did a job on Rome. They grew powerful enough to sack Rome itself in 410 A.D. and eventually established a kingdom in Iberia, which was once part of the Roman Empire. Ah, the law of unintended consequences.

You see, as with us, a shortage of manly power - as opposed to manpower - made the Romans all too willing to have foreigners fight for them. But power-hungry government officials were also a factor. In 429 A.D., the Roman general Bonifice enlisted the aid of the Vandals, promising them land in North Africa if they would help him vanquish Roman leaders who he believed were bent on his destruction. In a land where power was won not at the ballot box but on the battlefield, he didn't need to buy their votes, just their swords.

Bonifice later learned he had been tricked into believing there was a plot against his life and didn't need his Vandal allies, but it was too late. North Africa was the breadbasket of the empire, and the Vandals licked their chops and took the fecund region for themselves. North Africa was Rome's no more.

Eventually, most all of what had become known as the Western Roman Empire was in the hands of barbarians; this included the Italian peninsula itself, the place where the Roman Republic was born. Rome as her people had known her had vanished, and she would never rise again.

Of course, every inch of land comprised by the Roman Empire exists to this day, but the empire does not. Asia Minor still exists, but its people no longer speak Greek and are very different from those who helped give birth to western civilization. North Africa still exists, but its people no longer look to Rome, but Mecca. A nation is not defined by a land mass, but by people.

In other words, replace our population with a Mexican or Moslem one and you no longer have a western civilization, you no longer have America. You have Mexico North or Iran West.

Of course, we won't become either of those things exactly; rather, we're becoming the Balkans West, a cauldron of competing, motley subcultures, little de facto nations within a nation, each approaching the others with its own unique agenda and "foreign policy." And history issues a stern warning: When lands lacking the glue of a common culture aren't held together by an iron fist, like Marshall Tito's in Yugoslavia, they descend into civil strife if not civil war, which is why Tito's nation's days were numbered when his ended. Yet, instead of changing that outdated inscription on Lady Liberty, our response is to entertain amnesty for illegals and import more Moslem refugees (such as Iraqis). Well, when the gauntlet is finally thrown down, at least it will be a fair fight.

So ironic it is, with war raging in Iraq, many will say that America shouldn't be in the Middle East. What we should lament is that we're bringing the Middle East to America. Oh, we don't call members of our squeaky-wheel alien nations barbarians, and they don't bear names such as Visigoths, Lombards, Vandals and Alans, but like the latter groups, they don't want their host nation's values and culture, just its wealth. One is left to wonder if we'll have to become barbarians to survive.

Many palliate themselves with the notion that, by golly, after a generation or two these folks will assimilate. But why? Why would a person who is encouraged to hyphenate himself (fill-in-the-blank-American), who is not pressured to conform to our culture or learn our language, who is so puffed up with ethnic pride that he ascribes superiority to his "native" land while viewing the one that suckles him with disdain, ever contemplate assimilation? Never mind, we know the answer.

So, assimilation? Sure, but we are the ones being assimilated. And if you think it's bad now, wait until 70 million more Mexicans and Moslems strengthen us with their diversity.

Theoretically, we could still right the ship, but there's a formidable psychological stumbling block. We've been inured to invasion, sedated with the supposition that immigration is as American as baseball and apple pie. But there is nothing at all American about support for policies that guarantee the destruction of America.

The FBI just foiled a terrorist plot involving an attack on Fort Dix, NJ, one illustrating the nature of our problem well, as three of the suspects are here illegally.

And three are here legally.

Were it not for the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, we wouldn't have to worry about Moslem terrorism on our soil. We wouldn't be beset by ultra-violent, terrorist-enabling gangs such as MS-13, either. You see, these folks would presently be where their hearts are - in their homelands.

So don't ask me why I won't give a nod to legal immigration as I oppose the illegal variety. You might as well ask why I won't choose a slow death over a quick one.

© 2007 Selwyn Duke - All Rights Reserved


Selwyn Duke lives in Westchester County, New York. He's a tennis professional, internet entrepreneur and writer whose works have appeared on various sites on the Internet, including Intellectual Conservative, (Alan Keyes) and Mensnet. Selwyn has traveled extensively in his life, visiting exotic locales such as India, Morocco and Algeria and quite a number of other countries while playing the international tennis circuit.


Bible Nazis Seek Worldwide Ban On The Bible

Bible Nazis Seek Worldwide Ban On The Bible

By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst

WASH—May 17—KIN-- Across the world the word of God, the Bible, is under attack. Radical environmentalists are trying to use the Bible to justify their communistic approach to managing the global economy. The American Civil Liberties Union and the People for the American Way are challenging the teaching of the Bible as an elective in Texas public schools. In Hong Kong, a group seeks to ban the Bible for anyone under 18 years of age because of its accounts of rape, incest and violence. If the group succeeds, the Bible will be wrapped up with a label on it saying it contains “indecent” material.

Reaction to these worldwide events by many people is essentially “good, it’s about time.” They respond this way because they do not believe the world’s best selling book should be part of the public lexicon unless it is distorted to reflect a secular humanist worldview. The irony is that if ever there were a conflict of interest, all these cases would qualify. The organizations involved are expressly against the Bible and its contents. While they try to dress up their arguments about inappropriate material that might harm minors, or a justification for communist principles, or separation of church and state, the bottom line is that they are against the Bible. Plain and simple.

These are the same people who would rather teach some ridiculous theory that man came from an ape or that the world was created by particles that exploded and then came together again without any supernatural catalyst. They say their claims are scientific, but they cannot prove their theories because the laws of nature and genetics would have to be broken in order to do so. But these people who are trying to rewrite or eliminate the Bible won’t just come out and say they are philosophically against the Bible because they know that nobody would buy into their flimsy arguments. They have to cast their arguments in terms of court decisions, deception, and twisted logic to get their point across.

Bottom line: Book banning has been the tactic of fascists and dictators since the invention of the printing press. People need to recognize the inherent evil behind those wanting to ban the Bible. It’s not about separation of church and state or questionable material. These people simply want to ban the Bible wherever they can. If they can’t ban it, they want to twist its meaning to justify their worldview. Think about it. They are using the argument of free speech to ban free speech. They are Bible Nazis. 2 John 1:7 says, “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an anti-Christ.” And that’s what this is all about.

Jerusalem Day being boycotted by George Bush.

Jerusalem Day being boycotted by George Bush.
Posted: Monday, May 14, 2007
- written by jerry golden

Jerusalem Day is this Wednesday the 16th; it is our 40th celebration of victory over the Jordanians who occupied Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem including the Old City of Jerusalem from 1948 until 1967. For those 19 years Jews were not allowed in the Old City of Jerusalem, or to their Holiest sites the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. The Jordanians destroyed every Synagogue in the Old City turned most of them into toilets, and made it almost impossible for Christians to visit their Holy Sites. By a miracle of God a small newly formed IDF in an act of self defense was able to defeat Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria in what is now known as the 6-day war. We took back our Holy City of Jerusalem and cleaned it up, we didn’t run the Arabs out, instead we allowed them to live in the Old City and only took our precious Jewish Quarters back and rebuilt it and our Synagogues, in doing this we didn’t destroy their mosques instead we helped them rebuild them as well, Christians were now allowed to come and go freely to their Holy Sites. But in one of the biggest blunders in Jewish history Israel allowed Jordan to maintain spiritual control over the Temple Mount while Israel kept military control over it.

But today George Bush says that the United States will not take part in the Jerusalem Day Celebrations and they are joining the EU in their boycott of Jerusalem being the Jewish Capital because Bush says we are occupying East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. It becomes easier every day to see that his intention is too destroy the Jewish State in favor of his Saudi friends, what I can’t understand is why so many “Christians” in the US can’t now see what this man really is. Many are calling me a Bush basher, I think I am a truth teller, I have only been reporting to you what Bush is doing that you may not hear on US TV. For more truth about who this land belongs to click on this article

Years ago the United States agreed that Jerusalem was the Capital of Israel and said they would move their Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. When Bush took office he said he would move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, nearly every day I drive by the land allotted for the New US Embassy in Jerusalem. But things have changed in a big way in the Bush Administration. And all you have to do is look at what has happened to the Gaza Strip to see those changes. And for those who don’t know or don’t care to remember it was George W. Bush who controlled Ariel Sharon and forced the Disengagement, knowing it would create a haven for Islamic Terrorists that we are facing today. The Disengagement of Gaza was just another step by George Bush to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, knowing that it would become a terrorist stronghold.

To further make the point yesterday the Knesset met to discuss the daily shelling of our southern towns by Kassam rockets out of Gaza. Over 9,000 Jews left some of the most productive farming business in the world today in the hands of these Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” they have destroyed all the green houses, and instead of employing the people as we did, they have turned them into kassam rocket launching pads and bunkers in preparations for the next war that they have been inspired to start by Hezbollah. With our civilians being terrorized daily by Arab kassam rockets our corrupt Government does nothing to protect its people. Finally there had been enough public outcry to make them do something, so the security counsel met yesterday but found that they were visited by Lt. Gen. Keith G. Dayton, US security coordinator with instructions from George Bush who said that he forbid any IDF ground incursion into Gaza to stop the Kassams, or any other IDF operations into Gaza at this time. The IDF Generals walked away from this meeting very upset for they came for instructions to stop the shelling of our people and found that Bush was the one really in control not our Prime Minister who today has no mandate from the people to do anything, with an approval rating of “0”.

We all know here in Israel that if we had a leader who had the courage of his conviction that the Gaza build up of al-Qaida and other Islamic terrorists groups would be no real problem for the IDF if they were allowed to do their job in protecting the Jewish population, the truth is, George Bush is in control not our Prime Minister.

Not only is Bush now openly turning his back on Israel but sending more weapons and support to his old family friends the Saudis, using the US soon retreat from Iraq as a pretense for further arming the Saudis and continue saying that they are friends to the US. The sad thing is there is still many who believe this man is a Christian and they back him as if they themselves have never read God’s Word.

For those who have been reading my reports over the years know that I said from day one that the US and Britain would leave Iraq defeated and with their tails between their legs. You need to know something else there is no way with the current leadership in the US and Israel and the rest of the free world that we can beat these Islamic Terrorists, they simply do not have the intestinal fortitude to do what it would take to defeat them. They won’t even admit that it is a religious war and stop saying that the god they call Allah is the same God we worship. For example when the next major al-Qaida attack occurs in the US most likely nuclear and with tens of thousands dead, who will the US go after, what country will they blame for it? Can they bomb all the Moslems countries or all the Middle East? Who is it that doesn’t know that if Iran isn’t stopped now it will soon be to late and nuclear terrorism will be a global event.

George Bush played the Christian Card to get elected, and now you best watch Osama Hussein who is doing the same thing, but will Christians once again be gullible enough to go for it?

I am told daily that I could raise the needed finances to buy the larger boat right away if I’d stop exposing (Some call it bashing) Bush and others. What I have to say to these well meaning people is I will speak the truth if it hair lips the Devil and every one else who doesn’t like it. For not to speak the truth would be to turn my back on God’s calling and after all it is God who is the provider and the One who will touch those who He will. This way I know I am in the center of His Will and not the center of the well meaning “Christians” who go for a lie by twisting Scriptures to satisfy themselves. But the day is soon coming when they will wake up, to late I am afraid but they are soon to be shaken to the point that many will die of fear. To understand what we are called to do please read this again.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry golden

Direct missile hit to Sderot’s Ohalei Sinai Synagogue Thursday night injures 21 Israelis after more than 30 Qassams fired from Gaza

Direct missile hit to Sderot’s Ohalei Sinai Synagogue Thursday night injures 21 Israelis after more than 30 Qassams fired from Gaza

May 18, 2007, 12:36 AM (GMT+02:00)

Earlier, Israel struck back for three-day Palestinian missile offensive with five air attacks on Hamas and Jihad Islami targets in Gaza. Fifteen Palestinians estimated killed. Hamas threatened to renew suicide attacks inside Israel.

The raids destroyed a Hamas military compound, installation and vehicle in Gaza City, hit two Jihad Islamic missile squads at Jebalya and Sufa. Israeli tanks took up “look-out” positions near Sedjaiya. Israeli broadcasts warned civilians to stay away from Palestinian missile-launching sites.

DEBKAfile: The Hamas threat is serious. The Islamist group covertly maintains a sleeper network of suicide bombers on the West Bank awaiting call-up.

More than 30 Qassam missiles were fired during the day, most landing in Sderot; at least three aimed against Ashkelon to the north. Two Israelis were injured when a missile struck a school. Fires started in a Moshav greenhouse and a factory.

More than 70 missiles fired in three days have injured scores of Israelis, some seriously, and caused extensive damage. The government Thursday began evacuating thousands of distressed citizens from Sderot to army holiday facilities.

Hundreds have left with the help of private donors or under their own steam to escape the heaviest missile attack Sderot has sustained in seven years.

Schools and workplaces in Sderot and neighboring Shear Hanegev remained shut Thursday as the town emptied of its 20,000 inhabitants. MK Shay Hermesh, member of the ruling Kadima party, charged that of the 300 million shekels the prime minister pledged for bomb shelters and protected areas in Sderot, only IS 5 m was actually transferred.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Joyce Morrison
May 13, 2007

Have you ever thought you lived in the world of Norman Rockwell only to find the picture had changed to a Picasso modern abstract?

Below I-80 in Illinois, we have the mental picture of living where the corn grows tall and we have four seasons -- each with its own individual beauty. Above I-80 is Chicago.

There was a time when almost everyone was moral - if they were not, they were called “sinners” and people cared enough to go to the altar and pray for them. You were not accused of being intolerant. You knew the difference between right and wrong.

School teachers were role models. Their lives were open books and they lived accordingly. They dressed in a manner that was respectful - and the students treated them with respect. Parents upheld the teacher and children knew what real discipline meant.

Kids didn’t dare say they were bored. Moms were very creative at finding work to be done. The only store where you could buy “junk” was the Five and Dime store. There wasn’t a huge selection and kids didn’t have money to waste so they learned to save the pennies they earned. Today’s young people think they are “due” everything they want - including cell phones, computers, I pods and cars….and the parents work two jobs to provide these “necessities.”

There was once only one car per family and gasoline was 25 cents a gallon. It was too expensive to drive the car unnecessarily. It was a simpler time because our homes were not cluttered with things we don’t need. Having three cars in the driveway was reserved for the very wealthy and there were very few who were affluent.

Parents didn’t have to worry about predators on the internet seducing their children. The word Killology was not in their vocabulary. Young people knew the responsibility of having a gun and the violent episodes we experience today would have been unthinkable.

There was a day - long ago - when Senator Dick Durbin was pro-life and somewhat conservative when he served as a Congressman from Illinois, but “Durbin was ranked as the most liberal U.S. Senator in the nation by National Journal, a non-partisan magazine that covers the Beltway,” according to an article by Dan Proft in the Madison County Reporter. Shame on you Dick Durbin for becoming a Picasso in turmoil when you could have been a tranquil Norman Rockwell.

We the people of Illinois elected another extreme liberal to join Senator Dick Durbin. We have sent Senator Barack Hussein Obama to Washington, D.C. where he has become an instant celebrity worthy of becoming the President of this nation. However, no one seems to be able to cite his achievements.

I recently re-read Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World,” written in 1932. Strangely, it is on target to what we are seeing around us today. There were no babies born from humans, but they were grown in bottles where their intelligence was controlled. They were ranked as Alpha, Beta, Delta and Epsilon. The Alpha and Betas were the intelligent group while the Delta and Epsilons were “dumbed” down with the goal to make them happy in their menial jobs of service to the superior Alpha and Beta groups.

When I read this, I immediately thought, “That is exactly what we are doing with the “School to Work” program.” In some states it is called “Education to Careers,” or a similar name.

We dumb down those who will be working at menial jobs. These students would be comparable to the Delta and Epsilons in Brave New World. Another group of students are being prepared to go into the more intellectual fields that the Alpha and Beta groups were bred to do.

In Brave New World, the people lived in what could be compared to “Smart Growth” communities. There were wilderness areas where only a few heathens lived. This is very similar to Sustainable Development as proposed by the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and adopted in 1992 as our model for “human habitat” in the United States.

In order to stay happy and not have a moral conscience, the people in Brave New World took pills. No one was to be in touch with their real feelings. Immediately I thought of today’s designer drugs such as Prozac.

When I look at the problems we face in the once conservative state of Illinois, where at one time Norman Rockwell could easily find subject matter for his paintings, the modern Cubism art of Picasso appears with no form. There is no longer a comfortable, tangible picture.

If the Gross Receipts Tax or other tax reforms are enacted in Illinois, many individuals and businesses will be bankrupt. Illinois was hit hard when the rate freeze on electricity ended causing electric rates in many cases to triple. Foreclosures are becoming epidemic among homeowners. The price of gasoline to commute to work has soared with a promise to keep rising. There is an attack on Second Amendment rights. Legislation that would destroy the family unit appears to be popular. And there is a huge amount of corruption in the education system while demands are made for more and more tax dollars to dumb down the students.

The government cries for more and more money but never cuts spending. This is only a sampling of the problems we are facing, not only in Illinois, but across the nation.

The public does not seem to know what to do but complain about the problems and re-elect the same officials who have caused these problems in the first place. When people become informed and begin to unify and cry out en masse, we will begin to see change. Until then, we are in deep trouble.

© 2007 Joyce Morrison - All Rights Reserved

-Mails are used strictly for NWVs alerts, not for sale


Joyce Morrison attempts to educate the public regarding the dangers coming to their local communities through Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 programs which are designed to gradually take control of all private property through undue regulations.

Morrison writes for Eco-logic Powerhouse,, Range Magazine, SOWER magazine as well as numerous other publications. She is a weekly participant on the teleconference of the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative think tank and is a pro-life, pro-family activist.

She is a chapter leader for Concerned Women for America as well as Secretary to the Board of Directors of Rural Restoration/ADOPT Mission, a national farm ministry located in Sikeston, MO. Her most enjoyable time is spent teaching a senior adult Sunday School class which is a focus on hope and encouragement.